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Wrestling Origins: Bray Wyatt

August 30, 2019

In my opinion, Bray Wyatt is one of the best
characters in recent WWE history, and he is truly destined for greatness. Bray has an amazing gimmick, is great on the
mic, and has really improved his in-ring abilities leaps and bounds since he started. Despite rather poor booking these last few
years, things seem to be looking up for Bray and the Wyatt Family in general. With his recent resurgence on SmackDown Live,
here is Wrestling Origins: Bray Wyatt. Windham Lawrence Rotunda was born on May 23,
1987, in Brooksville Florida. If his last name sounds familiar, it’s because
his father was Mike Rotunda, a former WWF Tag Team Champion, and his grandfather, on
his mother’s side, was Blackjack Mulligan. If that wasn’t enough, he also has two uncles
that were successful wrestlers as well. Of course, Windham grew up around the wrestling
business. He learned a lot about the business at a young
age, but interestingly enough, Rotunda didn’t initially set out to be a wrestler like some
others have, but looking back, he feels like he was always destined to end up in wrestling. Unlike his brother, Bo Dallas, who went straight
into wrestling after high school, Windham would take up other sports first. Since he was young, Windham was a big dude. When he attended Hernando High School, he
took up amateur wrestling. In 2005, the year he graduated, he would win
the Florida State Championship in the 275 pound heavyweight division. Being that big, he would also play American
football as a lineman in college. At the College of Sequoias, he played two
seasons and won second-team All-American honours, landing him a scholarship with Troy University. There, he would play two more years of football. In college, Rotunda would also study broadcast
journalism, which likely helped him develop his speaking ability, as his goal at that
time was to become a radio personality. However, Windham wouldn’t finish his schooling. Just 27 credits shy of graduating, Windham
decided that he didn’t want to play football or go to college anymore; he wanted to get
into the family business of wrestling. In 2009, Windham Rotunda signed with WWE and
was sent to develop in FCW. He had a lot of knowledge of the wrestling
business, so he would learn the basics pretty quickly, allowing him to debut in April of
2009. He would first wrestle under the name of Alex
Rotundo, before changing it to Duke Rotundo. In June, Duke would begin teaming with his
brother, Bo. The two would quickly become the number one
contenders for the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship in July, and on the same night would win the
titles from Justin Angel and Kris Logan. The brothers would defend their titles against
Dylan Klein and Vance Archer, as well as Curt Hawkins and Heath Slater. However, The Rotundo Brothers lost to The
Dude Busters. Moving forward to June 1st, 2010, Rotunda
was announced as a competitor in the second season of NXT, but this time under the name
Husky Harris. Harris would make his debut on June 8th on
NXT where he teamed with his mentor Cody Rhodes against MVP and Percy Watson, but they would
lose. Harris would establish himself as a heel a
few weeks later by attacking NXT announcer Matt Striker. In the coming weeks, Harris would narrowly
avoid being eliminated from the competition. He was finally eliminated in August, but would
return on two occasions to attack the eventual NXT winner Kaval. After being eliminated, Husky Harris would
head back to FCW and continued to develop. There, Harris would have a feud with Percy
Watson, with Harris eventually coming out on top in a lumberjack match. Soon after, Harris would make his main roster
debut at Hell in a Cell where he helped Wade Barrett beat John Cena along with Michael
McGillicutty. The next week, he and Michael would do the
same thing, prompting Barrett, leader of The Nexus, to offer them a shot at becoming members
of the stable. They would lose their “tryout” match,
but were inducted into the stable nonetheless. Moving to January 2011, CM Punk took over
The Nexus and put each member through a trial, or initiation if you will. For Husky Harris, this took the form of a
lashing from other members of the stable. Seriously, WWE had Harris whipped on the back
on live TV. It was pretty brutal to be honest, but Harris
passed the initiation. A few weeks later, Harris and McGillicutty
would fight for the WWE Tag Team Championships, but lost to Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov. After the match, Randy Orton would attack
the duo for costing him a match, punting Harris in the head. This would be the end of Husky Harris on the
main roster, as he was written off and sent back to FCW. This was probably the best thing that ever
happened to Windham, as although he was a third generation wrestler, his ring ability
and character were just not good enough to make any meaningful impact. In March of 2011, Axel Mulligan would make
his debut wearing a creepy hockey mask, but the character would never make it to FCW TV. Turns out that was just a trial run, as Husky
Harris came back soon after. Harris would once again team up with his brother
until Bo was legitimately injured, forcing Harris back into singles competition. Harris would compete in a tournament for Bo’s
vacant FCW Heavyweight Championship. He would land a couple wins, most notably
over Big E Langston, but would lose in the finals. After a feud with Richie Steamboat, which
Harris won, he would once again team up with his brother to beat Brad Maddox and Eli Cottonwood
to become the FCW Florida Tag Team Champions for the second time together. They would defend these titles against Antonio
Cesaro and Alexander Rusev, but lost them to Corey Graves and Jake Carter on March 15,
2012. Around this time, Windham began losing some
weight and getting in better shape, and also began developing a new, exciting character. Though Windham did create the persona himself
and present it to WWE, he was initially inspired by a wrestler under the name Waylon Mercy. Mercy and Rotunda knew each other through
the WWE Performance Centre, and Windham has since revealed that he was influenced by the
Mercy character. Waylon Mercy also rocked Hawaiian shirts and
white pants, a similar look to that of his new character. Windham used this, while also taking inspiration
from horror films, heavy metal band Slipknot, and even Charles Manson, to create Bray Wyatt. He says that Husky Harris was “a figment
of somebody else’s imagination”, while Bray Wyatt is him. This character allows him to be himself and
