Talking Tom and Friends – Angela The Cheerleader (Season 1 Episode 40)

September 11, 2019

Hey there athletic sporting contest fans. How many times have
you missed the big game because of a tortilla chip injury? Too many times to remember. Put away your safety goggles
because chips with sharp corners are now a thing of the past,
thanks to… the Tor-trimma! It smells like… burnt plastic. The smell of snack safety… Turn it off! Turn it off! I’m trying! Try harder! Tom! Noooo! I guess I need to re-calibrate
the hypotenuse-finder… Hey guys. Thanks, Angela! You saved our- oooh! What? What’s wrong? Tom, look away. You
don’t want to see this. What? I don’t see what
the… Ow, my eyes. Is that a Piranhas shirt?
Tell me that’s not a Pir… Ow, it’s a Piranhas shirt. Huh? Oh, this? What’s the big deal? The Piranhas
are just a basketball team. Seeing you in that shirt cuts. It cuts like a corny tortilla chip to the gums. Ben, help me out here… The Piranhas are in the championship
game against our favorite team – the Barracudas… Well, see, there you go. Piranhas, Barracudas, you can
see why I got confused, they’re like practically the same thing. The same? Barracudas are honest
saltwater ambush predators. And Piranhas they are nothing but
freshwater cheaters who play dirty and hunt their prey in schools. Oh, okay. I get it. To prove I’m a Barracuda’s fan like you guys… I will never wear this disgusting,
cheating team’s shirt again! Well, thank you for understanding, Angela. Yes. It’s for the best. Stupid basketball game… Why do they have two teams
named after fish anyways? Barracudas are honest
saltwater ambush predators. And Piranhas are – Oh no, is that… Victoria Payne? I give Angela a thumbs down. Down. Down. Hello, Victoria. Angela? I haven’t seen you since you
totally tore me apart in that – song. Payne can’t hurt me. You see, it’s her name. Well, if it seemed too mean, just
remember, you started it – did it seem too mean? When you sang, “Payne can’t hurt me,”
it was like you were calling me a pain. Oh my fosh, I’m really sorry. The thing is I was just so
mad when I wrote it. Ha! Oh my god. Just kidding, of course. That’s the first song of
yours I actually like – liked. Really? Well then, what
did you like about it? Oh. Well, it was real. You know it showed that
under all the rainbows and sunshine there’s some… grit. I have grit… Yay! Wait, you like the Piranhas? Oh, this is just a shirt… Eyes up here. …that I wear because I love the Piranhas. “Chomp n’ stomp,” right?! “Chomp n’ stomp!”, yeah. Wow, you know, you may not
be a total waste of time. Hey, how about we forget
about the past and start over? Okay… Victoria. Oh, I just hope there’s
room for us in the Diner. The Diner? Maybe I was too harsh on Angela
for wearing the enemy’s shirt. It was an innocent mistake. It’s
not like she’s a Piranhas fan. But to make sure it doesn’t
happen again, I’m giving her this to wear while we watch the game. – What’s that in the water, ya’ll?!
– Piranhas! – And who are we gonna feed on tomorrow?!
– The Barracudas! Wow, Piranhas fans really
know how to have fun! Yeah we do! Hey, I just thought of a great story for the Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Report. Angela and Victoria. Two powerful women
in the local music scene – Ooh, I like that part… Ooh, I better take this. B-R-B. Yo, it’s local pop star, Angela! Make some noise, Piranhas fans! Let’s show her some love. Wow. Thanks. Now, tell us why you love the Piranhas – Go. Oh. Um, because they’re the best at
running and bouncing the ball really fast… Oh! Oh! And they hunt their prey in schools! Unlike those Barracudas who
are nothing but a bunch of saltwater ambush-predator cheaters! Am I right?! Yey everyone! Woo-hoo… sports! Oh yeah! Now that’s a fan
who really knows her stuff! You are not going to believe this. That was the owner of
the Piranhas on the phone. I told him what a huge Piranhas fan you are. And I of course said that if he
knows anything about good music, he should hire Angela, obviously. …and? And you got the job! You are the Piranhas’ halftime entertainment
at tomorrow’s championship game. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here, you can have this. It will look great on stage
with your Piranhas shirt! I love it! This is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait to tell Tom and – Oh… Oh sports. Uh. Ben, can you please hurry
up with that so we can make breakfast? I just need to adjust the angle
reader from “obtuse” to “acute.” There’s nothing cute about
missing breakfast, Ben. My stomach is eating itself. There, that should do it. Let’s give it a try. What’s wrong with you. You should be trimming tortillas. Hey guys. I have donuts. Did she say doughnuts? – No sharp edges.
– You saved our lives. Easy, guys. Save some for the game. You know, Tom. You and the guys don’t
have to worry about those dangerous snacks anymore,
because you’ll be watching the game live and in person. Boom. You got us tickets? Yes. I did. Angela! Angela! Angela! How did you get these? The game’s been sold out for weeks. It’s actually a funny story… Remember Victoria Payne? Yeah, well it turns out she knows
someone who knows someone, and they asked me to perform at halftime. Crazy, right? You’re the halftime entertainment?! Yes! I get to sing in the middle
of the game while the players drink water and get yelled at. Wow. This is huge. The whole town will be
watching the game. After today, everyone will know your name. I’m really glad you guys understand
what a great career opportunity this is for me. Because um, well
the thing is, I was hired by the P- Right, these are so dangerous. Here, I was gonna give
this to you later but – but it looks like I
better give it to you now. Oh, um… You can wear it tonight so everyone
knows you’re rooting for the good guys. “Good guys,” oh, come on. I mean. Can’t we just focus on what a great career opportunity this is for me? I mean it’s just a stupid basketball game. Not to us, Angela. Not to us. You are a traitor, Angela. No, Tom! Yes, Angela, you betrayed us. What? No! Traitor! Traitor! Traitor! Nooo!!! Well, well, well. Victoria
Payne is a Piranhas Fan. Doesn’t surprise me. Ooh. Quick question which hurts
more, getting chomped or getting stomped? We’ll see who chomped and stomped
who when the game’s over. And Piranhas don’t have feet, Victoria. Ladies and gentlemen, please give
a round of applause to tonight’s halftime performer, Angela! Hey, everyone. Here’s a song
I wrote especially for tonight. It’s called No One Wins
And No One Loses. I sure hope you like it… Hit it! Everyone in the house who
doesn’t care who wins tonight, put your hands up like this! Com’on! Woo-hoo! Me and myself. What is she doing? Let’s all hope it’s a tie / Yeah a tie/ Let’s hope no one wins, and no one loses / so everyone can go home… Hey! Hey, quit throwing stuff!
Seriously, it’s one more – Angela, what were you thinking? Uh, dur-doy what the heck! I just wanted people to get along
instead of fighting over who’s going to win the stupid game… But now that I think about it
I really didn’t realize how much people hate a tie game. Or a song about a tie game. Big mistake. Yeah, that song was… not good. And by not good, he means terrible. I agree. The worst… Okay, yeah, got it, thanks.
But, wait a second. Look at all you right now. I see Piranhas fans and Barracudas fans…
and you are all putting aside your differences and agreeing on something. And it’s all thanks to my song! I call that progress! Victoria, just how bad is this for my career? Give it to me straight. Maybe don’t watch this week’s
Thumbs-up, Thumbs-down Report. Oh, right.

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