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WWE Superstars Counting The Days Until Their WWE Contracts Expire.

August 13, 2019

oh you know with a cup of H the cup
behaves but a boom realist podcast in a role you are now listening to squaring
the circle give us a shout out subscribe say hey you doin and if you want to
follow us follow us on Twitter and Instagram at a C from NY how you doin you know ladies and gentlemen if there’s
one thing that I absolutely fuckin hate about WWE it’s fuckin talent being
absolutely wasted its talent being absolutely wasted and not being shown on
WWE television there’s so many guys on these rosters
that us as fans are fuckin dying to see succeed to be presented on a weekly
basis when some type of fuckin storyline with some type of push with some type of
championship around their fucking waist but WWE just doesn’t do it this week
alone ladies and gentlemen so many superstars
that we love to see that he wants us be seen pushed on a weekly basis didn’t
even fucking appear on WWE television we got a dose actually we got fucking
two doses a fucking shane mcmahon taking up a total of fucking an hour of
television between both shells of Monday Night Raw and Smackdown live Shane
McMahon people 2019 is taking up an hour of TV time between Monday Night Raw and
SmackDown live ladies and gentlemen we haven’t seen the fucking war Raiders in
weeks we haven’t seen schinsky nakamura in
weeks body Murphy where the fuck is he he got called up to the main roster he
got dropped to the smackdown live cut a fucking promo and he hasn’t been seen
ever since Alistar black promo after fucking promo after fucking problem I
have to fucking promo and still this man is not fucking had a feud or been in the
fucking ring and about a fucking month the revival getting absolutely fucking
embarrassed every fucking week with fucking pussy hot and showing them
saving each other’s fucking backs in the shower ladies and gentlemen Monday night on
Smackdown that we all now have been fucking dreadful have been absolutely
fucking dreadful and WWF they were just fuck if WWE was to just follow a simple
formula called fucking NXT this show wouldn’t be in the fucking state that
it’s in WWE is in the worst state of its existence and they are losing superstars
by the drop of a fucking dime and it’s going to continue to fucking happen
superstars are starting to get this Quraan told in the back because they’re
being absolutely fucking wasted people superstars that can fucking be a
household fucking name if we fucking book them correctly ladies and gentlemen
since Kay Nakamura was a fucking legend in Japan was an absolute fucking legend
in Japan multiple time heavyweight champion in New Japan Pro Wrestling
WWE got word that schinsky Nakamura was gonna be a free agent that his contract
was going to expire so what does WWE to call up shits can they offer him a
fucking max fucking deal they throw him in NXT he does absolutely fucking great
in NXT this guy turned into a fucking attraction people were tuning in to
watch schinsky Nakamura and here the fucking
Crowder reaction of this man god people were singing along to his fucking
fantastic fucking entrance he becomes NXT champion twice I believe correct me
if I’m wrong in a comment section he beats a mojo and then actually take
over Toronto I believe he beat Bobby Roode I think the other
occasion was becomes NXT champion absolutely great
he looked at schinsky Nakamura being this fucking rock star coming out of
Japan with this strong style style in the ring and you said this guy is a
fucking can’t-miss superstar in the WWE this guy’s gonna be WWE Champion coming
out of NXT so what does WWE do what the fuck does WWE do what the fuck does
Vince McMahon do they bring schinsky Nakamura up to the main roster they have
him fucking go to SummerSlam and job to ginger fucking Mahal ginger fucking
Mahal beats schinsky Nakamura at SummerSlam 2017-18 correct me if I’m
wrong in the comment section clowns so they absolutely fucking squash in skåne
Nakamura losing to ginger Mahal well quite possibly has been the fucking
worse WWE Champion are is fucking existence right he ends up going to the Royal Rumble
wins the Royal Rumble event I’m thinking to myself okay here we go we’re gonna
start pushing shits Kay Nakamura again they turn him fucking heel which was my
god one of the worst fucking decisions that this company has ever fucking made
they turn in fucking heel they take his fucking theme music away which was
fucking absolutely great he has fucking matches with AJ Styles
dream match supposed to be dream match at WrestleMania
absolutely fucking disaster that was I think the match that since K Nakamura
with fought AJ Styles had that fucking money in the bank a couple years ago the
better fucking match seen any a fucking matches that they had but he couldn’t
beat AJ Styles lost and lost and lost and never became WWE Champion he should
have became WWE Champion when he took on ginger Mahal
I fucking SummerSlam but some fucking reason Vince McMahon loves ginger Mahal
and he gave him the fucking WV title so he goes from winning the NXT title going
on to the main roster jobbing to fuckin ginger Mahal couldn’t overcome AJ Styles
still not WWE Champion and then from winning the WWE from winning the Royal
Rumble event main eventing WrestleMania with AJ Styles he’s nothing but a
fucking pre-show and now he’s absolutely fuckin being wasted in a fucking
tag-team division with fucking rusev two guys that are fucking absolutely total
total total opposites we haven’t made a fucking miserable tag-team division
