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November 1, 2019

that’s good Josh
thanks Caleb today today is the day today’s the day that we make fools of
ourselves on the Internet today is the soccer challenge it’s called the
football challenge we already did the football challenge but the rest of the
world acknowledges this sport is football I I agree but we are filming
this in the United States where we call it soccer I’m not trying to be rude to
any other countries or anything like that it’s just it’s a sucker
look at these soccer balls they’re made out of carpet they’re fuzzy just like
City you not getting today’s not the day to mess with my fashion okay every week
literally every day is the day to mess with fashion because you’re asking for
everything you love this hoodie I’m trying to give off this light hey girl
you trying to cozy up and read a book type vibe like a teddy bear okay I hid
like a teddy bear because teddy bears are sweet to their own kind but then as
soon as someone tries to come in it’s interesting anyway five parts to today’s
challenge and this is the decide who has to take the SAT this is part five of a
five part series and it’s tied up to two two all tied up so go watch those videos
if you haven’t yet and then come back to this one maybe but we’ve been doing a
different sport every single video and we’re ending it on soccer which is the
dumbest idea yeah it’s pretty pretty silly first challenge we have little
hurdles set up at different lengths on the court okay obviously the further
back you go the more points you get we’ll start with one two three four and
five you have five kicks Caleb your first one count one
Oh three so for total I think I’m gonna I’m not very good you started up you
starting out strong Oh how’s that kids know that he’s doing all right Josh I
got four on the board go for the fourth let’s start off strong you know high
ball game look lucky inmate that was accidental that should even you’re going for it too
not gonna lie okay well give it a better outing than I
thought you would both I’ll take it that’s a pretty good lead so far all
right let’s take my hat off so don’t judge my hat hair that’s good
this is this challenge is most headers made into the basket in 30 seconds
winner of this challenge gets five whole points three two one begin one two three time sorry
three are you ready you may begin in 20 19 18 2008 Oh three two one go and time be careful man
I really thousand to beat you in that one but you didn’t I didn’t like you’re
stuck inside a teddy bear yeah okay we’re gonna stick to our strengths and
we’re gonna still a soccer challenge but we’re gonna be using our hands to do a
soccer throw in like a sideline throwing or goalie throw-in there’s you use your
hands in soccer quite a bit one point for free-throw three points for
three-pointer five points we have half-court
you get thank you fit ten throws ten throws that’s a lot of possible points
you know you’re skipping the one pointers Wow wait you’re going right to
half-court okay you have to keep proper soccer
throwing the form yeah oh my gosh points oh boy throw me off
too because everybody’s buzz yeah they’re all different Oh close yeah okay ten points it’s not
that bad though yeah but not that bad isn’t that was really good I got a side
I’m gonna mainly three-pointers actually so I have a total of 19 now leave 19 19
what do I have 12 I’m gonna stick it on the three-point line for a while okay by
the way now it’s a good time comment who do you think is gonna win Josh or Caleb
and if you don’t know if you’re not sure who you think is gonna win just comment
and alphabetic order also we haven’t subscribed yet please do so here we go yeah yeah I’m telling you Evans look
it’s awkward every ball is different every ball is different you might want to start considering that
you only have four throws left see you might want to start considering no no hi
Josh you got two more throws points but it’s still 1915 that’s too close it’s
close okay next up we have an obstacle course which I’m not too psyched about
because if you watch any videos before you know that I’m not an athlete
viewpoints used to be so anything that involves running I feel like josh has it
like that so you start here you have to weave
through those three cones come back tick one of these soccer balls to knock that
ball off the cone you can either hit the ball I can even hit the cone you have to
dribble the ball through those three hurdles and then finish with a goal
between the two professional goal posts ready Caleb three two one begin Wow we are terrible at soccer 37.7 he right there
I haven’t actually like dribbled the soccer ball ever I don’t think you did
pretty good thanks I feel like I look very foolish something huh hi Josh are
you ready in 3 2 1 begin see he’s just a hustler
I don’t hustle I know oh but maybe I maybe when he maybe what I why can’t I
speak English what he lacks in skills he makes up for in hustle oh nice through just do it just go just go what was my time 37 you like that trick
shot where it was off the wall somehow made it through the third or Norman I
don’t I don’t get how that was a little confusing in the moment I was like
didn’t mean to go through it does that mean it counts but we counted it much
faster yeah I know our in fashion you did something I’m gonna watch this
footage okay we’re setting up the final round it is pretty simple folks penalty
kicks PK’s five shots each we’re all tied up
we I say us too much we don’t we like don’t go into this thing okay so you
need to get as many points so you sliding at this many points so we can be
tied to go in the finale we’re just tied we’re just have this equally good or in
this case equally bad we’re in alternate five shots most points wins lose your
head to go take the SAT let’s go Gold Oh shoe back on your shoe back on the I see
that I’ve seen with the shoe think this is overshooting that there’s so much fun
yeah I saw your heel yeah chicken be Josh I don’t want to kiss it too
I really don’t want to this could make or break the whole competition of five ready I was ready the whole time if I
make this win I’m sorry when I make this you will see the greatest celebration
for me I say this goal if I save this goal there’s no way he’s gonna do that stop
it and I’m gonna sign up the SATs gonna fun
video I’m ready I’m gonna go study and pay my registration fee I was gonna say n8p
all right Caleb wins which means I will be taking the SATs soon apparently so
keep an eye out for that subscribe if you haven’t yet hear our Instagram
status for today follow us Caleb Nash beamster juggling
Josh we’re chance went into your shower next time comment the soccer emoji or
football emoji if that’s your a little like test-taking thing on yours
yeah come hit the pencil and notepad on mine I think that’s it except I’ve got
before we leave Kayla I’ve got one more video idea okay are you ready for this
huh open this up it’s got a Chase Bank anytime I see a bank thing I mean the
nervous are excited so Caleb there’s a thousand dollars in here and I’ve got a
little bit of a challenge for you so it’s gonna be in a future video so
subscribe if you haven’t yet for you maybe
wait for Oh this isn’t just like a prop

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  • Reply Josh Horton February 23, 2019 at 3:46 pm

    THE FINAL SHOWDOWN! Watch til the veryyyy end for a teaser for Monday’s video! Thanks for watching! Drop a like/comment/subscribe if you haven’t yet! Do it early every video for your chance to win juggling balls from like Shaun Murray did from the last video! LOVE YOU GUYS!

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