October 9, 2019

I got you bro! Haha, Crap. Just Kidding I won’t do it to them again to ziggy holbrook and tyler lowe Just Kidding I won’t do it to them again but what is going on guys and i hope you guys are all having a good day first thing I want to say real quick if you guys haven’t seen yesterday’s haven’t seen yesterday’s video the 100 bath bomb P.O. box opening challenge thing it’s probably one of my favorite P.O. box openings that we’ve done and we did a fake blood prank on my mom during it and it was just really funny so if you guys haven’t seen it go watch it and yeah what we got going on today i’m not too sure Quintin is done with school for the year like he just went hard and got all the school work done he does online school and dylan’s on spring break right now so they’ve stayed the night at my house like the last four nights we’ve just been making videos as you guys have seen so I guess we’re just chilling out here today but we’ll find something fun to do I think Dylan’s a genius that’s the best idea I’ve ever seen yeah that’s perfect holy crap oh yeah guys by the way I got this sick bike on GTA 5 look at it it’s from tron look at that thing so we are just chilling and let me open more these we were sitting here and we thought of an idea we have two trampolines sitting on the second lot right next to my house they’re both covered in paint that has nothing to do with it but they are I guess I mean and I think we’re going to try to pull them over and put them like by the basketball goals so we can do some trick shots today I wanted to do a basketball video just because we have a basketball goal now and I don’t even play basketball and I still have fun doing trick shots and just messing around so I was thinking you guys would enjoy it and I need to change that I’m wearing these shorts like every day for the past week and this this mess is not my fault it ain’t my fault seriously thanks Dylan Dylan nothing to do with it screw you and it’s getting harder to dress myself because it’s getting warmer here it’s like 80 degrees and a lot of my stuff is hoodies like over there and long sleeve and sweat so I have like random shirts like guns and roses but black on black right where a gray shirt or my playboy shirt playboy shirt alright cool back of the shirt cooler ready catch it on your head Dylan so yeah let’s go we gotta go move a trampoline we’re going to have to either move these trees or go all the way around the shed and I don’t know if we can even squeeze through here not with a circle we might have to take the rectangle dude this is actually going to be so fun we can put this thing on 10 foot and dunk then I’ll feel good about myself oh crap there’s a package we didn’t open yesterday we set it on my truck and we forgot to do it should we just open it right now yeah I’m so sorry Nolan Staw something sorry x 2 for not knowing how to say your name but it’s okay because I usually hear Tanner brung guard Bernard or demand oh it’s a stuffed animal some cool oh they gave me a wallet some macaroni and cheese craft come on get out of the sack I knew this is a weird looking sack oh gosh oh why why is it duck tape where’s all right then we got a few Knick Knack paddy wack give a dog a bone all is ready hey this is not going to fit I’ll give it to my son thank you I don’t have a kid yet ok let’s get this trampoline this is probably going to take a while because this trampoline super heavy but check out the grass there’s an actual rainbow across this I how that works out I don’t know dude I didn’t even think any of it was leaking through because it was drying really fast but apparently it did and hey my scissors no what am I going to cut popsicles with yeah they still work all right we’re gonna start going uphill yes I’ll take this ok bye ok so we got it to here and I hit my chin on the trampoline but we’re going to do some shots from here to there try to make some before we put it under the goal and like dunk it and stuff hopefully this is completely dry wouldn’t want to get anything on my Crocs bro oh it’s like not as bouncy it’s heavy on top oh yeah this trampoline is not bouncy at all anymore I’m jumping as high as i can what the frig ah my goddess trampoline is horrible now I never thought the circle would be better than this one dude do not put paint on your trampoline it might look cool but it sucks okay no idea if this is going to work or not we have this hose and we’re going to try to spray down the trampoline rub it off just like we got the paint off of ourselves we can use these towels that Quintin steals from the gym Thanks Quintin as cool as it looks dude I want it clean so bad no this is gonna take forever we’re rolling this ball is about to roll into the basket i know what the problem is right oh your shirt’s not off oh oh come on Tan you got this trying fam Quintin’s back Quintin I stuck I can’t make a basket Imma turn the trampoline like 3 feet this way to where