The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2017 (HD)

September 12, 2019

a big fat quiz of 2017 this is a quiz all about 2017 or as world history will remember it the final chapter the Shah will test your memory your knowledge of all things 2017 and my patience let’s meet the teams we like to call them the a-team sorry not the a-team that’s a team it’s David Mitchell and Lucian Connor Tate Next up one’s the king of crime the others past her prime it’s the pride of dinner and the mild embarrassment of Canada it’s got to write a big nasty Finally these two are like toddlers at a wedding they’re tired excited and they’re showing off it’s bound to get annoying We’ll get started let’s talk about how our years have been how was your 2017 David I say it was personally adequate and internationally disastrous yeah, I genuinely the world looks like it’s more likely to end sooner rather than later remember is that at some point the sun’s going to explode We’ve got that that’s happening whatever so whether humanity makes it until the Sun explodes or not it’s irrelevant really isn’t it Jamie my teammate Big Narstie has noticed that David Mitchell sounds like David Mitchell from TV What’s your favoutite show of David? What do you like Stephen King’s it Well he’s definitely in it/ He is not in it, is he? No, I Don’t. No Peep Show Love those two shows. PEEP IT Roisin, highlight of 2017 what was the best bit for you personally so we go based on the four huge Big Narstie presumably goodfor you? yeah give good folks some praise I’m gonna turn it up still lead the oh, yeah, okay Now I didn’t get any of that so Jimmy I looked at a parent’s website for those who are bewildered about the language their children use online To try to understand some Big Narstie’s language BDL that’s big Defense League that’s without it is the fence League Brent ACCA’s that’s good skills Gimmy, me every time I do the fat quiz I get closer to you yeah and ultimately I want to be your podium that’s why I bought Come and stand here next to this. You come as the podium Okay so the last year how was 2017 for you it’s crazy there were a lot of cakes I Was in a tent at one point I don’t weird isn’t it I did a cake show I don’t know fuck all about cakes Richard, how was your 2017? I couldn’t pick out a moment is a sludge what about the crystal mace that was a huge thing right yes No amazes the way board man up will run which to me bro It’s been redone enriching our bodies hosting it well it was a huge fit It’s completely eclipsed the original as we can tell Original crystal Mia’s host that’s and friendly in ratify bonobo some Ice Age It’s no use trying to hide we can still see you Okay what about team names You’ve got have you got a team named David, Ruisine? we would like to be referred to as the tips or sisters That feels, Roisine, like a decision you made What’s the problem with it? says, christmasy sisters wait you know some of us are women Okay big nasty Katharine what’s your team name we’re gonna light them up we’re team pain Come for a night out? just clarified is the team called team pain or is the team called pain I think the team is called team paint okay so the team name is team pain. yeah would the #pain at the beginning as well Payne hashtag with the pain at the beginning as well Richard, Noel, what’s your team name? Thought we should be called cuz these in Crystal Maze and I’m in the cake show should be called cakes and the maze snakes on the plane cakes in the maze thanks in the Mesa is right on with the show our first round is all about the year’s top stories let’s remind ourselves what happened in March Theresa May formally triggered article 50 officially beginning the highly complex and technical process of fucking up brexit in September Ryanair canceled thousands of flights after mismanaging pilots leave the cancellations meant thousands of people couldn’t get to within an 80-mile bus journey of their final destination Here’s some questions okay first right it’s all about the news the big headlines this year Theresa Mays speech at the Tory Party conference in October was a real low point in a generally disastrous year for her can you remember the three things that went wrong during her speech point for each three things went wrong during Theresa May speech Question number two Immediately after Donald Trump’s inauguration Sean Spicer was caught lying about the size of the crowds what I want to know is how did Trump supporter Kellyanne Conway explain away the bullshit Okay, what I’m looking for is a phrase that she coined and I’ll give you a clue it wasn’t fake news She winking or his one eye just Okay this is this is an excellent question here people this year Donald Trump proved he’s statesman like qualities in a high stakes war of words with Kim Jung hoon Trump called Kim short and fat and Kim called Trump old but what other unusual insult did the North Korean leader half of Trump Okay so he’s a he’s a picture of Kim Jung hoon here we go I think that’s the wrong photo. There he is Laughs is so guests you know that majorly yes It is made to be gasps Jimmy yeah just be careful because I’m very sensitive Mo Farah sign Okay it’s definitely not the Mo Farah sign Famously it’s that isn’t it Its an M for mo You know do it ham he’s a human being yeah you say it’s like Arno exactly a harbor like our and you’re not giving me the M This year saw Brenda from Bristol become an unexpected celebrity after her reaction to which story Even my heart of stone is worn by the children of Mitchell book primary school and before we wanted that unconventional school place here take a look This can’t be right! Don’t worry, we’re recording So well so which we story were they acting out there Okay you ready for this first up I asked you what three things went wrong for Theresa May What did you again we know though little fit letter fell down yeah and then she cost too much when she’s talking about real stuff yeah That’s pretty much it welcome what have you go guys we got the chronology correct Extra points for getting the chronology correct don’t care about time And he said as long as he’s in charge of chronology You got there more three things and the prankster brackets Simon broken is the name of the front 45 yeah I haven’t put a comma in I can only apologize She had a cough or sore throat kept sipping and then the letters falling on that correct Richard did you get this I can’t read Richards writing it’s like a doctor’s handwriting That’s the top left and middle top coughing fit general in humanity that’s bottom middle and then declared war Okay well let’s take a look ten years after Northern Rock our economy is back on track and the public sector working together So While our opponents Flirty of neutrality and prepare for a run on the ground An image of modern Britain in all its diversity compassion and strength that were shared alone Yeah I mean I think the answer is that we can’t get anything the fuck right in this country that the people in charge of the sign behind the prime minister while she makes her speech can’t get the fucking letters to stay at the fucking wall That you’re just ruling out poltergeists I’ve looked into this we’re not glued they were they were on with magnets Magnetized lectures now why were they magnetized later they either glued there or painted their logo poltergeist in the world can make paint fall off Letter jumps off you could hear and I’m not listening to any more Magnetized letters did they think they might want to change their slogan at the last minute Yes I’ll go with that for now we might want to say making Britain a fucking dump It’s difficult to know how that could have gone worse really that’s worse than my worst ever gig my worst of the gig someone showed me their ass Okay next question I asked you what term Kellyanne Conway a trump supporter came up with to explain Shawn spices bullshit about the presidential inauguration