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WWE Planning A Very Serious Program For Andrade US Title Picture

January 21, 2020

Hi Friends welcome to C4E Wrestling News WWE
Planning A Very Serious Program For Andrade US Title Picture Andrade was able to take
the WWE United States title off of Rey Mysterio The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that
Andrade is wrestling Mysterio in this program until they can figure out how to work their
way out of it Then it is on to Andrade’s next opponent that has been the plan all along
According to report Originally the idea was for Andrade to have a longer very serious
program over the title with Carrillo as a way to get both guys over as singles Latino
stars Humberto Carrillo seems positioned to be the next Latin American star If they provide
him with enough focus and allow him to perform in the ring that could be a very safe bet
to secure a portion of the fan base that Vince McMahon really wants to capture Vince McMahon
wants to establish their next big Latin American star as Rey Mysterio’s career appears to
be coming to a close sooner than later Now WWE wants Andrade Vs Carrillo feud that feud
will hopefully bring their next big Latin American Superstar Friends what are your thought
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