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Seth Rollins As RAW Captain For Survivor Series 2019! AEW Star tells Rusev To QUIT! Wrestling News!

November 12, 2019

Here is your news for
November 11, 2019 We’re starting off with some big
news heading into Survivor
Series, as the WWE has confirmed that Seth
Rollins will be the captain of
Team RAW at the show. The Architect will be part of the
men’s triple threat Survivor
Series match against SmackDown and NXT, and
though we don’t know who
Rollins will team with, that question will be answered
on tonight’s edition of Monday
Night RAW. Rollins is no stranger to being a
winner at the November tradition,
as after debuting as part of the Shield
at the event in 2014, would win
a traditional Survivor Series elimination match with
Reigns and Ambrose the
following year. Some fans know that this week’s
RAW was pre-taped as part of
the company’s recent UK Tour, but with details
of the team not currently know,
this segment must have been filmed back
stage and not revealed to the
Manchester crowd. As of this video, we don’t know
anyone who will be on either
NXT or SmackDown’s men’s Survivor Series teams,
but expect that information to be revealed as we draw
closer to the Pay Per View One man who knows all about
doing what it takes to survive
is Stone Cold Steve Austin, who has shown
that he isn’t planning on
slowing down anytime soon. Recently, the former World
Champion teased a big
announcement, and there has been a lot of
talk about the WWE
Network bringing back a new version of the
Steve Austin podcast. It will probably have a different
name, but after the success,
the USA Network has had with Straight Up Steve Austin,
it’s clear that fans still want to
see the Texas Rattlesnake. Further rumors have stated
that not only will the Podcast
be brought back, but Austin’s first guest will be
none other than The Undertaker a man who Austin feuded with
over the years. As two legends of the ring, the
pair could probably fill hours
upon hours with their stories from the business, and needless
to say, this could be a can’t miss
episode. This past week of WWE TV saw
the continuation of the Rusev,
Lana and Lashley storyline, despite
some fans wanting to see it
end. On Twitter, one fan told the
Bulgarian Brute that he would
be totally fine with the storyline being cancelled, but Rusev
fired back, telling the fan that
nobody cares what he thinks. From here, it was AEW’s Jake
Hager who commented,
telling his old nemesis that he should both leave Lana
and the WWE, adding the hash
tag ‘I’m with AEW’. Hager remains undefeated in
Bellator despite repeated
knees to the groin forcing his match to be stopped, and
fans will remember that these
two feuded shortly after Rusev
was called up to the main
roster in 2014. Time will tell whether Rusev
takes Hager’s advice, but
until then Rusev will carry on with
WWE’s idea of who he
should be. This storyline has been going
on for quite a while now, and
though we won’t say what Lana has planned
for tonight’s RAW, trust us
when we say it’s pretty big. The Ravishing Russian has
been pretty sure of herself
since leaving Rusev for Lashley, and recently
tweeted about how every
one is talking about her. Continuing, Lana said that
she’s both ravishing and
brings in ratings, and though SmackDown
commentator Corey Graves
agreed with the first part, he didn’t quite agree
that she was drawing ratings. Despite some fans views,
Lana and Rusev are likely
to continue getting a focus on WWE TV for the time
being, and the Ravishing
Russian could be going through quite an
interesting turn in her career. As for Graves, the former
wrestlers have done quite
well with his show ‘After the Bell’, the first official
podcast from WWE, and this
week’s show should also be huge, thanks to
special guests Roman
Reign and Finn Balor. We’ve got some news from
last week’s SmackDown,
as the blue brand did an average of 2.61 million
viewers during the two-hour
show. This was up from the week before’s average of
2.54 million, as fans clearly
wanted to see more of the tri-branded invasion storyline
ahead of Survivor Series,
despite the show being pre-taped. Breaking the numbers down,
SmackDown brought in 2.72
million in the show’s first hour and 2.51 in the show’s second,
and these are some good
numbers for the blue brand. On the show, the New Day
captured their seventh set of
tag team titles in WWE with Xavier Woods also getting
the gold thanks to the
Freebird rule, and it now seems the trio are
getting into podcasting. Last week, the WWE filed a
trademark for “The New Day:
Feel the Power”, for the topic of entertainment
and podcasting, so it’s likely
that the three will be bringing their
entertaining personas to
fans off WWE TV. Despite his injury, its clear that
Woods still plans on
entertaining the fans in any way he can, as you
don’t need an achilles tendon
to be 100% in order to talk. Speaking of injuries, Cody Rhodes
took a very scary dive onto his
face at Saturday’s Full Gear event, and to make matters
worse, his mother was there
to witness the entire thing. Leaping from the ring and landing
hard on the ramp, Rhodes was
cut badly but thankfully AEW’s doctor, who also helped Jerry Lawler
during his heart issue in
WWE, was able to stop the bleeding. Though the AEW medical team
may be top notch, the doctor
did have some help from Cody’s mother, and the
wrestler’s sister Tiel said
that though their mom didn’t like the attention, she
was always ready to help
her kids. We’re pleased that Cody was
able to finish the match, even
if he didn’t capture the AEW World title
from Chris Jericho, as things
got pretty scary there for a moment after the
blood started to flow. It’s also good that Cody’s mom
was able to make the trip from
Baltimore to see the show, as anyone taking a
cut like that could do with
their mom around. On AEW’s official Twitter, a
medical update confirmed
Rhodes had received 8 stitches to close up the wound,
and that he’s not currently
cleared at this time. As we mentioned, Rhodes came
up short at Full Gear, thanks to
MJF, who turned on his now former best friend and
threw in the towel during
Cody’s world title match. In a post-show media scrum,
Jericho thanked MJF for the
