Top 5 football sock life hacks

October 9, 2019

today’s video is gonna be a little bit sake noticing as it’s gonna be bad but I’m giving you my top 5 best life facts for your football sucks get it sake so two lane yeah all right anyway if you’re one of those people who can’t play a match properly without your socks being just the way you want them today’s tips might just be lifesavers at least [Music] for tip number 5 I brought the premier soft tape wrap now you can basically use whatever other sticky rap tape that you can find out there it’s gonna do just as good of a job for what this stuff does is basically the same as you would expect normal soft tape to do it’s gonna keep everything in place for the entire 90 minutes but unlikely almost soft a broom this isn’t as sticky so it’s not gonna tear your socks to shreds as easily and also award a cut off the blood flow to your feet as easily as normal sucked a book if you pull it too tight I think we all know the feeling and it’s not very nice plus if you’re lucky a little bit clever you might even be able to use this two or even three times seriously I love this PST wrap stuff and honestly haven’t bought anything else since I discovered this fourth place goes to the depot loud shriek where he basically fixes his shin pad in place by using his football socks and tucking them underneath the pad itself and not only will it give you that cool old-school laid-back bowler vibe it’ll actually also do and should we say okay job of keeping your shin pads in place as a last resort because obviously it won’t work as well as if you use sock tape or compression sleeves but if you don’t have any of that jazz you can do this trick and what you basically do is you put your shin pad in place as you normally would and then you take the top of your sock and you tuck it in between the pad and your leg fixing it in place and if you slap some tape underneath the shin pad itself on the outside of yourself you’re my friend you’re golden in from the other hand you want to go in the other direction with the aureole name our style socks up over the knees trick number three might just be one for you because if your hate how your sock is falling down all the time and doesn’t stay up over the entire 90 minutes you want to do this get a pair of football socks that are extra long and then go down a size compared to what you’d normally get now of course this means that you won’t get the same fit the same bit fit on your actual feet as you would with your normal size but instead your socks will be a little bit tighter around your thighs so they stay up and they won’t fall down every 10 minutes so if you like that super high socks wag this it’s actually pretty decent little hat trick number two is probably the most famous some people know it as the Neymar traits of people Lord as the Ronaldo trick and actually it’s a trick I use myself every time I play a match and it’s all about cutting your football socks because normally anything but the most expensive team socks aren’t necessarily the best so people cut them so they can use tennis socks or even better grip socks in their actual boots and what you want to do is you want to take a team sock here and you want to cut it just below the ankle and then you want to put on a sucked off your preference could be a Nike grip sock you want to put it on your foot then you want to pull your newly cut team such sleeves all over that and you want to fix the whole thing in place with some sock tape and if you paid attention and you don’t want your sucks to be torn to shreds use the wrap because it’s a lot more gentle on your newly cut socks and all the little threats hanging from the socks the normal sock tape is so use that tuck it up nicely your socks won’t break you’re gonna be a happy man and it’s your right now my best piece of advice is very simple get a high-quality pair of socks end of discussion you’re very welcome now as you know I really really like my grip socks I can really recommend both the fattest ox and any variation off the Nike grip socks here if you’re not into this whole modern grip soft kinda jazz you just want a plush comfortable no-nonsense soft you can get the nicest right socks which are also very it basically I don’t care which subdued choose these choose a big high-quality comfortable sock and you should be good to go it is in the end while this might not be a hat I think it’s just a lot easier and a lot better to get the very best quality from the beginning instead of buying something that’s less good and trying to hack your way into making it better so just get high quality football socks that’s all I’m gonna say so there you go my friends some life hacks for your football socks and actually I’m glad the list ended up relatively decent and didn’t so I’ll get my coat anyways I hope that you can actually use a few of the tips I gave you but I also really love to hear your sock life hacks you let me know in the comment section right down below spread the love share the work also while you’re at it don’t forget to check out our video that we made on the top-five best football socks on the market make sure you subscribe by clicking the green bubble somewhere up here leave me a thumbs up if you had a good time and could use some of the tips and spread the word to some of your friends who almost exclusively wear crappy football socks and with that said I’m signing off cheerio

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