numbers what did you think David We put much of the crowd were invisible The person magnets that we’re supposed to hold them their Alternative facts which we think is the actual answer okay did you get this agnostic country yeah we think that alternative facts have defined most of the year it’s very famous bullshit way of saying lies Fuck oh yeah and then your man put fuck Trump as well Very difficult to say again what Richard said Sometimes it’s easier to lie which is the subtext we went the subtext it’s new to quizzing To teach you to lie and different truths both of which are the subtext, so when we deepen the quiz Just keep it on the surface and give some bonus points for subtext point point no point come on that’s France inauguration and that was Obama’s he said yet Trump’s was bigger So I asked you what unusual term Kim jung-un used to insult President Donald Trump big Narstie knows it . big Narstie what was it done to some donkey dick emos off David, Roisine, did you know this we did know this yeah what was the word? dotard Richard what was your answer we put I thought he genuinely said this that you’re he’s old and brittle He didn’t they do they What no points No, points you got a point dotar yeah we get no points you know you’re gonna get a segment of Satsuma boner you know Why don’t you get a seat on this program? Jimmy’s like a shark if he sits down he’ll never get up again yeah famously sharks if they sit down Again that’s why there are no sharks in boys Oh So yes so Kim Jungman called him a dotard which is a weak-minded old person and next I asked you what Brenda from Bristol reacted to on the news I mean what have you done there big Narstie what’s that I’m being real I’m just happy If you haven’t written words with earlier We think Brennan from Bristol was upset about the snap election oh I can see election somewhere underneath the screen Okay I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt David Russia we put election quite neatly Richard no she expressed emotion Well it’s true but it’s not the answer They said there’s another election that she went oh Okay let’s have a look at Brenda in action general election you’re joking not another one Say I can’t honestly I can’t stand this there’s too much politics going on at the moment Why does, she need to do it that was the real accent Eurotrash when we put the voice on us Three Inside Okay lastly for this round you saw the children Mitchell Brooke primary school acting out a new story from the year what do you think it was big Clark fucking loud Okay what did you get big nasty Catherine they are stopping a lot of Bell ends this year and Big Ben is no different that is Until 2021 Silencing of Big Ben Because of the end of Britain So at the end of that round let’s take a look at the scores, okay I can tell you so far David and Roshan have seven week nursing Catherine have six Richard and Noah are lucky to have three First insurance prices assures us is the most watched TV show in order history Welcome back to the big fat quiz our next round is all about the music of 2017 let’s remind ourselves in July Adele was forced to cancel the last two shows of her tour after damaging her vocal cords Adele was left unable to sing in tune fine my guess but it’s never stopped Madonna After falling down the stairs it was revealed Simon Cowell suffered from low blood pressure I guess when you lack an actual heart to pump it around your body what do you expect More questions okay music questions now front first West units overdue Channel 4 News why the one and only John snow is reporting on one of the biggest songs of the year take it away John dramatic scenes in court today as the trial continues of a 28 year old American woman accused of murder taking the stand the defendant refuted her ex-boyfriends claims that the gun was hers Noting that he laughs when he lies and suggesting that he had committed a perfect crime? testifying for the prosecution the woman’s ex gave a hiring account of her erratic behavior including keeping a list of names on which his appeared in red underlined trusting nobody and claiming that she was unable to come to the phone because she was dead He also strongly denied any responsibility for the woman’s felony despite her repeated claims that he made her do it Okay so I need the artist and the song for you to get the point You’re talking about making a murderer Okay I’ve got it anyway, okay, how did you get that, okay so many days no help on this it’s a music round yeah unless it’s about Phil Collins no jacket required he’s out Phil Collins but serious No jacket required I didn’t approve of the sentiment I’m not wearing a jacket which makes me a hypocrite for Our next question can you tell me what unlikely band received a bunch of flowers and a writing credit for their help with the previous song And all from the professor you got something Okay so next up it’s over to corrupt FM whoever questions We play nothing but garbage on charata them but if we have to venture into the world of popular music then guess what JC is our man and this year hey and Beyonce had twins and announced the baby’s names on Instagram Spanish can you attain to remember what they called them Canali you decide think about it over to back in the studio Jim Mike keep it corrupt respect So the question was can we remember their names so for me the answer no would be crazy are You crying Cuz you’re hungry We’ve been here about 20 minutes what are you doing I wish I could cry when I was hungry it would really stop restaurants serving slowly Okay next question the music video for the hit song Esposito became the most watched youtube video ever with 4.4 billion views can you tell me what the word despacio means in English again the correct answer You realize that made as much sense to David that doesn’t speak Spanish is everything else you said and finally it for the music round all I want to know is how did DJ Tim Westwood embarrass himself on snapchat in June If you can laugh a little bit less like Jabba the Hutt Okay bye let’s get to the answers you all got something yeah Roche oh good in the hood gosh Let’s go to some answers, okay So I asked you what song John Snow was reporting on a big nasty Katherine well we justwe know she’s dead and that is in reference to Taylor Swift look what you made me do What did you what did you put tireless whisper? What what did you put David rushing but first all we’ve got Taylor Swift yeah, so we’ve got that that’s the name of the song Sorry I killed that man Okay, so big nasty Kathryn you get the point no the other two you don’t get the point should we should we take a look let’s take a look Once See me do look what you just made me Some cereal skanking Okay asked you secondly who did Taylor Swift give a writing credit to we know what did you think rushing Kanye West thank you very much, oh, no what do you mean to tell me the answer is not to Kanye West I feel like such a fool Said Kenya was so wrong our big nasty Kathryn this is it yeah sweats and Fred yes yeah too sexy for my topic yeah but you know right so if it doesn’t present the Crystal Maze More than two white people It’s Right Said Fred the guide to the Crystal Maze and William. Hague it’s a third one you have to look out Okay and Richard did you get this we said right said Crystal Maze there’s Crystal Maze go I’m not the people yeah, he’s the it man he’s the People pro grab a ginger guy who was a heavily lived in the university Knowingness Lee I’m in the Paris Lee came to this again but it isn’t there’s loads of things on that isn’t either Oh two of them Almost If you see Jimmy in the street He’s got rickets rickets And standing up to like I don’t know It’s a lack of vitamin C which isn’t gonna happen to you because we leave through every to Lack of vitamin C it’s a lack of calcium or vitamin D. Okay There with rickets drinking orange juice they’re wasting their time Then have the re