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WWE TLC Matches 2019 Matches Leaked! News On Chris Jericho And A Little Bit Of The Bubbly! WWE NEWS!

December 3, 2019

Here is your news for
December 2 2019 We’re starting off today’s video
by looking at WWE Starrcade as the company hosted it’s third
edition of the WCW classic. With 11 matches on the show, only
4 were broadcast as part of the
WWE Network special, as the event kicked off with a dark match
which saw Seth Rollins
defeat Erick Rowan. In what had previously been billed as
a handicap match, The Miz battled
Shinsuke Nakamura in a singles match over the Intercontinental
Championship, but the King of Strong Style had Sami Zayn
in his corner Despite the A-Lister’s best efforts
to capture the title for the ninth
time, it was Nakamura who got the win, keeping the
redesigned title he received
last month on SmackDown. In the first televised match of the
show, Karl Anderson and Luke
Gallows came up short against The Street Profits, though
the pair of Ford and Dawkins did
have Ric Flair in their corner, to give them
the assist. In our second title match of the night,
the Kabuki Warriors continued their
reign as Women’s Tag Team Champions, defeating arguably the
three biggest teams in WWE,
topping Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, Bayley and Sasha Banks, and
Charlotte Flair and Becky
Lynch to retain their titles. In what was supposed to be a Last
Man Standing match between
Rusev and Bobby Lashley, Lana reminded fans of the restraining
order against her husband, and
since the Bulgarian couldn’t approach the ring,
Lashley won via forfeit. A ploy to keep the storyline going,
Kevin Owens made the save, and
agreed to fight the Destroyer in a straight singles match, and also
made fun of Lana for dropping
her Russian accent. Though the match was fine, the
bout between Owens and Lashley
was short lived, as mere minutes into the contest, Rusev appeared to
attack the former ECW World
Champion, leading to Owens being disqualified, giving Lashley his
second win of the night. This definitely didn’t sit well with fans,
as the promised Last Man Standing
match never took place, and at a time when fans will criticize the
company for the smallest issue,
promising something big with no intention of delivering isn’t what
anybody needs. This final match proved to be the
end of the televised portion of
Starrcade, but the show still went on after the cameras
finished rolling. In our third dark match, Aleister Black
defeated Andrade, who had Zelina
Vega by his side, and much like the last match, Andrade would be
involved in the next contest,
coming up short against Ricochet. In a rematch from WrestleMania 35,
Randy Orton was able to topple AJ
Styles, and that had to sit well with the Viper, who got his win
back after the Phenomenal
One defeated him at the biggest show of the
year. In our penultimate match, Roman
Reigns picked up the win over King
Baron Corbin, before our main event saw The Fiend defend his
Universal title against Braun
Strowman. Inside a steel cage, this battle of
Master versus Apprentice saw the
two monsters try everything in their power to win, but it was ultimately
Wyatt who ruled the day, defeating
the Monster Among Men to retain his newly crafted
Universal title. Though Starrcade was an interesting
show to say the least, and ones that
got fans talking, unfortunately, many fans were unable to see
even the aired part of the
special Live event as the company dropped the
ball big time during the show. Just as Starrcade started airing with
the Street Profits Vs. The OC match,
Network accounts on Roku, laptops and iOS Systems were
unable to stream the event, leading
to the WWE putting out a notice during the show, saying they had
moved their stream to YouTube. This worked just fine for fans, but
the issue with the Network was still
a big deal for both the company and the fans, and with folks
paying 9.99 a month for the
service, many fans expected better than
what they received. From WWE to AEW now, as Chris
Jericho’s own brand of sparkling wine has sold 10,000 bottles in
just two days. Named after his “a little bit of the
bubbly” meme, Jericho’s new drink
is a partnership with Arrow star and Being the Elite alum Stephen
Amell, and the inaugural AEW World
Champion announced the tasty beverage during the November 27th
edition of Dynamite, in a celebration
segment that also hosted Jericho’s father NHL star Ted
Irvine, as well as Soul Train Jones. In celebration of his 10,000 bottles,
Jericho posted a statement online,
thanking fans for their support, and the multi-faceted Canadian
has also released a Christmas
single. His own cover of Father Christmas
by the Kinks, Jericho’s newest work
is going to do a lot of good, as proceeds from the single will go
directly to the JDRF charity, which
combats type 1 juvenile diabetes. From one singer to another now,
as Enzo Amore continues to make
headlines, thanks to actions like his stunt at last year’s Survivor
Series. After making a scene in the crowd,
Amore was whisked backstage
until the police arrived, but said on Talk is Jericho that the company
is now contacting him about a
return. Though this has been flat-out
denied by WWE COO Triple H,
Amore said he wasn’t interested returning at all, but this attitude
was before his Survivor Series
stunt. He said: ““So, they had called me a week
before, bro … somebody called
me from WWE, and it might have Vince. It was the office’s number
plus one. So that’s the first number
outside the generic office’s number, I don’t know who it is. May
be they’re calling me to tell me,
‘Hey, we’ve got some copyright issues’ or something. Or maybe
they’re calling me to bring me back
or something. But I had a few people in the office contact me about a
month prior about coming back.
