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Roman Reigns Wants This To Be His Year 2020 lol | WWE Smackdown 1/10/20 Full Show Review & Results

January 18, 2020

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guys oh my god ladies and gentleman my god folks Roman reigns ladies and gentlemen Roman
reigns you gotta love them folks you gotta fuckin love Roman reigns ladies
gentlemen the man that this the the stuff that this man says I’m the fuckin
my phone is fuckin absolutely fuckin laughable ladies and gentlemen it’s
absolutely laughable folks this man really fucking feels and Vince McMahon
feels like we are calling for this man to be on our fucking television spewing
this fucking absolute garbage ladies and gentlemen are you fucking kidding me
he says that he’s gonna win the Royal Rumble and he’s gonna go on to
Wrestlemania to Main Event WrestleMania for a fifth fucking time leaves you
Jenna I cannot believe that this guy didn’t get fucking booed out the
building when he said that least you I only don’t understand that there is a
soul on this planet that wants to see Roman reigns win the Royal Rumble and
then go on the WrestleMania to main event WrestleMania for a fifth fucking
time listen Jenna folks I don’t know what the fuck Vince
McMahon is up to I don’t know what the fuck the Vixen man has planned for
Wrestlemania folks but if Vince McMahon has plans for Roman reigns to win the
fucking Royal Rumble and then go on to the fucking Wrestlemania and main event
WrestleMania for a fifth fucking time ladies and gentlemen I swear to God I
swear to God that anything that is holy ladies general I will stop watching WWE
folks and I wouldn’t do another fucking WWE review on this fucking channel if
this is what WWE has planned for Wrestlemania and the Royal Rumble folks
seriously folks you guys look at my shirt you guys see my shirts you see two
two two thumbs up right look at my shirt says folks this guy is against the Roman
agenda ladies and gentlemen yes sir the Roman agenda ladies and gentlemen is
stronger than ever folks the Roman agenda is starting ladies and
gentlemen 2020 Roman reigns the big dog is gonna run wild on Friday nights
ladies gentlemen Roman lames Roman reigns is going to run wild on Friday
Night Smackdown on 20/20 ladies gentlemen it’s already starting least
Jim it’s already starting you know you know I cannot fathom that Vince McMahon
and his creative fucking circus have this man go out there and cut a fucking
ridiculous promo like he cuts a knife folks let me let me repeat what Roman
lames had to say lilies Jim he said I he says I’ve been outnumbered I’ve been
jumped and I’ve even been embarrassed by Corbett and his crew I’ve had backup but
this time I didn’t need help from friends I needed help from family last
week my family came back to support me in a major way 2020 is going to be my
year and I’m gonna and I’m gonna win the Royal Rumble and then main event
WrestleMania for a fifth fucking year I’m gonna come back with my brothers
Jimmy and Jey USO ladies gentlemen you know it’s quite embarrassing that Vince
McMahon has to put the Jimmy and Jey usos with Roman reigns to protect him
and use the youth so it’s like a fucking puppet slave ship because that’s what
Jimmy and Jey USO are right now they’re fucking puppets folks because if you
have Jimmy and Jey USO we’re Roman reigns
they’re not gonna prove Roman reigns because everyone loves the fucking news
sells rights everyone realizes the fucking news songs
no one’s gonna buy Roman reigns with Jimmy in jail so that’s why they put
Roman reigns with Jimmy and Jey USO folks seriously ladies and gentlemen
first they put him with Daniel Bryan Daniel Bryan was protecting fuckin Roman
reigns from getting booed out the building because no one’s gonna fucking
pool Daniel Bryan right so now they put him since they got
to get Daniel Bryan out of the fucking story like were roaming and fucking
baron fucking Burger King Corbin they got to take him out cause he’s gonna go
fight the fucking Fein at the Royal Rumble so now they get if like oh my god
who’s gonna protect Roman reigns now oh my god Daniel Bryan’s not gonna be Roman
reigns who were gonna pull Roman reigns now oh the Russos
yeah let’s bring back news so they can come back and protect Roman they fucking
put the use of the Roman reigns to protect him folks absolutely
embarrassing ladies genom I don’t know there’s a fucking soul on this planet
folks I cannot fathom that there is a soul on this planet that wants to see
this man win the Royal Rumble match and then go on to Wrestlemania
to main event WrestleMania for a fifth fucking yearly general I don’t know
