Swedish diplomat reveals video footage of inter-Korean World Cup qualifier in Pyeongyang

October 24, 2019

football fans and media outlets could
not watch the historic inter-korean World Cup qualifier in Pyongyang last
night which resulted in a goalless draw in an almost empty stadium while the
North promised to give a DVD of the footage to the South Korean side after
the game the Swedish ambassador to North Korea has released a glimpse of the
historic match on Twitter Connie Lee reports nobody in South Korea has seen the full
match footage of the inter-korean World Cup qualifier in Pyongyang but the
Swedish ambassador to North Korea has tweeted some short clips of the players
lining up for each other’s national anthem posting the video footage after
the match ambassador Georgian Bergstrom said it was a hopeful and historic
moment when the South Korean anthem was played at the Kim Eun sung stadium in
Pyongyang another video released by the Swedish ambassador showed some of the
South and North Korean players getting into what appears to be a scuffle South
Korea’s captain and Tottenham Hotspurs star for swooning min was seen trying to
calm down the North Korean players regarding this video for US Ambassador
Bergstrom said emotions run high at times as the two Koreas meet in the FIFA
qualification match but the audience is sparse Pyongyang kept the stands empty
with no crowd at the match venue which had been expected to be full of tens of
thousands of North Korean fans the regime also denied access to any fans or
reporters from the south and did not even allow foreign media or tourists to
watch the match one of the few officials who attended the match FIFA president
Gianni Infantino later expressed disappointment he said he was let down
to see no fans in the stadium and was surprised by issues regarding the live
broadcast and problems with access for foreign journalists the reasons for
keeping the c’mere song stadium empty are still unknown
after leaving Pyongyang home Lindsay to catch a connecting flight from Beijing
the South Korean men’s national football team will go their separate ways with
some members arriving back at Incheon International Airport early Thursday
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