Srodhanjali | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Prosenjit, Satabdi Roy | Ranjit Mallick

February 23, 2020

Sister-in-law, the chicken is very good. You could have got more. Got more eh? Do you know how much it costs? 52 rupees per kilo. You can’t even contribute 10 rupees towards the family.. how can you even ask for more? How will he give the money daughter-in-law? He has made ends meet somehow and paid for his M.Sc… ..and has been searching for a job. Where will he get it from? Only searching will not do father. Those who roam around letting their fathers.. ..and brothers take responsibility, they are nothing but useless. Does he not know how much his brother works? That’s fine, why can’t you work a bit too? Give him some more pieces of chicken. No, no, no ore. Just that sister cooked so well. What is this brother-in-law? What else will he do? He just wanted another chicken piece, not your harsh words. What did I say wrong? If you said anymore, I would have left too. Because even I cannot give you anything. So you mean to say that your elder son will work throughout.. ..and he will just search for jobs? And nothing can be said to him? No, no, not that. Say it all, all you have in your heart. But not at the dinner table. Anytime, but not while eating. When else do I see him father? He’ll go out now and roam around and come back by 9 or 10 in the night. And then he’ll come and eat and sleep off. Right then.. .. wake him up from his sleep and tell him what all you have to. Say what you may but you are encouraging him father. What? Encouraging him? Yes. But I must figure whom I am doing so to. Why won’t you finish? Man sits to eat to fill his stomach. Not to fill his heart with pain. Why are you still here then? Get up and leave. Let it be done. See, we all sit to eat together only once a week. Today. Yes, it is all my fault. You give me money once a month and you’re gone. You don’t know how I run the family. Chandra.. ..I know you have much pains to run the family. But what you’re doing is only going to break the family. I am breaking the family? How can you say this to me? What you said to my father and brother, is it bigger than that? Oh, you are with them too? What did I say wrong? He can try and get some tuitions too. Tuition? You too? Here take. Giving me cigarettes again? You can pay me when you get a job. I run the family with my music tuitions. You too? Why, any problems? No, no, why shall I? When you were a student, you did nothing. And then I loved you. Never thought of the future. You have passed your masters and you wanted to take a job abroad. Yes, I had many dreams. Did you get any tuitions? – No I didn’t. But I saw in the papers today that an artist’s girl. Oh my, I saw the advertisement too. But they. Yes, want an educated and trained old man. All fine till the educated and trained. But the age? Will you put on a white beard and moustache? Don’t joke, I will have to get the tuition somehow. But. I have tried much, let’s do it again. Do you remember the house number? No, but I have the paper with me. Is the sir home? Straight then? – Alright. Oh! No. 13! He must have come empty stomach in hopes for a job. He has a lot of trouble in store. “You forsaken No. 13.” “Will soon be thrown out.” “You forsaken No. 13.” Hey master, where to? Sir, to meet Mr. Ranjan. Sir leaves at 10 exactly. And is madam not here? There, what do you want? A job. So are you Bobby madam’s 13th master? No, I am the advertisement in the paper. What, you’re the advertisement in the paper? No, no, I’m not the advertisement in the paper. I came here seeing the advertisement in the paper. Guard brother, I want to meet madam. Did you not see the age specification? I did, I did. – Then? I will manage that. It’s about my livelihood. Oh fine, fine. You can manage Rani madam, but maybe not Bobby madam. Guard brother, has madam Rani woken up? She is like a goddess to us, doing prayers now. Oh, oh, doing prayers. So teacher sir, you can go now. Go that way? – Oh no, no. Inside there. Yes, one thing, have you seen the remains of the previous 12 teachers? Seen what? – Those. I get it. What teacher? It is the proof of the state of the.. ..unemployed educated people of the country. All the 12 who had come before. Ran off because of your Bobby madam? But I won’t run. My shoes are tied with the spirit of helplessness. If only you knew of Bobby madam’s rage. Guard brother, job or not, let’s see your Bobby madam’s rage at least. Have you come to meet Mr. Banerjee? No, I’ve come to just see you. What did you do? Your prayer room must be upstairs. Yes, but why do you ask? When you were coming down, seemed like goddess Durga herself. Seemed like and air of religion and devotion. Maybe well wishing for someone. Maybe me? Cannot recognize you but. I have come because for the advertisement in the papers. You have made a mistake. Didn’t read the advertisement well. I did. Again and again dear mother. And you’ve still come with hope? You know, I have tried for jobs before. I have skills, but those.. .. who don’t get the jobs only for a biased selection. So I figured you don’t really need skills to get a job. Those who are not qualified, they do. I have passed my M.Sc, but that degree is of no value to me now. Believe me, I can teach your daughter well. I maybe young, but I will try to teach your daughter.. .. well and appropriately. You know what son. Oh no, called you son. Felt good dear mother. Job or not, atleast I have your blessings. Sit son, sit sit. My girl Bobby is very arrogant, listens to no one. That’s why we decided on an old teacher. So that his age may compel her to mend her ways. She’s been doing so from the morning. I can’t even explain how she behaved with those who had come before. So much shame! Bobby! Bobby! Bobby, go upstairs. Oh nice, you’ll select a teacher for me here, and you want me gone? But will you hit him? Man has his brain in his head, so I checked with the ball. How strong his skull is, with which he is guarding his brain. And what did you find? Seems fine. Then give me the racket once? Why, will you play? No, that will be decided later. That you used this not for playing, I want to use it in the same way too. What do you mean? You checked my brains by hitting me. I need to check too if my education .. ..will become garbage in your head or not. What? How dare you. How can I say without proof? I may use it how I wish. But if you take it, you will have to play? Agreed? What, thinking about your bones? So can you play? Was champion twice in my college, next time it will be a hat-trick. Yes true.