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WWE Stars ‘Interested’ In AEW Move! Kenny Omega To AEW?! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019

August 14, 2019

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News.
I am El Fakidor Laurie Blake And coming up on this episode of OniNewsa:
Warlords: Jericho signs his All Elite Wrestling contract! Kenny Omega definitely going to
AEW, probably… and some big WWE stars are interested in a move to All Elite!? But someone not going anywhere, at least for
now, is current NXT Champion and greatest sports entertainer of all time Tommaso Ciampa.
Now Ciampa is a bit of a savage when it comes to Twitter, but he actually tried, emphasis
on tried to do something reflective and soul searchy the other day posting:
“This month marks 14 years in the industry. It took me 13 years of good, bad, and ugly
to become the man I am today. And that man just happens to be The Champ. I would be 19
year old me’s favorite Sports Entertainer.” It’s progress of a sort, he’s not putting
anyone else down, being rude or pissing anyone off – ho no wait a second.
Ciampa didn’t credit the artist who drew the rather excellent picture he used for the
Tweet. Which as Twitter let him know quite vociferously is bad etiquette. The rain in
spain falls mainly on the plane, but when the crap hits the fan it goeths everywhere.
To which Tommy Champs responded “Dear Artists, If you want me to credit you with an “at”
when posting your photo, then I want you to hand write me a letter requesting permission
to paint/draw/use my likeness. PS: your artwork is already watermarked. PSS: your “hurt
feelings” hurts my head.” [006] He’s a heel, what did you expect? What he
no doubt didn’t expect though is the deluge of unflattering fan art that came back his
way. While that was happening on NXT on 205 Live
a huge match was being made for the Royal Rumble.
I’d say spoilers for 205 Live are incoming, but does anyone actually watch it? Not a rib,
just a question. Anyway, Hideo Itami become the final man to qualify for the Fatal-4-Way
for the Cruiserweight Championship after defeating Cedric Alexander.
That means the champ Buddy Murphy will face his greatest challenge since being a ginger
who lived in sunny Australia as he defends against Itami, Kalisto and Akira Tozawa. Look
at him, he’s burning in the led lights. Buddy didn’t seem all that fussed though,
carefree and ritualistically caked in factor 50.
Instead offering an open challenge to any superstar of 205 pounds or under for a non-title
match next week, saying: “I only want the “Elite” of the Elite!
Who’s coming? My door is open! #GCOAT ” The Elite of the Elite – Kenny Omega to WWE
confirmed! How much does he weigh? Unlikely really, but someone did have his
eye on the prize: one Aiden English. Is a 205 Live move on the cards and does that mean
he’ll become the drama king of the cruiserweights? Other people potentially looking for a move
are The Revival, who have tried to trademark the ‘#FTR’ name that’s been stitched
onto the back of their trunks. Which you can see here alongside Wilder’s very hungry
bum. Dash Wilder filed the trademark on January
1st for wrestling use rather than for merchandise. As the slogan was used by The Young Bucks
during the 2017 Twitter feud between the two teams, could Dash and Dawson be getting their
ducks in a row before they move over to AEW? Already moving over to All Elite is Chris
Jericho who has signed on the dotted line as revealed by this clip posted on All Elite’s
Twitter yesterday. ‘Chris Jericho is now All In with All Elite
Wrestling, we’re going to change the universe baby.’
It’s that or he was secretly adding Tony Khan to the list.
And things are moving apace for Y2J in AEW, as he’s already got an official All Elite
Wrestling shirt. AEW is Jericho, doesn’t exactly roll off
the tongue though, but it’s Y2J, I’m sure he can make it work. The move seems like it may have ruffled some
feathers back in WWE though because as soon as it was announced Jericho would be working
with AEW he was removed from WWE’s then, now and forever opening video and replaced
with The Bar. WWE hating you: then, now and forever.
Although, it’s unlikely there’s any real animosity, Jericho would have had to give
them a heads up for starters, and his profile has just been moved to the alumni page of so that’s not a major blacklisting. If he’s not been written out of history
entirely they still like him. And should keep him in their good books, because
according to Wrestling Observer Radio Jericho’s deal with AEW is not exclusive meaning he
can still work with other promotions. Now the obvious reason is so that he can continue
to work with New Japan and have the match he teased after Wrestle Kingdom with Hiroshi
Tanahashi. And it seems like he’ll also be able to
pursue any other outside projects too, as reported by Sean Ross Sapp of