don’t wait till you’ve got it Enough with the scurvy and rickets chat The future bricks it please fire in division sin death Next year it’s rap me People be you know breaking into the zoos eating the zebras Vitamin D in a zebra White or dark meat Okay I asked you what corrupt FM asked you what Beyonce and jay-z named their twins we asked if we knew My answer remained no, so I put that down. No brackets D for David for the tittle sisters yeah and then I know the names as well it’s roomy Ruby Ruby Ruby me no Ike roomie what like a hatchback What are you saying Catherine? Catherine knows is right but then I think the other baby is called Remmy by I can tell you one thing Kathryn and this is gonna eat you up inside if you pride yourself on own this year you don’t Roisin David you got that right it was roomy and Sakata not whatever you put Richard no I presume I put one and so and Richard put I put Jed words Jedward fever okay, so a point no point Becoming the most watched YouTube video this year I asked you what des pursuit Oh actually means in English what do you put boom boom times Besito car battery or boom boom times it’s one of the two one other two okay continue it is neither of the two okay, Katherine big nasty give him the Spanish bigness allow me go say big nasty but getting on a tear the pop of work special slowly what would you say thanks banished if I wanted the English If you were ever in a sitcom I think that would be your catchphrase yeah I Dated Russian what did you put we put it might be calmly and then but they’re spelling at the speed you might guess pop? Was trying to write then was at the speed you might deposit When learning a foreign language you just sort of guess what it fades out Listen listen Okay I asked you did you know how Tim Westwood embarrassed himself on snapchat Richard no what did you put we just put he admitted He had it because napture a man of his age shouldn’t have such That almost deserves a point I think are very good for male to have ones about five nine years David Roisin we didn’t hear the question so we just responded to the picture and wrote Leonard Nimoy stuff Now throwing big nasty was the answer what do you do Catherine Tim Westwood deemed a lady but it was direct message whatever it was public and he wrote like I’m gonna take you on a date and pay for you to get a new clutch and the hair and some heels like just some really weird off-piste accessories Yeah, so if you may want to get your nails in it you may want to get a wax House of a car or something oh when he shared his bank card as well I appreciate me wanna whack that was it was difficult to read it’s difficult to remember now He sent his card details so that she consented smart now in advance of meeting it So he sent he sent this picture which is he that’s his credit card with all the details and Then he sent a message saying maybe looking forward to taking you to dinner on Thursday I appreciate you may want to get nails hair and a wax even some new shoes or a clutch bag use my card it’s black with private banking so there’s no limit but don’t be buying a new car low She should’ve bought a car and got it wax Okay so the end of that round these scores are Richard and I have four points David and rushing have eight big now seeing Katherine have ten points We’ve got to take a quick break now so you’ve got a choice you can either come back and join us after where you can play Pictionary with your family yeah thought so in a minute Welcome back to the big fat quiz our next round is all about film and TV in 2017 in July the BBC announced they’d cast Jodie Whittaker as the first-ever female doctor who some fans couldn’t get on board with a female doctor who presumably thinking Daleks sure Cybermen of course weeping angels all make sense but a female doctor it’s just not believable Despite its controversial move to Channel four bake-off remains of fan favorite it’s got great hosts brilliant contestants and the icing on the cake is literally the sugary stuff they put on the top of the cakes Okay first up let’s remind ourselves of some of this year’s TV highlights our mouths get set Colchicine Why do they only Interested in one thing here one thing only knocks band covers You look like a tentative Nazi sorry, what’s glow gorgeous ladies of wrestling So just felt my favorite child my children are schizophrenic it is raging Wow Here’s some TV and film questions for you okay you in the biscuit biscuit though Me saying I’m eating a biscuit We haven’t got any snacks I want to know why a BBC news interview with Professor Robert Kelly became an internet sensation in March Have a look at these three famous faces we’ve got Meryl Streep the rock and Matt Damon What has flabbergasted all of them why do they look so surprised what’s going on there So next up it’s start of brawl in cell block 99 Vince Vaughn hi Jamie after a hard day’s filming I love nothing more than to kick back and watch a cookery show like many viewers on Twitter I was very surprised by Mary Barry’s Bolognese recipe on a new show Mary Barry every day what ingredients did she add to this classic sauce No Mary Barry added to a bolognese sauce that shocked viewers Okay you all got something all right? in October reality show love Ireland won best TV show at the Radio 1 teen awards but what happened at the ceremony their clips to the love Islands win What is this image you’re showing that’s I think that’s the? bone party, no that’s the I think that’s the Crystal Maze crew party but you know how to barely at the film That’s love island yeah at the show love island it’s just an elaborate study about the effectiveness of the morning-after pill a competition for the best television program yes against the other television program you know blue planet and Fawlty Towers Well I mean it was there did one special reality reality shows was right shit program Julie you’ve lost control of the quiz Thank You wizard podium Okay take a look at these two clowns who’ve appeared on this morning in September All I want to know is why are those clowns upset yeah just for consideration yeah would you ever do the show with an owl like when your show With an owl like if there was an owl immediately you haven’t really considered it I Met the owl the Harry Potter owl dream is Olympia and she is an absolute legend really well trained I bet we could get her about hook it up with my owl connections from working at Hooters and then we can get over here and you know what she eats frozen mice the mice are they still frozen but no it would be very refreshing on a hot day All right you ready for answers my dancers okay I asked you why a BBC News interview with South Korean expert professor Robert Kelly went? viral back in March what did you think Roisin David we said his kids come in the room Richard no he’s a terminator The professor and expert on South Korea he’s a terminator Do you know he’s not a terminator? Okay, Katherine what you want to do this Richard Kelly’s kids ran in and his wife chased the minute wrecked the interview or did it Or was it mostly fabulous north you made an interview about South Korea a little more punchy let’s all look the question is how you democracy’s was fine about scandal and what will it mean for the wider region I think one of your children’s just walked in I mean shift is shifting sounds in the region do you thing relations with the north may change I would be surprised to be do It just keeps on giving the first kid walking in like that it’s already that’s enough to go viral the second kid that can’t even walk and who obscene That’s remarkable just whoa I’m on a weird floating device The mum coming in my favorite bit is at the end where she goes about crouch down and get the door but don’t think anyone’s noticed There’s really as the perfect video the best thing I’ve ever seen, okay So points points and because he doesn’t meant melt into molten metal and then come back not