Wrestling Traduzido Feedback #II-31 Especial Entrevistas WrestleMania

October 6, 2019

WrestleMania Axxess I cannot let a better person introduce Paul Heyman better than Paul himself Paul Heyman please introduce yourself to the large audience at SAC radical and Portugal ladies and gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman and as this man’s honor to be interviewing the advocate for the beast Brock Lesnar and I hope his in his questions are far more intelligent than the other ones I’ve been subjected to today you’re a man with a lot of experience a lot of knowledge how has your role progressed here in WWE its progressed for obviously from just being a talent and and now being a part of talent development and then helping the new generation and helping them and training them and mentoring them and anything that needs anything we can do or anything that I can do for anybody to to make them a better talent what made you fall in love with wrestling you know it’s hard to put into words I was 11 years old when I first saw WrestleMania and there’s just something about it made me realize that this is what I needed to do for a living and you know that’s what I’ve wanted to do ever since and now here I am I really can’t explain it it’s I think it’s hard to anybody for anyone to explain why they wanted to become a professional wrestler but there’s just something that grabs you and you know for me it never never went away so you have a long career in wrestling ECW and WC WWE are you ever considering working with NXT directly more intensely namely in promo in the promo class I would love to work with any NXT or W superstar and promos or on anything else that they feel that I can benefit them with my experience it’s not just limited to promos and it’s not just limited to NXT we got an NXT ring behind you how has the evolution of NXT evolved in your eyes shocking it’s just shocking to me I quickly this is doesn’t matter what we do and doesn’t matter how good the talent is or how good the production is the success of NXT is because the fans have decided to take us into their hearts and we don’t take that for granted none of this for granted we are just very fortunate that people love this what we’re doing so we’ve got to keep doing these shows as much as you know doing as much as we can to make people stay interested in what we’re doing you came up through in the WWE ranks you coming up through NXT you became the champion now the Intercontinental Champion what more I mean obviously everybody wants to be WV champion at some point and that’s the goal but for now I’d like to hold on to the in Toronto as long as I can and make it as special as possible and you know that’s the plan for the short term and what it was like to be the demanders to manage to advocate the one person that put an end to the Undertaker’s streak was like who’s the greatest professional moment of my career so far because Brock Lesnar did something that no other human being no other beasts Noah no other being in and of itself could have accomplished if Brock Lesnar won the title at WrestleMania 30 we would have forgotten that by now because titles are won in lost at WrestleMania of Brock Lesnar did a big move at WrestleMania 30 people do big moves at WrestleMania all the time but Brock Lesnar put the 1 in 21 and won Brock Lesnar secured a victory that no one else has ever been able to accomplish so I would suggest it was the greatest moment of my professional career in the greatest moment for any fan that was watching Brock Lesnar conquered the streak a lot of people have mentioned the scenario of a match with Kevin Owens versus the Undertaker if it were possible how would you like that to happen I’d love that that would be my dream match at WrestleMania and I think it would be pretty much everybody’s because of what WrestleMania what the Undertaker signifies as far as WrestleMania goes you know it’s it’s really it’s the biggest match you get from Portugal this is here stick radical how are you feeling right now to be able to attend WrestleMania to be at WrestleMania unfortunately not having a match but just be present not having a match but there’s a lot of people that are very excited to be here and to see the event and you can one of the lucky ones I’m able to be in AT&T Stadium the biggest event in company history and I’m just as excited as everybody else WrestleMania in Dallas AT&T Stadium basically the biggest WrestleMania in history a hundred thousand people are supposed to be there and to be able to step out into that under that stage kid coming from Cleveland Ohio you know this isn’t supposed to happen I have the one client that is guaranteed to deliver and every single appearance he ever provides or delivers for you and that’s Brock lesner so you’re really looking forward to the Wrestlemania match absolutely the WrestleMania match I love watching Brock Lesnar torture human beings and the torturing he’s going to put on to Dean Ambrose will be that of biblical proportions after World any last message to the W fans in Portugal absolutely not would you like to say a message to the fans in Portugal Portugal fans I appreciate your support and keep supporting me and I’m sure I’ll see you guys soon take care I’m John Cena WWE Superstar in case you needed an introduction this is Roman grant this is the stinger I’m W superstar Kevin Owens ladies and gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman you’re watching feedback you’re watching feedback got the name of the show feedback you’re watching feedback on sick radical feedback feedback on sick radical you’re watching feedback on sick radical on some sick thing that this guy wants me to say and I don’t don’t tell me what to say I’m Paul Heyman I tell you

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