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WWE Shocking Return At TLC 2019! CM Punk Reacts To TLC! Wrestling News!

December 23, 2019

Here is your news for
December 16, 2019 and
WWE TLC results We’re kicking off today’s video
with news from WWE TLC, as
the final Pay Per View of the year ended with a bang. In the first-ever Women’s Tag
Team TLC match, the Kabuki
Warriors defended their Women’s Tag Team Titles against
the dream team of Charlotte
and RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch,
who brought their A-game to the
champions. Though the Queen and The Man
had plenty of offence, it was the
tactics of the champions that helped them win
the day, as when it seemed like
Lynch was once again about to become Becky
Two Belts, the pair pulled a
rope connected to her ladder, that sent The Man flying. The use of rope was a constant
theme in the match, as at one
point, Lynch was tied to a ladder by the champs, and
ultimately, it was Asuka who
retrieved the titles, winning the main event of the December
PayPer View for the second
year in a row. Interestingly, it was also Asuka
also started 2019 by beating
Lynch to retain the SmackDown Women’s Champion
ship at the Royal Rumble Pay
Per View in January, as it seems that The Empress of
Tables, Ladders and Chairs is the
one foe The Man just can’t beat. Though the Man was unable to
defeat Asuka again on Pay Per
View, this victory for Asuka and Kairi Sane could lead
to either woman getting a shot
at the RAW Women’s Champions, and with reports of
Asuka being the latest opponent
for Lynch, time will tell whether the Japanese star is
the one to end Lynch’s record-
breaking title reign. It wasn’t just the women who got
involved in TLC action, as King
Corbin also got the surprise victory over Roman
Reigns, in the show’s other Tables
Ladders and Chairs match. Given the actions of our King, it
should come as no surprise that
Corbin’s victory was far from honest, as the self-
professed Lone Wolf got a lot
of help from his fellow heels. With interference from The
Revival and Dolph Ziggler,
the numbers game proved to be too much even for Reigns, who
gave a valiant effort against his
multiple enemies. Since returning from his battle
with leukemia, the WWE has
pulled its punches in making Reigns the top star again,
with the former WWE and
Universal Champion not even receiving a World Title match
since revealing he was in
remission in February We can’t exactly blame WWE for
holding back on another big
Reigns push, as this lack of drive has presumably happened
to avoid the backlash he received
in 2014 and 2015. Losing to Corbin last night comes
just a handful of months after the
Big Dog lost to Erick Rowan on Pay Per View in
a similar fashion, and after this
defeat to the 2019 King of the Ring, we can’t help but
wonder what the company has
planned for the Big Dog in the coming year. That answer may have already
been answered though, as
backstage, the King was quick to gloat about his victory
over one of WWE’s top stars. As Reigns spotted this, it didn’t
take long for a brawl backstage
to ensue, and though Corbin once again had Ziggler
and the Revival by his side,
Roman was joined by the New Day, Shorty G and Mustafa Ali. With this brawl, it doesn’t look like
the storyline between Reigns and
Corbin is over just yet, as more and more Smack
Down Superstars are ready to
enter the front lines, in this war between the King
and the Big Dog. In Tables action, Bobby Lashley
and Rusev hoped to end their
rivalry for good, as the pair have been feuding for months
over the affection of Lana. Leaving the Bulgarian Brute for
the Destroyer, Lana hasn’t
shied away from being a factor in their matches, and after
stopping her now ex-husband
from getting his vengeance, it seems that this
storyline isn’t over just yet. One person who folks thought
would be watching closely is
CM Punk, as the Best in the World did his own armchair
booking during his latest
appearance on WWE Backstage. When the WWE on FOX Twitter
account posted that Punk will
be watching intensely, Punk replied with a pic of him
watching hockey instead. Though Punk wasn’t watching,
millions of fans around the
world were, and presumably let out a collective
groan, as this soap-opera storyline
doesn’t appear to be over. Whilst the WWE Championship
may be AWOL for the time
