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whats up in pro wrestling host mr cool

August 13, 2019

hello folks welcome to what’s up then
Pro Wrestling and I’m mr. cool well and we want to welcome to the show today
we’re gonna love we’ve got some breaking news it’s not wrestling related but we
just want to pass on to you we just got breaking news that the serial killer
Charles Manson has passed away and so we just want to pass that word on to you
we’re seeing it coming across the news and just want to let you know that the
serial killer Charles Manson has passed away and so getting back to pro
wrestling folks don’t forget to lock of this channel this the show don’t forget
to lock and the share you get a chance in the annual smash a lot but real like
a wrestling by slam folks and and we won’t appreciate you all and the throne
still going on actually one to do is he has enough people and if they’re drawing
get to them the two people and I want to do on Thanksgiving I’ll have the drawing
of the 2013 world rumble DVD and I mean on Thanksgiving I decided to do it on
that day to have the drawing since it is a holiday and whoever wins will have the
ten people I’ll come down the ten people and in the theme people be in a draw so
strong and one get strong is the one that win so I want to get into the
wrestling program folks and keep on don’t forget to subscribe and folks and
don’t forget to like and share in the past along you know cure
and what’s up to wrestling right now it’s Survivor Series last night folks
it was incredible huh Survivor Series WWE in a match
alas in a mate Matt Hardy and another match
was also a lens of more and putting in more a he was putting his cruiserweight
championship against Klesko and he baited him and so more he did and the
next night that was in the match with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn they meet the
brisk breeze go and match of the the Survivor Series was the shield beat the
new day Wow and also that see raw also as a
sister a sister or some like am I read she won the wrong thing for the survival
of the women assist Cisco Cisco and I’ll get her out of here minutes know me and
Ian Baron Corbin Batum is in Survivor Series match and the Usos beat Sheamus
and Searle and in the women’s

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    From what I can read he was really bad, ..Thanks for the update..

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