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December 7, 2019

– Hello everyone, thank you to Mattel for sponsoring this video. We have all of these
amazing WWE Superstar toys, but first guys, I’m going
to get changed by going into the Magic Wardrobe. This is gonna be amazing guys! (dramatic build up music) (eerie music) I’m the Undertaker. (eerie music) So, if you walk into the Magic
Wardrobe with a WWE Superstar then you will turn into a
Superstar just like I have, so I’m gonna get my friends
and family to have a go. (chuckles darkly) You will rest in peace. I am the Undertaker! Rest in peace! So the winner with the
best impression will win the Slam Mobile with Braun Strowman. The Wrekkin’ Slam Mobile. The first contestant will be Zade. Come up and pick your WWE Superstar. – Seth Rollins. – So now, Zade is going to go
inside of the Magic Wardrobe and he will come out as Seth Rollins. Are you ready, Zade? – I’m ready. This is the character I’m
gonna be, Seth Rollins. (dramatic build up music) (heavy metal music) (laughs) – OK, stop. (heavy metal music) – I’m Seth Rollins. (laughs) – You look like Seth Rollins,
I look like the Undertaker. (groans) Zade, you’ve got the wrong coloured beard! (laughs) – I like ginger. That’s what
the Magic Wardrobe gave me. – OK, now make your
way to the green screen for your impression. (heavy metal music) – I’m not a good guy. I’m not a bad guy. I’m the guy. (roars breathily) I’m Seth Rollins. – In my opinion, Seth
Rollins was OK, however his costume let him a bit down. Remember guys, you can vote
using the card up there. Vote who is the best. Up next we have Isa. Isa, decide who you want to be. Out of all these amazing toys. – I think, as Zade was Seth
Rollin, I’m going to be The Miz. – The Miz! Excellent choice! Open up the packet and get
out the Miz and then walk into the Magic Wardrobe, which
is located to your behind. Nice, sir. Now, go into the
Magic Wardrobe located north. (dramatic build up music) (heavy metal music) – Hey! I’m the Miz! – Miz. Nice costume, I see you’ve gone for the more casual look. – It was the Magic. (laughs) Oh god. It was the. It was the. (laughs) It was the Magic Wardrobe’s
fault, it weren’t me. – OK, now Miz, go to the green screen, and be ready and prepare
to do your Miz impression. And hopefully, you’ll be
able to win the reward prize, which is a very good prize. – I don’t do that. Not in America. (cheering) Because I’m the Miz, I’m awesome. Because I’m the Miz! – So that was very good, his
voice was nice and gravelly and for a moment, I actually thought that he might’ve been the Miz. Now we have the the mom coming
in to pick her WWE Superstar. Come on, mother! Trisha Stratus. – Charlotte Flair. Trisha Stratus, Sasha Banks! I’m gonna be Sasha Banks. – Good decision. Open it up, open up the box. – She’s not gonna hide
in there. Stand on top. – And we also have the
belt, this (mumbles) belt. Put it around her. – She’s not gonna wear her
sunglasses and belt today. – OK, OK. – Right. – OK, now! Take your WWE Superstar
into the Magic Wardrobe, and we’ll have a look
how the Magic Wardrobe chooses you to look, hopefully, it’s good. – OK. (dramatic build up music) I’m Sasha Banks! (bouncy pop music) – This is embarrassing. – Hey, I’m Sasha Banks and I’m the boss! Look at him, he’s got his hat down! I know, I thought he was laughing! – I think that impression
was not very good, I’d give it a three out of
ten just because of the fact it wasn’t great, it wasn’t great. Next contestant! Charlie. Charlie, pick a WWE
Superstar you want to be. “Woken” Matt Hardy. Now Charlie, go into the Magic Wardrobe! (dramatic build up music) (dramatic rock music) OK, now Charlie, make your way onto the green screen for your impression. – (screams) My Ultimate Deletion! Delete, delete, delete! Delete, delete, delete,
delete, delete, delete! Delete the Undertaker. (grunts and yells) – So Charlie’s performance
was OK, however he did say he would delete the
Undertaker, which is me, so I dunno about that,
I don’t think he would, so therefore I dunno
guys, don’t vote for him. Well, you can if you
want, but in my opinion it wasn’t very good. So now, we have our last contestant, who is known as Harry
who is also my brother. Well, he’s Daniel’s brother,
not the Undertaker’s brother. Harry, come in now! OK Harry, pick a WWE Superstar. (dramatic build up music) (upbeat RnB music) – I’m John Cena. – So, Harry, I see you’ve
gone for the Respect outfit. I like it, I like it a lot Harry. Now go onto the green screen
and do your impression. And see if it’s good. – If you can’t see. I’m blind! – You can’t see me! Harry didn’t get the idea of that. Everyone watching, you can
decide who the best impression is by clicking the icon and voting who your favourite person was. Vote for the Undertaker. (twangy guitar music) Launch the Braun Strowman
figure or other characters in the vehicle, and watch the parts fly! The Slam Mobile can also
seat two WWE six-inch figures and store WWE accessories in the boot! Guys, all the toys featured
in this video are available now at Smiths Toy Superstores. Thank you for Mattel, for
sponsoring this video as well, thank you very much, and
sending us these awesome toys. Guys, subscribe. It’s me all along! Very nice.

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