[SHOCKING] Buddy Murphy’s Involvement In The “ROMAN REIGNS ATTACKER” Storyline Was A MISTAKE!?

August 21, 2019

Hey What’s Up Guys Alex Here. And I Hope You’re All Having A Wonderful Day. But Before We Begin With Today’s Video Don’t
Forget To Subscribe To Our Channel For Daily Wrestling News Thank You. Alright Guys. So Just A Few Weeks Ago. Roman Reigns Confronted
Buddy Murphy On SmackDown Live. Because He Believed That Buddy Murphy Was
The One Behind All Of His Attacks. However As It Turns Out. The Person Behind All Of The Attacks On Roman
Reigns Is Reportedly Daniel Bryan. Although Daniel Bryan, Has Not Been Officially
Revealed As Romans Attacker. Recent Reports Suggest That He Will Be Named
Very Soon. So Why Is Buddy Murphy Involved In This Huge
Storyline. Bryan Alvarez Of The Wrestling Observer Radio
Reports. That Buddy Murphy’s Involvement Is Actually
By Mistake. Buddy Murphy Was Never Supposed To Be Involved
In This Storyline. But Because He Was Spotted By So Many Fans. During Roman Reigns First Attack. WWE Did A Fantastic Job To Include Buddy Murphy
In This Storyline. In Which He Was Never Supposed To Be Apart
Of. Thank You Guys So Much For Watching And Have
A Wonderful Day.

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