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Rules: Scoring and Serving | Tennis

October 9, 2019

Scoring In this video, you will learn about the scoring system in tennis. A tennis match is made up of sets and games The number of sets played is defined before the match It is most common to play 3 sets, but professional men’s tennis often play 5 sets Each set is made up of 6 games Each game is made of up 4 points In a singles game, one player serves while the other receives Players switch roles for the next game Serving always starts on the the right side of the court to the opponent’s left In singles, both players alternate sides after each point For a serve to be legal it must go into the diagonally-opposite service box, and players have a first and, if necessary, a second serve to do this If, after their second serve the player cannot get the ball into their opponent’s service box, this is called a “double fault” and they lose point At the start of a game, when neither player has scored a point, the score is referred to as “love all” When the first point is won, the score becomes 15-love Note that the server’s score is always read first Should the server then win the second point, the score becomes 30-love And if they win the third point, the score becomes 40-love If the server wins the fourth point, he wins the game The server alternates after each game Players change sides every two games, except for the initial games of the set, where they change after the first three games If each player wins three points the score is tied, 40 all or “deuce” To win the game from deuce, a player must win by two clear points
When they win the first point, it is referred to as their ‘advantage’ The second point wins them the game But if both players keep on winning and losing points alternately, the score can go from advantage back down to deuce and back to an advantage indefinitely In a similar way, sets, comprising 6 games, must be won by two clear games, which is known as a tiebreaker To learn more about the tiebreaker, see the video on the tiebreaker Know you know about the rules of the scoring and serving in tennis! The ball’s in your court

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