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Triple H On Matt Riddle Vs Brock Lesnar Backstage Fight! Roman Reigns Vs The Fiend News! WWE News

February 21, 2020

Here is your news for
February 13, 2020. We’re starting off today with
news from SmackDown, as
John Cena has been confirmed for the February
28th edition of the show. With the WWE being on the
road to Wrestle Mania, many
fans are expecting the 16-time World Champion to make
an announcement regarding
the event, and Cena took to Twitter to thank
WWE for allowing him on
the show. Cena also said he wanted to
show appreciation for being
able to promote the new Invisible Man movie, which Cena
doesn’t appear in, but it would
make sense if he was in the upcoming horror film,
as fans haven’t been able to
see him for quite some time. Fans will remember that at last
year’s Wrestle Mania, Cena
didn’t have a match, but did return as the Doctor of
Thuganomics, laying a verbal
smackdown in the ring on Elias. It’s been over a year since
Cena’s last WWE match,
so perhaps Big Match John will address this when he appears
on SmackDown in two weeks. From WWE to UFC now, and
earlier this week, UFC Light
Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones said it was quote
“inevitable” that he’d end up
in Vince McMahon’s company. The current WWE roster
certainly had plenty to say
about Jones, and Roman Reigns gave a pretty diplomatic
answer, saying: “I think he’s a great – great
athlete, great mixed martial
artist. I’m all for bringing big names, but at the end of the
day, it’s an art form. You gotta
know how to work, you gotta put your time in. It
takes a lot more than – it’s
not just a fight. We’re fighting for the audience, too.
We’re entertaining, we’re
pleasing the crowd. So it’s just a little bit a different of a
dance, but we have all the
resources to teach high- level athletes what to do.” RAW Women’s Champion Becky
Lynch was also asked by ESPN’s
Marc Raimondi, during the Wrestle Mania 37
event in Inglewood, California.
She said: “Inevitable? That is a pretty big
word. Look, I think that people
think this is a cakewalk. There’s nothing like
what we do. It’s not as simple
as just walking in here. You have to make a name
for yourself. And you have to
be obsessed with this. You have to love this. This
isn’t a thing where you have
one fight every six months. This is a thing where
you are fighting three, four,
sometimes seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. And for
people to sometimes think it’s
an easy thing they can just stroll into, it kind of irks
me. It irks me; it does. Because
I love this business. I love it more than anything. If
he loves it like I do, well, then
come along. I’ll show you the ropes. But if he doesn’t,
if he just wants to make some
easy money, this ain’t the way to do it.” Whilst Jones may consider it a
matter of time until he joins the
WWE, his actions out of the Octagon may limit his
chances, as Jones has not only
multiple failed drugs tests to his name, but
was also stripped of his title
in 2015, following a Hit and Run that injured a
pregnant woman. There’s no shortage of MMA
stars who have made the
jump to WWE, including Ronda Rousey, Matt Riddle
and Shayna Baszler, and
time will tell whether Jon Jones’ name is added to
that list. Although we don’t know if Jones
will ever join, we do know that
NXT TakeOver Portland will take place this
Sunday, and NXT head Triple
H had plenty to say during a recent conference call. When asked about AEW
Dynamite beating NXT on
Wednesday Nights, specifically with the younger demographics,
the Game spoke about the
long process needed to establish NXT on the USA
Network, and said he’s happy
with the gold brand’s trajectory right now with its
devoted fanbase. The WWE COO was also asked
about the recent decision to
drop the term ‘Women’s’ from Rhea Ripley’s
title, rather than adding ‘Men’s’
to Adam Cole’s NXT title. In response, the Game said
how there was never an edict
or decision to remove the term Women’s from the title,
and that this was an example
of the internet spreading rumors and going
into business for itself. For what it’s worth, the title is
once again being referred to
on-screen as the NXT Women’s Championship, and
Triple H also addressed the
RAW debut of two-time former NXT Women’s Champion
Shayna Baszler, who made an
impression on this week’s RAW by attacking RAW
Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. During her attack on The Man,