folks I seriously don’t understand these people folks that fucking praise this
man like he is so fucking fantastic fucking wrestlers Jim likes he’s it like
he’s a fantastic fucking a talker on the fucking mic ladies and gentleman I just
don’t understand the people that fucking wrote this man to the fucking to the
fucking cows come home ladies gentlemen I just don’t see what they see in Roman
reigns folks or should I say Roman fucking lanes
ladies gentlemen I don’t see you folks well ladies a general fighting night
smackdown it was another fucking boring ass show nothing of excitement ladies
gentlemen we saw John Morrison return Oh John Morrison return and cut one of the
fucking worst promos in fucking WWE’s history ladies gentlemen we got another
rematch from last week because you know WWE have to do rematch I have to fucking
rematch at the fucking rematch Kofi Kingston versus the fucking Miz we saw
Bray Wyatt on the show but they break why come on defend a universal
championship absolutely not ladies gentlemen ever
since Friday Night SmackDown came back to Fox we have seen one WWE Title match
folks one and that was the WWE title when brockless to be Kofi Kingston his
fucking pancakes in five fucking seconds ladies Jim ever since that day we
haven’t seen another major title be defended on this show and
don’t tell me we’ll shoot screen Nakamura is defended Intercontinental
title I say the fucking major title ladies and gentlemen like the WWE title
or the fucking universal tight relationship even though those times
shouldn’t be a major because you can go into your local local fucking toy store
and get that fucking tire off the fucking shelf and that will be more
valuable then the fucking titles on these shows books what else do we get on
this show what else do we get on One Show weeks fucking got a lie a second
please allies wrestling in a ring now he’s fucking playing his fucking guitar
to the fucking crowd alexa pastes verses Mandy Rhodes who’s supposed to get Laci
Evans versus sasha banks we didn’t get that match she was fucking advertised
for the whole fucking week we didn’t get that match braun strowman vs schinsky
Nakamura the USO’s versus the you souls vs. Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler Asia
the air the rest of this show was absolutely nonsense a lot of fucking
talking a lot of fucking promos on Friday Night Smackdown tonight folks
nothing to really hype the fucking Royal Rumble but we got announced that we’re
gonna get Baron Corbin vs roman reigns again one-on-one at the Royal Rumble
match folks I’ve said it I said it a couple of weeks ago we were gonna get a
fucking dog food loser eats dog food match folks and I guarantee you I
absolutely guarantee you this Roman reigns versus Baron Corbin match at the
Royal Rumble is gonna be loser eats dog food match laser chinma mark my fucking
words ladies gentlemen mark my words folks that match will be made the folks
other than that I mean Friday Night Smackdown was another boring-ass Friday
Night Smackdown ladies gentlemen nothing on this show interests me folks
not even though always in Mandy Road storyline folks I just don’t care about
anything in WWE right now folks I don’t I just don’t – smackdown live tag team
titles weren’t defended on this show the Intercontinental title wasn’t defended
on this show the universal title wasn’t defended on the show nothing to build a
Royal Rumble what the fuck did we get on this show
what are we get we got nothing we wasted two hours of our fucking lives watching
this shit folks if you decided to go out tonight folks and not watch Friday Night
Smackdown god bless you absolutely glob god bless you did the
right thing you didn’t miss nothing don’t even go to your fucking DVR and
play the fucking thing and watch it folks because you miss nothing you
absolutely miss nothing Bobby Roode returns
whoop-dee-doo Bobby Roode returns in the tacks Roman reigns who the fuck cares
about Bobby Roode folks or Robert room whatever the fuck his name is Robert
Ruth who the fuck cares about Robert Roode folks folks Friday Night Smackdown
was another god-awful show a lot of lot of fuckin talking a lot of fuckin promos
and no fuckin wrestling ring action folks Alexa pace and Mandy Rhodes
Kofi Kingston versus the fucking mace braun strowman rich in Sookie Nakamura
and the Usos vs Burger King Corbin and Dolph circles this is the fucking
professional wrestler we got on this fucking show this is the fucking
wrestling we got on this fucking show folks absolutely fuckin piss poor
booking legitimate absolutely lazy legitimate in minds we are in
