Sticky Arm Wrestling Challenge

October 10, 2019

( music playing )If you’ve been wondering
who’s the dominant arm
wrestler here at Mythical than you’ve clicked
on the right video, because we’re
about to find out. If you haven’t heard
the Make-A-Wish foundation is doing an arm wrestle
challenge to raise awareness and money
to help grant the wishes of children diagnosed
with critical illnesses. And being that we are both
massive fans of Make-A-Wish and we’re both
massively ripped. – Yeah!
– It is no surprise that we have been
challenged to take part in the arm
wrestle challenge, and we have been challenged
by none other than John Cena! All right, well,
now I’m challenging my friends to arm wrestle
into something sticky. The winner donates
to Make-A-Wish and the loser donates double. Challenge!Rhett and Link,
you up for the challenge?
Ah, yes, that puny man. Anyway, the rules of the arm
wrestle challenge state that each wrestler’s arm should
be over a sticky substance. So the loser’s arm goes
into the sticky mess. And if you have
the means to do so, the winner donates money
at and the loser donates double
whatever the winner donated. Now we’re both going
to arm wrestle but we also wanted
to find out who is the best arm
wrestler on the crew. So that we could go up
against that person to truly crown
the Mythical champ. So we made
the Mythical crew compete with one winner emerging
to take on us. Let’s see how that went.( music playing )Ow! My arm! ( groans ) I have a couple
things to say. If you beat me,
you don’t support women. – ( groans )
– ( panting ) I saw “Lady Bird”
in theaters. I have my own type
of strength. I have a torn rotator cuff.
I have all the excuse
in the world, John. I also saw “Wonder Woman”
in theaters. I have an inner strength.
I’ve been through a lot. For real? Okay. ( grunts ) So this is not a representation
of who I am as a person. That said, let’s go. ( grunts ) Oh, God! – No!
– Oh, gosh! ( laughs ) Holy crap! – Come on. Get down there.
– ( rapid exhaling ) – I can see it.
– No! You’re gonna have to face Jen
after this. – It’s okay.
– Oh! ( sighs ) ( grunts ) Man: Finish him! ( groans ) – ( heavy breathing )
– What? ( stammering )
She earned it! Let’s bring out
the crew champion.( music playing )– Link: Oh!
– Rhett and Link: Whoa! Rhett:
Oh! Oh, gosh! – Rhett: Oh, gosh!
– Link: Hey! – Rhett: Jen, come join us.
– Link: Bustin’ out the guns! – All right.
– Nice work, Jen! – Thank you. Thank you.
– Congratulations! Okay, here’s
how we’re gonna do this. – Now if you–
– Three-way wrestle? No. If you recall, the two of us arm wrestled
on the show a long time ago. And I can’t remember who won–
who won that. ( both grunting ) ( screaming ) Okay, that was me winning. So I get a buy
to the final round, which means that the two
of you guys, – the crew champ versus Link.
– Versus Link. Link. And then I’m gonna
take on the winner. – Now–
– All right,
we got nice padding here – for the elbow.
– This is better
than what we had. You guys have
a sticky substance. – Elmer’s glue is
your sticky substance
– Oh! – that you will
be wrestling over.
– Wow! – Are you ready?
– I guess. Now, Jen… I just wanna tell you
that I’ve forgiven you. What’s in the past is
in the past, but I do wanna say that there are many nights
that I wake up at like 3:00 AM in just a pool of sweat. I was dreaming
of a big bag of flourcoming straight towards my faceand I wake up
at the last second! Yeah, that happened. Now here,
here you’re snickering.( groans )Well, you can pay her back
right now, Link. – Oh, is that a stretch?
– Oh! – I’m not sure what’s happening.
– He’s popping. – Do you hear that?
– Yeah. – There’s some cracks in there.
– I heard it all the way
in my head. Go ahead and grasp each other. I don’t know the– I don’t know
the technical terms for this. I’m count down from three, I’m
gonna let go and then you’re on. – Okay.
