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WWE Wrestlemania 33 AJ Styles Vs. Shane Mcmahon REACTION/REVIEW

January 13, 2020

what’s good youtube and welcome back is casper and this is your WWE wrestlemania 33 results and review first match kicks off with shane mcmahon vs aj styles shane mcmahon coming out with the same oh it’s higher a little different color I think it’s green Hadley green lettering this time um it I guess the match is gonna be okay i mean i’m watching the match right now seems like AJ’s getting the best of Shan Shan is already sweating he’s tired AJ Styles is mocking Shane McMahon Shane McMahon’s kids they’re dressed up the same as well um now what I wondering is shaming me and still considered the commission of SmackDown being that he’s wrestling I thought when Triple H wanted to wrestle they told him that that was um that wasn’t in the interests the proper interest of business because he was like calling the shots and also being a wrestler doesn’t that conflict with with business so that is a little confusing little story line going on but we got a shame versus AJ I’m not sure how big this match is going to be so far um I think AJ is gonna get the best of Shane McMahon nothing AJ is going to win this I I’ll let you guys know as the match continues so so far we a couple of minutes into the match Shane McMahon seems to be gaining some spirit he’s getting momentum back he’s flipping AJ Styles around he called him with the Muhammad Ali shuffle dare and he I think he just did an Olympic slam if I’m right he just Olympic slam the hell out of AJ Styles so yeah McMahon is cutting off the blood flow on AJ Styles is crazy Oh AJ Styles reverse Styles Clash Styles Clash it’s crazy one two I’ll he kicked out oh my god is so close oh he just kicked the referee in the head he went fuckin tsurugi missed it and got the referee right in the head aj styles are setting up for a coast-to-coast he’s on other corner oh he missed Shamie man with the reversal he jumped up with the garbage can on him the McMahon is about to give him a dose of his own medicine he just plays the garbage can right on AJ Styles face he is climbing up to the top of the turnbuckle on the other side of the Ring oh he got him one two oh my god AJ kicked out so we fast-forward later on down to the match Shane McMahon throws AJ Styles outside he clears the table he goes to jump from from the corner to the table AJ Styles moves out the way shimmy man goes flying through the damn table okay so might come scoop up shame because this boy Sean comes out tonight he just did a shooting star press off the top of the rope and damn near killed himself like Brock Lesnar did when he fought Kurt Angle’s oh my god for now I’m gonna farm 1230 Shane you got your ass whooped boy you

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