being absolutely wasted people we haven’t seen since K Nakamura on
television and over a fucking month wrestlers are starting to get
disgruntled because they’re not being utilized like they should be ec3 another one and NXT was started to
build his brand comes up to the main roster and he’s just a fucking absolute
fucking comedy act on the main roster getting locked in fucking elevators with
fucking r-truth and his 24/7 fucking absolute garbage title with a fucking
plastic cup ladies and gentlemen wrestlers are starting to get
disgruntled of the absolute fucking stupidity because it’s not other fucking
word to describe this company the fucking stupidity that they’re being
fucking put in I mean how do you fuck up schinsky Nakamura can someone ask me
this fucking question how do you fuck up schinsky Nakamura how do you fuck up
which was absolute fucking gold in NXT Bobby roots how does this happen people
NXT Superstars have a fear of even coming to the main roster anymore before
it was their dream to become a WWE Superstar and get to Monday Night Raw
and get to Smackdown live ladies and gentlemen now everyone has a fucking
absolute fear of coming up to these main rosters we’re here reports that NXT
talent and WWE main roster talent are counting down their days till their
fuckin contracts expire can you fucking blame them can you fucking blame them
for wanting to count down the days to their fuck
contract expire dean ambrose even said it on talk is jericho that he was
counting down his days into his contract expired so he can leave that fucking
company and go on to bigger and better things ladies and gentlemen the revivals
contract is soon to expire and i know for a fucking absolute fact that they
are counting down their fucking days to their fuckin contracts expire because
what the WWE has done with the revival is an absolute fucking crime of fucking
act it’s an absolute fucking crime how you have this fucking tag team pointing
up one of the best tag team matches that we have ever fucking seen with DIY and
fucking NXT how do you have this team come up an absolutely job to the fucking
lucha house party and they’re fucking pinatas not once not twice three fucking
times on Monday Night Raw how does this happen how does this happen then you
absolutely fucking embarrass them absolutely fucking embarrass them in a
fucking shower segment of them shaving their fucking backs then you have the
fuckin Usos come out with some fucking OSI hot and make them act like absolute
fucking fools in the middle of the fucking ring and you fucking blame them
because they asked for their fucking release and they’re counting down their
days till their fuckin contracts expire what the fuck do you expect them to do Sasha banks Sasha banks
this woman is probably the best in ring woman’s performer that you have on your
roster on your roster and you fucking feed her to Ronda Rousey you fucking
feed her to Ronda Rousey so she can get fucking absolutely squashed by Ronda
Rousey then you give her the tag team titles with fucking Bayley
and you have them lose a trestle fucking mania to the fucking ikonics to the
fucking ikonics really these women can’t fucking outwrestle a fucking plastic
bottle and you’re gonna have them beat Sasha banks and Bailey at WrestleMania
photos for the fucking women tag team titles
no wonder Sasha banks walked out on this fucking company and can’t fucking wait
into her contract expires – ladies and gentlemen if you’re gonna waste this
fucking talent on the main roster why don’t we send them back down to fucking
NXT why don’t we send them back down to NXT now they’re starting to do that but
if you’re not using these other talents send them back down to fuck in NXT you
telling me Shinsegae Nakamura couldn’t be fucking absolutely great again nn-xt
Shinsegae Nakamura versus fucking Matt riddle you don’t think that she will be
fucking absolutely money schinsky Nakamura versus fucking Adam Cole you
don’t think that she’ll be fucking money you don’t think that she can sell out.i
fucking NXT takeover event what are you doing with him on the main roster what
are you doing with the fucking revival on the main roster what do you do with
sasha banks on the fucking main roster if you ain’t gonna fucking utilize them
if you weren’t gonna use them let them go let them go and let them fucking walk
if you have absolutely no fucking nothing for them
Dean Ambrose they tried to fucking sign him they tried to fucking sign him
they gave him all the fucking money in the world to stay with ww-what did he do
he said f you I am leaving no matter what and he left he fucking
left he did not take the fucking money his pride is bigger than the money his
wrestling ability and his desire to be one of the fucking best is bigger than
the fucking WWE and is bigger than this fucking money that they’re throwing at
him ladies and gentlemen there is so many
WWE Superstars right now that are counting down their days till their
contracts expire and we have nothing nothing to blame them by nothing because
if you are in that fucking situation and you feel like you are the absolute
fucking best or one of the fucking best in that fucking company and you’re
fucking jobbing to fucking the goddamn lucha house party every fucking week and
you’re being fucking absolutely embarrassed every fucking week and being
absolutely destroyed and stomped on and spit on what the fuck are you going to
do one thing in this happened as your fucking brand the brand that you’re
trying to build is getting absolutely fucking demolished your name is getting
absolutely demolished do you guys feel for the revival like you did when they
