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October 9, 2019

That’s the ring. People really get destroyed in this. Legit full-size why not? That’s what it’s all about you gotta raise production value. Joe this is your last BTS? Well actually probably yeah. Do you have any final words? I mean I Don’t know like it’s gonna be weird I Know you wanna fight, no you want to go in Arisa popping yes Arrest me someone’s gonna arrest me. I don’t like you like that I won Second unit Technically undefeated Hey, I got candy They’re called chocolate cluster bombs you’re like Their life get a pop rocks with chocolates fucking disgust, and then we also have some various chocolates that are really cool They’re on sale taco chocolate you got a fry and ketchup chocolate yet Peanut butter and jelly chocolate and popcorn chocolate you can see the pop rocks like on the chocolate Chocolate good. I don’t know I’m gonna try first for your sake Is there mold is there mold on this yeah, I won’t have been sitting out for it All right go package these Don’t work. Don’t work. Are they supposed to do it supposed to be like pop rocks. There’s to push the pop Cluster bombs exploding work pretty crisp serious. There’s no pop at all Nothing, maybe one of these well you can have some kind of reaction. This is peanut butter and jelly chocolate Oh I Can kind of smell the peanut butter and jelly over this oh my god, it’s inside no way hmm oh It’s popping mine’s popping That’s weird. What is that? Why the fucking people fuck with chocolate. It’s peanut butter and jelly Mm-hmm the jelly is not good at all so processing the last thing I mean it Shocks me is it yeah chocolates compare enjoy chocolate yeah Drill them this just weirds happening construction Yeah block a popcorn chocolate it sounds good. You can see it in there What has become of FYE Selling various stupid chocolates, it’s like salty you later. Yeah What the fuck you don’t like it no, I guess I just like salt with chocolate Yeah, no one’s gonna fuckin eat that Here’s this taco chocolate Choco chocolate ground beef No idea what’s in that what the fuck? Just like can’t you talk about what there’s chocolate in it, how could it? Mean taco, I’m gonna taste like taco when there’s chocolate involved. No I didn’t taste like chocolate Oh Brian ketchup chocolate oh I Don’t like that if there’s like barbecue barbecue droplet it does is a barbecue oh Here you go James hates. These a sure is Handling them Salty chill it’s gross not bad Trevor actually took the whole popcorn bar I mean, it’s just like just like salty chocolate No probably I swallowed it what the fuck how does that work? No it’s like delayed reaction or something got old There’s no popping It cannot pop in for me You’re look like you’re falling We fix my underwear first Oh Why you shoot a sit-down well Wow yeah asking the suck man, that’s what they that’s kind of like what they do Yeah, that’s like this Can you at least get off the mat, it’s fucked up dude he actually hurt yourself, man You supposed to like distribute you a rate or something like having fucking I guess Still through your legs yeah Sure very dull pain in my lower back. This isn’t it for professionals You know it’s probably the most awkward fall. I’ve done and it really fucking hurt Hey guys welcome to behind the scenes where we give you everything raw about cow chop, I’ll be here with Joe Joe you’re here with us Yeah, right like the real deal the real deal my name, cuz we just we just got them Yeah, we just got done filming the wrestling thing so people might be discussing whether or not his Undertaker like retirement is for real Which right it is in a way? because Joe is Formerly going to be going off and doing his own adventures in life I believe he wants to finish up college you want to do a lot of stuff on his own on get that college credit It’s hard. It’s a hard decision, but is it is it your decision? Yeah, okay. I just I didn’t know you were kind of like because it’s not like you’re like Oh is a hard decision. I was at You sure yeah, I’m knocking I’m a I’m not getting fired yeah I guess we we didn’t really do a thing with Aaron When we were leaving cuz we were in the middle of the Los Angeles And it was my choice for this specifically to write him off in a skit fashion with the Undertaker style Retirement cuz I thought that would be kind. I thought was pretty cool. I thought it was kind of something that like I would Use for the wrestling thing to you know really make that series kind of special I guess so didn’t really want to do anything fancy, but in a way It was