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St John’s Wood Property (Discover the Best Homes)

December 2, 2019

in today’s video we’re going to be
discovering some of the best homes of st. John’s Wood and what makes this area
so fabulous to live in. Hi everyone, I’m Ugo Arinzeh from Onyx Property consultants and Keller Williams I am a London-based property agent and I help
my clients find the perfect property and live the fantastic London life. If you are
new to my channel please make sure to subscribe as I put out weekly videos on
the London property market showing off all the great areas of London and what
you need to know to find the perfect home. In today’s video we’re going to be
highlighting st. John’s Wood which is a fabulous neighborhood in Northwest
London. We’re going to show you some of the beautiful homes in this area and
what your budget might be able to get you. Make sure to watch until the end as I
give you my bonus tips on finding your perfect home wherever you’re searching. St. John’s Wood is an affluent community in northwest London in the borough of
Westminster and it’s tube station, St John’s Wood tube station is in zone 2. Average home prices in this area are at £2.6 million, this graph shows the
breakdown by of those different property types it shows you
that the average 1-bedroom price is £617,000 and a
two-bedroom is at £1.6m. As an example, here is a
fabulous one-bedroom flat at Langford Court on at £625,000 which includes concierge and Porter, the size is 517 square feet and it’s about 0.4 miles from st. John’s Wood
tube station. Make sure to watch my recent video on “area guide to st. John’s Wood”
where we talk about the fact that st. John’s Wood is actually quite known for
its stately gorgeous homes that have an Italianate design as opposed to the rowhouses that you might see in areas such as South Kensington and other parts of
London. These beautiful properties are grand in nature and to get a detached
home in this area you’re probably looking to spend well
over £5m. The most expensive home on the market today in
st. John’s Wood is on at Hamilton Terrace which is one of London’s most
exclusive and premium streets, it’s priced at £25m and it
is over 12,000 square feet. This six bedroom home was originally built in the 1800s and
fully renovated recently including a heated indoor pool, state-of-the-art
kitchen, home cinema, and landscaped gardens. So are you currently looking to
buy and have you considered st. John’s Wood? Make sure to leave me a comment down below! Based on what you’ve seen so far, if your
budget’s a bit more modest, say around £1m you probably would be
able to get a three-bedroom flat like the one here on Hall road, it has two
baths and is just over 1,000 square feet and is a classic red brick building. It’s under a 12 minute walk to the main event tube stations in zone 2. With
brexit looming properties over £1.5m have definitely been the
hardest hit so your budget might actually get you more than you would have
say four or five years ago, however, if you are still looking in the £2m
range in st. John’s Wood you’re probably still restricted to a flat I’m sad to
say. This lovely three-bedroom flat which is on the edge of Regents Park and it’s
in a purposeful block about a half a mile from st. John’s with tube station. As a note, people usually consider housing options relative to
proximity to the tube station but in affluent areas like st. John’s Wood
people might be willing to live a little bit further out because they might have
the luxury of not having to walk to the tube station or st. John’s Wood does
have other transport options such as regular buses that will get you more
into central London and while it’s surprising that you might still be
restricted to getting a flat for a £2m budget, some people when
they are buying in London especially foreign clients who want luxury but they
want to know that if they’re not in a home year-round that it’s going to be
looked after, their packages can be received, it’s safe and secure. So in st.
John’s Wood, one of the most premium luxury buildings you could consider is Saint Edmunds Terrace which has views of Primrose Hill. It’s really a very
beautiful, luxury, relatively new built building and really offers people the
security, the high-end premium level of concierge service that they’re looking
for, and actually has an indoor pool as well, so again, offering high-end
amenities for those high-end clients. This four bedroom, three and a half bath,
sub penthouse apartment is on the market for £10m and is over
3,200 square feet located on the second floor.
It has generous high ceilings, hardwood floors, and luxury details throughout. so
I know that the St John’s Wood budget is not for everyone, but it does showcase
one of London’s most desirable neighborhoods that is fairly attractive
for professionals and families because it has accesses nearby to the American
for London, great transport options, and really, with Regents Park and
Primrose Hill nearby, offers lots of access to green spaces as well as having
a fabulous high street. So, as my bonus tip, if you’re looking to buy a
property, my biggest suggestion when I’m working with buyers, is to make sure
that you only have three or four “must-haves” on your list. Well, we all have a wish list of many things we might want, but make sure that you
really can narrow it down to three or four key things that your ideal property
should have, that way, when you are searching, if you find something that has
those three or four amenities or features you can really consider it strongly.
London is all about compromise, as I’ve mentioned, even at £2m you might have to just accept that you’re going to be getting a flat
if the location is really what is most important to you. So in order to not over
frustrate yourself and make sure that you do actually find a home that you’re
going to be comfortable with before you even gotten searching, consider those three
or four features that are most important to you. Well I hope this video has been
helpful in showing you what st. John’s Wood has to offer and giving you some
real options. If you are considering this neighborhood, and if you like this video please make sure to give it a thumbs up and a like and leave
me a comment below what your thoughts are or maybe even leave me a comment to
let me know what £1m might get you where you live. If you want to
know more about st. John’s Wood and other great areas of London, make sure to
download my relocation guide to London which has got some great tips about
London key areas to consider, and actually what makes different areas very
attractive, as well as talking about the top schools of London, as well as
culture, transport options, and really everything you need to know if you’re
going to start trying to figure out a fantastic place to live in this great
city. Don’t forget to watch my other videos in my living in London series as
well as checking out my other videos on my youtube channel and make sure to
subscribe so that you don’t miss a thing. So, that’s Ugo Arinzeh with Onyx Property Consultants andKeller Williams. Bye for now!

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