were in NXT absolutely not the WWE has killed the revival they have absolutely
killed the revival and there’s absolutely no fixing the revival right
now Elias all the fucking talent in the
world in NXT great comes up to the main roster he’s nothing but a fucking comedy
act you don’t think Elias is counting down
his fucking days until his contract expires WWE ladies and gentlemen I
fucking hate when tell when talent is being absolutely wasted I really fucking
to you I really fucking do dave meltzer noted on the Wrestling Observer radio
how a number of WWE Superstars especially from the 205 alive brand are
counting down the days until there are able to leave the company at this point
this is one of the main reasons why Stephanie McMahon held a meeting for the
NXT roster yesterday before the tapings started so fucking Stephanie McMahon
does a fucking meeting and spews a whole bunch of fucking garbage how these
fucking stars shouldn’t leave the fucking company praising them and how
great of a job today they two take with the company enough absolutely
fuckin enough your fucking ass Stephanie McMahon
Triple H Vince McMahon and shaking man all came on fucking Monday Night Raw by
fucking four months ago and said that there was gonna be changing the fucking
middle of the fucking ring in the front in front of whole fucking world they
said this shit right there was gonna be changed there was gonna be new matches
there was gonna be more superstars being booked correctly it was gonna be fresh
faces where the fuck is all of that at where the fuck is that all of that at
they even said it wasn’t gonna be any type of fucking authority figure anymore
that the fans were going to be the authority people this is what they said
what the fuck are we getting a Monday night on Smackdown every fucking week
authority we’re getting Shane McMahon shoved on our fucking throats
that’s what wicked that’s what we’re getting and the rusev days of the
fucking world and the shit’s Kanaka morals of the fucking world
right to Sasha banks is of the world the fucking revivals of the fucking world
the Alistar blacks of the fucking world are not being seen on television the
fucking war Raiders the fucking war Raiders are not being seen on television they’ve missed dave meltzer says i heard
that there’s people counting the days their contracts are up a lot of people
are counting the days it’s amazing it’s like the whole aew thing is coming in in
and actually doing a really successful show has changed everything ladies and
gentlemen WWE has a lot of tactics they can use to make sure they that they give
that they get their message across to to WWE Superstars one thing that they can
always do is rally everyone in a big room and make them sit through fucking
meetings by Stephanie McMahon WWE chief brand officer during wrestling observer
radio brian alvarez and dave meltzer spoke about the meeting that stephanie
mcmahon held for the NXT superstar before yesterday’s taping this was said
to be a typical rah-rah speech for WWE but there was an underwhelming message
it was said that superstars can cross their own brands in NXT on a personal
level it was said that they can’t control over how they are represented on
social media and how influential the WWE brand is to help them sexy yeah fucking
rights Dave Meltzer explained on the company’s reason for making a big social
media presentation before the NXT tapings
the fact is that there are really only so many spots for the rosters but WWE
keeps signing new superstars because they want them Vince McMahon is
collecting Superstars and he’s running out of room on his shelf to display them
however there is now another option for wrestling on a bigger stage and WWE is
obviously doing what they can to make sure that they don’t lose their footing
ladies and gentlemen I mean the wall Raiders Alistar black fucking the
revival you know what they’re just a fucking another book on a fucking
bookcase that’s what they fucking are when Vince McMahon wants to fucking take
that book off the fucking shelf and dust the fucking dust off that fucking book
and read that fucking book and use it that’s what he’s going to do that’s what
he’s gonna do right now Shunsuke Nakamura is a fucking dusty ass fucking
book that hasn’t been moved in fucking months
that’s what Shinsegae nakamura is right now when Vince Eggman decides to fucking
take that fucking book off the fucking shelf and dust the fucking shit off and
put him in some fucking prime fucking match that’s what he’s gonna do
other than that he’s just gonna sit in the back eating fucking catering
collecting his paycheck and his fucking brand is going down the fucking drain
and his fucking name that he fucking made in Japan has just been absolutely
wasted and forgotten that’s what’s going on right now in the WWE and it’s an
absolute fucking shame people because schinsky Nakamura buddy Murphy alistair
black all these fucking guys are the future of your fucking company are the
future of your fucking company and they’re being absolutely wasted and
absolutely fucking hated because I want to see Shinsegae Nakamura I want to see
the revival succeed I want to see ouster black succeed I want to see all these
superstars that we have on these rosters 6 seed and right now ladies and
gentlemen all we’re getting a shane mcmahon shane mcmahon and fucking more
shane mcmahon and it’s an absolute fucking shame ladies gentlemen if you guys like this video hit that
like once subscribe to channel don’t forget to hit that Bell for all
notification when I upload a video and I will see you guys next time thank you
guys so much

