“The street football player is still in me!” | Jadon Sancho joins Matchday Magazine | Berlin – BVB

February 18, 2020

Your matchday magazine –
all about the 09 today. 09 matches left this season. A studio guest with
09 Bundesliga goals. And he’s the 09 in person
– your host Nobby Dickel. The neck-and-neck-race is going on.
And we’re on full-speed too. Many title questions
still remain open, but today’s studio guest definitely
has won one title already. We don’t know who will
be German champion yet. We don’t know who will
be top scorer yet. But we know this
season’s shooting star. Determined. Successful. Cheeky. Hertha BSC seems to be a great
opponent for the English player. His first assist – in Berlin. His first double –
in the first leg. And now maybe his first
win against Hertha? We’ll ask today’s studio
guest Jadon Sancho. I often said it and I’m
gonna keep saying it: This guy is just amazing. He’s a great
player and a really great person and I’m more than happy to
have him in the studio today. Welcome Jaden!
Hi Nobby! How are you? Jadon, a question
related to the video. You keep Berlin in good memory,
but you never won against them. Is it about time now? The last weeks were tough because there
were some disappointing results. How was that phase for you and how
do you keep a positive attitude? It’s your first complete
season in pro football. You and Axel Witsel are the only BVB players
who made every Bundesliga match this season. How do you cope with
the physical strain? When you’re playing
in the stadium here, do you notice the fans love you
and your style of playing? Now it’s time for the
video assistant referee. Before I’m gonna ask my next
question, we’ll see a short video. Imagine a player doing that… and he does it
all the time and he’s doing it perfectly! The opponent doesn’t
have any chance. You’re in pro football now and usually,
it’s all about goals, wins and titles. Back when you were a kid,
it was all about megs. How much are you a
pro football player and how much of a street
football player is still in you? As I said, you’re style of
playing is loved by the fans. And we have some interesting
facts about you. Jadon Sancho – top
talent with top ratings. The highest number of
sprints per match. The highest number of
dribblings in the Bundesliga. The highest number of
assists in Europe. On a par with Lionel Messi. Breaking records
also as a scorer. Youngest double scorer at BVB. Youngest player in history
with 09 Bundesliga goals. Jadon Sancho – already indispensable
for BVB at the age of 18. That’s very impressive. 2018 was the year of your
sporting breakthrough. Everything went incredibly fast. Did you have time to
realise what happened? You’re 18 years now. There are a lot of examples in
sport or in the show business where a great success like this at
such a young age did go to the head. What do you do to stay humble and
grounded and who’s helping you? We mustn’t forget, he even
could play in the U19 team. That must be the English
national coach calling. You can answer the phone. But looking back on
your time in Dortmund, what were the most important
things you learned in Germany? Now it’s time to
learn something – the duel Jadon vs. Nobby
in Storytime with Fritz Storytime with Fritz Currently, we have 5 English
players in the Bundesliga, and all 5 of them
were born in London. That’s a bad question,
he’s gonna know! Jadon knows the answer and I don’t.
That’s not fair. In Jadon’s case we
know it’s true. But indeed, the other 4 were
also born in the UK capital. 50 years ago, Hertha ended
the season on place 14. But regarding spectator numbers, Hertha
was the winner of the 1968/69 season. Unbelievable yet true. With an average of 41,519 fans, Hertha
had the highest number of spectators. The club was followed by Nürnberg
with an average of 25,562 spectators. BVB made 5th place with an average
of 23,078 spectators per match. Great question. A trademark of the Berlin Olympic
stadium is the blue tartan track. When it was built, the monument protection
authority protested vehemently against the colour, because they feared that water
birds would take it for water and would try to dive into it. Of course, they try to dive
into the tartan track! This story really
seems too crazy. But nevertheless, it’s true. Fortunately, no bird has tried
to land on that track so far. So let’s take a look at the
intermediate result! Thank you! Our guests always bring special presents
with them that you can purchase by auction. Today it is… He wanted to say „Trikot”. So he’ll bring a match-worn jersey,
which is something really special. Just follow the link to the shop and
click on, what’s it called… auction. Sometimes you have to
think for a while. There you can find Jadon’s jersey and
I think people are gonna bid a lot. One last question. We heard about a Whatsapp group that
you have with other English players where you text the number of goals
you will score on the weekend. What’s your prediction
for this weekend? Great Guy, great player and
we’re so glad to have him here. We cross our fingers for you
and we hope you stay fit! And you at home please cross your fingers for
our team, for the match in Berlin tomorrow. If you’re not in Berlin, you can listen
to Netradio or watch the match on TV. That’s it for today,
see you soon!

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