a terminus I know it’s no, point wizard Okay, I showed you three shocked celebrity faces what I want to know is what caused their reactions what do you put we put they gave the Oscar to the wrong film and then didn’t team pain what you got it work on stupid Oscars when they found out that he got given the wrong and awards Long Island she’s in all of those photos getting smaller and smaller Okay what did you put Richard no oh is it because we put that they because I found out they’re in a new title sequence for Dallas Points points no points next Vince Vaughn want to know what Mary Barry had added to our bolognese sauce human shit You would choose your joke after your genuine answer is viagra Did write down, human shit yeah like a human shit up to you oh that’s jay-z’s kids fire grown, human shit Big nasty country this is big nastiest favorite show he watches it he knows the answer especially put some cream whining that Cal what are you blushing we put down cream so we got it right and dole me I Well cream and wine is the correct answer so I’m gonna give the points to big nasty Catherine I Think she’s more of a cake expert She’s tried to make bolognaise more like a cape Pokes it because of the consistency of The cake but you can’t turn spaghetti bolognaise sauce then a layer of the pasta then a layer of the sauce then a layer of the pasta you just design design yours I Asked you What happened at the Radio 1 teen awards that Eclipse to love islands win what do you think the Sun gave everyone a blowjob Like a coupon you cut it out and take it to a newsagent Ignosi Catherine would you again oh it was incredible so it was a love island won best reality TV show and they’ve created this mechanism where the winners came from under the stage on this hydraulic machine bucket oh yeah and as it was bringing them up Gemma Collins presenting new board did it no so she was stood there just like and the winner is love all islands and then the hole opened and she just went like David Roisin you got this as well yes we’ve got this that’s our look at this lovely moment Did she ever get out of the hull Okay I asked you why two clowns were so upset on this morning what is your purpose I was only brought down on TV in it that horror film it yeah that’s the right answer was he yeah it was not it was I Don’t believe he’s got a catchphrase, he’s been on telly two minutes Okay all right so what did you put rushing he said because it is making clowns seem creepy except they were always creepy And by the way a time in I read it out wrong I meant the film eight I should have put some inverted commas Richard no and self-pity and Also that they lost money on poor investments Well let’s take a look let’s take a look what do you think of because it was the original I think was 1986 the the book which is usually cited as the start of people’s fear of clowns yeah, yeah, yeah that’s The term when that the coulrophobia or the fear of masks turned up was in the mid 80s yeah So whether they’re two are linked together tell me about but tell me about this particular clown the it’s not a clown tiny Pennywise I start clown They’re the least funny clowns I’ve ever seen they are like antique comedy Jesus Christ how dare you I’m anti comedy the in fairness they say that this clown is a little bit a little bit scary Pennywise he’s alright Okay points points points Now it’s time for a special bonus round I’m gonna show you three film posters from this year which you’ve all been Subtly improved all you have to do is tell me what the film is here’s the first one write down your answer point free yeah alright second one let’s have a look Next one How I see myself Okay, alright so let’s have a look see what you put first one yellow lady that’s quite a big hit one it yellow Lady Catherine that’s feeding the beast okay I know you’ve got that as well let’s have a look if anything better with me but fine, okay Holland Holland Excellent bit funny Richard no alone David rushing dollar island featuring yellow lady Because the character a yellow lady really took off Oh! and the third one okay so you put Incredible Hulk on the Roman It would be a better title for it okay what did you put car Avengers you know the Avengers which didn’t I wish it and we put the Avengers but now looking at it it’s bloody thor ragnarok afterlife Thor round the rock is the right answer we didn’t get it that round, these schools are David & Roisin have 13 big nasty and Katherine have 17 Richard a null lucky to have 6 To focus on the true meaning of Christmas consumerism will be back right after these hats Welcome back to the big fat quiz our next round is all about the Internet in 2017 where would we be without the Internet well we’ll find out next year when Russian cyber terrorists freeze our accounts in February Disney cut ties were the world’s highest-paid YouTube star PewDiePie I love pewdiepie He’s my go-to guy whenever I want to watch someone. I’ve never heard of talk about something I don’t care about Ok ready for some more big fat questions these are all about the Internet this year first one can you remember why an evening at home for the Fleming family in County Kerry Ireland went viral back in September Jimmy help us Us we’ve got nothing but six Queen with the safety points we are behind the audience They filmed the theme it went viral Noddy Hussein has a question for you Nadya hi Jimmy like everyone I love sharing pictures of food on social media but this year 16-year old Carter Wilkinson set a world record when in April he tweeted about his favorite food becoming the most retweeted message ever can you remember what it was about so most retweeted message ever what was it about Okay during the general election campaign Conservative MP for East Yorkshire Greg Knight became an unexpected Internet hit he posted a campaign video that went viral can you remember why that campaign video was so remarkable who is that Greg Knight it’s Greg Knight we’ve got a picture of him there I’m pretty sure that’s him not a waxwork of him it’s all about a bit I’m struggling to take that as a compliment Morenstein Thank you I Forget what that is even meant to be worn Jim you know you won’t see put it up there Jim Questions do you think though because Big Ben says bomb right when they bring it back should they get it to say Ben Just sound oh you lost an animal you no longer arable In two weeks He’s much control of the shop he lost control of the quiz bomb did you just call no Yan Cheu Okay Donald Trump’s presidents he go off to a rocky start this year and he continued to put in the hours on Twitter can you Complete this tweet he sent on the 31st of May despite the constant negative press won’t complete the tweet can be easier okay, I still put my finally for this round why did this picture of the then two-year-old I loved Wharton from Exeter take the internet by storm back in March You write that down you might get a stocking point I’ve been on fast consume it’s definitely him Okay everyone finished you got something let’s have some answers so I asked you why the Fleming family from County Kerry went viral earlier this year what did you think they filmed the thing and it went viral They filmed the finger it went viral in brackets Jimmy said must be big nasty Catherine, okay so the answer is I’ve put up cork because my family is from Cork So up cork is of an important part of my answer okay and because of my Irish roots I know that it was a bad attack okay, what are you put David Russia never mind how bad it was what attacked them a bad bad it was a but one of these realities Come on Jimmy sit down? All right so what did you get David they were trying to catch a bat and crucially it was videoing Antics that are lost to posterity let’s free ourselves to a little look at this family trying to catch a bat catch him catch him Jerry Jerry catch him Will you get out till you catch him oh You’re doing a great job they’re your