WrestleMania season we are in WrestleMania season Royal Rumble season
and we are not getting the fucking switch turned on to build these fucking
biggest pay-per-views of the fucking year folks I don’t get at least you know
I just don’t get it folks but folks if you guys like the beginning of this
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down review folks we start the show ladies and gentlemen with Miz TV legion
miss TV starts to show folks folks miss TV starts to show the miss comes out he
claims last week he was just having a bad day as a way of explaining his
actions he apologizes to the new day members as the fans boo the miss the
miss claims to have gone through a lot lately he mentions the fiend Bray Wyatt
missing messing with his family finally the Miz welcomes his special guest for
this extra instrument of miss TV none other than the former tag team partner
John fucking Morrison returns ladies Jenna John Morrison music hits and he
makes his way down to the ring as the fans break out into a loud welcome back
welcome back shan’t folks at first there was no
fucking reaction for fucking John Morrison
the crowd was absolutely dead folks the miss had to bring the fucking crowd to
life to make a damn chant welcome back welcome back ladies and gentlemen The
Miz and and John Morrison are gonna be a thing folks they’re gonna be a thing and
they’re gonna be a tag team folks the fucking promo that John Morrison caught
during this fucking miss TV segment was fucking god-awful is Jimmy and people
are saying on social media well he just got back to the table seat empty we gave
him a chance Negative Nancy folks this is the fucking professional wrestler
he’s been into WWE bubble before folks I think he knows how to cut a fucking
promo don’t you think this was fucking awful this was absolutely awful the
fucking Pearlman of John Morrison cut folks
he felt so out of place he looked so out of place with his fucking street clothes
I was just like why did they keep his fucking god-awful theme music I think he
was gonna come out with a different fucking crib could create a fucking oh
look a fucking new creative uh music I don’t know something different than the
old John Morrison folks come on we’re not in fucking 2012 2014 5 2006
it’s 2020 can we get something new with John fucking Morrison my god ladies and
gentlemen the lack of creativity on this fucking show folks lack of creativity
folks so the new they come on interrupt John Morrison in the fucking maze and
whoopty-doo we get another fucking match from last week coffee Kingston versus
the fucking Miz do you care you didn’t fucking care last week what makes you
think we’re gonna fucking care this week this time the Miz beats Kofi Kingston
folks Skull Crushing finale one two three do you fucking care
the answer is moving on we get a Firefly fire five fire flop can’t even fucking
talk fire fun house segment folks I must have
still Monday Night Raw sins roaming me that I can’t focus a Firefly fun
folks the fiend Bray Wyatt appears on the screen and tells the funhouse camera
to come closer and not to be scared he says he wants to tell us something
and then says he loves everyone that felt good he says love is special but
not everyone is capable of it why it says he’s looking at Daniel Bryan in
this case he says the fiend feels the opposite of love for Bryan the
fiend says he can’t stand him because Bryan has been very naughty lately why
it says Bryan will be in trouble at the Royal Rumble when he faces the fiend he
says first the fiend wanted to help bryant and change Bryan now he wants to
hurt Bryan because Bryant wants to take the universal title from the fee and
then Bray white waves goodbye great this was a great segment I like the Firefly
funhouse I like the fucking Bray Wyatt and the fiend character I like this type
of stuff folks this was probably one of the best parts of fucking Monday uh
fucking Friday Night Smackdown backstage Mandy’s Rhoads Mandy Rose says she needs
to take of one she needs to take care of one thing before she heads out to the
rep to the ring Mandy pulls watched looks like to be a
fucking cake box from her locker and smiles folks so she has a new cake made
for fuckin Otis who the fuck cares then Elias comes out folks we move on
and Isis in the ring Elias is ladies and gentlemen I have a question for you
tonight watch the walk with Elias same old shit he says he has another song to
play for us great I wrote a song called row to rumble and directed that the
crowd starts clapping as he starts playing
the guitar in the center of the ring the crowd begins to clap Elias is singing
Roman reigns winning the rumble is not if Elias has anything to say
