Tetsuya Naito wants all the gold on the line at Wrestle Kingdom! (#njdest)

September 11, 2019

¡BUENAS NOCHES KORAKUEN HALL! The Intercontinental title is
on the line on 9/22, in Kobe. I’m going to face Jay White. He wants to hold the Intercontinental and
IWGP Heavyweight titles at the same time, huh? That’s his ambition. So does the G1 CLIMAX winner, Kota Ibushi, right? So, I want an answer from New Japan, ASAP… At the Tokyo Dome, the Intercontinental and
IWGP Heavyweight titles, a double title match… Is it really going to happen, or what? What’s it going to be? If it’s not going to happen… Then I’ll just challenge for the briefcase
while I hold this Intercontinental title. Usually, I tell people to be TRANQUILO, But the excitement for a double title match is too
high. New Japan, you guys better hurry, CABRÓN. But first things first, I have to retain
against Jay White in Kobe on 9/22. Everyone, get excited for it. We have one more night,
here in Korakuen Hall, tomorrow. I’ll see you all tomorrow,
back here, in Korakuen Hall. New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s 3 nights in Korakuen,
we’re closing the second night with, of course… EVIL, BUSHI, SANADA, Hiromu, Takagi, Y Naito. ¡NOSOTROS… LOS INGOBERNABLES DE JAPÓN! 聞いたか?
“BUENAS NOCHES”だと… スペイン語が上手いじゃないか 試合の最後で俺に
‘SMILE’と言ってきたな… 外道 心配しなくていい
内藤の手の内はお見通しだ どうやら俺の戦略は
STARDUST GENIUSとよく似てるらしい 俺たちは似た者同士だ お前のことは大嫌いだが
お前はとても興味深い 神戸が近づくに連れ
お前に対する愛憎が日に日に増していく 楽しいぜ こんなにも誰かを
痛めつけてやりたいと思ったことはない だから 次お前が何を仕掛けてくるのか
それがまた楽しみだ お前の顔を椅子で
殴ってやりたくなる 内藤 神戸で真っ向勝負だ 楽しいのは今だけだ 内藤 神戸以降
お前はもう好き放題できなくなる そこで俺たちのDESTINOがハッキリする お前の終わりは
俺の時代の始まりだ 俺たちは
運命で繋がれている 互いの運命の鎖からは逃れられない 俺はお前のベルトを奪り
DESTINOを手にいれる お前は俺にとって
ただの踏み台でしかない 分かったか 俺はお前のDESTINOの一部だ 俺たちの物語は繋がっているだろ? だが 俺がインターコンチの王者になり
俺たちの運命は分かれ道だ そして 俺が史上初のIWGPとインターコンチの
ダブルチャンピオンになる それまでは
思う存分楽しもうぜ TRANQUILOだ LET’S BREATHE WITH THE SWITCHBLADE A lot of people are saying a lot of things… I’ll say what I want, also… That’s the IWGP title. Remember that. I said what I’m thinking, in the ring. EVIL, SANADA, and Takagi… They’re all looking up. So am I. If all the members of a team are looking at the
same goal, then we have no choice but to fight. If somebody doesn’t like what I said in the ring, Then they should take it up with me. It can be a singles or tag match.
With or against each other. It’s all good. But… But to compete against each other is the best
way to elevate a faction. I believe that. What EVIL thinks, what Takagi thinks,
what SANADA wants to do, I don’t care. What I want is what matters to me, now.
So, I wanted to make that clear to everyone. I’ll do it my way.
That’s what matters to me. Is there anything else you need to
ask me, besides that? Anything to ask me?
Well, I’m OCUPADO. I went to watch baseball right after
I came back from overseas. With all of these tours,
I’m very OCUPADO and CANSADO. But if you want to know more, just give me a call.
You’ve got my number. But the thing is, my phone is on silent. Am I going to pick up?
The answer is of course, TRA- Actually, it’s just going to be a ‘No’. If you want to hear more from me, then you
should come back to Korakuen Hall, tomorrow night. Let’s all enjoy my preview matches with Jay White. I guess I’ll go home now. HASTA MAÑANA.

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