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Sausalito, Yoda and Princess Diaries High School! | California Adventures Part 8

November 20, 2019

Hi folks, it’s my last full day
in San Francisco today and I think I’m going to head
over to Sausalito, as I said yesterday. I bought a tour ticket
for 48 hours. So, I’m going to hop back
on the tour bus again, go over to the other side
of the Golden Gate Bridge then get off the tour that I was
on yesterday and change over
to the Sausalito tour and have a look around Sausalito. People have told me
it’s a really nice place to go so I’m looking forward to it. My outfit of the day… Okay, so this dress
was originally something that I was going
to wear by itself, but I’ve put it with jeans
and you may be thinking, why have I put it with jeans? Am I really that adverse to sun? Three words, Golden Gate Bridge. It is so breezy up there. It’s ridiculously cold. And this would kind of
flutter around a lot. So, for the sake
of my underwear, the sake of my dignity, and the sake
of my body temperature, I’ve put on jeans as well. These jeans actually got
a lot of wear out of this trip. I packed a lot of shorts
and stuff like that, thinking that it
would be warmer. It has been very warm
but I’ve also been near the coast a lot. And when I go near the coast,
obviously, I like to wear jeans or something else. It’s just past 9:30
in the morning. So, I’m going to pack up
and get ready to go. And then find
the tour bus area. Luckily, the tour buses
start from Union Square so that’s really close to me
so that’s good. And yeah, I’m gonna go
see what the day brings. So, I’ll see you later. Again, I’ve managed to
skip the queue because I didn’t mind
sitting downstairs. Obviously, I was
on this tour yesterday so, it doesn’t really
matter to me whether I’m upstairs
or downstairs. So, I’m gonna get
a quick city tour. I reckon that will take
about a half an hour. Sorry not half an hour,
an hour and 30 minutes or so and then we’ll be
down to Sausalito. It’s another beautiful day
in California. So much so, that I’ve
had to take my jacket off. It is so sunny today and I’m just waiting
on the Sausalito bus now. It’s going to look
a little bit like that. It’s one of the old cable cars. There’s the area that we
were visiting last night. That’s Treasure Island. It’s right in the middle
of the Bay Bridge. It’s a man-made island
but the bridge can kinda take you to it. You can take a junction
while you’re going along the underside of the bridge
to get to Treasure Island. We’ve got Alcatraz over here. There’s load and loads
of boats out. We’ve been told to look
for whales because it’s possibly
the time of year for them. And this view is just
absolutely captivating. You just couldn’t make it up
it’s just amazing. I just saw a lady in her 60s
wearing a tshirt that said on it, “I promise to stay wild”. I love that. That woman is my
spirit animal. And I want one of them
t-shirts when I get to that age. ‘Cause yeah, why should you
settle down or anything like that? Promise to stay wild,
promise to have adventures. I hope that’s me
when I’m older. I’m now sitting in an
old fashioned trolley car which has been converted
to have wheels on it so that it can be
just a regular bus. I think that’s
a really cool way to ferry people around. So, we should get going
in a moment. The bus is totally full because everybody’s
wanting to make the most of this good day. We’ve arrived in Sausalito
and it seems to be a lovely little town
with lots of boutique shops. I’ve seen some vintage shops, I’ve seen an Italian place. I think I’m gonna go
to the Italian place. Because I’m not big into fish
and the sort of stuff you usually find at
seaside places. And I’m going to have
a look around, see what’s what. I’ve found a beautiful Italian
restaurant to have lunch in. It is so so hot outside,
you would not believe it. I’m actually thinking of
going to the toilet and getting my jeans off
so that I can just wear the dress. Because I really think that’s
gonna be more than enough. I’m tempted by the pizzas. But then, there’s also some
really nice pasta options there too. I’m thinking maybe the ravioli
with spinach and ricotta. Or the gnocchi. They’re two of my favorites. This minestrone soup
is just gorgeous. I’m not sure I’m going to
be able to look at the stuff from a tin
in just the same way again. The soup was absolutely
delicious and now my ravioli is here. Isn’t that just serene? I know it doesn’t
look like much but it will be
very filling I’m sure ’cause those are
really large bits. Who can leave
without ice cream in an Italian restaurant? Look at this. I am being spoiled. It is now just after one o’clock
in the afternoon, it’s about 1:15 and I am
so grateful for this dress that I almost didn’t bring. This is such a lovely little, I’d call it a seaside town. I don’t know if anybody who
lives in Sausalito would call it a seaside town but I’d call it
a seaside town. It’s just so picturesque. There’s lovely houses
on the hill there. And altogether, it seems
a wonderful place for tourists to come, so I’m glad that I came. [WATER LAPS] So over there, of course,
is San Francisco. Coming across, you can
see the Bay Bridge. And that’s Alcatraz
over there. And over here,
we have Angel Island. Which I think
I’ve said before is the Ellis Island
of the west. Oh my god, is that a seal? Yeah, it’s a seal! More nature! I was really sad I never saw them at Pier 39 so I’m glad I’ve managed
to see them here. So yes, I’m just coming along
this walkway right by the water at the moment because
it seems a nicer walk than the streets that
I was taking earlier. Isn’t this wonderful? You can have a house
[WAVES LAP] right over the beach. This is just incredible. Oh, there he is. [WAVES LAP] Oh, he’s brought a friend
with him this time. It’s so good to see seals. Not so good that
I’m like crying. I got some suntan lotion
in my eye earlier. [GIGGLES] So my eyes were stinging
as I was trying to get a good shot there. But this is just wonderful. I’d love to live out here. This is just such a nice place. There’s a bird with a long neck that keeps on coming
up for air and then diving under. And I’m not too sure
what type of bird it is. So yeah, if I figure out
what it is, I’ll put it in the description
and maybe put on the screen. If I don’t figure out
what it is… Please tell me. I don’t think he’s a duck. But he must be some sort
of fishing bird because he’s having
a great time right now. There’s another seal, or a sea lion,
one of the two. Just bobbing along
enjoying the day. And he’s gone again. There is a shop
across the street, I do want to go in
despite the fact that I don’t need
any more food. And it’s called
“Munchie’s Candies”. And the reason I want
to go in there is because they have
saltwater taffy. Now, I’ve never tried
saltwater taffy to my knowledge, but I heard about it on
Scooby-Doo once when I was little. So, it’s another thing
I’ve been intrigued by but I just completely forgot
it existed until right now. So, I’m gonna head
across the road and get some saltwater taffy. Give it try, see if
it’s worth anything. What does saltwater taffy
taste like? I have no idea, so I’m
