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February 14, 2020

Here is your news for
February 12, 2020. We’re starting off today with
news from RAW, as after the
cameras stopped rolling following the 8-Man tag main
event, the action kept going
for fans in the arena. In a dark match, the crowd in
Ontario, California saw R-Truth
take on Randy Orton, in a rare appearance by Truth
in a regular match, as the past
year for him has mostly been about the 24/7 title. Despite his numerous title
reigns, Truth would fall to
Orton and the RKO, and this was a unique contest to close
out the night, but it sent the
crowd home with one more match for their buck. This week’s RAW also saw an
appearance by Shayna
Baszler, who left a big impression, literally, on Becky
Lynch. Whilst the arrival of the Queen
of Spades was expected,
nobody expected Baszler to bite the back of The Man’s
neck, and as she had blood
all over face and gave a demonic scream, the WWE had
to edit a lot of the footage. As Baszler bit Becky’s neck,
many fans were reminded
of the WWE’s original Vampire Warrior Gangrel,
though we doubt that this
is what WWE intended. The love for the Attitude Era
star was so much that
Gangrel started trending during RAW, as fans posted
comparisons between him
and Baszler, as well as several memes that saw the
Queen of Spades as part
of the Brood. For what it’s worth, Gangrel is
still competing on the
independent scene, as well as running the Gangrel
Wrestling Asylum in Dania
Beach, Florida, so a return to the company isn’t out of the
question. Though the RAW Women’s
Champion was left reeling
from the attack, Lynch did attend a big press conference
for Wrestle Mania 37 and
showed up with a bandage on the back of her
neck. When asked by Ryan Satin how
her neck was doing, she said it
was still tender, but gave herself the nickname of
Becky the Vampire Slayer. This comment wasn’t missed
by Baszler, as the former NXT
Women’s Champion took to Twitter to respond,
claiming that The Man was
living in make-believe, but it won’t stop the Queen of
Spades. This feud is certainly interesting
given Vince McMahon saying
that WWE programming wouldn’t use blood
and guts, and with plenty of
weeks until Wrestle Mania, expect this feud to get
a lot uglier from here. More news from The Man now,
as Lynch recently spoke with
TV Insider, and among various topics, spoke
about how much money she
should be earning. It’s hard to argue with the fact
that Lynch is the company’s
top female star, especially after defeating Ronda
Rousey and Charlotte Flair in
the main event of Wrestle Mania 35. According to The Man, she thinks
she should make more money
than anyone else, including even WWE Chairman
Vince McMahon. She said: “I should be making more in
that whole company, everybody
— Vince McMahon included. I want to change the
game. I want to prove that it
doesn’t matter your gender, your race, your back
ground, if you are doing the
job and keeping people invested, if you are keeping
people interested, then you
deserve to be paid at a level higher than anybody else. Or as high as anybody else. As
high as the best of them. I look
around the arenas and the majority of the people
are in my shirts. The majority
of people hold signs for me, so pay me as such and
that will be the way it will be.” These are bold words by The
Man, and though there’s an
argument that Lynch should be the highest paid
woman on the roster, we
can’t see the company matching the multi-million-dollar
contract of WWE Champion
Brock Lesnar anytime soon. Whilst Lynch will seemingly
have her hands full at
WrestleMania 36 with Shayna Baszler, another big match the
WWE are teasing for the
show is NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley Vs.
Charlotte Flair. After winning the 2020 Women’s
Royal Rumble, the Queen has
her choice of opponents, and according to
the PW Insider, Flair will be
in attendance this Sunday, when Ripley defends
her title against Bianca Belair.
The report reads: ““The current plan for this
Sunday’s WWE NXT Takeover:
Portland is for Charlotte Flair to be in attendance to
further her storyline with
Rhea Ripley leading into Wrestle Mania 36.” On RAW this week, Flair once
again refused to reveal who
her WrestleMania opponent will be, but fans can
expect a clearer picture after
this Sunday. Speaking of Rhea Ripley, the
reigning NXT Women’s
Champion has a lot going for her, but that still doesn’t stop
people trying to tear her down. After posting a gym selfie ahead
of an NXT Live event in Las
Vegas, one so-called fan said that the Australian star
looks gross, though should
have known better than to mess with the Champ. Firing back, Ripley said that
it’s lucky that the fan won’t
ever have to wake up next to her and claimed that her
physique had made the fan
question his own masculinity. Maybe people will get the hint
that they can’t throw insults
at Rhea Ripley, as the NXT Women’s Champion can
tear someone apart both
online, and in the ring. There’s been a lot of talk about
WrestleMania 36, but before
that show, the WWE will host their annual Elimination
Chamber Pay Per View on
March 8th. During RAW, a commercial for
the show revealed the main
event will feature Roman Reigns vs. Braun
Strowman vs. Daniel Bryan vs.