Would I interested, or where my head [was] at. [I was] like, ‘Hell no,
I’m in a different headspace, I’m
not trying to come back.’” “I had bought Survivor Series tickets,
that second-row seat about a month
and a half prior, so I knew I was doing it. So by the time they
called me, it was, ‘Do I answer this
call, or do I show up at their PPV?’ And I knew, like I said, I wanted to
book myself back into pro wrestling,
and I wanted to be the nWo. But how do you do that in 2019 and
make it real, and make it interesting,
and make the world buzz? Well, let’s throw a wig on.” The former Cruiserweight Champion
also said that for RAW the next day,
the roster were instructed not to contact him, and that flyers
were sent out in the Staples
Center making sure Security knew who
he was. Whether Enzo ever returns to the
company or not is unclear, as the
investigation into sexual assault is no longer active, but we all know
to never say never with WWE. Speaking of saying never though,
the company and 2K may never
work together again after the latest instalment
in the video game franchise. According to Justin Leeper, a
former writer on WWE’s video
games, the deal between the the two is in deep trouble, after
2k20 was littered with bugs,
glitches and poor character designs that made WWE
look bad. According to Leeper, who wrote the
Road to WrestleMania storylines in
SmackDown Vs RAW 2009 to 2011, the latest patch didn’t do a
lot, as though they fixed glitched
hair, that was only in one entrance. Leeper also said that he doesn’t
see any more patches of
significance coming soon. Lepper has also revealed that WK
is doing what it can to distance
themselves from the WWE 2K20 disaster, but things just keep
getting worse as folks continue
to quit. He said: ““I’ve heard about double-digit
number of people on the team who
quit. They haven’t quit for other stuff. They just quit because it’s
like, ‘man I don’t want this stink
on me anymore. I don’t care what I’m doing. I’m
leaving. I’m taking my stuff and
going.’” Revealing that when a WWE game
does bad, they cut the budget, it’s
clear that WWE 2K21 will be made for less money, and with a smaller
investment and smaller team
working on it, it’s hard to see how the new game will be better than
this year’s tragic installment. One character who made is video
game debut in 2k20 was the
Fiend, who in addition to being the dominant force on SmackDown,
has got a new titled to prove it. Revealing the demonic title on last
week’s SmackDown, Wyatt’s new
gold was quickly added to WWE’s official shop website, but for an
astonishing 6-and-a-half-
thousand dollars. Whilst this price has quickly
received backlash from fans, WWE
have defended themselves, pointing out that each title was hand
crafted and hand-painted by Tom Savini studios, and are
limited edition items. On Wrestling Observer Radio,
Dave Meltzer said that this was an
experiment by WWE, and given that there are still some hardcore
belt collectors, they can still
expect these to sell. He said: ““If they believe that nobody’s
willing to spend it they would not
have priced it this high. This was definitely an experiment and if it
sells well then there will be more
things like that priced in a similar range and if it doesn’t sell well,
then that will be a lesson as well.