going to find out and let you know too. I think this is a pineapple
flavor, I could be wrong. Mm. It’s a lot chewier than
I expected it to be. It’s very chewy,
almost like a caramel. And I can taste the
pineapple now as well. That’s quite good,
I really like that. It’s like an old fashioned
sweet, I’d say. It reminds me a bit
of fudge as well. It’s something very chewy but very nice and very sweet. Yeah, I like that,
I like that. I’ll be eating
the rest of that. So I’m just sitting out
in a car park right now waiting on my shuttle bus
coming to take me back over to San Francisco. And while I was here
I thought I’d quickly Google to find out exactly where
Grove High School is again and how I get to it
from the place where the tour bus leaves us off. It’s about 30 degrees
outside right now which makes for wonderful
weather but it’s maybe a little bit too hot for me. I’m not used to this
sort of thing, so I’ve got the suntan
lotion out every two seconds. But yeah, that’s fine, I suppose it’s good
for a holiday. I’m not sure I could
put up with this very often. I’m on the bus back to
San Francisco now. The one from Sausalito
was just so busy, I couldn’t do anything. I don’t know if you
can see my eye there, at some point,
something has irritated it. I think it was the sun lotion and I’ve had to quickly
dash into the bathroom, kinda give it a wash. I’m not sure it helped but I’m think it’s time to put
the sunglasses on for sure. So I might be visiting
a pharmacy later, who knows. But yeah, I was just going
across the Golden Gate Bridge and then I’ll probably hop off
to go and see LucasArts. Right, I’m now off the bus again and I think, if I remember correctly,
this is LucasArts. That I’m wandering
through just now. It’s a really nice area. This used to be a hospital. But when it closed,
George Lucas built, well, took it over and he kept it looking
like it did before. So I’m going to see Yoda on the way to Grove High. You can tell which one
I’m more excited for, I just broke into like
a massive smile there. This is pretty cool. [BAD YODA IMPRESSION ]
Found him, I have! That was nerdiest thing
I’ve ever said. I found him. I found Yoda. So, now I know
roughly where I am. He was, he looked so
adorable. [CHUCKLES] So cute, honestly. Like my heart, honestly,
oh my god. Right, so yesterday, the bus
came from this direction. So, I’m trying to stop myself
for having to resort to Google Maps. Grove High was not actually a High School
of any sort. The building that they used
for Grove High is actually a private
apartment block. And it’s at the end
of a really nice line of trees and line of houses. So when you’re
watching the film you can kind of see
that it’s not a High School. But it’s not something
that really occurs to you until you find that out,
if that makes sense. Once you know
it’s not a High School, it’s really obvious
it’s not a High School. Okay, I’m gonna turn
Google Maps on because this is not
particularly easy to follow. And none of the tour buses
go here which is shocking! Totally shocking. So if anybody’s looking
for it, it’s 2601 Lyon Street. So more Princess Diaries trivia
for those of you who don’t know. Mia would use a
motorized scooter to get to school,
I can kinda see why. [BREATHES HEAVILY] I was hoping it was
gonna be down Lyon Street as opposed to
up Lyon Street. But that’s alright, that’s okay,
we’re gonna do it anyway. It’s a good job
I stopped for a rest because I’ve just turned
around and we’re here, we’re at Grove High School! There we go! Just like in the movie, you’ve got the big
elegant staircase. The bit at the top. This is where Garry’s
grandchildren met Princess Mia. That’s the wall that
they were sitting on. That’s where the cheerleaders
were singing. Oh my god, I’m such a fangirl right now.
It’s so cool to be here. ‘Cause it looks
exactly like in the film except there’s like a lampshade
at the top there that obviously,
wasn’t in the film. See, if I was
a tour guide operator, I would totally have
one tour purely just for “Princess Diaries”, maybe some “That’s So Raven”, wasn’t that San Francisco? I know there’s a tour
that does movie locations, but I’m not sure they
extend it to “The Princess Diaries”. I’ve had things from
“The Pursuit of Happyness”, and “Dirty Harry” and stuff
pointed out to me. But I’d want to bring it
into the new generation. I’d want some stuff from
classic Disney movies. And it’s a classic
Garry Marshall movie too. So, anyways… that’s like a childhood
dream come true right there. Oh my god,
I can’t believe that. I’m gonna try and catch
another tour bus back into town. And then from there
I don’t really have any plans. The tour buses are almost
finished for the night, so I can’t really get
on another one unless I want to do
the night tour again, which I don’t really
see the point in that. So I guess I’m going
back to my hotel. I should probably
be packing anyway, so it’s maybe a good thing. So, I’m now back round
at Letterman Drive. In the car park, not the nicest bit
as you’ve seen. Do I want to go and say
hello to Yoda again? I do, but I don’t wanna
miss my bus. Oh you know what,
nobody’s over there, so let’s go and see Yoda. Hello, Yoda!
[WATER SPLASHES] This is really cute. I don’t know if you
can see his face there, but it seems very lifelike. Hi folks! There’s a few things
I need to do tonight so I’m back at the hotel. Firstly, I need to pack. Secondly, I’m planning
on getting a pizza, there’s a place nearby. Thirdly, if there’s any room
left in my suitcase, I need to get some candy
other people to try. And most importantly,
I need to hide the saltwater taffy. Because it’s really good. And left to my own devices,
I will eat it all. So, I apologize in advance
to my friends and family, if I don’t succeed in managing
to preserve the saltwater taffy because it’s been so good. I ordered a small
Hawaiian pizza and this is what I got. For those of you who
can’t really figure out how big that is,
this is a 12 inch pizza. 12 inches. I’m not complaining,
it looks gorgeous, it looks amazing, it’s just very different
in the U.K. I think in the U.K.
a small pizza would’ve been about
six to eight inches. Like I said, I’m not complaining, and there’s tons
of fruit on there so I’m being healthy. True story. Okay, the pizza’s gone now. It was very nice. I’ve been packing up
for a while now. Although, for a long time
it felt like I was just moving all my things around as opposed to actually
tidying anything. But now, I’m kinda
getting to a point where it feels like the room’s
starting to be tidied into one of three bags,
which is totally fine. So my last full day
in San Francisco, I really enjoyed it,
I’m glad I got to see Sausalito. That was a lovely area. I’m glad I got to see Grove High and scenes from
“The Princess Diaries”. That was really exciting to me. I have to say, I’ve not even
left San Francisco yet and I’ve enjoyed being
around here so much that I already cannot wait
to come back. And I’ve just had
a wonderful time. I can’t wait to share
my stories with everybody. It’s been just
an amazing trip. So, anyway guys, thank you very
very much for watching and I hope to see you back soon
for the end of my Californian Adventure. Cheerio!