Shinsuke Nakamura vs. King Corbin vs. Robert Roode in
an Elimination Chamber match,
and the winner of the match will go on to face the
Universal Champion at Wrestle
Mania 36 in Tampa. Now, the Wells Fargo Center has
confirmed that the match is
indeed scheduled for the show, as they have posted
the commercial on their Twitter
account, and fans can expect the match to be
announced on SmackDown,
possibly as soon as this Friday. One notable name missing from
this year’s Chamber match is
The Miz, who has Big News For John Cena Fans
as he will be making a rare return
to SmackDown very soon. During WWE Backstage, it
was revealed that John Cena
will be coming back for something on
the blue brand. John Cena will be on WWE Friday Night SmackDown on February 28th. They will be in Boston which is
his hometown. John Cena reportedly wants a significant role at WrestleMania 36 , Who do you think he should go against at Mania, share your comments below One notable name missing from
this year’s Chamber match is
The Miz, who has made a pretty bold claim
regarding WrestleMania 37. Given that next year’s show
will be in Hollywood, the
WWE’s Resident Movie star took to Instagram this week to
claim that he must be in the
main event of next year’s show, otherwise he will
quit the company. The Miz is no stranger to the
main event of WrestleMania,
defeating John Cena at WrestleMania 27 in 2011, but
it’s hard to buy that the
veteran would quit if he doesn’t get that spot next year. One thing for certain is that
it’ll be interesting to see how
WWE’s booking over the next year shapes the A-Lister’s
potential return to the main
event picture. One Superstar who knows all
about main eventing
WrestleMania is The Rock, and whilst the Brahma Bull doesn’t
have much time for WWE
anymore, that may change when WrestleMania
goes to Hollywood next year. While speaking at the Wrestle
Mania 37 press confrerence,
Roman Reigns said that next year’s show at the SoFi
stadium in LA would be the
perfect place to battle his cousin. He said: “I said it earlier, man — If there’s
a stadium — hey, DJ, check it
out. You know everyone’s always dream match,
me and him. First of all, we’re
family so it’s all love. If there was going to be
an event for him to compete
in, to perform in. A venue to hold that mass-scale
type of attention he will bring,
it’s right here in your backyard. You know what I
mean? You ain’t gotta go far.” Time will tell whether WWE
can convince The Rock to
lace up his boots one more time, as he’s always in great
shape, but with his busy film
schedule, and the fact that several movies hinge on
him not being injured, the
match against the Big Dog could still never happen. Speaking of the Rock, the
Great One’s daughter
Simone recently signed with the WWE and has been attending
the Performance Centre to
become the company’s first Fourth-Generation
Superstar. According to Fightful Select,
Simone is well-liked in the
company, and the 18-year- old has already been attending
the WWE PC off and on for a
couple of years now. The same report said that the
Rock’s daughter is easy to
work with, saying: “They said that she was easy
to deal with, grounded, and
eager to learn and open to instruction. Triple H also told
me last year that she had “the
bug” for the business of wrestling.” Simone’s Tweet thanking the
WWE shows how seriously
she is taking this opportunity, as not only does
she have the family heritage
to succeed, but she also has a work ethic and
mindset that will go a long way
in helping her career. We’re looking at WWE’s
corporate side now, as their
stock took a huge tumble in price recently after the dismissal
of Co-Presidents Michelle
Wilson and George Barrios. According to reports, there were
some conflicts in the vision for
the company and Vince McMahon wanted to run
things as he sees fit. Despite the fall in Stock value,
the WWE’s executives still
got their bonuses, and the PW Insider reports that
according to recent SEC
filings, the top brass in the company received nice bonuses
in the form of company stock. When the stock market closed
yesterday, WWE was trading
at $42.71, meaning that Vince McMahon, who
received 12,456 shares raked
in around $532,000, whilst other executives such
as Kevin Dunn, Triple H and
Stephanie McMahon all received some pretty big bonuses. We’re looking back at the 2020
Royal Rumble now, as following
the shocking return of Edge, many fans have
started speculating on a return
for his former tag team partner Christian. This week, the WWE added to
the speculation when they filed
a trademark for Christian’s name on February
5th, and whilst this might just
be another instance of WWE securing a name, they
don’t want anyone else using,
