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Tera Kya Hoga Alia – Ep 102 – Full Episode – 15th January 2020

January 17, 2020

What is this? What is this, Alia? Alok, take a look. In Alia’s bag!
– Alia you won’t play for Final Eleven. Mr. Kamal, get ready. You will play
for Final Eleven. Alok..
– Mr. Alok.. – Alok! Rabiya. Alok! You had to pay a heavy price
for being my friend for a day. You got thrown
out of the team. Didn’t you feel ashamed
to cheat me in this manner? Everything is fair in love and war. I’m in love with Alok. I can go to any length
to make him mine. He is pretending to be my
husband because of compulsion. He does the drama of
calling you as his ex-wife. But, very soon all this is going to
become the reality. Because,
while doing this drama neither Alok nor
you will realise when he really fell
in love with me. You were an extra and
always will remain the same. Welcome to everyone. I, Nandan, the peon,
offer my greetings to you all. Teachers, parents,
gents, ladies, children and their friends,
hold your breaths because a fierce
battle is about to ensue. I mean a football match between the teachers
of two schools. I welcome the seasoned,
new comers, good, bad married, single players
of both the teams. So, welcome with a
big round of applause the team of
Gyan Sarovar School and their captain,
Mr. Alok Parihar. Also welcome the team
of Gyan Sagar School and their captain,
Mr. Bheem Singh Chaudary. Hey..
– What? Guys,
they have got body builders saying that they are teachers. Sir, we are playing
a football match, right? I mean, seeing them,
I feel that they are in a mood for a wrestling match. Shut up! – Sorry, sir, all of
them look like wrestlers. God! The wrestlers
seem to be after my life! No, I was not talking
about your dad. No attendance will
be marked today. Nor will there be any test. Students, wish all the best
to your respective schools. Thank you. The winners will
get a reward of Rs. 5 lakhs from Agra Education Trust. Let’s see, which is the
best school in Agra. Whether it is Gyan Sarovar
or Gyan Sagar. Guys, it is a weak team.
We will beat them easily. Okay, done.
– We will score so many goals by the half-time
that they will faint. Is it clear?
– Yes, sir. Clear, guys. – Yes, sir.
Clear, guys. – Yes, sir. Actually, what are we supposed
to discuss forming a circle? What might those
people be doing? They might be
taking a sun bath. Sir, you are too much! Sir, they might be making
a strategy forming a circle. The first rule of the game is never underestimate
your opponent team. Guys, seeing their team,
we are scared to death. Then how can we think
them to be weak? Listen, no matter how
much they try to scare us we won’t get scared. Okay?
Play the game naturally. We have come here to win.
We are going to win. We won’t get scared
and will score.. – Goals. Come on. After both the
teams had their meeting the referee has
blown the whistle. And the match starts. Ms. Tara.. GK, 120.
GK, 4.. – 120. – 120. Ms. Alia is not to be seen. Alia, why are you
feeling so disheartened? Dear, we trust you. Wait and watch. One day, even Alok will
realise his mistake. Alia, are you sure that Tara has
played this game against you? Yes, Mom. Tara’s illness has
become a headache now. Really.
You’ll see, Alia. She has done
such a bad thing. Good things
won’t happen to her. She will not win this match. I will pray to god
that this happens. – No, no. Mom, don’t say such a
thing even by mistake. I can’t bear to see my
Alok lose the match just to beat
that Tara. This is match is crucial
for Alok. Mom, pray to God that we win this match. You will. Come on now.
The match has begun. Come on.
Come now. Come on guys!
Come on! The Captain of Gyan Sarovar
moves with the ball but Bheem Singh takes
the ball now. And now it is with
Satsanghi. Pass the ball.. Satsanghi has sent the ball
to GK and he did not show off. Come on! GK! GK! 60 degrees! GK knows the game
in degrees. A good team up.
And Alok has the ball. Come on, Alok! Mom, why are you
not playing? I am not needed for now. And the opponents
are very strong. Let us watch the match.
– Come dear. Be seated. And in a smooth manner
is ball is taken to goal post. Passed to Tara now. Romance is high
and chance is high. Ms. Tara is holding! Tara!
– Come on.. Alok!
– Come on! Tara, pass! A great team up
of Alok and Tara and Alok hits a kick
and goal! Come on, Alok! First goal
from Gyan Sarovar! Come on, guys!
Come on! ‘Had I been one
of final 11’ ‘I would have scored
that goal.’ And here I am
coming ever so quick! Chaturvedi! Mr. Chaturvedi, teaching
Hindi to football. GK! Rajesh! Tara! Shalini! Rajesh, pass! Move.. Rajesh, pass!
