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Women’s soccer at SUNY Oswego

December 26, 2019

(dramatic music) – Yeah one more wide,
come on Serena go, go, go. To see them grow. Good, one touch, serve it, serve it. As 17, 18 year old freshmen. Good ball, come on Rach. Into 21, 22 year old adults. Good self starts with you. It’s something that I value
and really, really like to see their development whether
it’s on the soccer field, in the classroom or professionally. So it’s directional, okay
blue you’ll go this way, red you’ll go this way. – My senior class this year, we really tried to bring
in all the freshmen and all the transfers
and even the returners, just to bring each other
like really close together. – [Brian] Come on, go
up, you can be an option. – Every year our bonds get stronger and I think every year that helps us to play harder for each other. – You know I think
everybody, when they coach, or when they have a team
or a part of a team, you know they want it
to kind of be a family and a reflection of their family and I think we are a little
bit of an extended family, we are around each other quite a bit. – Give me Hannah, Gab, Taylor
and Corinna, the four here. – [Alexa] Just because how close we are and that it’s our senior year, we all want to play hard for each other and have the best season
that we could have. We probably do a lot of team bonding before the season starts, so we get to know each other
on more of a personal level, which really helps us
connect on the field, which is super important
when we’re trying to play. – We definitely try to
help the younger ones, like learn the way we
play and like what we, what our coach expects
of us each practice, so that when they become upper class, then they can share with their freshmen. – So and you four set it as
if we were in your diamond. I love it, I love it. It’s 4v4 in the middle and it’ll
always start in the middle. Kids are great, the school
is fantastic, well respected. You know I love the people I work with. By now we got numbers
up, come on out, find it. You know the kids make you
wanna come to work every day and they work hard and to see
them succeed is a big bonus. Come on Kenz, come on Kenz,
come on Kenz, come on Kenz. – He really was the one
that like reached out to me and told me to come check out the school and I just felt really comfortable, I felt comfortable with the school and just like meeting
him and meeting the team, like everything felt really
like natural and I just like, it seemed it would be a
really good fit for me. Definitely on a game day
everyone’s like head is down, ready to go, we are
definitely more focused, a lot less goofing off,
just our eye on the prize, winning and scoring as
many goals as we can. – [Brian] Play into Cloe. – Yeah, everything fit together when I came and visited here, so that’s why I chose
what Blake made me choose. – I always tell people
when they like ask me how I like the school that I wouldn’t
change anything about it, like from my first day here
to what’s now my last season, like I’ve enjoyed every
single moment of it.

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