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Weekly Basketball Skills Practice |

December 1, 2019

– Hey, what’s up guys? We’re here at
basketball skill training. We are the first ones here. Bryce is literally #first. He’s putting on his spanking new
bright shoes that you can see from a mile away. Can’t miss him and he’s
gonna start doing skills at least once a week, sometimes
twice a week if it works out. Don’t know yet how much of it
I’m gonna record ’cause we’re not daily vloggers anymore. I’m not gonna record every
single day but maybe tonight I’ll shoot a bunch of it and
make a little montage out of it. I don’t know. A lot of you guys didn’t
like the montage video of his game a couple weeks ago. So I don’t know, we’ll see. I don’t know what
this video’s gonna be like. I don’t know what
it’s gonna be like. But, you know, I miss
picking up the camera. I miss just
picking up the camera and saying hi to
you guys and vlogging. So here I am just vlogging. And yeah, basketball. Weird having long sleeves?
– [Bryce] Yeah. – [Clintus] Woo! Keep it crispy. (basketballs bouncing) Well it kinda seemed like
I didn’t get a lot of clips. It’s only an hour and
they only run so many drills. And they just repeat the
same drills multiple times. Hour of skills today. We’re gonna do another one on
Thursday and then we’ll probably do every
Thursday for every week. How does it feel? – Good. – Yeah?
– Mhmmm. – You look sweaty. He was really sweaty. Worked, worked his butt off. So we’re gonna keep at that. So it’s just him doing the ball,
doing the drills is what’s gonna improve him and
just more playing time. Then doing the
same thing out back. Like doing the same
drills that coach taught you, doing ’em by yourself. You need to work on that. Yeah, just a short little
video of Bryce doing basketball. See you guys next time. (basketballs bouncing) So obviously the
beginning of this video was before I shaved
the beard and now it’s, this is, you know,
after the beard. After the beard segment. After editing this video,
obviously it’s short. It’s two skills days and like I
said a lot of the stuff’s the same so it kinda made me think
that I’m gonna start recording practices again and I think
starting this week we’re gonna start doing like a weekly vlog. I think we’re just gonna take
little clips throughout the week and then however long it is,
however many clips there are, anything that was
moments I still want to capture. ‘Cause now I’m feeling like because we’re
not daily vlogging, I’m not picking up the
camera and capturing moments that I still want
to capture and share which the whole point of a vlog, the whole point of
this channel was to share moments with you guys. So Tiff and I were
talking last night, I think that’s
what we’re gonna do and this video
kind of solidified it. ‘Cause I watched this and
I was like, “I miss this.” I miss picking up the camera
and just talking to you guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know in the comments
down below your thoughts. Did you like better than
like no audio with just music? I can put music to it and
kind of do the montage style. Or you prefer
to hearing the sounds. Let me know about that and
we’ll see you guys next time. Bye. (upbeat guitar music)

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