assist, and when asked about the young star joining
the Inner Circle, said: “There’s always room for more
as long as they’re as good as
the guys in my Inner Circle MJF would be a probable
candidate, a possible candidate
whether tonight happened or not. We’re always looking
for good members like I said
we’re taking over AEW.” In the same talk, Jericho also
discussed possibly adding
women to the inner circle, as Y2J’s plan to
take over AEW has gone
from strength to strength. When asked about the
Wednesday Night Wars between
AEW and NXT, Jericho was his usual cocky self, saying that
it was obvious why Dynamite
has defeated the gold brand in the ratings every week,
as well as saying that WWE will
move their top stars to the brand just to
get ratings: “Am I surprised we’re winning?
Of course, I knew we’d win.
Our star power crushes NXT’s star power and exactly
what I knew would happen
that NXT before was cool as a stand-alone thing and
now it’s just another WWE
show. It’s like 2009 ECW.” “So good for them, god bless
them. I’m sure at some point
Roman Reigns will be on NXT now and Hulk Hogan
will return to a TV studio for
the first time since 1991 in Memphis — that’s fine. All
we’re going to do is continue
to do is worry about ourselves concentrate on our storylines
and our matches and our
characters and building stars.” Fans will have to wait and see
what happens next in the
Wednesday Night Wars, though it should be mentioned
that NXT got within 9,000
viewers of beating AEW Dynamite this week, the
closest they’ve ever been. After all, nobody expected the
OC to invade NXT this week
and whilst Jericho has said that the war is nothing
they asked for, it’s still going to
happen. Speaking of stars jumping to
NXT, one big name who did
just that is Finn Balor who returned to the gold brand
after his Summerslam hiatus
and honeymoon. Though the time off was mostly
spent with his wife Fox Sports
Mexico’s Veronica Rodriguez, there was some
WWE business to take care
of, as Balor was made to signed thousands of WWE
DVDs about his career that
were given out to fans. On Twitter, the former NXT and
Universal Champion blasted
the company for making him do this during his
honeymoon, saying that he
had to sign 2,200 DVDs, and after mentioning quote
“this business” ended things
with a sick emoji. This was likely part of Balor’s
new Prince character who
isn’t afraid to rub people the wrong way, but it’s
still interesting that WWE
would have the Irish Superstar do this during
his time away. Hopefully Balor will have a better
time with his beloved next month
during the Holidays, and WWE has
arranged a special Holiday
schedule that will allow their Superstars to
be home for Christmas. According to Brad Shepard,
the original plan was for the
December 23rd edition of RAW to be pre-taped on
December 17th, but this has
been changed so the roster will instead air RAW live on Dec
16th, and film an episode the
next day. Shepard said: “According to a source in #WWE,
the #RAW taping for December
17th in Sioux City Iowa (scheduled to air on Dec
23rd) was recently canceled
by the company due to low attendance. I can
confirm WWE sold less than
1,000 tickets for this show. The #Raw scheduled to air on
December 23rd will now be
taped on December 16th after the live edition of #RAW
has aired. I’m told the show
on the 16th is selling fine The talent will now have a
break from December 21st –
25th, and will be back in action on
December 26th. This is very interesting as there
are still many tickets still on sale
for the event and when one fan commented
and confirmed he’d bought
front row seats for the now canceled show, the
WWE responded citing
scheduling conflicts.
A few years ago, the WWE was
blasted for having its Superstars
work on Christmas Day so this new schedule should
definitely be beneficial for
everyone involved. And finally today we’re going
back in time, as AEW
Commentator Jim Ross spoke about a controversial
time during his tenure in WWE. Speaking at Starrcast 4, the
legendary announcer
interviewed Jon Moxley, who has his own issues with the
Vince McMahon led company,
and Ross spoke about using the word “boy” in
a sentence directed at
Jonathon Coachman. Though Ross meant no racial
insensitivity, and had used the term
when speaking to younger members of the roster of all races, the
WWE still made sure to point
this out to him, as Ross said: “I got called in one time, we had
a hot thing going on on RAW
with Coach — I know that sounds oxymoronic, a hot thing going on
with Coach — He was learning to
be a heel and all this stuff so we got on this argument on
air about something and I said, ‘Boy, you’re gonna get in trouble
if you keep talking like that.’” “So, all of a sudden that became
a racial issue. I’m thinking, what?
I had to go to Vince’s office with he and Stephanie and I had
to watch the tape again and I
had to apologize for my racial epitaph. I called him boy,
not boy I was like, ‘boy, you
better watch it.’” “It’s a way [in WWE] of breaking
you down sometimes where you
begin questioning your sanity and skill level and I
detested that. It’s a poor way
of motivating talent whether you’re an athletic talent
or an artistic talent you have to
be motivated.” In the same interview, JR mentioned
that Moxley felt the same way about
the company breaking him down, as the former
Lunatic Fringe has been vocal
about his issues with the company since his
departure this past April.
Ross said: “I think Jon experienced this if they
believe that they couldn’t control
you they went out of the way to make sure that you knew that
they were watching your ass.
Every move you made.” Jon Moxley noted that it “felt like high
school like you’re afraid of getting in
trouble and sh*t, it’s weird.” There’s no shortage of stories
about WWE micromanaging
their talent over the years but they also have a lot of people
backstage who can contribute to
what goes on. Despite being one of the most
iconic stars on the show, and
one of their most loyal commentators, Jim Ross felt the
brunt of the company on more
than one occasion, and it seems the Oklahoma native
is much happier now as a part of
All Elite Wrestling.

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