- Don’t butter me, let’s see what will happen. What, scared? Yes, a bit. If you break your bones, if your mother gets upset, if I lose my job. You talk well. Thanks, now give me the racket. Tennis requires an uniform too. Shall I get it? I wear the uniform only when I play seriously. Not for child’s play like this. Child’s play? Just to hit a ball, why go through so much trouble? Really? You haven’t seen me play. Thus you are saying so. But I’ve seen clouds that only thunder and have no rain. Alright come. Aunty, tell me if I can win and impress you, will I get the job. Or should I lose and impress her, will that get me the job? You’re talking too much. You will have to bear all this before all the points I score against you. Come on now. That’s fine, why again. When my mother was alive, I would take her blessing before any work. And why should my mother bless you? You should ask for you too. I bless you both. Somnath, go and set the ball and rackets. – Right away. Aunty, if I lose I won’t return from the ground. But if I win, I will come back to take your blessings again. Do it now. You will have to play to win, might as well do it anyway. Will take your leave aunty. Mother, what of your blessings, dead with the first ball! Madam, water, water. What did you get? Put it on yourself! What was this? The beginning. -Beginning of what? I have gone to many places to play tennis for my college. There are different rules everywhere. Your rules are different. It’s to hurt the one you’re playing with. So with the blessings from aunty, and knowledge from you, I struck you. Now will you play or sob to your mother? I will never give up to men like you. Wow, great. Gardener! So play and lose then. No more! – Oh my my. Stupid! What, couldn’t beat him? Send your pet upstairs after 10 minutes. Sit dear, sit. Bobby asked you to go upstairs after 10 minutes. You can sit here. I will just go make a call to sir and come. Somnath, make some tea please. Alright? Sit now. Hello? What? Found a teacher that Bobby likes? What are you saying. Alright, I will just come. Sir, some more files. No, no, no more today. I have to run home. Madam, the teacher has come. Oh, send him in. Bobby, actually, I didn’t want to hurt you that bad. I really am sorry. But see that you don’t take up my job. Please doesn’t really suit you. No, actually. – But I will irritate you all the time. Can you bear it? That I don’t have a job, my sister-in-law reprimands me at dinner always. You can’t hurt me more than that. I will teach you everything. I will teach you what you want as per my skills. You just. Tell father that I want you as a teacher? Right? Really, I’m so happy. Father, tell the teacher that just teaching will not suffice. He will have to play with me and take me out too. Okay, you go and I’ll talk it out with him. Okay. Oh yes, come early. I will learn tennis from you and then beat you too. I want that too. You should win the game. Yes papa, I must win the game. Give it. Here aunty. Very good boy. Congratulations young man, you have done a miracle. Thank you sir. So tell me, what is your expectation? Like, the salary? Say it dear, don’t worry. Yes, nothing to hesitate. What you think fit. 2000 rupees? For a tuition? And has given me a month’s advance too. I cannot believe it! Me too. Have found an ocean while searching for a little river. “While searching for a river.” “I have found the ocean!” “While searching for a river.” “I have found the ocean!” “Set out to win the nation.” “Now I have the whole world!” “Set out to win the nation.” “Now I have the whole world!” “While searching for a river.” “I have found the ocean!” “Set out to win the nation.” “Now I have the whole world!” “Set out to win the nation.” “Now I have the whole world!” “Didn’t know who’s miracle touch this is the result of.” “My fate has turned around totally.” “Didn’t know who’s miracle touch this is the result of.” “My fate has turned around totally.” “I think I have found Aladdin’s lamp!” “While searching for a river.” “I have found the ocean!” “While searching for a river.” “I have found the ocean!” “Set out to win the nation.” “Now I have the whole world!” “Set out to win the nation.” “Now I have the whole world!” “From now on my life’s car will only speed up.” “Good living and a little new house.” “From now on my life’s car will only speed up.” “Good living and a little new house.” “If not to have little fun, why did we come to earth?” “Yes, yes, yes, yes!” “While searching for a river.” “I have found the ocean!” “While searching for a river.” “I have found the ocean!” “Set out to win the nation.” “Now I have the whole world!” “Set out to win the nation.” “Now I have the whole world!” “While searching for a river.” “I have found the ocean!” “Set out to win the nation.” “Now I have the whole world!” “Set out to win the nation.” “Now I have the whole world!” Pay the fare. You’ll take the fare from me? Made you roam whole of Kolkata, and you won’t pay the fare? Fine, tell me how much? 40 rupees and 50 paise. Here you go, 40 rupees and tips. Thank you madam. Here. Keep the money and give it to your father, No need to buy me a saree. Father will be very happy if you give him the money. Come on. So much money? Keep this father. No, no, I cannot take it. Give it to your sister-in-law. Why will I give it to her, when you’re still around? Just listen to me. Keep some for yourself and give her the rest. Listen, listen. When you give it to her, then. What, say it now. Give her the money and tell .. ..that she should get some more chicken from the market tomorrow. Father, you can’t forget about last Sunday’s chicken episode eh? I’m trying, don’t know if I can. I didn’t earn then, had to listen to her eh? True, but now that you’re earning, can you tell her back? No, no, no. Listen, no need to give it to her now. She will give you money to go to the market tomorrow, so you take it. And when you come back, what fun it will be to see her face then! Sister! Sister come here quick! Yes , what is it? Oh my, what all have you got? See for yourself. So much chicken? 3 kgs. there. 3 kgs? But I only gave you 30 rupees. Where did you get all that money from? The shop where we get chicken from. – Yes. Told him to give me 3 kgs, and that brother .. ..will pay when he gets his salary. You got so much chicken on loan? The chicken you cooked on Sunday was really very good. But I didn’t have it, I only tasted your bitter words. So you did all this to teach me! Has he only done this to you? Didn’t leave me either. Look here. What’s in it? All this? Got it from Babloo’s shop, on my name on loan too. Says that I don’t have good office clothes. Tell me sister, did I not do the right thing? Brother will pay it all from his next month’s salary. 3 kgs chicken on loan. – Yes. And cloth on loan too. – Yes. And you dare to say yes? All the money will just go into repaying the loan. That is true.