on Twitter: ‘Cody says that anyone hurt in an AEW ring
will be “covered,” and that Joey Janela can still run Spring Break shows, Jericho can
still do the Cruise’ Call it by it’s real name: Chris Jericho’s
rock ‘n’ wrestling rager at sea. But it’s not just wrestlers that AEW have
been signing, they’ve also been signing… wrestlers, but as producers.
At the rally in Jacksonville Billy Gunn signed up as the first producer for AEW as revealed
in this clip: ‘It happened already but we made it seem
like it happened in this moment’ Wonder if he’ll be all professional backstage
and go by Mr Ass. Hopefully Billy can also produce a solution
to the current rumoured Kenny Omega dilemma. Because the reports floating around suggest
that Kenny wants to work for both AEW and NJPW, but NJPW weren’t so keen on playing
ball. But now that wrestlings very own deep throat
Dave Meltzer, steady on, has said that Kenny is likely to sign with AEW, New Japan are
apparently reconsidering. Dave said that while WWE really wanted Kenny,
it was always likely he was going to AEW. So New Japan are left in a bit of dilemma,
work with AEW and risk damaging the relationship with Ring of Honor or don’t and lose one
of their biggest stars. In the meantime thought Dave said they will
continue to book Will Ospreay, Zack Sabre Jr, Jay White and Juice Robinson strong. While all of this is hullabaloo in All Elite
Wrestling is going on, spare a thought for the one man left behind: Marty Scurll.
Because Marty is having a me party as the only member of the Elite left in Ring if Honor. And as the only person on the planet who doesn’t
know what AEW is… During the AEW rally in Jacksonville, Marty
posted a photo on Instagram with a simple question: “WTF is AEW? #villain ??” Marty was also worried he’d been replaced
with a new British bezzie when Hangman Page came face to face with PAC during the rally.
Someone please tell the man what’s going on! [025] Obviously this is all a silly skit, the exact
sort one would get on Being The Elite. Wait a minute, what’s happening to that show? During a media scrum at Jacksonville the Bucks
were asked by WrestleZone if they plan to continue the series. Matt: The plan is to keep it going.
Nick: For now, it might be tough doing it weekly because we’re not going to be on
the road every single day of our lives. [laughs] Matt: Maybe it’ll become more of a documentary
series. Nick: We’re still going to keep going.
Matt: The plan is, that’s our platform. That’s the biggest thing—everybody watches
it every week. Nick: I hope we can do it every week. The
plan is to [continue it weekly]. And naturally everyone is been on the hype
train with AEW as President Tony Khan appeared on X-PAC 12360 and talked about the rumours
of them signing Goldberg. Tony said:
“I have spent some time with Bill, I really like Bill, a lot, and he’s one of the greatest
drawing cards ever in the business. He’s a huge star, a household name, and yeah, if
the situation was right, obviously. I haven’t agreed to anything with Bill, but I like him
a lot.” Tony also touched on whether there will be
healthcare for the wrestlers in AEW saying: “What I am doing is a lot of people are doing
full-time office jobs. The people doing full-time office jobs have similar benefits to other
sports executives and I have a lot of sports executives that are currently working with
us here in Florida at the Jaguars, so what I’ve said is ‘Okay, well you’re sports executives
so I can set you up with healthcare packages.’ But at the end of the day a lot of people
are doing office jobs, so a lot of wrestlers are gonna end up with healthcare out of this.” Which is obviously good news all round. And
tire into Cody saying that stars hurt in the ring would be covered too. A very positive
change for the industry. With some of the best wrestlers in the world
signing up and now the promise of healthcare, The good ship AEW seems more and more like
one worth jumping to. And snoopy mcsnooperson Dave Meltzer has noted
that a lot of people in WWE are interested in exploring their options in AEW, if not
signing with them outright. People obviously have to wait for their WWE
contracts to expire before they can properly explore and most people are reportedly both
waiting and seeing how the fledgling promotion gets on. Fightful has also been gathering intel from
WWE and say that while many stars didn’t wish to comment, even anonymously those that
did said they were glad of more options for places to work and ultimately think it’ll
be Impact that is hit the hardest. Impact, the industry’s punching bag. Maybe
it’s the name. Should’ve called yourself ‘really worth working with’ WWE ban AEW fans from Smackdown?! Those bum
faces. Click the video onscreen now to find out more. And give us a subscribe to stay
up to date on all of the latest wrestling news. I’ve been El Fakidor and that was

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