Wearing Weight Cutting Gear In Practice?

August 21, 2019

what’s up Instagram I’m driving home
right now and I got asked an awesome question okay I got asked an awesome
question on Instagram remember hashtag ask Levi anything I’ll do my best to
share advice share coaching and help you guys out anything I can give I’m happy
to give okay here is what it was sometimes I go to practice and I have
weight to lose and so I want to wear my sweats but coach tells me not to all
right let me tell you something really quick first of all if you are going to
regular practice your coach is right you need to be in your shorts and shirt and
you need to have your shoes tied and your shirt tucked in and ready to go
okay or your spandex maybe even a singlet your sweats are for cutting
weight okay so when you finish practice you’ve finished practice and you’re able
to push through practice the right way that’s when you put your sweats on okay
that is when you put your sweats on and you keep that sweat going and then then
practice is a little bit a little bit less high-intensity it’s a little bit
more aerobic and continuous your flow wrestling you’re jogging you’re doing
some tumbling you’re hitting this the bike or you’re hitting them you know
hitting some drill shots whatever it is you’re kind of you’re more of an aerobic
zone and that is when you put your sweats on it’s kind of after you have
already had a great you know hour-and-a-half two-hour practice having
sweats on before that practice starts will limit your ability your energy
levels I’m your body will start to overheat and you just won’t practice
that at a very high level which when you practice bad habits like most the time
you’re gonna have bad habits in your match and so you really just want to
eliminate bad habits practice clean crisp go hard have shorts and shirt or
spandex or even a singlet and then when practice finishes up when Coach wraps
things up and he brings you over to the to the wall or to a corner go ahead and
get your sweats on keep your body moving and get ready for that little weight cut
you know fifteen to thirty minute go at the end of your practice getting a
little extra work in getting that weight down so there you go that’s my advice in
regards to what you should wear in practice and when don’t when to put on
the the weight cutting gear take care remember hashtag ask about
anything here at the all in journal on instagram take care

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