– Okay, just let me
itch my nose. Okay, I will itch my nose. Three, two, one, go! – ( grunts )
– Oh, gosh! Oh, wow! Ooh! Ooh! Oh! Oh, my goodness! We got an “Oh, my goodness!”
already. Look into my eyes, Jen! Man, this is quite a battle. Ah, a little bit– Ah, Jen! Little– A little bit
of a stalemate here. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! ( sighs ) Jen, you can do this. I totally believe in you. – Oh! Oh!
– ( grunting ) Oh! Oh! ( heavy breathing ) – Giving up, Jen?
– No! ( grunting ) Oh! Okay. Why’s it still
in there? Yeah! I did it! I did it!
I beat Jen! I beat Jen! Okay, Link,
now it’s time to see if you can redeem yourself and be the official
Mythical champ. That’s right and it’s
gonna be a cage match. Look at that cage!
It’s got some pigeons in it. – Why?
– ‘Cause the loser’s arm
is going to be dropped
into this Karo syrup and then put
into that bird cage so those birds can attack it. After bird seed has
been applied to us. Oh, yeah, we have a big
bowl of bird seed. – Forgot about that.
– Okay. – Jen–
– I gotta say, I– Let me just start by saying,
I’m a little nervous, man. You– you know,
you’ve been getting up
and going to the gym. Three or four years now
since that happened. – That’s right.
– So, I mean, I haven’t been
doing that. All right, Jen.
Are you on Team Link or what? I’m on Team I’m Reffing This. Okay. Team Ref. All right, get your elbows
in there. Okay. – How’s the hair?
– Great. – Just delaying the time.
– Clammy hands, man. Clammy hands. I’ll hold like Rhett did. – Okay, ya’ll ready?
– Yeah. Three, two, one, go!( music playing )Why do you look so confused? Have you started? What are you– – Why you pulling back?
– Have you started? No. Have you? Why’s your hand shaking?
Why’s your hand shaking? Hmm? Hmm? ( grunting ) ( grunting ) Have you started? – No. Have you?
– No. Have you started? Shut up! ( grunting ) Both of y’all are popping veins. – ( grunting )
– ( groaning ) – Yeah!
– ( groans ) Okay. ( sighs ) We got a big bowl
of bird seed for ya, Link. Go ahead and put some more
syrup on that. – Let’s do this right!
– Work your hand all around it. If you’re gonna lose,
might as well lose big time. – Have you started yet?
– Shut up! Okay. All right, birds. You know what?
Rhett, you put up
a valiant effort. You know, getting
the right arm leftovers but– – Okay.
– ( groans ) – Wow!
– I’ll give it to ya. That was tough.
That was tough. Well, and here’s
the thing, Link. Now you’ve got
to donate– I’m gonna donate $2,000
to Make-A-Wish. – I will gladly donate $4,000
– Oh! – to Make-A-Wish.
– So that’s $6,000
to Make-A-Wish. Put your hand
in the bird cage, friend. And I will gladly donate my arm
to science. How does this work? Right here? Chase:
Top part. Oh, here it is. Uh– Look! Look! Look!
That one’s gonna do it.
He’s gonna do it. He’s gonna do it.
He’s gonna do it.
Do it, bird! Oh! Oh! Oh, he’s just gonna get on it. He looked really confused,
so do I. All right, now we gotta
challenge some people. – We challenge Jimmy Fallon,
– Coyote Peterson. and Kelsea Ballerini
to arm wrestle somebody next. Winner donates
at, loser donates double. Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Amanda.
– And I’m Daniel. And we’re
from Madison, Alabama. And we decided to take
a leaf out of your book. Literally. And eat something
that scares us
like broccoli nuggets. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – Apparently, it’s better
than beaver nuggets.
– Hey! Click the bottom link to watch
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in Good Mythical More! And to find out where the Wheel
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