- How will I run the house? You know daughter, so that you have no money in hand. Is what he has done. Tell me now, does this rich set of clothes suit me at this age? Tell me, does it? That Babloo is a good man, eh father? Gave so many expensive stuff on loan. I will get brother’s income next month and repay it all. I don’t get any of this. How will I run the family? So much loan? He has bought one more thing too, daughter-in-law. More loan? Do as you please. I will go to my father’s house on the first of next month. That you can. And if you don’t wear this saree .. ..when you’re going, then I will be very upset. I heard you telling brother that you really like silk sarees. So when I said this to Babloo tailor, he gave this to me immediately. Suits you good. And said, that it doesn’t cost much, just 700 rupees. Will do if I pay by next month. What? What dear, like the saree? But, to borrow so much, for me too? Yes, he has fulfilled his wished. Wishes? Yes. Didn’t buy the anything on loan, neither the chicken nor the clothes. He has got a very good tuition. And they gave him an advance. With that he got us all of this. Brother-in-law, didn’t tell me of such a big news? So you were playing with me? Just joking with you. See, before you must have had many .. ..wishes unfulfilled due to my sole income. Yes, now we’ll see how you run the house with both the brothers’ income! Believe me brother, I never thought of you lowly. Said all for your sake. I have a proposal. What now? It is so, that since he has gifted you a nice saree. You too shall have to cook the chicken very nicely! Close your eyes. Why but? Just do as I say. Still a kid. Closed now. Shall I open? Yes you may. Such an expensive saree? Very nice. How can I not get you anything from my first salary? When will you have to go tomorrow? In the morning. And how long will you teach for? Let’s see how long it takes. Has said that she would play tennis with me in the morning. See, she doesn’t understand that I have aged. Making me run so much! Here play for me. No papa, I won’t play anymore. Why now? You said that you would practice today? I have my college practicals left. Please have breakfast and come up. This is her basic character. Never can know what’s in her mind or heart. Now she feels like studying. Go, go, go on now. Come, come. Sorry if I misbehaved. You didn’t mind right? No, no, why will I? Seems like I’m part of your family now. And that my job seems finalized. Really teacher, you talk so nicely. Teacher? Will you be calling me that now? Yes. 12 people have been thrown away, who just wanted to be called this. But they had grey hair, no teeth, broken limbs. Why you don’t like it? No, no, I like whatever you like. You don’t understand what kind of pain. You would wait for me here, and I’d go to the book fair with her? You could have. They pay you so well after all. So shall I follow their orders just because they pay me? They give the money in return of my valuable.. .. time and education and teaching. Anyway, how is father’s stomach pain? It keeps growing. Doctor will come today, let’s see what he says. Better to have the operation done within 7 days. How much would it cost us? Can’t say now. Get him to my nursing home. I will check him properly and tell you the estimate. 15,000 rupees? Can we not take something out of your Provident Fund? I can pay you monthly. No, no, that’s not it. Money can be got, but that will take time. But the doctor said within 7 days. The place where you teach, they are rich, what if you told her father? No, no, I have just joined 7 days back. And I’ve taken a month’s advance already. Oh. Now what? Brother, give me the prescription and I’ll see what I can do. What will you do? – Let’s see. 15,000 rupees? Where will you get it from? Let’s see what can be done. Father hid it from us, lest we worry. Thought it would be okay with time. Didn’t know that it would become so serious. Give the papers. Bobby must be waiting. Roaming around with them won’t get you the money. You will have to do something. Yes, something has to be done. You’ll come in the evening right? Yes, I’ll get father checked and then come. Wait for me. No, no, no, I won’t wait a bit. You are to come by 8 and you will. Bobby you are getting angry for no reason. I had gone to fix money for father’s operation. The person I went to could not help. So I thought of trying somewhere else, but came here for I was supposed to. I don’t have cars like you do. You don’t know the state of buses and trams now. How is your father now? Must be operated on by this week. Or else. Will have to go to the doctor from your place. He’s available only in the morning. Why did you come then? You’re still angry with me. No, no, not angry. You should go now. Finish all your work and come in the evening. Oh, go on, go now. I have asked in the office. I think the loan might be sanctioned today. Show the prescriptions. It’s in. oh no! – What. They were in the diary and I left it in Bobby’s house. Oh my. What now brother? Oh come play. Not I the mood. Brother-in-law, a girl got out from a big car.. .. and is walking towards our house. Yes. Wait, I’ll see. What if she comes inside? What then? Will she stand outside and talk? Oh my, I look so bad. Like the other days you look better? Come, come. Let me introduce you, my brother and my sister-in-law. And she is. – I know, Bobby. He forgot his diary at my place, was passing by so I came to return it. Good job. He was going crazy about it. Come teacher, let me meet your father. Yes come, come. Yes, go on. See, if she came such a long way just to give a diary, then. Yes, trouble. Whatever, Shathi has trouble coming to her. Yes, not everyone has a fate like you. What? – No nothing. Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Oh, I know that dear. But they will make my pain go but, to get so much money, for me. Father, stop all this. I will be going now uncle. Be happy dear, and do visit again. Yes sure. Oh my my. Just because she has a car, will she waste petrol to come here? No, no, I think there might be some pull or crush. I think if brother tells her everything clearly.. .. she might pay for the operation. Know what, a broken wall, a mad wolf, and a rich man’s thoughts. Neither should be trusted. They might burn petrol worth a million to just earn a name. But when you ask for money. The papers are here, do check them all. And you call yourself my friend? Ran to Baranagar for the money, but couldn’t ask me once? What? What happened? 15,000 rupees. Bobby. Your luck has changed brother! What, thinking about Shathi eh? I will tell her what needs to be said. Why you, he will say what has to be said. Say what you wanted to. If you sell what is here, you will get .. ..the money for your father’s operation. But Shathi.- No buts. These are my mother’s, and after marriage.. .. I would wear them and come to you only? Shathi try to understand. No, I don’t want to. You want me to stay with these while you frown? I love you Amit. Your smile is what matters to me. Come on, I’ve talked with the jewellery people and we can go. No, I was saying that. I don’t want to hear anything. Oh listen, umm, the money, I have it. Why didn’t you say before? Your brother got the loan against the Provident Fund? No. – Then? Bobby came home and gave a cheque of 15,000 rupees. Oh. They have a lot of money. 