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Wrestling Origins: Rusev

September 1, 2019

The nickname Bulgarian Brute could not ring
more true for Rusev. He’s huge and extremely powerful, allowing
him to dominate opponents in the ring, and alongside Lana, has managed to become quite
the heel in WWE. With him set to return on SmackDown Live next
week, here is Wrestling Origins: Rusev! Miroslav Barnyashev was born on December 25th,
1984, in the People’s Republic of Bulgaria. During the early years of his childhood, Bulgaria
was under communist rule. He says his family was given coupons for food
and could only have electricity on at certain times, among other things, though he says
he was too young to really remember it before it was changed. Growing up, Miroslav says that he knew that
he one day wanted to go to the United States. By the 3rd grade, he was learning English
on his own by playing video games and reading books, something that not many other children
did. He was also watching old WWE VHS tapes, which
there were only a handful of in the entire city. Alongside a few other wrestling fans, he watched
old matches featuring Hulk Hogan and other big stars, and from the age of around 7 years
old knew that’s what he wanted to do someday. As Miroslav got a bit older, he started taking
up sports. He attended what is called a sports school
where students undergo regular education for the first 3 hours of the day and then practice
and play various sports for the next few hours. It was something his parents had both done
as it successfully combined academics with athletics within one program. Miroslav tried his hand at amateur wrestling
as he thought it would be similar to wrestling on TV, but of course it wasn’t, so he gave
it up quickly. He also played basketball before getting into
rowing like his mother, who was a world champion. He really enjoyed rowing and was quite good,
but says “politics” got in the way of him being more successful. He also got into powerlifting, which shouldn’t
be a surprise considering how big and strong he is today. In the mid 2000’s, Miroslav came to the
US as part of an exchange program and landed in Richmond, Virginia. He had to get a job, first in painting and
later at a local Wendy’s. After just a little while in Virginia, a friend
of his said he was moving to California and asked Miroslav if he would come with him,
and he did. After relocating to Torrance, California,
Barnyashev joined a local wrestling school where he learned the basics. Six months later he discovered a new school
called Knokx Pro Wrestling Academy and jumped at the opportunity. Turns out, the school was run by former WWE
superstars Gangrel and Rikishi, so he immediately began training under them. On November 22nd, 2008, Miroslav debuted in
a San Diego promotion called New Wave Pro Wrestling and had his first match against
Aerial Star. By 2010, Miroslav had spread to another California-based
promotion called Vendetta Pro Wrestling before being signed by WWE in September of 2010 after
a tryout. Miroslav was sent down to WWE’s developmental
territory FCW in Tampa, Florida after the company helped him with his Visa issues. He would adopt the ring name of Alexander
Rusev and had his first televised match in July of 2011 against Mike Dalton. However, shortly after his debut Rusev tore
his ACL and meniscus and took six months off to heal. He would return in March of 2012, but by the
summer, he suffered a broken neck that left him temporarily paralyzed in one arm. He would of course take a lot of time off
to heal up, during which he studied Muay Thai in Thailand, before returning to the newly
rebranded NXT. In May of 2013, Rusev began appearing on televised
episodes of NXT. He would adopt a new manager and had a short
run as a tag team with Scott Dawson, before dropping his old manager and being paired
with Lana in an effort to recreate Ivan and Ludmilla Drago from Rocky 4. Rusev would defeat superstars like Kofi Kingston,
Sin Cara, and Xavier Woods before being called up to the main roster in April of 2014, though
had his last NXT match in July. Alexander Rusev made his main roster debut
at the 2014 Royal Rumble, though was eliminated. He was promoted for months until returning
on April 7th to RAW where he squashed Zack Ryder. He immediately adopted his anti-American gimmick
with Lana at his side. He would soon become known simply as Rusev,
and over the next little while feuded and beat Xavier Woods and R-Truth, Big E, Jack
Swagger, Mark Henry, and Big Show. Rusev would go on to win the United States
Championship from Sheamus and would defend it successfully against Jack Swagger and John
Cena, though lost it to Cena in a rematch at WrestleMania 31. This ended his championship reign at 146 days
and marked his first pinfall loss on the main roster. Rusev would fail to regain the championship
from Cena and lost once again to Cena at Payback, which resulted in Lana and him splitting up. Just a few days later, Rusev would fracture
his foot in a match with Ryback and was unable to compete in the ring for a little while. However, he continued making appearances to
further the storyline with Lana, which lead to Rusev aligning himself with Summer Rae
after Lana and Dolph Ziggler became a thing. This would end with Rusev attacking Ziggler
and injuring him in storyline. When Rusev returned, he immediately made another
attempt at the United States Championship but couldn’t capture it. He would later face Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam
in a match that ended in double countout due to interferences by Summer Rae and Lana. The storyline was set to continue with Summer
Rae proposing to Rusev, but after news broke that Lana and Rusev had become engaged in
real life, it was scrapped. After returning from a bicep injury, Rusev
would join The League of Nations alongside Sheamus, King Barrett, and Alberto Del Rio. However, the group was not very successful
and Rusev eventually walked out on his fellow members a few months later. From there, Rusev would win the United States
Championship a second time, got drafted to RAW as part of the 2016 WWE draft, feuded
with Roman Reigns who disrupted his and Lana’s wedding celebration in the ring, and aligned
with Jinder Mahal for a feud with Enzo and Cass. After Mahal and Rusev’s partnership dissolved
at Fastlane, Rusev and Lana were both pulled from TV as Rusev needed time off for surgery. On April 11th, Rusev was sent over to SmackDown
Live as part of the Superstar Shakeup and most recently announced he will be returning
to WWE TV on May 16th, 2017. And that was Wrestling Origins: Rusev. If you enjoyed this video, then leave a thumbs
up and subscribe for more episodes of Wrestling Origins. Also check out more videos on the Wrestling
Hub channel and leave some suggestions for future episodes down below. Thanks for watching, and I’ll catch you
in the next one!

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