toys Oh? You get him no, he’s there he’s making a mockery out of a bike you can update a coffee shop it dogs pissing Okay, so Nadi Hussein wanted to know what Carter Wilkinson tweeted to become the most retweeted message ever what do you got I thought maybe It was feed him green keep em keen. No but my associate love that, you’ve written Nuggets bro yeah okay they put nuggets brackets of edible matter Okay I can’t remember what the question is but I put a moose anus Which you know in some ways could be a nugget yeah Like I can tell you he asked fast food chain Wendy’s for a year supply of chicken nuggets in exchange for 18 million retweets and that there he is he could be happier and that’s Beyonce’s one of the twins Okay I asked you why Tory MP Greg Knight became a hit during the general election why did Greg Knight become such a heat during The election because he had a song that lasted three weeks Okay, what did you uh what did you put big nasty we’ve thought about things that went viral and we didn’t know so we thought Maybe he got a cat involved or. He did a dance okay Richard no we put he buried in abstract concept Well I can tell you you’ve got an absolutely right with the with the shit song should we treat ourselves I mean it’s quite extraordinary okay Hello my name is great night I’m the Conservative candidate for East Yorkshire There’s a general election on the 8th of June and I hope if you live in these shorts sure that you’ll vote for me They’d show this time you get it right now The beat go That Mommy wasting did you like the thing ya got the lyrics do you want it you wanna try and? try and give it vibes cuz I think there’s a lack of vibes on let’s have that again hey let’s do it learn to read em DJ now I can see how you might listen to that and go be you’re totally shite ending to the song not quite what he was looking for one as well who was running against him video the level of party funding in this country hasn’t quite reached American level today Someone decided that he should start outside the room yeah Get me walking in I’m gonna pump it out and about Also I like that they said well during the song is probably best not to focus on your face Most a sucker of sellotape on the outside like you’ve never suck up a pencil it would have been better at the beginning emerged from a cupboard It would there’s mystery their narrative why was he in the cabin Okay, I asked you to complete the tweet from Donald Trump despite the constant negative press what did you put I still put my penis up my bum What are you perfect now see I blocked him until turning to suck his monks? Can you just stop hounding me Donald? What have you written there Catherine we guess despite the constant negative press my followers are dumb and disenfranchised enough to trust me we just Thought maybe he got with you though your one true tweet during the year cuz they do they’ve just just doesn’t matter we tweets they will always love him what did you put it was we put it so it was a gibberish word but we won’t show how to spell it so we’ve got a few go Quebec confetti which because it has no meaning Probably is the only thing that isn’t a lie it was yeah was despite the constant negative press Coffey Jimmy Scream oh yeah left a penis the title of my autobiography So points points no points lastly I asked you why did I love Walton take the internet by storm what do you put you all got this because she’s Ed Sheeran Looks like Ed Sheeran let’s have a look side-by-side So I’m sure she’s gonna be a very pretty young girl but that she looks Amazing like they’re cheering in that all right it’s now time to welcome a special guest it’s Liam Charles from the Great British Bake Off I mean we’re not messing around this is Christmas my daughter cried when you left and then we can watch it anymore sir I don’t eat that mince we know Who thought the Loom sort of one? You’re still obviously did brilliantly on Bake Off thank you you’re still at University right yeah third year third your University and your own bake-off what did everyone else University make of it um I was really like positive about the whole thing We’re going back the first day because I there’s so many people double taken all the time I was like yeah, it’s me Yeah I’m a pretty big deal No what was your favorite cake he landed quite a lot of flavors that I like there’s lots of caramel flavors lots of butterscotch lots Of banana so I always liked his stuff Liam made a call like Pat had mango in it and that’s Carrie go Carrie go oh, my god I made cargo We go hey no, no it was like a Henry’s pie yeah, Annie left the hooves in Come on badminton you know look at Jimmy doesn’t know what’s happening he’s gluing a goat OK, you’ve got a question for its name what’s your question I do have a question I’ll see you back all right cool, so which craze of the year was banned from schools in 2017 which crane phrase crazy yeah I think I now do you think you know okay, so crazy banned from schools David did you ever wonder there don’t call him David Colin peep show I’m doing the second button from the top would be a little bit racy Respectability sex appeal Thanks Okay so buger answers I think I know because my daughter goes to school and her teacher Jack banned dabbing because it like bothered him or something man what that dumping sobbing you know I look like this I felt dabbing was sort of like you know dab something That’s not dabbing you’re going and grabbing that’s it Richard no what have you got fidget spinners okay, David Russian you got we’ve put fidget spinners okay well tell them it’s actually fidget spinners yay he’s brought us Now this is the show oh! look like you good my nephew’s a pro he does this thing right waist like uncle uncle look what I can do and goes up He pissed on his head he spins it and let go with one finger Ah It really gets you in the Idaho? Okay let’s take a look and see what that Center the scores okay so Richard and null have nine points in behind points David & Roisin have 19 big nasty Katherine are one ahead with 20 Welcome back to the big fat quiz this next round is all about the sport of 2017 who can forget the sporting events of this year is exactly what we’re about to find out Usain Bolt retired in 2017 he’s won eight Olympic gold medals and eleven World Championship golds but he ended his career in August with a bronze like a loser Okay time for some more big fat questions all about sport this year, okay in March Madeira Airport was renamed in honor of Cristiano Ronaldo but what aspect of the renaming ceremony caught everyone’s attention with some describing it as a monstrosity Renamed aeropuerto Cristiano Ronaldo which is a great name for an airport Okay MMA fighter conor mcgregor’s boxing match against Floyd Mayweather took place in Vegas why did McGregor’s choice of outfit raise eyebrows at the pre-fight press conference Hi Jimmy an athlete’s diet is very important but it’s quite unusual to take a snack break amid competition but in February this year a quick bite resulted in a footballer from Sutton United receiving a 375 pound fine and a two-month ban from the FA can your teams tell me what happened so why was that football player fined and banned I’m gonna part or not o team Got the hang of this by now The tips or sisters for a while Kindle sisters you are the tinsel sisters yeah, it’s implied you are the tinsel sisters team pain and Cakes in a bays are we sharks or. No needs us no No see Jimmy Everyone let’s get on with the quiz In November of this year Grand Slam Queen Serena Williams got married congratulations to her she wore an Alexander McQueen gown and looked fabulous but what was unusual about her shoes yeah but what’s your team name I’m finding it hard to connect with you because we’re on teams and you’re just Jimmy that’s not the reason you’re finding it hard to connect Pop it from goosebumps you should sound a bit more plural rather than just an attack