Baszler bit the back of Lynch’s
neck, in a surprisingly gruesome attack
given WWE’s PG rating, and
though he mostly spoke about NXT, the Game also
commented on the attack
by the Queen of Spades. The 14-time World Champion
joked that he’s wearing a
collar to avoid a similar fate to The Man, but also said
that Baszler remains an NXT
talent until they make a decision and a deal for her to
go somewhere else. Addressing the situation
between Matt Riddle and
Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble, the Cerebral Assassin
confirmed that there was a
verbal confrontation between the two, but that both
the Original Bro and the Beast
are both adults and are able to handle things
themselves. Whilst Riddle and Lesnar are
two stars fans have seen
plenty of over the years, the Game also addressed the
signing of WWE’s first fourth-
generation Superstar Simone Johnson, the daughter
of The Rock. Pointing out the comparisons
between Simone and Charlotte
Flair, Triple H denied that nepotism would help the
career of either woman,
stating that Charlotte has earned everything in her career. It’s expected that Charlotte,
who won the 2020 Women’s
Royal Rumble, will appear this weekend at Take
Over Portland, presumably
to confront Rhea Ripley, who will be defending her title
against Bianca Belair. Similarly, the Game said that
Simone isn’t in WWE just
because she’s The Rock’s daughter, but is treated like
everyone else, and claimed
that a spot in the company is hers to lose or
keep. Speaking of keeping position,
Triple H admitted there was
a fight for him to not lose North American Champion
Keith Lee to RAW or Smack
Down, saying that there’s always chatter about a
Superstar moving when they
get some success. Finishing, the Game said that
he wants people to come
from the Performance Center and have long-term
success, and it certainly seems
like the Limitless One is on his way to accomplishing
just that. We’ve got some unfortunate
news from outside of WWE,
as former MLW star and member of the legendary Hart
family Teddy Hart has been
arrested. The youngest grandchild of
Stu and Helen Hart, Teddy
was arrested on Tuesday Night on charges of possession
of Schedule III substances,
with an intention to sell and distribute. The arrest took place in
Richmond Virginia, where
the maximum penalty for such an offence is up to 12 months
in prison and a $2,500 fine. Schedule III controlled
substances could include
both anabolic steroids and Ketamine, and this
unfortunately isn’t Hart’s
first run in with the law. The former WWE prospect,
who was the youngest
signing ever in 1998, was arrested in December 2014
in Canada on several sexual
assault charges, though they were dropped two years
later. His latest arrest prior to this
week’s incident, took place
in January 2017, when Hart attempted to evade a police
officer who had pulled him over
for a hazardous traffic violation in Texas, though
these charges were also
dropped. Released from MLW in
December last year for alleged
ongoing disciplinary issues, including no-showing events
and reportedly appearing in
the crowd at both NXT and AEW shows, and Hart is
scheduled for a court
appearance later this year on April 23rd. Back to WWE now, and this
year’s Hall of Fame already
has both Batista and the NWO announced, and now it
looks like two more acts may
be announced very soon. WrestleVotes is reporting that
Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger, and
the Bella Twins are also set to be inducted this year
during WrestleMania
weekend in Tampa. It was WrestleVotes that also
broke the news of several
inductions from last year, so they certainly have a track
record of being right with
these sorts of matters. Considering one of the biggest
names in Japanese wrestling,
and one of the best- known Japanese stars to US
fans, Liger’s career is
legendary, though he only had one match in WWE, where he
defeated Tyler Breeze at NXT
TakeOver Brooklyn in 2015. It is believed that Liger’s
induction could be tied to
WWE’s attempts to launch an NXT brand in Japan, but either
way, the legendary wrestler’s
career deserves to be acknowledged, following his
final matches that took place
last month in the Tokyo Dome at Wrestle Kingdom. Both Nikki and Brie retired last
year after Nikki discovered
that she wouldn’t be able to be medically cleared due
to neck issues, whilst Brie
focused on motherhood. Whilst there were plans for the
pair to feud with then-WWE