Crazy though.” At WWE’s recent Supershow in
Mexico City, Wyatt retained the
title against Rey Mysterio in a steel cage match, and after
defeating Strowman at Starrcade fans are wondering who can
possibly defeat the Fiend. From Starrcade to TLC now, as
though matches are often
changed in the run up to a Pay Per View, that isn’t the
case for this month’s event. Several weeks ago, three matches
were announced locally for the
event that will take place on December 15th, but these has
been confirmed in an
advertisement, as Roman Reigns will face King
Corbin in a Tables Match. Bobby Lashley will once again face
Rusev, whilst the Kabuki Warriors
will defend their Women’s Tag Team Titles against Becky Lynch
and Charlotte Flair, in the first-ever
Women’s Tag Team TLC match. With just under two weeks to go,
there’s still plenty of time for more
matches to be announced, but not much time for new storylines to
be made. One man who knows all about
competing in TLC matches, having
competed in 4 and won 1, is Kane, who spoke to FOX News last
week about his career out of
the ring. Kane, who is now 15 months into
his time as Mayor Glenn Jacobs of
Knox County, Tennessee, was quick to shut down any speculation on
a presidential run, but did leave
the door open for running for a seat with more
responsibility than Mayor. He
said: “I can assure you will not see me
run for president because, again,
I think a lot can be accomplished at the state and local levels. And I think
that we often discount the importance
of state and local politics because we concentrate so
much on federal politics.” “As for higher office. I don’t know
what I’m going to do. I don’t have
any sort of plan or anything like that. I just want to do the best I
can in the position that I’m in. You
know, when the time comes and maybe look at something else, may
be I want to do something else with
my life. Right now, just the most important thing is I want to
try to be and I am being the
best mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, that
I can possibly be.” Though we may never see the Devil’s
favourite Demon inside the Oval
Office, there is always the chance he ends up in Washington in a
different role, though if we were told
a Presidential candidate could set us on fire, we’d probably end up
voting for him out of pure fear. From one Kane to another now, as
Cain velasquez is back in WWE,
and teamed up with Humberto Carillo at the company’s recent
Supershow in Mexico City. Appearing at the Arena Ciudad de
Mexico on Saturday, the unlikely
pair defeated Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, as the former UFC
star is improving with every match
he has. We’re looking at some contract
news next, as Matt Hardy’s tenure with WWE may soon be coming
to an end. According to the PW Insider, Hardy’s
contract with the company is set to
expire in February, just before WrestleMania, and whilst Jeff’s
contract is also up, the WWE may
keep him on due to his absence thanks to his injury. On RAW recently, Hardy was
brought back to lose to Buddy
Murphy, as part of the Australian’s feud with Aleister Black, which
made Hardy seem like an
afterthought. A According to Rumors, Matt and
WWE aren’t too far apart when it
comes to a price, but the former ECW World Champion realizes this may
be the last contract he signs and
wants his career to end well. This dream ending probably isn’t
losing in squash matches, which
is ironically how his career began in the mid-90s, and this may
explain the recent Free the
Delete videos that have appeared on his
YouTube channel. It’s no secret that the WWE’s Woken
character didn’t take off like his
Broken character in Impact, and given how non-WWE promotions
have treated him, it may be time
for Matt to make the change. In a video on Friday, Matt said that
he expects everything to be
resolved in a couple of months and with the phrase 13 weeks playing
in his head, this has been the
biggest sign of Hardy considering his post-WWE options, perhaps
to join AEW, where he has friends. Whatever happens, nobody can say
that Hardy hasn’t had a fantastic
career in WWE, and even if he does leave, we expect it’ll be just
a matter of time before he’s back
for the annual Hall of Fame. And we’re ending today with more
contract news, as the story of
Luke Harper’s WWE status continues to grow. After Haper publicly asked for his
release, WWE actually added more
time to his contract as he was out with a wrist injury and neck issue,
but it seems the former Bludgeon
Brother is preparing to leave once again. On November 26th, Harper filed a
trademark for Brodie Lee, his pre-
WWE name that he’ll be able to use on t-t-shirts and for entertainment
services, if he chooses to leave. With AEW right around the corner,
the WWE may try to get Harper to
stay with a brand new better contract, but after how the former
Intercontinental Champion has
been treated it may be too little too late.

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