15,000 means nothing to them. Actually, I left my diary at her place. Which had the prescriptions and papers. She came to return the diary and the cheque was inside it. I knew that mistakes call for a loss, but this has caused you profit eh? Yes, I didn’t, umm, that she would. Anyway, when is your father’s operation? Day after tomorrow. Coming Friday. Which Nursing Home? In our locality, Sharada Muni Hospital. Oh no, no, no! Not there, I’ll call Woodlands tomorrow.. .. and you can shift your father there. But they have high charges. Oh ho, you don’t have to worry about that. I will pay through the company. No, I was saying that. – No. You will say nothing, just listen. I will say what is needed. You know.. ..after Chobi left, all laughter had gone. After you came. Chobi? Who is Chobi sir? Chobi, Bobby’s sister, my elder daughter. Like Bobby, playful and arrogant, Chobi was just the opposite. Calm and quiet. What happened to her? A mistake. Not hers, but mine. The boy who taught her, Bikash, Chobi loved him. A tutor worth 500 rupees. When she wanted to marry Bikash, I became furious. I was very angry and called for Bikash and told him to go. I almost kicked him out. And then got Chobi married to another good groom. And she didn’t protest? No. Not at all. Better if she would have. She didn’t even say a word to me. Not a single word. The mistake that all father’s make. I made the same mistake. Money, wealth, houses and cars. I judged the groom based on all of this. But never thought the need to check his characters. Thought I made Chobi happy. Thought that I would have a happy family with my grand kids. The mistake I made that day out of ego and anger. Chobi paid for that with her life. She suicide within a month of her marriage. Yes. And before that she.. .. gave Bobby this letter. Here, read it. Dearest Bobby, when you will have this letter.. body must be burning at the Burning Ghats then. The groom who father got me married to,.. ..had money, wealth, cars and houses. Just didn’t have a heart. Tortured me so much. He believes that women are born to be slaves to men. That women have no need for independence. Neither could I tell my parents nor could I bear the pain. So I’m leaving. Leaving behind this patriarchal society. I could not protest. I know that you can. You at least make them understand that women are just as much as men today. Farewell. After Chobi’s sudden death,.. ..Bobby couldn’t stand the male sex. She always wants to prove that she isn’t any lesser than the man. You are the only man whom she has bowed down to. Go, she must be waiting. And meet me before going. Go on now. “A storm is fast coming.” “Who knows where it will take us.” “Maybe it will break the darkness.” “All will be broken, in my heart.” “A storm is fast coming.” “Who knows where it will take us.” “Maybe it will break the darkness.” “All will be broken, in my heart.” “What is left in life.” “What to live for now?” “The one who was my own.” ‘Not here anymore, just pain left.” “What is left in life.” “What to live for now?” “The one who was my own.” “Not here anymore, just pain left.” “A storm is fast coming.” “Who knows where it will take us.” “Maybe it will break the darkness.” “All will be broken, in my heart.” “The one who has gone.” “I won’t get her back.” “Will not bear any more.” “What more can fate to do me?” “The one who has gone.” “I won’t get her back.” “Will not bear any more.” “What more can fate to do me?” “A storm is fast coming.” “Who knows where it will take us.” “Maybe it will break the darkness.” “All will be broken, in my heart.” You? When did you come? Was talking to you father downstairs, heard you sing. What did father say? Days of the past. Which if I didn’t know, your song would seem meaningless to me. Did it not scare you to hear about sister from father? For what? That if the same thing happens again? What if father does the same to you like he did with Bikash brother? Nothing to be afraid. Your sister loved Bikash and wanted to marry him. But I. Bobby, look at your teacher’s intelligence. Got his father admitted into some third grade Nursing Home. Listen now, I have booked a bed in Woodlands. Tell me Bobby, is there any need for this? Oh, there is, there is. You will join me at office tomorrow, as my P.A. In your company? You will teach Bobby in the morning.. ..go back home and eat and change, and then office. After office you can go home for a bit and then back to Bobby. Tuition in the morning, office in the afternoon.. .. tuition again in the evening. You can’t even meet me then? To have you forever in my life, that’s why so much pains. Does Bobby and her parents know about our relationship? How will they know? I never told them. You are making a mistake Amit. They should know about us. It maybe so, that Bobby’s father is doing so much for.. .. he thinks that Bobby loves you? No, no, my relation with Bobby is different. Of a student and teacher. That’s what you think, Bobby may really love you? The mistake her father made by misbehaving with the one her sister loved. Maybe trying to make up for that? By giving you a chance to grow? I mean, umm, I never really thought about it so deeply. You should have Amit. What if one day Bobby tells you that.. .. she wants to marry you, what will you do then? What to do? Leave the tuition and come back to me. Leave the future for me? The past will make me strong enough to let go of the future. I don’t want any happiness without you. How can I forget those days when you gave me money for my cigarettes. Paid for my fares to interviews. Took me out to eat at restaurants. No, no, you are exaggerating. Haven’t done much. I cannot forget all that you have done for me. Gave n useless boy. All rubbish! You are skilled, but had no opportunity, so I made way for that. How do you like father’s office? Very nice. A new experience. Never thought I would get this sort of respect. One more good news. – What? That father will send you abroad to study Business.. .. Management in a few months. Will you really be going abroad? Yes, my passport has been applied for. Will you forget about this common Bengali girl, once you’re abroad? Yes, what use of remembering you? There are so many pretty foreigners there, do you know? You will have to talk to them in english. All talks of love will have to be said in english too. Will have to wear their kind of clothes also. Want to see? Then close your eyes. Close them? Just listen to me. There, done. Now open them. Oh my my, a real foreigner gentleman! Yes darling. You see too then, how I will change myself like you and be there alongside. Is that so? – Close your eyes! Do it! “Will hold on to the lady and say, ‘Hello dear’.” “Tell her the truth or you will be called a liar!” “Will hold on to the lady and say, ‘Hello dear’.” “Tell her the truth or you will be called a liar!” “Will ride my love in top gear.” “Will tell her that I’d be her husband and make her feel it too!” “Will ride my love in top gear.” “Will tell her that I’d be her husband and make her feel it too!” “Tell her I’m from India, and can be hired.” “No, no, no, I don’t believe you.” “You are a liar!” “Will hold on to the lady and say, ‘Hello dear’.” “Tell her the truth or you will be called a liar!” “Will hold on to the lady and say, ‘Hello dear’.” “Tell her the truth or you will be called a liar!” “After