it’s actually in line the basket and I’ll make this I wasn’t even ready yeah and Quintin coming in for the rebound guys in oh the ball hit the camera Oh God thanks Dylan the ball hit it that’s not my fault I tried moving it don’t know don’t pull that it ain’t my fault just because it’s my outro doesn’t mean is it not its Dylan doesn’t have to work to camera i’ll be the one operating it then yeah that was like your first try I know right like we like burger but times like 300 we weren’t here for 30 minutes doing I mean at all is an hour and oh my respect for dude perfect even though they have muscle hi go into the back blood all right its own boss try you won’t tell me was cheerfully is doing yeah well we just lost the spring second time one’s ever came off on this Oh under here so fancy look like the stained water drop was it ain’t that dried right there should i do it oh we’re gonna basketball guys okay oh no it does force a vote on that happen so it’s ready to get away that job in service great vegetables rich chocolate we’re gonna take this week and on this token hurt if we mess up a still a little bit of softness oh go straight to the concrete oh hey buddy ready anybody all the times people make it how’s it looking oh I like that one up I’ll try to hold on dude all that was sweet oh my friend Makana the– going into the dark without the ball no i cannot hold on come on it’s pretty far like that’s pretty far I’ll try and hold on I can maybe find a long dry yeah that was so it’s going so far down in the mouth with an s okay I’m about done the basketball trick shot trick shot like yeah Luna rug where are you at what’s up rose where’s Luna you guys are selling an okay just confusing you what do we have for snack oranges and yeah oranges I think I think we using sprint store yet oh yeah we do apple juice or salsa the neighbors brought over some more food this time cupcakes anybody want anything else will rehab for eating Fritos look I only know one thing Dylan and it’s that you better quit playing horrible so the fans don’t think I’m bad bro we gotta get on the bus remember when I did that to you going yeah I knew I was like it was so stupid I didn’t even believe it I say oh okay whoa guys where did all the emoji pillows go didn’t we have a lot from fan mail days are gone the holiday or not I stuff them in here so Rosa for biting them Oh God oh it’s real dark in here you know what I just realized that trampoline out in the fields going to look really lonely so leave a comment down below of what we should do is it because I don’t really know kinda want to get a new rectangle next to the pool because the current ones kind of ruined and we do have that new trampoline on the way still but I’m telling you now that will not sit next to the pool it’s too big right I get out ah so you do watch my video I did I was just going through looking at my holy crab you’re a fan you like that I do mrs. Bell good next time now is the fun part of my day where I get to find more posters here’s where my brother my sister practice there’s and I still have this many of mine and these are all for the East Coast meet and greets we’re doing and hey if you guys are going grab a poster and start lying in your basement so you can look like mine but it’ll be me instead of food it’s really fun now Quentin has joined in on the fun and we’re going to do the one of both of us sprawl my favorite and dish we look cute and my fingers are costly am it says cute in okay it’s not very good yeah we’re to that way there we go yeah pretty much first ice on it like this boom mmm didn’t I pass it over to clinton and then he does it and then yeah kind of a scribble on it a little we’re just going to redo yo this is my favorite song in seventh grade I just made the worst be ever outlaw whoever gets this one I’m sorry and should i make a like a heart up here I feel bad when I mess up but then I’m like wait you got the one that’s messed up which is rare so you know this sucks was whenever you don’t do it alone which is what i was doing for three hours last night tonight Gordon I got our second I saw you all mine and here’s the conclusion of our day we are out here testing out the fire pit through the first people to do this courtesy of zoo you he fought the logs 275 the log we tried to use the tree that we cut down by the wood still alive so it won’t burn it literally feels like summer and it’s great but that is a shoe for this video and I hope you guys enjoyed it and I’m still having fun making the vlogs here and I hope you guys are still having fun watching them so as long as you guys to like them i will continue to make them and yet don’t believe like insurance friends if you enjoyed subscribe to new and i’ll see you guys in the next one peace out and ain’t my fault i stick my camera in the fire yeah like forever my thought you came in looking like that you just made me

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