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  • Reply Alessandra Colmenarez June 13, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    First one?

  • Reply WWF Attitude Era June 13, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    How you doin Enzo Amore I miss you ?

  • Reply WWF Attitude Era June 13, 2019 at 7:12 pm

    I think Braun strowman,EC3 , Bobby lashley, Nakamura, Bobby roode they should all leave away from WWE

  • Reply SquaringTheCircle June 13, 2019 at 7:25 pm

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  • Reply Talking sports with Mr Johnson June 13, 2019 at 7:34 pm

    Vince is begging the Superstar not to leave the company it's a lil to late ???

  • Reply bigboy jonnytwentyfive June 13, 2019 at 8:19 pm

    Its absoulety shame. But im glad that dean ambrose left wwe. Great job on your video.

  • Reply KairosObjective June 13, 2019 at 8:33 pm

    How do u get these guys to shout u out?

  • Reply KairosObjective June 13, 2019 at 8:40 pm

    I hope ya make more rant vids like this besides the reviews!

  • Reply Lance Lewis June 13, 2019 at 8:40 pm

    I think the reason we don't see most of roster on raw and smackdown is because most of them were tweeting during double or nothing and Vince is punishing them. I do the same thing too I rather eat chicken wings in catering than do a segment with roman and shane mcmahon