travelling, when I will be back to you.” “Like I’ll be waiting here for you?” “After travelling, when I will be back to you.” “Like I’ll be waiting here for you?” “Now you must believe me.” “I am not a liar!” “Will hold on to the lady and say, ‘Hello dear’.” “Tell her the truth or you will be called a liar!” “Will hold on to the lady and say, ‘Hello dear’.” “Tell her the truth or you will be called a liar!” How are you uncle dear? Who? Oh, come, come, come. Come sit here. Not good at all dear. – But why? Will be happy when you will come as a bride in this house. Tell me, how is your mother. Mother’s leg pain has increased. So he said he would take her to some doctor. So. Of, arthritis eh? – Yes. Tell her to walk around less, and to be safe and all. Who will listen? She will have to go twice to the temple to offer her prayers. Yes, I get it. Amit is home, take him and go to the doctor’ quickly. Okay then. Fine dear, its fine, fine. At our house so early? When else will I find the chance to get you? I thought you’d forget me after coming back for abroad. But I see that. Don’t be angry now. Think of me. A man who goes to teach Bobby in the morning.. ..comes back home and somehow leaves for office. First I used to meet you before meeting Bobby in the evening. Now bobby’s father drop me by his car and then I go to teach her. It gets so late when I return back always. And that a girl waits for you day after day,.. ..have you thought about that? Believe me Shathi, I think about you all the time. But. Alright. I am ready to accept this thinking about your future. Do you remember about going for a movie tomorrow atleast? Movie, umm, yes, yes. Bijoli, matinee show, Agottok. Matinee show, meaning 3pm.okay done. You will come right? Or else will you. Won’t listen to anyone, will come surely. Where will you go? Emergency. Just got a call that my uncle is sick. So I will have to go. Will tell father at home and then leave. What has happened to uncle? Chest pain, I think? Oh, heart disease. Hello? Yes say say. He’s in the chamber. Yes, just hold on. Here you go. Listen teacher, we will be going to watch a movie in Bijoli.. ..matinee show. It’s the last. You will have to come. Listen, I cannot come. I will have to go home, and run off with some money. My uncle is sick. Some heart problem. That’s why I have taken a leave from your father too. It’s serious.. ..try and understand. Oh my. Fine, give papa. Bobby will talk to you. Please tell her of my situation. Yes say. Talk loud, cannot hear. Yes yes. It’s important. My only uncle. Yes, his only uncle. Will it be appropriate for me to go to a movie? But he’s. What’s there to get angry for? Fine fine, I will tell him. Do something, come to my office. Okay then. Amit, you should go. Like this? I will do better than if you had gone. Oh wait. Chaudhuri. Don’t get nervous, I will arrange for it. You cannot do it all sir. Such a disease. I know, neither me nor you can do anything. The one who can. Oh yes, come come. Did you call for me sir? Yes, do something, contact heart specialist Mr. Rai. Take him to, yes. Where does your uncle stay? Andul. Yes yes, take doctor and go to Andul. Keep 10,000 rupees from the cash with you. If you think that the case is serious.. ..then get him admitted to Woodlands immediately. Okay sir. Come, the address please. Go on, don’t be late. Sir, I was saying to let it go today, will go by tomorrow’s train. Oh but why. Your physical presence will not do much. So I’m sending the doctor himself. Uncle might be offended at that too. That’s true. That is true. Then? Don’t worry, sister’s phone didn’t make.. .. it seem like it was anything very serious. How did you know? She would have been crying otherwise. Best to go tomorrow morning. Papa! – Come come. You’re ready? – Yes yes, from when! What a great advice eh? What has to happen will, and what has to break will also. What? – Oh nothing. Will be going now sir. Oh so late, come come come. Come on teacher, the movie must have started already. What are looking there for? So so so late! What’s this? You dressed up so much for the movie? Why back so early? Amit didn’t come? – No. But why, he said he would. Must be stuck with some office work. So he couldn’t. Then he will come after office. Will make some good food for him then. So much food? This is the age for being a foodie. Give him a little more. No no, I will have to be back home early. Yes, yes, your uncle. Eat now, Bobby will drop you later. Yes, she will. No, no, no need for that. No need for that, I’ll go. Oh you’ll go, eat first. Meet me before going. Yes, yes go on. No, no, but so much.. Not me, give him. Mother, what’s the use of making more food? If he had to come he would be here by now. He made you wait. So I think he’ll surely come to apologize. He’ll come only if his student lets him. You are right. She didn’t want me to leave. But I forced her off and came. You’ll talk, and I will get you something to eat. No aunty, I ate at Bobby’s place and came. You could get me a tea but. – Alright. Angry on me? Why do you care? I get very scared! Angry, but you didn’t want to know why I didn’t come. I know. Even if I don’t want to, you will tell me. You love me so much right? I was leaving office and the bearer got me an important file then. I couldn’t finish the work and come on time. Or else why would I leave you there waiting? What is it? Staring like that? Don’t believe me. If I could then no one would be happier than me. But. But what. How do I prove my own eyes wrong? How can I? Shathi. What is it? If you had not lied to make me happy.. ..and told me that you went to the movies with her. Then I wouldn’t be happy yes, but wouldn’t be so hurt either. Shathi. So you mean. I don’t have a car. Nor expensive sarees. But I don’t love you any less than I can. To save you the shame, I hid behind the pillar. For a moment your eyes were searching for me. That’s why I came home, still not that raged. But you took that away with your lies! I only hope that you become successful. If that means I should move away, then say it.. .. I will do so with a smile. But please don’t act to be in love with me Amit. Listen to me Shathi. You loved me right, then why could you not tell me the truth? Why did you have to lie? I will go away if you. No Shathi, no. Oh no. no one is bigger to me than you. Even after today. Yes, I am still saying so. Because I know what the real problem is. I was going to leave office, when I got a call. Tell me, what else could I have done. Oh Amit. Oh yes, listen. If I can come back early, we will go and meet Mukherjee’s wife. Yes, yes. She’s in the Nursing Home. – Alright. Yes Chaudhuri, have you submitted the forms for the passport? Done it yesterday, and it will be done in a few days. Alright, good, good. Get the passports as soon as it is done. No worries, they will send it. Okay, okay. Shall I leave now? – Yes. 2 passports? Who else will be going? With Amit? No, no, not now. Then? Who then? Got Bobby’s passport done too, with his. Was thinking that after he finishes his