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  • Reply Jessica Spencer October 18, 2016 at 7:53 pm

    No offence, but that soup looked disgusting. :L I didn't know that the Grove High exterior set was in San Fran (well I never really thought about it)?! BUT THAT'S SO FREAKING COOL. I NEED TO GO THERE.

  • Reply xingcat October 18, 2016 at 9:39 pm

    Oh, I love Sausalito! Such a cute town. Those ravioli looked delicious.

    Saltwater taffy is such a staple at seaside towns here in the US. It's pretty good, but it'll totally rip out your teeth with the chewiness!

  • Reply We Are Salmonella October 19, 2016 at 12:40 am

    Awww, I love your dress <3
    I love saltwater taffy, I always ask my boyfriend to get some, so we always have a bag at home 😀

  • Reply Laura Seymon October 19, 2016 at 10:59 am

    Feeling like a total fan girl seeing grove high school!! I literally just watched princess diaries yesterday!! Love it!! Hope you are well and having a fabulous trip, might see you again at another dance moms tour haha! Xx

  • Reply Matthew Gladstone October 19, 2016 at 6:03 pm

    Wonderful as per usual. Are you planning a Halloween spin on a video this year? Kate's Spooky Adventures? Scary Adventures?
    Kate's AAAAAAAAAAHdventures?

  • Reply Renegade November 23, 2016 at 9:56 pm

    wow great zoom on that camera, I didn't see the Seal well spotted 🙂

  • Reply Renegade November 23, 2016 at 10:01 pm

    "Found him, I have" haha!! 🙂

  • Reply Renegade November 23, 2016 at 10:35 pm

    I didn't know what Princess Diaries School was so i did a google image search and the thumbnail for this video can be seen on page 1 🙂

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