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WWE The First Ever WrestleMania 34 Women’s Battle Royal Match Highlights | MSR Wrestling

January 12, 2020

at this time please welcome your special
guest commentator and it is our pleasure to have Beth Phoenix tonight but you’re
out here to give us your expertise yeah hopefully next year Coria to proper on the rest of the women
superstars involved in this first every story tonight has over 15,000 crystals
yeah the costume is money in the bank Carmela she’s gonna walk out here the
whole thing if she might not even you know I beg to differ
I see I’ve seen family working hard and growing up I next team leader to be
pages joining us on commentary congratulations
I know and won the Divas Championship I find the timing of all this a little
appropriate you start talking about boss time while we’re talking about page and
a movie made about her Sasha banks those had his Carmela from me and Carmela
still on the apron though Oh to eliminate it so she’s made history
the first women ever fought to make their mark here at WrestleMania is that
going to take that and once again the tightest worldwide is eliminated ain’t i
rescinded where the may young classic shop bianca bel-air boys Becky Lynch going right after Kavita to
be good page pages Matt okay Mandy take you down Kai and how Royce working
together he’s got me all mixed up Cory oh there goes Sonia developer women’s
battle royal on the WrestleMania kickoff show Corey graves and I joined by hall
of attention looking great here tonight however to be eliminated I gotta say
this just taking this opportunity what’s this Whitford again Becky Lynch
however go ahead no more that’s like a bullwhip off the apron and the
experience of banks and Becky eliminated something l Ruby riot out to the apron from Mickey airguns live Morgan home or
get paid for it experience then Mickey gee he’s
eliminated it’s Sarah loaded Payton loose hanging on for dear life
Ruby rioted and Royce is eliminated the Superdome in New Orleans and Natalya
celebrating but the riot squad making names for them sell our buttons now a
double suplex III think I agree with you paid I think
Maddie’s gonna win the whole thing great teaching again really can you just get
best friends but if I had major issues as a team up to eliminated today she
said a win for them and there goes Ruby rhod Sasha and better Logan steward this
barely I made it never went over the top rope
alive big bale yourself but the glow has been

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    O shit Naomi win

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