see I got nothing against the big dog but gonna lose like Bank brandy HEA and
ricochet let’s not forget about Ric Eric growing everyone in the cage every every
whoever is in the cage it can’t escape it’s gonna be pretty terrifying could it
be scarier than Lana sex tape Brock lesner thinks the roster is work
unworthy he made that much clearer well Brock it’s easy to hide behind that
opinion especially even the fact that you’re never here how does Elias compare
to someone like Brock unlike he he has a personality and not afraid to talk so
when I beat him and show Brock the door but when he comes to the Royal Rumble
I’m gonna show him what WWE stands for walk with Elias ladies and gentlemen
Elias has all the fucking potential in the world to be one of the biggest stars
in this fucking company he holds the fucking crowd in the palm of his fucking
hands folks he can make him hate him or they could fucking Louisville folks and
they don’t push this guy to the fucking moon I don’t understand it all he does
is come out and be a fucking comedy act and fucking sing stupid fucking songs
folks that’s all they do what allies is absolutely ridiculous folks backstage
mandy walks up to otis saying she knows she’s hurt his feelings when she led
Dolph Ziggler step on his mom’s fruitcake and she wants to apologize
Mandy says the cake that says decay she gives him a cake that says I’m sorry
with a sad on it before adding I have to get ready
for my match I hope you enjoy it she says she gives him a fucking cake do you
care about the fucking cake the fucking ham or the fucking fruitcake cake who
the fuck cares folks and this stupid-ass storyline with fucking manuals and
fucking oldest books moving on Alexa piece versus Mandy Rhodes
Mandy Rhodes roll up pain roll up pain she pins Alexa bliss because Otis comes
on as distracts Alexa pace and Mandy rolls rolls were one two three Mandy
Rosa Wilson moving on Lacey Evans versus Sasha banks didn’t
fucking happen Bayley boring Bailey is shown on the fucking titantron taunting
fucking Lacey Evans Lacey of his runs to the back and is a brawl between Lacey
Evans and Bayley folks moving on another segment backstage the theme is on the
screen speaking to Daniel Bryan after interrupting him rambling rabbit says
that he Daniel Bryan’s biggest he’s Daniel Bryan’s biggest fan and that he
knows the secret of beating the fiend a hand covers rambling rabbits face a hand
covers rambling rabbits face and Bray Wyatt comes into the view in mr. Rodgers
like sweater and smiles and a smile on his face and says silly rabbits remember
kids stitch snitches get stitches a voice is heard saying Let Me In and
screen fades to black folks moving on braun strowman vs. schinsky nakamura
with fucking Sammy’s innocence aural folks
why should scare Nakamura have Sammy’s anuses are in this fucking corner these
guys should be competing all three for the fucking Intercontinental
Championship folks Cesaro shipping it to Continental
champion Sami Zayn should be an Intercontinental Champion but no they’re
fucking with schinsky Nakamura as fucking coattail folks brunch summer
pirates I’m the Shinsegae Nakamura he beat schinsky Nakamura but guess what it
wasn’t for the intercontinental not even the fucking intercontinental title
coming Aventis show folks unbelievable unbelievable Bronston beats
schinsky Nakamura and in the main event folks the you souls vs. Burger King
Corbin and Dolph Ziggler to match went to no contest because there was fucking
disqualification robber rule returns who cares
Raoh rule comes out and attacks Roman fucking rays in the back and attacks the
fucking new selves they pour Roman reigns to the fucking table same old
shit we’ve been seeing for the last three fucking years
so apparently at the raw room we’re gonna get probably fuckin Dolph Ziggler
Baron Corbin and Robert rule versus Roman reigns and the fucking news folks the answer is no and Friday Night
Smackdown comes to an end Lee’s gym folks folks folks folks it’s looking to
be like 2020 is gonna be worse than 2019 folks if they’re gonna shove Roman
reigns down our fucking throats so start the fucking year folks having me shoved
him down our throats for the last fucking six years folks and we have to
start the year off by this guy being shoved down our throats already folks
absolutely fucking ridiculous folks ridiculous but that’s all I got ladies
and gentleman you guys like this review you guys know what to do hit that like
button subscribe to the channel don’t forget to hit that Bell for all over the
case when I upload a video and I will see you guys next time thank you guys so