on yourself leave that to us Jimmy yeah How about you can be like the patriarchy How dare you? Exactly nope men talking please Okay winner Michael Phelps lost a high-profile race do you remember who his unusual opponent was Okay are you ready for some answers I was born ready all right first up I ask what caught everyone’s attention at the renaming of Madeira Airport what do you have they made a statue of Renaldo’s head but it was a run out I said it was great Davey’s head Big nasty Catherine Well you said it was monstrous and I didn’t I don’t know who that is and I guessed maybe one of his balls has filled with fluid Not even wrong I’m gonna say no no is That perfect I’m sure fluid within one of the balls it’s just a question of volume No what did you go statue in brackets gold okay let’s take a look well I mean you Europe see right they did make a statue of Cristiano Ronaldo and it did look a bit like Greg Davis In the day before that the presentation that the sculptor was going what do you think and someone must have gone yeah, no suit Like him I think the mistake with that bus there’s a making of him smiling you don’t usually do statues of people doing a big grin I Think that’s probably why you know when you get in Trafalgar Square all those generals they’re not going That you go for the solemn face Yeah Winston Churchill in Parliament Square he’s not going I Asked you what was unusual about Conor McGregor’s outfit what do you think Oh Richard no might have got one yes thanks you so yeah um passive-aggressive comment We didn’t stipulate the actual Offense but it contains a swear okay it contains us well we’ll do a big nasty yeah a few And also it was super tiny um David you rushing you get this yes yes well let’s have a look you’re absolutely right you wore a suit with a sweat with fuck you on it sewed into it which and I’ve seen a lot of tailors, who do that what would you have your tailor emblazon in there if you could choose a saying although everyone would say tax deductible Okay Clare Balding said why did a certain United Football a receive a two-month ban and a 375 pound fine what do you get and A man what’s he got the man and the thing that you were saying So far so good he ate a pie and put a bet on when he was gonna eat ate whether he would eat Them guy in the football match at a pie having previously put a bet on that He’d eaten pie and then won the bet because he did eat the pie but that was against the rule so he got fined obsessed with who’s he in the park He resigned as the Just say the worst delivered right. I’ll until we’ve ever It’s entirely right though Ivan what did you get big nasty Catherine we knew it he broke the rules did me by eating the pie okay, Richard no, yeah hi-yah hi-yah there was odds of eight to one on him eating during the match, so he Etta pie okay, I wanted to know what was unusual about Serena Williams shoes when she got married they were tennis rackets And also have two broad a snail saying that so if it’s not the right answer we didn’t say it in the snow David rushing she had three of them she was wearing three shoes She had diamond tennis shoes She put some of these on her neck or reps yeah that is the right answer let’s take a look Yeah those are night Cortes trainers bejeweled with real crystals I’m doing now To be fair since she gave us fidget spinners you ain’t heard a peep out of me They really do work I would say there’s nothing really unusual she’s a tennis player out of her wedding she wore sort of especially posh tennis shoes that’s the answer to the question what was unusual is there’s nothing unusual is just what you expected is so unoriginal as to be not worth mentioning Next I wanted to know who Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps lost a race to this year seated shot a charm See to show you’re so happy with seated you’re Coming in from the right I will give you that seated sure thank you Each had to race Jaws Jaws yeah, okay I’ll give you that and what did you get this. Yeah we we said a CGI non-member of boys Okay this goes to show the Discovery Channel are out of ideas swimmers take your mark And then went yeah it turns out you lost yeah The human is never gonna beat a giant fish at swimming you might get a high jumper to take on a pigeon Who can jump higher the man or the pigeon quite well all the biggies doing quite other pigeon other pigeons it’s still going it’s just completely fucked off now Races people were really upset that it was a CGI shark I didn’t put him with a real one yeah they were really upset They tweeted he should’ve been a real shark we tuned in for a real shark eat you didn’t well yeah thank you it might probably wouldn’t have eaten him because that’s people at pains to say sharks don’t eat many people compared to say hippos they Kill them hippos kill loads of people no wait they do yeah they do tabloids in the media because the media Also marbles give mental for marbles yeah Jimmy Okay let’s see how you’re all doing after that so Richard and know you’ve got a 13 which is not bad for you considering David Roshi and have 23 big nasty and Katherine have 24 just in the way Welcome back to the big fat quiz of the year our next round is all about people considering there are seven point six billion people on the planet it’s absolutely incredible that Donald Trump is the man Vladimir Putin picked to be president in July Vince Cable became leader of the Lib Dems yeah that’s right Vince Cable and the Lib Dems both still exist Oh Jay Simpson was released on parole this year what’s next Oh Jay well he’s a charismatic American celebrity with a short temper and a history of misogyny maybe he’ll run for president Okay time for some all big fat questions in November man of the year storms he found himself in a spa bother at the MTV VMAs He asked his snapchat followers for help what was his predicament David Mitchell knows of course he does okay for our next question it’s over to one of the world’s finest actors Charles dance who’s reading an extract from an autobiography released in 2017 all I want to know is who is the mystery author chapter four February 2016 Gary was being so affectionate and complimentary to me all night He was whispering stuff in the club like tonight we’re not having sex we’re making love I told you I didn’t know what that meant but it sounded amazing He then said we’ll be kissing the whole time it’ll be slow then fast sounded so sexy We snuck off back to the shag pad for our very first lovemaking session all I kept thinking was I hope I’ve shaved my Fanny was a bit worse for wear There wasn’t anything sexy about that the whole room was spinning he puked all over the floor what the hell Gary’s never sick and it stunk if this is what making love is all about then rule me out I’m alright with a quick shag because of the smaller shag pad we went back to my bed in the girls bedroom to sleep I had a brucey bonus because we woke up a few hours after we passed out and started to get frisky making love to gari was like the first time I tried a cheeseburger sexy sensual and satisfying That was Charles dance there okay so whose autobiography was he reading from so presumably whoever wrote that only tried to cheeseburger as an adult Jeremy Corbyn had a very successful year but can you remember what happened when he tried to high-five shadow foreign secretary emily Thornbury back in June what happened when he tried to high-five yeah what happened Okay, next up over to Ed Balls good evening Jimmy as a former Shadow Chancellor I loved hearing about young entrepreneurs so this year I was thrilled to read about Nathan Jean Baptiste a 15 year old school boy who was reported to be turning over more than 20,000 pounds before his school put a stop to it can your teams remember what his business was Okay, what type of business did fifteen-year-old – Nathan Jean Baptiste set up a school now it’s time for a stay what you see simple just