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Women’s Soccer vs Mount St Mary 9 16

December 10, 2019

Michele Canning: It’s important for our confidence, especially the scoring because we knew that the two games on the Michele: weekend, that we played well, we felt good about how we played but we didn’t Michele: get the results. So I’m sure getting the results brings some energy going into Michele: the next game. Nalani Ogawa: I didn’t realized I scored until after, pretty exciting. For school I don’t score too often so it’s really exciting. Michele: Yeah I feel really confident about the depth that we have and those players are getting big Michele: minutes which is gonna build our confidence going into the UAA. Nalani: Honestly like it was really easy to
transition into playing with the team. Nalani: All the older girls have been like super inclusive with the freshmen, especially Nalani: there’s a lot of us. Everyone’s super positive on the sidelines, like you can Nalani: hear hoe loud they’re the whole game. Michele: So everyone is involved and we trained all the set pieces a lot. So that ball to drop to Nalani, that’s Michele: something that we practice. Nalani: So going forward it’d be awesome to score more goals. You know that’s something like I want to Nalani: work on in practice is shooting, like I know all of us are working on shooting Nalani: in practice. Going forward in the season I’m really excited to see what we all do Nalani: because I think we all work really well together as a team Nalani: and it should be super fun to watch.

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