studies, then after he comes back. I will find a good date and have them two married. What do you say? So that she can go on a world tour after her marriage. That’s why. All is fine, but will Amit agree to marry Bobby? Why not? Don’t you see how he comes to her always? Uncle was sick, but Bobby said so and he went for the movie with her. Well, I did pressurize him a bit there. But still, you should better ask him too. His opinion matters eh? What does my opinion mean, you’ll do what you’ll think best. No son, I was saying that her condition is not too good.. .. and it’s a matter of a wedding. Better to tell them before. After coming back then? – Oh no, no. Yes, let him be back. We’ll leave this house and get another flat. So shall I not talk to Shathi’s mother? No, no, do so. And what is left to say anyway. Shathi’s mother knows it all. You know everything? Yes. Your father told me everything as soon as I walked in. What did you say? What to say? I got the good news and I took both their blessings. Will you stand up? – What? Will you stand up? – Why? What was this for? You gave me a good news, so I took your blessings. You’re mad! I was half mad before, after you’ve come I have gone mad completely. Okay now, take out your math books. – Maths? Yes maths. People do maths to find out the answer. When I know it, what’s the use of maths eh? College is off for 2 days. We’ll go to Digha and you can teach me maths in the Shanti Niketan style. “What will happen with mathematics?” “When my heart is touched, lets go.” “Let’s go somewhere faraway.” “I will take you there, wherever you please.” “What will happen with mathematics?” “When my heart is touched, lets go.” “Let’s go somewhere faraway.” “I will take you there, wherever you please.” “Let us both me a team.” “But I’m like geography and you are history.” “To get us on the same page.” “Will take many months.” “Let us both me a team.” “But I’m like geography and you are history.” “To get us on the same page.” “Will take many months.” “My heart sings with laughter.” “And my body excited with joy.” “When my heart is touched, lets go.” “Let’s go somewhere faraway.” “I will take you there, wherever you please.” “Like multiplication teaches that 2 into 2 is 4.” “In our love too, it will be the same.” “We will get together and have so much fun.” “Like multiplication teaches that 2 into 2 is 4.” “In our love too, it will be the same.” “We will get together and have so much fun.” “My heart races on.” “What is this helplessness?” “When my heart is touched, lets go.” “Let’s go somewhere faraway.” “I will take you there, wherever you please.” “What will happen with mathematics?” “When my heart is touched, lets go.” “Let’s go somewhere faraway.” “I will take you there, wherever you please.” You said you would learn maths, what’s the meaning of all this? The madness? Come back to Kolkata, and you’ll know. Yes yes, I know all about your family. What you brother dies, how your sister-in-law is. Heard it all from Bobby. But I. – What’s the matter then? When Bobby likes you, we have no problems. I like you from the first day you had come home. – Yes. We had to lose Chobi, because we didn’t respect her liking. Not the same mistake again. The job and the study abroad, all is for Bobby. But I was. – Oh no no. When you come back from abroad.. ..we will find a good date and get you married to Bobby. I will arrange for a flat and car for you’ll. Your car will get you back from the airport. No but sir, one thing. Why this but? She is our only pride, we are ready to do it all for her. We just want her to smile. She is now happy and cheerful. We have it all son. Now come on, set all your plans and programs. What else to do, tell Shathi everything. You know that I have given her my word. All kids have love affairs like that before marriage. No point in thinking about that. And then, you have such a nice future. All because of Bobby. What has Shathi done in these years tell me? I cannot say and make you understand what all she has given to me. Oh my my, his life so let him think it out. Oh you stop. How can we being his elders let him make such a big mistake. You tell me, boys many boys get such a chance? Not good to let of such a golden opportunity. In the same way one should not throw away what .. ..was important before just for something new and better. What do you mean father? Amit has such a big chance here. And if Shathi really loves him then she will not object to it. See daughter, I believe that you love Sumit. Say if he gets a big opportunity, then can you let him go to another? Am I and Shathi the same? I am your son’s married wife. Difference is that mark of vermilion that you have and Shathi doesn’t. What is that to me, if he married Bobby then all of us could live in peace. What kind of a person are you? For your happiness you want another girl to cry her whole life? Someone who loves you like her own sister? Alright. Should not help anyone in this family. Brother-in-law may do what he feels right. One thing, if he doesn’t marry Bobby, then he will surely lose his job. If Amit wants to sell his humanity for a job, then let him decide. Whether he will be with Shathi or Bobby. He doesn’t know what to do. You on one side. Meaning a life of lacking. And Bobby on the other side. Meaning a life of a prince with the princess and kingdom. All father’s want their son to grow and be successful. But. What did Amit say? What can he say? You know him, he has always wanted to go abroad and grow there. How he’s in a fix. Like a snake who cannot swallow nor spit out. Did he not tell you anything? That’s why I’ve come. He says he cannot decide anything. Now if you want to willingly move away from his path. I told him that Shathi loves you and would only want your happiness. You go tell him on your own. He can’t come out of shame. So he sent me to know your decision. Alright. Sit and I will write Amit a letter. What letter were you talking about? Oh yes, Shathi had given a letter for you. Lest I forget, I kept it in the diary you take to Bobby’s house. What, no letter here. Did it fall or something? What did she write in the letter? How will I know. It was sealed in an envelope. I kept it as it was given. I forgot to tell you when you came back. Maybe I must have dropped it at Bobby’s place. Did you not open the diary when you were teaching her? No, I went to find that Bobby was out with her friends. And her parents weren’t home either. So I stayed on the balcony for a while and then left. Then tomorrow morning maybe. No no sister, if Bobby finds it. I should go right now. What is it Amit? So late? I had come in the evening but no one was home. Neither was Bobby. Had something important to talk to her about. Has she come back? Yes, about half an hour ago. You can go up. Yes yes go. See, he can’t stay much long without Bobby. I was saying to get them married before he goes abroad. Yes, I was thinking so too. What is it, why so late? I had a letter in my diary. So that. Letter? I thought you were upset that you could not meet me. So you