Women’s Tag Team Champions the IIconics, this
feud was derailed because
of Nikki’s neck issues, and now both women are pregnant. The WWE Hall of Fame
Ceremony will take place on
Thursday April 2nd, from the Amelie Arena in Tampa, Florida. Before WrestleMania 36 and
the Hall of Fame though, the
WWE will host their annual Elimination Chamber
Pay Per View on March 8th,
and earlier this week, we noted a commercial in
Phildelphia hyping the
main event. According to the Ad, the
winner of the Chamber match
between Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Daniel Bryan,
Shinsuke Nakamura, King
Corbin and Robert Roode will go on to face the
Universal Champion at
WrestleMania, and now the Wells Fargo Centre has
updated the card for the
show. Now, the new card also includes
a SmackDown Tag Team
Championship match between the New Day taking
on The Miz and John Morrison,
and this will be a rematch from their match on
February 27th at Super
Showdown, which will also be for the tag team titles. Morrison and Miz qualified for
the Super Showdown match
on the January 31st edition of SmackDown,
defeating Heavy Machinery,
the Lucha House Party and the Revival to earn the match. As always, the card is subject
to change, and fans can
expect more matches to be announced for the show after
Super Showdown in Riyadh. Well, earlier we revealed what
Roman Reigns had to say
about Jon Jones joining WWE, but at the event
promoting WrestleMania 37,
the Big Dog had plenty to say. When asked about the
upcoming Universal title
match between the Fiend and Goldberg at Super Showdown,
and who he would prefer to
face, Reigns only had eyes on the prize. He said: “I just want my title, to be honest,”
he said. “Nobody took that title
from me, I had to relinquish it due to
circumstances, so I just prefer
my title. From a completely honest standpoint, I would much
rather face The Fiend, he’s
busted his ass all year long for it. No offense to
Goldberg, I think he’s a great
performer, he’s a great superstar, but I’m into the future
right now, and helping out the
guys in the locker room with me, and there’s no
doubt The Fiend has put a lot
of work into what he’s done.” From the sounds of it, Reigns
would rather see The Fiend
hold his title until WrestleMania, as the Big Dog
has plans to regain the title,
he never lost on the grandest stage of them all. One Superstar who fans
haven’t heard a lot from
recently, is Rusev, as the Bulgarian Brute has been
AWOL since decisively losing
his feud with Lana and Lashley. The word is that this absence
is because creative has
nothing for him, he’s in a contract dispute with WWE,
or both, but the fact is that
it’s been nearly a month since he was last on TV. It turns out that since his last
appearance on the January
20th edition of RAW, Rusev has kept himself busy
on TikTok, posting videos
from his personal account, as the former US Champion is
seemingly having a happy
Rusev day, even though he’s not being booked. And finally, today we’re ending
with news from Cedric
Alexander, as according to reports, Vince McMahon has
no plans to push the popular
cruiserweight. Last year, there was a glimmer
of hope that Alexander would
be a star on RAW, as he was put into storylines with
the likes of Roman Reigns,
Drew McIntyre and then-United States Champion
AJ Styles, but it seems like
the window of opportunity has come and gone
for the former Cruiserweight
Champion. Shortly after the report broke
of WWE not having any plans
for him, Alexander tweeted out “Frustration is an
understatement”, and pinned
the tweet to the top of his profile, ensuring that
everyone who visits his page
knows how he feels. He’s rarely seen on RAW at
all anymore, and even when
he does, such as this week, he almost always loses
in quick squash matches, and
former WWE Superstar ACH said he was
going to help Cedric leave
WWE during his own controversial departure. It’s unknown just how much
time is left on Alexander’s
contract, but given that the former 205 Live star is
married to AEW star Big
Swole, it may be just a matter of time before the pair unite
in the ring, outside of Vince
McMahon’s promotion. With that said, it’s no secret
that WWE is trying to prevent
the vast majority of their Superstars from joining
AEW, and the fear of the
popular former Cruiserweight Champion making
it big in the competition could
be enough to WWE to give him at least a
small push on Monday Night RAW.

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