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Triple H On If He Will Be Wrestling At Survivor Series

November 22, 2019

Hi Friends welcome to C4E Wrestling News Triple
H On If He Will Be Wrestling At Survivor Series Earlier in the week it was reported that WWE
creative wanted to add Triple H to NXT’s five-man team for the men’s elimination
tag match at Survivor Series but Triple H had no interest in being part of the team
and was actually against the idea During the recent WarGames III media call Triple H talked
about a number of things and he also discussed the possibility of him returning to in-ring
action on Sunday at Survivor Series Unfortunately for the fans Triple H replied negatively to
the question about Survivor Series saying that he has no interest in wrestling at the
show Though Triple H also went on to tease a surprise for the show saying that Team Ciampa
has a spot open for the traditional Survivor Series elimination match which will be filled
on the day of the PPV and it’s going to be an ‘epic’ reveal Friends what are your
thought about this Let Us Know in the Comment Section below and Be Sure to Follow Us on
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