came. The letter is very important. What letter? From uncle. The one who was sick. Just about him and his health and all. Important to find it. Did it fall in the house? Or somewhere else. I think here. See then. Let me check a bit okay? Found it? – Oh yes yes. So then sit, let’s have a chat? I didn’t tell anyone at home, so they will be worried. Will you come tomorrow morning? Yes, I surely will. Okay then. Listen, goodnight. – Goodnight. Amit? How much will you hide for? In a big problem eh? Bobby or Shathi? That’s what it is eh? See Amit, I am elder to you and I have seen the world more than you. You know what I think.. ..people make mistakes while choosing between happiness and wealth. No brother. Don’t worry, and there’s nothing about shame. Don’t waste this strength. Look beyond it all and see, you will surely find the truth. But brother, I just want to see everyone happy. You want to see everyone happy? Leave us, have you ever thought of your own happiness? Don’t make a mistake. Don’t make a mistake Amit. Don’t make yourself the reason for Shathi’s tears. You have to go much far. I give you my word brother, I will not make a mistake. If need be, I will leave the job. You will leave the job? – Yes. I cannot leave you at the cost of anything. Oh my my, so much pity for me just for my letter? Pity on you? What are you saying? I thought you would tell me on your own what you had to. Not send your sister-in-law to want an escape for me. I send sister-in-law to you? Let it be, stop the acting. Acting? Amit, I have always wanted success for you. That may you always be happy. Me and my mother, that’s what we pray to god. Believe me, there were no lies in all of this. Nothing pretentious either. What did sister-in-law come and tell you? Said what I thought would be good for you. For my sake or for your own sake? Brother! Oh sister-in-law, I give you my word. If I can’t earn my own living, I will not even .. ..lay an eye on anything that is brother’s. But please go tell Shathi that I did not send you. Please! How can I go now. You brother has office, I have to cook and feed him and all. No. it is more important to go to Shathi’s house with Amit. You have only made mistakes to want good for us. Make amends. Go and pay for your mistakes. Excellent! See this. – This is good too! See, now arrange for the payments. I have given a cheque for 90,000 rupees today itself. Oh okay. Thank you. And yes, make a list for Bobby’s wedding. And make sure no one is left out. Hey there, come come. Just talking about you. Come come. So then, remember about the list. – Okay. Okay then sir. – Yes. Was thinking of getting you married to Bobby before you leave. What are you waiting for? It’s almost 4pm, we have to finish the blessing ceremony. Go go go! – Yes yes. Blessing ceremony? Oh, not here. At your house with your brother, sister-in-law and with your father. Okay go go go. Listen aunty, wait now. What, what is it? I cannot, cannot marry Bobby. Have you said this to Bobby? I tried but could not tell her. Even if you didn’t, I knew. You know. But I never. Told me about Shathi yes? Shathi? Who is she? The one whom the teacher loves for many years. And did you know that? No. After returning from Jhuma’s wedding, when I entered my room. Dear Amit. I kept staring at myself in the mirror.. ..and kept thinking about you and Bobby at the movies. I felt that day that Bobby looks better with you than I do. Neither looks nor wealth, I am no match for Bobby. Just the only thing is that I have been in love.. ..with you for the past 8 years of our lives. Maybe before you met Bobby, you too only loved me. When you would weigh it all and tell me. That you love me and not the rich man’s beautiful girl.. ..I would always be amazed. Would think if you really meant it .. ..or were just saying it to make me happy. I got to know then that Bobby’s father want you to marry Bobby. This is normal. How could you let go of a groom like you? I love you and will forever. May you grow and be successful. If you don’t marry Bobby, you will lose your job.. ..and the chance to study abroad. How can I want bad things for someone I love so much, tell me? I swear on my love and tell you that.. .. I am willingly getting out of your way. Amit, I have no one but mother. My life will go on with my mother, praying for your well-being. Tell Bobby, that I maybe poor but have won in this matter. May both of you’ll be happy. From Shathi. After reading the letter, I stuck the .. ..envelope and put it back on the balcony. I knew that teacher would come searching for the letter. Sir, read this and give me your permission. Here tears have done so. What more can I do? If you don’t give me the permission, then I cannot leave the job. What do you mean? After this, I cannot. This is my resignation letter sir. What rubbish, why will you resign? Now you will have to make a good living for Shathi. She is right teacher. You might have won at tennis, but not in the game of love. The one who knows how to love, respects another’s love too. For your job’s sake, if you had left Shathi’s selfless.. .. love for me, then you wouldn’t have to resign. I would tell father and have you dismissed. That’s right. The one who can sacrifice all to be rewarded with pain.. ..who is more victorious than he? The first day you came home.. ..I liked you then. From that day, you never took advantage of my love. So my respect for you grew. But today, it has grown even more. Then what of the sarees and jewellery? Bobby will do what she feels right. I will take these to Shathi and dress her up with my own hands. Will tell her, that she may have won Amit. But in the game of love, you could not win from me! But. – No more buts. Not anymore. Shathi has written that she has no father. But I am here. I will get her married to you myself. That’s what you want eh? Yes papa. You will give Shathi to Amit, with your own hands. I am very happy teacher. Truly happy. Shah Jahan had made the Taj Mahal only to fool people. To keep away all the pain and torture he .. ..put her through, was this Taj Mahal. Shathi? Since Amit has told me of the good news.. ..I have been thinking of offering prayers at the temple. Today is Monday, a good day. You don’t have tuitions? – No. Then shall I go and offer prayers at the temple? – Yes. Brother, which is house no. 25? The house no. 25? Shathi’s house? Just on the right here. Go up the lane and on the right, yellow house, that’s Shathi’s. Sir? I don’t really know you. Are you Shathi? Yes. But you? My name’s Ranjan Banerjee. Bobby’s father. That’s fine dear. Had something important to talk to you about. Please come in. Come please. Please sit. No no, won’t sit. Have come to you with a request. A request? For my mistake, Bobby’s sister had left us. Now Bobby is all we have. She is very egoistic, may do something suddenly. That’s why. I, I know that this is wrong. A sin. But I, umm, meaning, not right to request like this. But believe me I am helpless. Don’t belittle me by saying all this. Just tell me what you want me to do. So