– Here it is, Shalini! Come on, Shalini!
Come on! Tara come on! One more goal
by Tara! A second goal
for Gyan Sarovar! And Gyan Sagar team
is huddling up. After losing the lead
this team is being scolded. The captain is angry What are you doing? What are you looking at? Focus, guys! We have to win this match
no matter what happens. Is that clear?
Time for mind games. Check for their weakness. And listen to me. That annoying Rajesh
is in love with Shalini. Target the girl
if you want the ball. Is that clear?
– Yes, sir. Is that clear?
– Yes, sir. Confuse Chaturvedi
by speaking English. and keep going on
so you divert his mind. Is that clear?
– Yes, sir. Next goal is ours.
victory is ours. Is that clear?
– Yes, sir. Come on, guys! We heard the whistle!
The match resumes. Chaturvedi!
– Chaturvedi! Here I come easy
and smooth! A musical move. Dude!
– Dude! Dude!
– Dude! Dude!
– Dude! What language is that!
He took the ball! He took the ball. Goal keeper
fails. Gyan Sagar scores
their first goal. Goal!
– Goal! Satsanghi is moving ahead. He lacks confidence.
Such anxiety. He charges ahead. Pass it to me! Pass it to me! Pass.. GK asks for a pass. Not doing it. Satsanghi, do it! Do it! Pass! I am sorry.
I am a short tempered man. Continue. GK!
At 90 degrees! Rajesh!
Pass! Shalini! Here it is! Guys! Cover! Come on, Shalini! What are you doing here? You are the goalkeeper!
Do something! Two goals
have been scored! I cannot see the ball. The ball will come
at a fast pace! You must focus!
– Yes, I will. This man is useless. Guys, their maths teacher
shoots blindly! Only by hearing the degree! So we will confuse him
in that manner. Is it clear?
– Yes, Captain. Prasad, Vivek. Be with me.
Guys, position. Come! Tara! Tara! 60 degrees! GK!
– What? Ten degrees!
– At 45 degrees! Go on!
– 104! What is all this?
You have a degree! 90! GK, do not be confused.
Pay heed to Alok. – GK, 90! GK is confused. And Gyan Sagar scores
another goal! He should be beaten up! I was confused.
Everyone was shouting. Come on! Oh my, amazing! The one who doesn’t have hair
is stopping the ball. Mr. Chaturvedi, go straight.. Mr. Chaturvedi, come on! Go.. Make space..
– Get the stretcher!.. Sir, what now? What shall we do? What’s there to think?
Call Alia. Yes, Alok. Alia. Come on..
– Come on. Come on, fast.. Come on! Alia.. Alia, play well, okay?
– Yes, sir. Let’s go..
– Come on, fast.. After Mr. Chaturvedi got injured Agra’s Alia has come
in the team. Round of applause! Alia.. Tara, I had told you
that I will play the match. Now, the real game starts. Gyan Sagar’s team
moves the ball forward.. His BP is increasing.. He’s analysing if he would
be able to stop the ball. And Alok intercepts.. He has taken possession
of the ball and moves forward.. Alok, pass! Match is progressing further and he passes it to Alia. She’s moving forward
along with the ball.. And a goal! Alia scores a wonderful goal
from Gyan Sarovar’s team! It was a great decision
to play Alia in their team. You have made her
eat so much ghee it finally came of some use. Very good, Alia. You played really well.
Brilliant. Thank you, Alok. Let’s forget the past and play together like a team. Am I clear? Come on!
Well played. Here.. Don’t be so flattered that Alok complemented you. Your goal was a fluke. It won’t happen every time. If I won’t be able to kick,
then I will score a header. I know everything. You concentrate on your game. Someone’s forgetting that she
wanted me out of the team.. Now, I’m in the team and will assist in winning all on my own. Impossible. I will make sure that you don’t
get possession of the ball. Oh, so will you control my game? I have controlled your life this is no big deal.. Today, I will be
the leading goal scorer.. Not at all, Tara. I will score
the most number of goals. Do whatever you can. The game’s second half
has started. Both the teams are gearing up and the principal is overeating. Shalini in the center Tara playing as forward and Alia makes space
for herself. Mr. Satsanghi is yawning. Will you sleep there? Alok, pass! Alok, pass! Both the forwards are clear. Tara and Alia
are asking him to pass. Alok passes to Alia
and Tara intercepts the ball! Tara shoots.. Goal! The goalkeeper couldn’t do
anything to stop that shot. It was a great goal
scored by Tara! Now the score is.. Mister, update it. Yeah, 4-3. Rajesh, pass!
– What? Rajesh, pass! Pass it to Alia. Alia, pass! Alia, pass. Alia! Alia, pass it here. And she scores! Alia.. Alok.. ‘Today, I will be
the leading goal scorer.’ ‘I will score
the most number of goals.’

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