  • Reply BulletPlayzStuff June 13, 2019 at 9:02 pm

    Shinsuke Nakamura & Asuka? i would run down the list of Japanese born superstars WWE Has failed to push but it'd take up most of this comment.Shinsuke Beat Samoa Joe to win his first NXT title and then he beat bobby roode to win his second…….
    I saw him and i read how he main evented wrestle kingdom with the IC Title and i was like he could be the man to take the united states or IC Title and main event wrestlemania with those titles but Boy was i wrong……and to be fair Shinsuke nakamura didn't deserve a World title shot YET………well not over someone like Cesaro who was equally as over as Nakamura, But since nakamura won the US Title he deserves a world title shot but since he's Japanese he will never win the wwe championship sadly.
    Jinder Mahal defeated Shinsuke Nakamura 3 times Summerslam Heatwave tour Summerslam and Hell In a Cell i believe.
    Asuka i knew she was going to lose to Charlotte at wrestlemania 34 and i knew if WWE booked asuka against charlotte again she'd lose again. 1 of 2 comments

  • Reply The EdRay Report June 13, 2019 at 9:11 pm

    Places people need to go after their contracts end:

    Braun Strowman- Strongman Competition
    Bobby Roode- Impact Wrestling
    Bobby Lashley- Impact Wrestling
    Shinsuke Nakamura- New Japan Pro Wrestling
    War Raiders- National Wrestling Alliance
    EC3- Impact Wrestling
    Asuka- Japan

    With the way Impact Wrestling is doing right now, Roode and Lashley would have incredible star power in that company. EC3 would be the top draw in Impact Wrestling thanks to his star power.

  • Reply BulletPlayzStuff June 13, 2019 at 9:26 pm

    War Raiders – I have no idea where they are WWE has some of the best tag teams on their roster since Worlds greatest tag teams the Dudley boyz the hardy boyz edge and christian the brothers of destruction MnM and Los Guerreros and they aren't using them.
    Buddy Murphy? Shades of what happened when he was in NXT after he dropped the NXT Tag Team Titles
    Aleister Black………..braun strowman with jelly legs lol…….Talented as fuck and one of my favorites its a shame WWE aren't using him
    The Revival? Suffered the Hideo itami treatment Hideo got injured in NXT And triple h refused to push him, The revival got injured twice and Vince saw them as a liability.
    Sasha Banks – i wish she would open her eyes and realize WWE doesn't revolve around her, ruby riott Sarah Logan Liv Morgan Nikki cross would kill for her position.
    EC3 – i knew he was going to be a failure, WWE didn't push him as Derrick Bateman and they weren't going to push him during his return.
    Braun Strowman – He's booked like most big men Destruction, Nothing More Nothing Less. I mean Braun Strowman is no undertaker who was booked to destroy people but could actually wrestle.
    Luke Gallows – Fake Kane Festus S.E.S Gallows The Club 4 attempts in the WWE And they were all failures.
    Dean Ambrose – if he signed he would be stuck in the shadow of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins and the fans wouldn't care about him take his WWE Championship run people wanted him to be champion and when wwe gave it to them 70 days later they wanted him to drop it to AJ Styles.
    Elias – As John Cena said it Wasted Wrestling Experiment
    Rusev how many times has Rusev built himself back up after being knocked down? in my opinion he should have won the 2018 Royal Rumble

  • Reply Jonathan Lee Mason June 13, 2019 at 9:49 pm

    Cool video bro. I agree. So many talented Men & Women going to waste once again. Thanks for chatting on Twitter.

  • Reply Paul James June 13, 2019 at 10:35 pm

    Great video AC. I agree with you , All the wasted talent in the WWE unbelievable

  • Reply AK's Theory June 14, 2019 at 6:39 am

    Great stuff as always

  • Reply Avery Watts June 14, 2019 at 3:04 pm

    All because of ROMAN REIGNS!!! It's getting DEAD!!!!

  • Reply Acänixia Käuradénâka June 14, 2019 at 6:56 pm

    Well I feel that the talent that WWE have right now should go right on ahead and look forward to being going to somewhere better then being at WWE since that's the case

  • Reply NH NEWS PHOTAGRAPHY June 14, 2019 at 9:05 pm


  • Reply Child of Reason July 23, 2019 at 11:15 pm

    He loved Jindar because he was on steroids and jacked.

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