being thanks to Brock Lesnar, the Universal Champion
was at TLC, as Bray Wyatt took
on The Miz in a non-title match Walking down the ring to a very
jovial entrance, this was the first
match since Wyatt’s return that hasn’t seen then Fiend
appear, as it was instead the
sweater-rocking- Superstar who took on the
A-Lister. Though the title wasn’t on the line,
that didn’t stop the Miz from
releasing a flurry of assault on the Eater of Worlds,
following Wyatt’s most recent
mind-games that has seen the Universal Champion
target Miz and Maryse’s infant
daughter Monroe Sky. All this fire though wasn’t enough
to topple Wyatt, who got the win
over the A-Lister, though it was what happened after
the match that got fans talking
around the world. According to reports, the reason
the match wasn’t for the
Universal title, is that this contest was just a placeholder that
was used to prolong Wyatt’s feud
with Daniel Bryan, and the Yes Man returned
after the Eater of Worlds had
defeated The Miz. Returning with a new look,
complete with shorter hair and
trimmed beard, Bryan is unquestionably a fully-fledged face
once again, and after being last
seen dragged under the ring and having his hair
pulled out by Wyatt, wasted no
time in attacking the vessel for the Demonic Fiend,
and fans should expect these
two to continue their feud next month at the Royal Rumble
Pay Per View. Both the SmackDown and RAW
Tag Team Championships were
also on the line during the show, as the Viking Raiders
issued an open challenge for
the red titles. This open challenge was ultimately
answered by none other than
Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, as the Good
Brothers hoped to capture the
titles once again after joining WWE in 2016. That wasn’t the case however,
as the match ended in a double
count-out, meaning the titles remain with the team
Erik and Ivar. In a truly weird moment that could
only happen in WWE, the
Raiders were able to slam Karl Anderson through a
table placed at ringside, and
whilst that doesn’t seem too weird, that table was actually
covered in KFC. As fans quickly ran with their
buckets of the Colonel’s delicious
chicken, Anderson was slammed into the eleven herbs
and spices, and whilst the OC
may not have picked up the win on this occasion, the
double count out finish does
mean that a rematch could happen in the not so distant
future. On the SmackDown side of things,
the New Day took on the Revival
in a ladder match for the SmackDown Tag Team
Titles. Despite rumors of the Revival
being a back-up team, after
Robert Roode’s suspension put him and Dolph Ziggler out of
contention, Dash and Dawson
wasted no time in stealing the show alongside
Kofi and Big E. Though the match had plenty of
ladder action throughout, it
wasn’t all perfect, as in one instance, Big E opted not to
climb the ladder when the other
three men were down. By the time that Big E was on the
ladder though, he delivered in a
major way, delivering a Big Ending from several
feet in the air, though it was Kingston
who was the real star of the match. Unsurprisnlgly, the former WWE
Champion’s high flying antics led
to some great spots during the match, and with the
crowd firmly chanting his name,
Kofi was able to get the win for his team by retrieving
the titles. 2019 has been a strange year for
Kofi, who finally captured the
WWE Championship at WrestleMania, only to lose it in
seconds to Brock Lesnar in
October, but at least this show gave fans a familiar sight:
Kingston standing tall with a
championship in his hands. Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy
finally got their one on one match
after weeks of build, as the self-professed
wrestling’s greatest secret looked
to topple the Demonic Dutchman. Despite the former Cruiserweight
Champion holding his own
against Black, it was the former NXT Champ who got the
victory, finally silencing Murphy
who has spent the past few weeks accusing Black
of running scared. The Kickoff show also saw Humberto
Carillo’s push continue with a victory
over Andrade, but as two of Monday
Night Raw’s most unique mid-
carders, both battling for that push to the next level,
we doubt that this is the last time
these two will compete On the whole, WWE: TLC was a
decent show, and was particularly
impressive when you remember that the event
didn’t have any matches