it’s also very interesting timing. We’ve previously reported that
Christian could get involved
in the Edge-Orton feud, and now this new
trademark has been filed for
any new merchandise that will feature Captain Charisma. Christian’s name isn’t the only
recent trademark by WWE
though, as the term ‘Texas Rattlesnake’ a nickname
for Stone Cold Steve Austin
has also been trademarked for clothes. Interestingly though, the WWE
filed a second trademark for
the Texas Rattlesnake term, which was filed under
‘entertainment services’,
which could imply that Austin, or at least his nickname,
will have a bigger role in WWE
over the coming year. Given that Austin is arguably the
biggest star in wrestling history,
it makes sense that the WWE is locking down
every part of Steve Austin’s
name that they can at this point. Now, this week’s edition of WWE
Backstage saw the return of CM
Punk to the show, and the Straight Edge
Superstar had plenty to say
on WWE’s product. Regarding the Shayna Baszler
neck bite, Punk said that the
Queen of Spades is a badass, but doesn’t need the
neck biting, though Paige
compared the former NXT Women’s Champion to Mike
Tyson, saying that WWE isn’t
portraying her as a vampire. Speaking about the road to
WrestleMania, Punk admitted
that he’s not a big fan of their being so many Pay
Per Views on the road, and
also admitted, albeit through gritted teeth, that
Randy Orton has been on
fire since his return, and when he’s motivated, there’s
nobody better than the Viper. Interestingly, Punk wasn’t the
only big name promised for
the show, as Stephanie McMahon was also announced,
but her appearance came in
the form of a pre- recorded interview at the SoFi
Stadium, meaning there was
no interaction between McMahon and Punk. One person Punk did interact
with though was Charlotte
Flair, who the former WWE Champion said would be
an excellent tutor for Simone
Johnson, and after serving as the Hype man for the
Queen to close out the show,
the Chicago-Made star once again proved why he’s
still one of wrestling’s most
entertaining stars, even out of the ring. More news from out of the ring
now, as so far on The Broken
Skull Sessions, Steve Austin has interviewed the
Undertaker, Goldberg and
Kane, and now it’s the Big Show’s turn to join this elite list. The episode featuring Austin
and Show will permiere on
the WWE Network on Sunday Februrary 23rd at 8pm
Eastern, which will mark a
change to the usual programming formula. Until now, all the episodes of
Austin’s show have premiered
after a major wrestling event on the Network. February’s schedule is a bit
abnormal, with the first Sunday
NXT TakeOver and a weekday Saudi show in lieu of
a normal Raw/SmackDown
event, but could the change also be a result of
WWE’s changing Network
strategy? Whatever the case is, expect
Austin to get some good
stories out of the veteran former World Champion. From two legends of wrestling
to the next generation of
WWE, as NXT has often been called the best thing in
the company today, and now
It seems this idea will be reflected at the biggest
stage of them all. According to Dave Meltzer,
there are plans for NXT to
have a big presence at WrestleMania 36 in Tampa, and
this comes following the
company trying to build the gold brand as it’s own
unique brand, rather than as
a developmental place for stars to jump from to RAW
or SmackDown. After NXT won at Survivor Series,
it makes sense that the gold
show would also be at WrestleMania, as it seems
Rhea Ripley won’t be the only
star from NXT to have a high-profile match at the
showcase of the immortals. And finally, today we’re ending
with news from AEW, as Dustin
Rhodes has revealed that he’s heard that
the company could be on
their way to the UK. Speaking to Talk Sport, the
former Goldust claimed that
the British fans may be in store for a mini-tour, and that
the English capitol of London
is definitely a place he wants to go to. He said: “Rumor has it that we may doing
a little mini-tour over there in
the UK,” And I hope so, I hope that’s
true. Definitely want to hit
London, man. London is a good town for us,
good town for wrestling. All
the UK is man. The UK has got deep roots in wrestling
and they love wrestling. So
hopefully, sooner rather than later, we’re going to get
over there.” Though AEW just got started
last year, the company has
made huge strides over the past 12 months and are
already way ahead of where
most companies were at the same point in their own
history. Given the amount of British
wrestling there is, it’s clear
that the UK would be an excellent place for AEW to tour,
and it turns out that this tour
might happen sooner than anyone expected.

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