September 12, 2019

[Music] what is up guys pwg here back at it again with Chris awfully from Copenhagen panel house today is going to show you guys the top five easy street soccer skills these skills are fun awesome and you can learn them by turning twenty minutes in your backyard you ready pull it let’s get it let’s get it trick number five we’re gonna do a little magic trick here you stand with your back to your opponent you’re going to lift the ball into your arms while you bend over the ball yeah okay you’re going to catch it and when you catch it you could have touched with your foot behind your opponent right here making you think that the ball is going that way lift the ball up bend over touch the ball is gone where is it no man look come on man no IDs no game trick number four call the jump acha we clamp the ball between our heels we’re going to jump out to the side lift our leg up so the ball follows this foot and put it around the opponent wash lift it up around okay let’s try look come here I’m gonna have little fun with it but whoa what are you going [Music] trick number three we’re going to do a cool ground moon this is called the to touch carousel okay it’s two touches in quick consecutive motions you start with the bottle the inside of your foot have it ready you drag it back towards you you’re going to turn twist and push out with the other foot grab me inside of your foot again bring it towards you again push out grab the inside push out the inside trick number two this looks for the real showman this is especially nice when the opponent has fun on Oya needs afraid to get the funner right what we do is we bring it behind him bring it over to our other leg drag it around him everyone’s gonna laugh trust me it’s an amazing trick finally trick number one this one’s a real classic it’s called the stigmata you step on the ball with your strong foot make a scissor with your weak foot go straight into acha inside outside it’s super important to use your body because that’s the whole trick that’s how you’re going to make the opponent think that you’re going one way bring actually switching direction step scissor body akka let’s try let’s come come come come yes it is a step since where you going [Music] alright man that was five super easy street soccer skills for you to learn Phillip learns them in no time and hopefully Jame I can learn ensue and so will you guys if you trained enough make sure to subscribe to copenhagen panels the link it’s somewhere here also do let me know in the comment section which of the extreme soccer skills was your favorite that is all for today we out ah almost got it almost

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