announced until a week before the show happened. It’s hard to say just how the WWE
will go from here, as some
matches seemed like the end of their feuds, whilst others
seemed like just the beginning,
but with the next Pay Per View being the 2020 Royal
Rumble event, all we know for
certain is that the Road to WrestleMania 36 is about to
begin. Though WWE: Tables Ladders and
Chairs, dominated the wrestling
world last night, the Pay Per Views isn’t the only
thing that was in the news. One Superstar fans didn’t see at
the Pay Per View was Sin Cara,
as it’s been just over a week since the masked marvel
was released, though Cara
hasn’t exactly been idle since being given the pink slip. Instead, Cara made a very
surprising appearance this
past weekend at a AAA event, and that didn’t sit well with Vince
McMahon or his company. According to Dave Meltzer of the
Wrestling Observer, AAA did not
have any kind of deal worked out with WWE to allow
them to use the Sin Cara name,
which could leave both the ex-Superstar and the
lucha promotion open to a
lawsuit. Meltzer wrote: “Regarding Sin Cara using that
name in AAA last night at Guerra
de Titanes, there was no deal worked out with him or
WWE to be allowed to use the
name. He was on a 90 day non-compete.We’ll see
how this transpires.” This is a very interesting situation
for everyone involved, as whilst
the WWE may not actually make much money in they
choose to use to press litigation
against the masked Superstar, not doing so
could open the door for repeat
situations like this in the future, and with the ever
present rise of AEW and
Superstars trying to get out of their contracts, the WWE will no
doubt be taking all potential
departures very seriously. Another Superstar who hasn’t
wrestled in WWE for a while,
but it still there is Samoa Joe, who has likewise kept himself
busy as he heals a thumb injury. To keep him on TV, Joe has been
moved to the RAW commentary
team, replacing Dio Maddin who has chosen to return
to wrestling, and the former US
Champion will remain there until he is 100%. With his tone of voice as well as
his submission background,
some fans have compared Joe to Tazz, who was on
commentary in WWE for years,
and it seems that SmackDown announcer Corey Graves also
sees the similarity. On Twitter, the saviour of mis
behaviour shared a picture of
Joe and Vic Joseph, with the caption that said how the pair
were a new and improved Tazz
and Michael Cole. This post quickly found its way to
Tazz himself, and though the
Human Suplex Machine wished both Joseph and Joe the
best of luck, but thought the
comparison wasn’t fair. In his reply, Tazz said how if Vic
and Joe are still a duo after
years of calling shows together, then it will be a fair
comparison, before ending his
post by saying he and Cole battled for every opportunity
as a team. Regarded by many as the greatest
announce team in the history of
SmackDown, its no wonder why Tazz says being
compared to the brand new
team isn’t fair, and fans will just have to wait and see if Joseph
and the former NXT Champion are
still together on the RAW announce team eight
years from now, to see if they
really are the next Michael Cole and Tazz. And finally today we’re ending with
some sad news, as former WWF
Talent Randy Colley has died at the age of 69. Colley, who some may remember
from his work as Moondog Rex,
was part of many angles during his wrestling career,
and was the original Smash in
Demolition, before the role was given to Barry Darsow. Leaving the WWF in 1987, Colley
would have greater success
outside of the company, joining WCW in 1990, and in March
the next year, formed the stable of
The Desperados, alongside Dutch
Mantell and Black Bart. Portrayed as three bumbling
cowboys who wanted to meet
Stan Hansen, the legit tough guy wanted nothing to do
with the angle, and would instead
leave WCW to wrestle in Japan, never again
competing in North America. Despite this setback, Colley found
success and championship gold
wherever he went, holding tag titles in the USWA,
Georgia Championship Wrestling,
the World Wrestling Council and even the WWF. At the time of this video, the reasons
behind Colley’s death are unknown,
but we here at Slat Rock would like to send our
very best wishes and deepest
condolences to Colley’s family, friends and fans
at this awful time.

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