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Where Are They Now? Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Cast

August 14, 2019

It’s the show that launched Will Smith’s
career, gave us The Carlton, and introduced prime time viewers to hip-hop culture. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has often been lauded
as one of the best shows of the 90’s, but that didn’t guarantee rewarding careers
for its entire cast. After a reunion photo in late March of 2017
sparked unfounded rumors of a Fresh Prince reboot, we thought for this edition of we’d
do a little digging and see what our favorite Bel-Air family has been up to since the show’s
final episode in 1996. James Avery – Philip Banks
After spending six years keeping his nephew’s boisterous personality in line, Avery enjoyed
years of success, appearing briefly in quite a few different television shows and taking
smaller roles in movies. Of his more notable parts, the former television
father-figure was in The Closer, The Division, Sparks, and lent his voice to the Kinect Disneyland
Adventures video game. Sadly, on December 31st, 2013 at the age of
68, Avery passed away from complications after open heart surgery. Though we may have lost our favorite our favorite
Bel-Air judge, we’ll at least have this snap of an older Smith looking very-much-so
like his on-screen uncle. Janet Hubert– Vivian Banks # 1
Look up the definition of spiteful and you might find an image of Hubert, the first of
two actresses that portrayed Smith’s television aunt. Rumors as to why Hubert was fired after the
third season range from a contract-breaking pregnancy to continued feuds with the production
crew and cast, but none of it seemed to slow her down. After leaving Fresh Prince, Hubert appeared
in various walk-on roles and is currently slated for the Marcus Garvey Biopic. After missing out on the 2017 cast reunion
photo, Hubert went public with some unkind words for former co-stars Smith and Alfonso
Ribeiro. Daphne Maxwell Reid – Vivian Banks # 2
After replacing a rather sour Janet Hubert in Season 4 of Fresh Prince, Reid didn’t
quite enjoy the same on-screen success as her predecessor. Instead, she and husband Tim Reid owned and
operated New Millennium Studios, a full-service movie studio, until 2014. In 2010, Reid and her husband founded the
Legacy Media Institute, a non-profit organization working with newcomers to entertainment media
to pair them with professionals in the film and television industry. In April of 2017, Reid and her husband hosted
a fashion show to benefit the LMI. Karyn Parsons – Hilary Banks
Since hanging up Hilary’s staple fashionable garb in 1996, Parsons has sprinkled her presence
in a variety of walk-on roles on Melrose Place and Linc’s, eventually landing a longer
run on The Job as Toni. While her career may not be incredibly active,
Parsons’ has been keeping herself busy with her children, daughter Lana and son Nico,
born in 2003 and 2007 respectively, and husband Alexandre Rockwell, whom she married in 2003. In 2013, Parsons founded The Sweet Blackberry
Foundation, a non-profit devoted to teaching children about “unsung black heroes” through
animated films. In 2017, she’s slated to appear in the short
On Monday of Last Week. Tatyana Ali – Ashley Banks
As Fresh Prince started to wind down, Tatyana geared up for her short-lived musical career
which didn’t pick up enough steam to keep her from taking on occasional walk-on parts
and a recurring role on The Young and the Restless. In 2008, she broke from acting and toured
as a spokesperson for Barack Obama, in 2014 release a new EP titled “Hello”, and in 2016,
married Dr. Vaugh Rasberry and gave birth to her first child, Edward Aszard. A year later, Ali made headlines when a lawsuit
she filed against creators of The Real was dismissed. Her acting career is still ultimately active
as she’s slated to appear in The Good Nanny and The Reason in 2017. Joseph Marcell – Geoffrey Butler
Not everybody was destined for the spotlight, which may explain Marcell’s fairly quiet
career after Fresh Prince ended. Since 1996, he has made the occasional appearance
on shows like In the House, Brothers and Sisters, Jericho, and A Touch of Frost, and even held
lengthy roles on The Bold and the Beautiful and EastEnders. Marcell joined several shorts in 2016, including
The Complete Walk: Henry V and The Complete Walk: King Lear, and is starring in the ImagiCon
Entertainment film Thrice. Alfonso Ribeiro – Carlton Banks
Almost immediately after Fresh Prince ended, Ribeiro landed a role on In the House and
partook in walk-on parts and voice overs. In 2006, he started his directorial career
with All of Us, hosted the game show Catch 21 from 2008 to 2011 and started hosting America’s
Funniest Home Videos and Unwrapped 2.0 in 2015, but his claim to fame was – and always
will be – The Carlton. For season 19 of Dancing with the Stars, Ribeiro
took his keen moves all the way to the end and declared season champions alongside Witney
Carson – of course ensuring his signature move showed up at least once. He may blame Fresh Prince for casting the
Carlton Banks shadow on his career, but he embraces it often, specifically during the
“World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade” in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Will Smith – Will Smith
Who has the time to run through all of Mr. Smith’s big screen accomplishments? He’s saved the world from aliens on multiple
occasions, survived a post-apocalyptic world of vampires, ruled the wild west, blew up
the streets of Miami, gave the 90’s some of its more catchier tunes, befriended Harley
Quinn, and advocated for same-sex marriage. Though Disney’s tight wallet will be keeping
us from seeing Smith in the upcoming Disney live-action remake of Dumbo, fans will be
able to catch him in future productions of Bad Boys for Life, Bad Boys 4, and Netflix’s
Bright. When not dominating the big screen, Smith
is ushering his younger children, Willow and Jaden, into the limelight. Ross Bagley – Nicky Banks
He stole hearts as the youngest child of Phil and Vivian in the show’s final two seasons,
but all of that “looking cute for the camera” is far behind Ross. The grown-up child actor and former adorable
kid hasn’t had the most boisterous of careers, but his roles in The Little Rascals as Buckwheat,
Independence Day alongside Will Smith, and, most recently, Gnome Alone and Dead Ringer,
have kept him active. If you really want to follow Bagley’s current
going-ons, it’s best to follow him on Instagram @bossragley. Looking for a new home in the southern California
area? Bagley also works as an agent for Keller Williams
Realty. Jeffrey Allen Townes – DJ Jazzy Jeff
Following Smith into the limelight, Jeff joined The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as a recurring
friend of Smith’s aptly named “Jazz.” Despite being bitten by the acting bug, Jeff’s
true passion lied with music. The hip-hop artist and record producer is
still in the music scene, having produced nine songs in 2014 alone. If you’re big into clubbing, you may see
Jeff pop up to man the booth at locations like Rehab Beach Club in Las Vegas, or you
can just follow his career around the world as he stops at Dubai in the United Arab Emirates
or Liverpool. Since the conclusion of Fresh Prince, Jeff
and Will have teamed up for projects like the premiere of Hancock and will be taking
the stage together again in Europe in August of 2017. Or be sure to check him out right here on
YouTube under the user jefftownes.

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