fits him much better, which in turn has allowed him to be much more successful in WWE. In April of 2012, Rotunda would debut as Bray
Wyatt in FCW with Eli Cottonwood at his side. However FCW was quickly rebranded into NXT,
so Wyatt would debut there on July 11th, 2012. The Bray Wyatt character was seen as an evil
cult leader who made himself out to be more of a monster than a man. If you haven’t seen it, check out this early
FCW promo Bray did talking about his father with Eli at his side. It was amazing, yet horrifying at the same
time. I’ll put a link in the description. Moving forward, in July, Wyatt suffered a
torn pectoral muscle and required surgery. Despite the injury, Wyatt would continue to
appear on NXT, but now serving as the leader of the newly formed Wyatt Family in November. Interestingly, the “Family” originally
had Bray as the father, with the other members as his children. That meant Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were
both his sons, but this was eventually changed to brothers. I honestly don’t know how they expected
people to believe Bray was the father of Luke Harper. Bray would return to action in February of
2013 where he defeated Yoshi Tatsu. He would lose his first match as Wyatt nearly
a month later when he was defeated by Bo Dallas. Moving forward, Bray’s brothers would win
the NXT Tag Team Championships, while Bray tried to chase an NXT Championship shot, but
was unsuccessful in a number one contenders match. While the Wyatt Family spent time in NXT,
WWE began airing vignettes promoting their debut on the main roster. They showed bits and pieces of their backstory,
as well as revealed Rowan wearing the lamb mask. On July 8th, 2013, The Wyatt Family would
make their debut on RAW where they attacked Kane. They would continue the assaults, taking out
wrestlers like Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, R-Truth, and Heath Slater. They would continue harassing Kane as well,
resulting in a Ring of Fire Match at SummerSlam where Bray won after interference by his brothers. Next, The Wyatt Family would feud with CM
Punk and Daniel Bryan, which they lost. However the Family would continue to pursue
Bryan. Bryan would defeat Harper and Rowan in separate
matches, but lost to Bray in a no DQ match, taking a beating so bad that he gave in and
joined the family. However this would be short lived, as Bray
would blame Bryan for The Wyatt’s repeatedly losing, causing Bryan to snap and attack the
other members. After defeating Daniel at Royal Rumble in
a singles match, Bray set his sights on John Cena. After costing him a championship match, and
having a brief feud with The Shield, Bray would set out to prove that Cena was a fraud,
calling his “heroic act” a façade. Cena would respond by challenging Bray to
a match at WrestleMania 30 in 2014. Cena would overcome interference from Harper
and Rowan to defeat Bray, which was his first pinfall loss on the main roster. The feud would continue however, with Wyatt
notably having a children’s choir play for Cena while donning sheep masks to get inside
Cena’s head. This worked, as at Extreme Rules Wyatt would
defeat Cena in a steel cage match with the help of a “demonic” child. Next, at Payback Cena would defeat Wyatt in
a Last Man Standing match after burying him under equipment. This would officially come to a close when
Cena defeated Bray and multiple other superstars to win a Money in the Bank ladder match for
the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Next, Wyatt would feud with Chris Jericho,
with whom he traded wins at Battleground and SummerSlam, with Wyatt coming out on top in
their final match on RAW in September. A few weeks after that, vignettes started
airing of Bray setting Harper and Rowan free, disbanding the family. Wyatt would interfere at Hell in a Cell in
October, by himself, and cost Dean Ambrose his match against Seth Rollins. This would lead to Ambrose and Wyatt facing
off at Survivor Series where Bray won by disqualification, and again at TLC. They would face off again in a Miracle on
34th Street Fight, and for a final time in an Ambulance Match on RAW with Bray winning
both times. At the Royal Rumble, Wyatt would enter at
number 5 and last nearly 50 minutes, taking out six other superstars, before being eliminated
by Big Show and Kane. After the Rumble, Wyatt began declaring himself
“The New Face of Fear”, and would be brought out in a casket at Fastlane, and would proceed
to offer a challenge to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31. Though there was a lot to work with here,
the feud was largely uninteresting, and culminated with Taker taking home the win. After winning a feud against Ryback, Bray
would defeat Roman Reigns with the help of Luke Harper, reforming The Wyatt Family. Skipping to SummerSlam, Wyatt and Harper would
face Reigns and Ambrose, but lost. On August 24th, Bray would introduce the newest
member of the family, Braun Strowman. With the Family back in full force, Wyatt
would go on to defeat Reigns, Ambrose, and Jericho at Night of Champions, but he would
lose to Roman at Hell in a Cell to end their feud. After that, Wyatt would reignite his feuds
with Undertaker and Kane after attacking and abducting both of them. However at Survivor Series, Wyatt and Harper
would lose to The Brothers of Destruction in a tag match. From there, Wyatt would face and lose to Brock
Lesnar, confront The Rock at WrestleMania 32, and bizarrely feud with The League of
Nations which was when he suffered a calf injury, sidelining him for a few months until
June. When he returned, Bray would begin a feud
with The New Day, who the Wyatt’s notably battled at their compound before defeating
them at Battleground. At the 2016 WWE Draft, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper,
and Erick Rowan were drafted to SmackDown Live, with Braun Strowman being sent to RAW. Since then, Wyatt seemingly disowned Eric
Rowan before challenging Randy Orton. After a series of matches between the two,
Randy Orton joined the Wyatt Family, and after winning the annual Survivor Series match for
SmackDown, the pair have seemingly set their sights on the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. And that was Wrestling Origins: Bray Wyatt. Now that was a long video, so if you enjoyed
please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for another episode of Wrestling Origins every
Friday. Also, be sure to leave suggestions for next
week’s video down below, as I’ll be looking at the top comments for ideas. As always thanks for watching, and I’ll
catch you in the next one!

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