kind of fancy, but you you didn’t want like a video or anything anymore like yeah Yeah, I thought that’d be like corny like I feared more like a genuine just like goodbye kind of thing rather than like you know The fans are gonna. They’re gonna miss you, dude. Yeah, I mean I’ll miss them I mean definitely crazy you like I’ve been doing this for what three years but Yeah So I guess while you’re here What what has been your favorite and least favorite part about being on couch? Ah I think my least favorite was probably Like inhaling all the toxic fumes that okay, so those are yeah probably that I thought you’re gonna say like the pay Then no what about the shit Michelle shit no That wasn’t that like I mean it was bad. It was your shit. Yeah It wasn’t like it wasn’t par, but I guess that was his shit. Wasn’t it well. It was like everyone’s shit. Yeah It was a mixture of everyone shit. I sure there was shit. I think my favorite thing was probably like just Getting like people’s reactions like when we go out and just do crazy shit and just seeing like Like I guess like one I remember is like when we did the Avengers skit And we went to the gas station and like I was like filming this guy and he’s looking on you guys like Like what the fuck is going on kick the other grocery store Yeah, yeah that like this is this so many different times like I never thought like we just get kicked out or whatever But yeah are gonna keep doing YouTube stuff you think I don’t know I mean I probably won’t be doing YouTube like probably do other things Yeah, do us do some other stuff no side projects you can link yourself off to no probably not okay. I’ll be uh Maybe eventually I’ll come back like do a cameo or something on the channel Yeah, hopefully if circumstances You know change or anything like that you can come right back into the fold or anything like that? Obviously, you know I’m gonna miss you the most. You know I miss you dude cuz this sucks, but yeah Yeah, he’s been with me for so long. He knows actually what what T is like 2004 I guess yeah, it’s like 13 years 13 or 14 years It’s pretty long, but hey we back. Yeah as soon as he yeah It’s not like I don’t want to be like a goodbye Kind of thing even though like I am going cuz I’m sure that’s literally what this is I mean it is a goodbye I don’t like saying go get a degree, which is what like business or something like that? He’s gonna realize a business They’ll give me the coal instead of me giving him the call, and then we’ll see where it goes yeah. He was owner Yeah, I’m me. I’ll definitely keep up with everything All right, buddy well thank you for Being with us, you’ve been fun everyone loves you I guess if you want to take any snacks on the way out. Yeah, yeah Well like not all of them because I don’t think we have any left It’s like none laughs. You don’t have any stash ever said yeah All right It’s hard to say bye, but yep. I’ll be back eventually There you have it Joe. We’ll be back eventually yeah Hey guys, I know this was a pretty depressing video, but I know you guys are wondering about my feelings towards all this and I’m gonna be okay It’ll be okay sitting here at this picnic table eating by myself now I’m pretty confident that Joe’s going to go and get his degree and Maybe you guys will see him again someday. I’m just just eating myself away now because I’m I’m depressed But hey you can check out some of these other videos that may or may not have Joe in them Um that’s all there really is to say man. We’re gonna miss you, buddy. I hope you see this and I’m just eating text mix now to drown. My sorrows. I just really miss you ma’am

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  • Reply Alex Bueno June 22, 2019 at 11:35 am

    who would have thought the cameo would never happen

  • Reply School Survivors 101 June 28, 2019 at 10:30 pm

    I live in whitter

  • Reply Shikashi uchazi June 30, 2019 at 10:55 pm

    This is one of the reasons james left but miss you joe

  • Reply Suhail FPS July 9, 2019 at 12:41 pm

    Good bye james

  • Reply Alex Bueno August 12, 2019 at 7:20 am

    im really drunk right now, but we never coul dhave know this was the beginning of the end. fuck i wish cow chop was still how it used to be. its getting better after james left but we all know tis gonna end in new years. im so fucking sorry guys, i wish we coul dhave done more as fans to support you all individually so that in the vent of something like this you would all be okay

  • Reply Luke September 5, 2019 at 3:15 am


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