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January 20, 2020

James has got some feeling he’s walking into the Lowen reigns knows when he’s stepping into the ring with my officially declared WWE his yard At Brock Lesnar he cannot There’s a battlefield I want to put a couple of things in perspective enough the world Oh Man here’s a poem ladies and gentlemen He looks like a wild animal That’s just been uncaged but you love the wallet It lies directly goes for backing right back after the baseball Roman needs to stand and watch your backs He’s taking three trips to suplex City Stop he’s not gonna wait In the more rain calm and collected Outside everything’s cold, but inside there’s No God, oh my god face Back into the ring rains ghost was its very first victim Joven soup going to be pretty another German suplex to Roman rain harness your opponent Another belly-to-belly agent think straight right now He is being recalled. And this is heading in that direction with another belly Just at it in a foul Nasty where he’s been rather defenseless. Oh my god, the fair Braves Doha In this could be this far Thing in his path if it means tearing the title from those this is the first time he’s had an opportunity Raid show Bundy caught up on the job In kiss police fear you talking without the second spear For having Brock lesner to believe Roman reigns kicked out both brands away Come on shake lesser is looking at Roman reigns thinking the exact same thing Pact with Brock Lesnar is Brock will do it as many times as message on his shoulder for a third toward in a Demon was on the third step Ladies tosses range to the outside the Lansing Taylor you have to water room Into the ring, I’m not sure why Roman would launch back into the rain German suplexes, look at try another German suplex, and he delivers it is doing right now F5 on Roman reigns. Oh Five more and more infuriated each time incarnate. This does not bode. Well, let’s smirk that smile el rastro don’t Believe we believe it was the elbow contacting the rain from behind Everywhere that’s Samoan bloodline that Romans Do tables a busted open space WrestleMania moments were made

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