say what you see The answer to questions just in and what you’re seeing did you just say those things Actually don’t so EC write down what you see and it’s a write down what you see question write down what you can see Okay ready for some answers are we okay, okay So I asked you in November man edea storms he found himself in a spot bother at the MTV VMAs what was the problem Gemma Collins fell on him It’s a very good answer, okay what would we go locked in the stalls he’s locked in the cubicles he was taking a dump all got trapped in the woman who’s trainers hang on hey I must have gone in the women’s toilets yes that’s a dump propelled him into the Women did you get this we did we’ve said dogs, he got stuck in the loo because he was too big for his boots Points all round on that one okay Charles dance redneck straight from a celebrity autobiography out this year whose was it uh what what do you think no Roger black road to black We’ve lost the fucking will to live Roger black was one of the most handsome athletes of all time? Reference insult okay it’s not Roger black a big nose for this Oh Charlotte from geordie shore does getting more Very good I David regime with you girl we thought either Charlotte Crosby or printers and We might be from princess I haven’t read either of their o2r I couldn’t be sure but they’ve just seemed it seemed her tone of voice okay let’s go back to trance dance for the answer That was an extract from brand new me the memoirs of Charlotte Crosby let’s get Mortal Know very well done, okay Thank You Charles dance gotta love you, okay? Jeremy Corbyn I had a very successful year can you remember what happened when he tried to high-five shadow secretary Emily Thornbury back in June he went into the future Continue into the future exact Times of the continuum yeah you cannot eat didn’t freeze in time yeah Travel back in time no I mean you’re right in a sense In a sense we’re just right what will you go David he slapped her boob Okay agnostic yet aggressor and still let’s take a look at the incident in question Do you think that’s his first go at high-fiving I? Would say so what do you think they’re thinking they’re there they are the two of them he’s just slapped her boob back What’s going through their heads are they going do you think no one noticed Okay Ed Balls asked you what fifteen-year-old businessman Nathan jean baptiste set up at school what was his business a sweetshop sweatshop I’m sorry sweatshop I thought you put sweet shop boys go yeah cool that’s not business is it 20,000 pounds of you is turning over in the sweet shop I got it sweets sweats a is just a spelling error What did you put all it nail bar a Nail bar in the toilets of eSchool yes you’ve got the dryers there He set up a sweet job it was turning over 20,000 pounds a year he had 11 employees Wow I don’t know why the school shut it down it strikes me as excellent, okay I asked you to say what you saw what have you got Richard No, acquaintance Willy announced retirement yeah they’ve got it I know yeah remarkable isn’t it Right to prove we’re not idiots I’m gonna be really honest we had Prince Philip retirement and then we were not sure about announced but we definitely Oh, that’s the pink and those on TV that woman She’s hated you Why didn’t you like and would it come why who’s there? She’s fake bro she has to go an excuse she knows about the streets and stuff and she cares a lot more people she’s in a ruthless rough I am no fan of and Widdecombe but I would not say she’s someone who pretends she either knows about the streets or cares about poor people I Would say she is she has not projected that image okay so you got you got to absolutely right David Richard what did you the same Prince Phillip announces retirement okay, points points no points we need we need them full phrase okay time now for a bonus round this is a part of the show while I Introduce a mystery guest all you have to do is guess who they are and how they made the news this year and you can Only ask yes or. No questions please welcome our mystery guest Okay so what questions he made the news this year quite a big story did you tweet something no did you see something Yes if you see something say something did you smell something yes did you witness something yes? was it in London no was it in Britain yes was it in England yes was it in the north of England No. I’ve got to say this is one of my favorite conversations ever This is like tennis You didn’t tweet it you didn’t share it did you share something yes was a criminal was it criminal what you saw no? was it in an urban area of more than two hundred thousand inhabitants Yes what in Coventry no in Bristol He smelt and saw and witnessed a funny thing that happen in Bristol so al farted yes well in Bristol farting it’s it’s more than that but yes you’re on the right lines you’re getting warmer with that somebody in Bristol farting is not a massive storm more than farted as a clue shush No no someone shat themselves in Bristol I’m not thinking front page Chat themselves is the dream compared to what happened Okay write down what you think Someone Made the news which involves gotta remember exactly what happened well you’ve got a little It was not a festival Write it down. Okay Let’s have a look and see where they put well first she nasty thought it was festival related and public to us we cross that out and then we put Bristol poo energy system okay, that’s that’s not anything rigid no what have you got the bay poet it went up like a lava lamp and never learned that’s not Something to do with Portishead yeah Okay alright and what have you got Roshan and David please someone got into some sort of trouble trying to retrieve their poo Secondary double-glazing in a bag it was my friend it’s not the right answer yes yes that is the right answer Because it’s plain who you are and why you made the news my name is Lim and my date got stuck between two windows at My house earlier this year after she tried to throw her poo out of the window So you all the dates Go back to your house the lady excuses earth goes to the bath yes drops a deuce Wouldn’t flush So she she wrapped it up in toilet paper and she went to try and throw it out of my window But I’m fortunate my house had a weird sort of quirk of student housing design there was sooo two panes of glass and it goes stocking but sweetie she essentially just put her poo on display Okay it’s a nice display unit like as you would get in a museum maybe so she bother you on display and then what happened Well I thought we’d smash the window to get it out she was she was a bit of an amateur gymnast So she decided to climb in after it and she got stuck So who did you have to call the fire brigade okay and what any of the firemen injured laughing that hard I think it was the call-out of the week for them yet How did she tell you? What had happened she was very polite about it actually she came out and said look I’m really sorry but this happens and we yeah it’s the this that I’m interested And she says my mummified feces are in there David & Roisin you get the points Okay let’s see what that sent to the store so I can tell you Richard and all have 15 points and David Roisin and big nursing Catherine both on 28th Welcome back to the big fat quiz the next round is all about the talking points and water-cooler moments that define 2017 let’s remind ourselves why everyone was talking about this year the new ten pound note featuring Jane Austen was a triumph for feminists who’d long complained there were no women featured on banknotes except of course the Queen who’s on all of them Extreme weather caused worldwide devastation in 2017 much of Texas was flooded whole Caribbean islands were left devastated Vietnam had their strongest typhoon in a generation and in Britain a wheelie bin was blown over together we’ll rebuild a set of questions all right eyewitnesses were delighted in April