that Amit cannot find you, take your mother and go away. Where will I go so suddenly? This is the only way to save Bobby. I request you. Will I have to leave today? Yes. So that Amit doesn’t come back from office to find you. But where will I find a house so quickly? No, you don’t have to worry about that. I have a house at Naktala. Have the keys with me. Stay there for a few days and I will make other arrangements afterwards. And if you like it there, then you may stay there forever. No no, why shall I stay in your house forever? Till I find another place. This is the address and the keys. If you give the care-taker the letter, he will arrange it all for you’ll. Bukun you? Where’s Shathi? Don’t you know, Shathi aunty has left the house and gone. She has left the house and gone? Come inside, she has left a letter for you. Come teacher. What is it? You seem upset. What is it? Amit, I have grown weary of this battle for love. I know that you love Bobby. But cannot tell me out of shame. We are leaving the house. If I don’t hear of your wedding within 7 days.. ..then I swear on my mother that I will leave this earth behind. I cannot lose to Bobby, Amit. After your wedding, I will come to wish you luck myself. From Shathi. Have you read the letter papa? – Yes. Amit showed me. What now? The promise she made. To save her then, you’ll will. This is your personal matter, do what you think best. Shathi cannot win by dying! If need be, I will marry the teacher. Renowned businessman Ranjan Banerjee’s daughter.. ..has been married to Amit with auspicious blessings. Mother, about dinner. What is it? Why are you hiding the papers? Let me see. Why are you crying like this mother? Did you not want him to be successful and happy? I did. But I never thought that you would.. .. have to sacrifice so much for it dear. What is the use of hiding like this now, dear? Come then, let’s go back home. We will. And I’ll go tomorrow and wish the luck and happiness. Shathi? Come come come. Namaste, please come. Please do sit. Where is Bobby? – Yes, please do call her. We will bless her and leave. That’s fine dear, be happy. May I bless you to always be happy. But the vermilion? You have just been married, then why no vermilion on the forehead? I did, but I took it off. Took it off? I cannot do so with my bad muck, but the vermilion I have taken off. Not all people have vermilion in their fate? What are you saying Bobby? Yes sister, your letter told me everything. For my happiness, will you always have tears? Everyone will call me selfish. For your happiness, I had to put on the vermilion once. Dressed as a bride with Amit, we took out the photo in the papers. And I took off that mark from my forehead. Have you gone mad? Why would you stage such a big drama for me? Sister, Amit is a teacher to me. And your husband. She is right. The one you have waited for your whole life.. .. I will have you married to him. The husband puts on the vermilion on the girl. But I will do so to you. I had dressed my sister Chobi for her wedding. And I will do the same for your wedding too. Come sister, come on. Bobby, why will you put the vermilion on her? There are certain rituals for a Hindu marriage. Oh keep that now. Remember mother, Chobi sister’s husband too did the same. Okay. Shathi can do the same for my wedding. What mother, anything wrong? Come on dear, come up. Come. Sit down. What is all this? All for you Shathi. For me? – Yes Shathi. Your wedding is tomorrow. I will dress you with my own hands. No no, why will I take your jewellery? I have lost to your love Shathi. They may be just pieces of jewellery for you.. .. but is like offering to me. Believe me, I think I have got back my sister in you. Oh Bobby. Look Shathi looks so nice. Yes she does. Give it. Take this Shathi. The groom is here. The groom is here. Shall I give you? Do you want? – Here. Giving. I don’t see Bobby, where is she? She has a plane to catch tomorrow, so she’s gone home to pack. Where will she go? Her passport had been made before. She will be going to America tomorrow. “You have given me heart only tears to cry.” “And so I write this letter to you.” “You have given me heart only tears to cry.” “And so I write this letter to you.” “May you stay happy always.” “All your life, always.” “You have given me heart only tears to cry.” “And so I write this letter to you.” “May you stay happy always.” “All your life, always.” “You have given me heart only tears to cry.” “You have given me heart only tears to cry.” “And so I write this letter to you.” “At the end of the night comes the day.” “But my night brings no morning.” “At the end of the night comes the day.” “But my night brings no morning.” “Since you will go away from me.” “I will not force you to stay.” “Will be happy to see you happy.” “May you stay happy always.” “All your life, always.” “You have given me heart only tears to cry.” “And so I write this letter to you.” “If my thoughts ever bring tears to your eyes.” “If my thoughts ever bring tears to your eyes.” “Let those tears, out of love for me.” “That much I should deserve.” “Even though I may live in sadness.” “May you stay happy always.” “All your life, always.” “You have given me heart only tears to cry.” “And so I write this letter to you.” Yes come come. That’s fine fine. Sorry, we got late. Bobby must be ready to go. Yes, it’s like she cannot wait to leave us and go. Has been ready since last night. Has to go far, will take time to pack. Yes it’s quite far. Shall we go meet her? Yes yes, she has been waiting for you’ll. Or else we would have left by now. Go go, she’s upstairs. Come on. Bobby? She has been up all night, that’s why she must have fallen asleep. It’s time for her flight, wake her up. Bobby? Bobby! Bobby? Bobby? Amit! Bobby? Bobby! Bobby? Listen Amit. I may have made a mistake with Chobi. But her? I have given her all she wanted. Then what did I do to deserve this? Then why? I found this bottle of sleeping pills and this letter. Here. Teacher, to bring back Shathi I had to pretend to be your wife. When I had put on the vermilion, it felt like .. ..I was ripping through my heart with my own hands. After the photo I had taken it off. But the pain in my heart never faded. Wished so much to wear the vermilion of your name. Wore the wedding saree. But the vermilion is not mine. I am happy to leave, trust me. You never gave me the pain that my sister’s husband gave her. And I had it all but. Stay happy. Papa and mother love you very much. I keep them in your care. Keep them well. Goodbye now. She wrote lies. She didn’t get it all. There is some left. Yes. You are my husband. I am telling you as a wife.. ..put this vermilion on her with your own hands. This will be my offering for her great sacrifice. Go on, put this on her. “You have given me heart only tears to cry.” “And so I write this letter to you.” “May you stay happy always.” “All your life, always.” “You have given me heart only tears to cry.” “And so I write this letter to you.”

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