when they saw Tom Hardy spring into action on the streets of London what was he doing playing sir Bertie In September two year old Emily Henson attended the Invictus games and sat next to Prince Harry what did she do on camera that made headlines around the world She did something on camera that made headlines around the world you’ve got okay the next question were going over to the script this year one sweet from everyone’s favorite football point at Gary Lineker it really caught our eye yeah It’s right back in October he tweeted the end is nigh but what strange phenomenon prompted him to tweet this I liked the bit earlier when there was a bat in their house Gary Lineker tweeted the end is nigh Wally if you tweet the end is nigh, okay Greg’s the Baker’s was forced to apologise after publicity shots for its Christmas advent calendar were criticized can you tell me what caused the offence yes yes, David of course has a an advent calendar from Gregg’s up in the house I feel sure First you have to look up to the woman I say walk one sister I’m saying you don’t want them dead savages I beg you bust me if you love me go to their back and make me a special club as extra two pound for the filling and she does their course That’s the most amazing brag ever I go integrate and I get to make me a special sandwich Okay a u.s Navy pilot was grounded after residents in Washington witnessed the pilot doing something a navy official described as wholly unacceptable and antithetical to Navy core values So what was that US Navy parlor doing the US Navy pilot top gun style man was doing something what was it He was doing is taking my bloody breath away the Top Gun reference everyone that’s right There should be more rest to Berlin thank you okay Let’s look at some answers everyone okay I ask you watch all honey did on the streets of London what do you think some fine acting you think people saw him acting and he also stopped a crime oh Maybe some bad at dinner was that area so stop the crime what are you getting nasty woman stop the robot stop the robber okay, that’s a crime Okay and Richard know he said something about taboo no idea what you call taboo we just wrote that down and then we just thought he was So cool – boo I can’t give you a point for that I was gonna stick with he was Well I’m gonna give you points he he actually Tom Hardy was spied on the hero streets of London stopping a man who’d allegedly stolen a motorbike so we write you all night you get points for that one point point no point I next I want to know what two year-old Emily Henson was caught doing at the Invictus games steal on my man she was flirting with my BAE she still was popcorn it was adorable it was viral did you get this you got eight His Royal popcorn and then stole his pot did you what yeah so is popcorn I drew a ghost that’s an extra point well let’s take a look it is pretty adorable He initially seriously actually took the popcorn away from her genuinely did that and then, he tried to make up for it afterwards She’s eating it’s ages without him noticing it we just notice he’s like you Know So the script wanted to know why Gary Lineker took to Twitter to claim the end was nigh what did you put he’s giving up on walkers Christopher get rid of a minute no Weird sky yeah cause by prom Cocteau does Okay Richard no what have you put what you mean well if you go for this what for the sandstone sky we’ve got it right sound storm mind your own business Apologies no apologies yeah well I can tell you yes Gary Lineker was worried that the world was ending because of the red sky that’s a look look sky over London I don’t think Gary Lineker was really worried that the end is nigh I think I think there was he was expressing levity don’t you he was joking about it I think to say stupid Gary Lineker thought the world was ending and now it hasn’t it’s a bit rough Okay Greg’s the Baker’s upset people without advent calendar why sausage roll nativity scene replace Jesus they replace Jesus with a sausage roll did you go this is wrong Did you get this yes one let’s have a look and see this their nativity scene No but if you look carefully you will see that Jesus has been replaced by a sausage roll there You know Jewish or Muslim I might have a problem but Christians what they got against the sausage roll Yeah but then the Christians complained about this he’s a Jewish baby being played by a pork sausage Played by I’m not surprised that people complain I think at the point where they thought it won’t be really a bit of fun around Christmas is if instead of Jesus we have not just a sausage roll but a sausage roll that someone’s taken a bite If it was a mini sausage roll but the scale is ludicrous Little figures could have given birth to something that means Okay points all round on that one and lastly for this round I want to know why US Navy pilots got in trouble what did they do dick sky Okay big nasty Catherine what do you book big nasty new the answer to this one what was it they’ll watch some porn yeah you Knew the wrong answer to this one we all can know the wrong answer it’s dick sky No, yeah this shit in the cockpit threw it out he got caught between the glove Oh I can only describe as two pilots, who have gone to Top Gun Dick Scott Didn’t go back to do the little bit of sperm I guess I guess you know budget cuts Okay, finally it’s time for the big question a blue planet – was the most view television show of 2017 so who better to ask our final question than the cast of Blue Planet too I’m fuckin good clearly what is going on Did you genuinely think the polar bear was real rough for a hot second that was real Okay mr. Polar bear do you have a question yes? I have some questions the panel to tell me the most streamed artist in 2017 according to Spotify and the most talked about person on Twitter in the UK in 2017 and the word of the year for 2017 I seems pretty reasonable yeah, okay cool Also three questions so it’s the most streamed Astor’s to go to you to Spotify yes yes, okay and most talked about person in the UK according to Twitter that’s correct I give you close not Donald Trump and the word Or phrase of the year according to the Collins English dictionary that’s it why the Collins dictionary not the Oxford English Dictionary CH Okay Go and bother no but don’t spill the mulled wine on him because He says pretty adorable Jimmy is the word of the year absolutely one word no it’s a phrase Okay so it’s a point each a 10 point bonus if you get all of them Okay, okay, so most streamed artist of the year who did you think tell us waived no? What did you think I didn’t a bro man you smashed them yes sir Oh cheering okay and Richard know you’ve gone with a Journey is the right answer most streamed artist of the year okay all right most talked about person in the UK mr Corda to Twitter we went Jeremy Corbyn you went near Corbin you went? Taylor Swift we don’t care Taylor Swift we don’t care okay I could Evi on two wars Jeremy Corbyn most of us this year and the the phrase or word of the year dotard don’t tie these northern right answer you went with be bass BDL no that is not the word of the year and then you’ve gone for fake news that was the word of the year yes Okay, let’s see how you all did I can tell you that in last place predictably Richard Ayoade Eno fielding 19.7 welcome Big now seeing Kathryn run but in first place All of you Our special guest thank you for watching this has been the big fat quiz of 2017 tonight’s Jimmy again Friday from nine o’clock in China for and ate at a ten cats can turn very a Christmas special tomorrow from nine to Miranda on channel 4 she got David Tennant Sam Smith improved leaf getting festive not tweeting next tonight a movie when first shown got twelve point four million viewers will take something similar ten past eleven on Boxing Day night by joe handle for weddings and a funeral

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