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  • Reply Future Mask January 11, 2020 at 5:00 am

    Fuck you roman 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Reply JQ James January 11, 2020 at 5:13 am


  • Reply Omar Coke January 11, 2020 at 5:21 am

    Is it just me or is John Morrison looking like he is just there. He doesnt look all that special. He looks like another Dolph Ziggler. A lackey for someone.

  • Reply Ajith B Shenoy January 11, 2020 at 5:36 am

    AC, if Roman Reigns really does win the royal rumble, just sell your wm tickets. Our time is worth better than 8 hours of a fucking garbage of a show with Roman in the main event !!!

  • Reply Ajith B Shenoy January 11, 2020 at 5:38 am

    Honestly, John Morrison vs big E next week is more intriguing than anything on these fucking shows. We got to agree that Morrison, bigE and Kofi are three of the fucking best talents on the roster despite being booked like shit !!!

  • Reply Flatulence Of Excellence January 11, 2020 at 5:39 am

    I wish I can go to wwe suckdown and curse Roman out along with wwe and the Vince and how fucking suck ass their show is. Roman has the gull to say AEW is not competition? This fake Conan the barbarian wannabe the last person that should be saying anything. The reigns character is unbearable yes Joe in real life is a cool guy but my god I mean I’m starting to miss John cena I never really hated him much to begin with but dam Roman reigns is so much worse than John cena a cheap knock off and Roman will never get to his status unless he sucks Vince balls more and even so still unbearable. And really the USO’s always had his back? You could tell wwe creative sucky ass team shoe horned that in there. I’m guessing the USO’s will betray him or the rock will come and then it will be Roman and the rock? Whoop dee doo. And John Morrison oh my god what a waste a fucking return and what a horrible choice he made going to wwe suckdown. Or raw. What a dam waste a such a dead crowd when Morrison came out. Sad. Should have took a chance to AEW or NXT. Shit this freaking wrestling on Friday and mondays are so god awful and pathetic. Wwe needs to die I’m sorry to teach Vince a lesson. Keep NXT somewhere separate on its own thing not affiliated with wwe have a future new era of AEW and NXT. Which is why I wish AEW NJPW even TNA and ring of honor if they just joined forces and became one just one which is AEW smackdown suckdown and raw would be dead right now. Fukin pathetic wwe

  • Reply Flatulence Of Excellence January 11, 2020 at 5:45 am Even this that isn’t real is so much better than wwe combined if only but this is just awesome. Jeff hardy and Matt need to go to AEW as well and that character of willow could do so much with it with the right ppl and brand and that is AEW. Reinvent the willow character where you wouldn’t recognize at all that it’s Jeff hardy by changing the move sets and more of the attire

  • Reply Paul James January 11, 2020 at 5:58 am

    I went out tonight, didn't watch Smackdown. Awesome review AC. I would love to get one of those shirts you are wearing. All the best bud.

  • Reply bigboy jonnytwentyfive January 11, 2020 at 6:00 am

    Smackdown was garbage.

  • Reply Detailz January 11, 2020 at 7:24 am

    This show even worse than raw complete abysmal garbage good thing I miss it went grocery shopping good vid AC.

  • Reply Zeke January 11, 2020 at 10:26 am

    It see WWE is moving back wards pro wrestling does not move back wards it move forward we should call this back wards era

  • Reply Kwame Shakir January 11, 2020 at 12:20 pm

    SquaringTheCircle If Roman wins The Rumble, It’ll be like 2015 all over again, but this time, he’ll get loudly booed if Vince lets him or his other golden boy Brock win The Rumble

  • Reply FallingCyrax January 11, 2020 at 12:53 pm

    "This Guy Is Against The Roman Agenda" T-shirt sums it all on how true wrestling fans are against the Roman Reigns agenda.

    I rather watch Jon Moxley more than Roman Reigns boring character.

  • Reply Mirza January 11, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    Roman Reigns vs The Fiend vs Daniel Bryan. Inject it

  • Reply Savage Sagwa January 11, 2020 at 12:57 pm

    Nobody wants Roman to main event Mania not even his fanbase lmao. Give my boy the early spots in the show and we gucci. Crowd starts becoming ass halfway through the show anyway. Give Brock vs Tyson Fury that main event spot

  • Reply Avery Watts January 11, 2020 at 1:01 pm

    The beginning of the video😂😂😂 ROMAN LAMES IS TOTALLY TRASH!!

  • Reply Austin Dickerson January 11, 2020 at 1:26 pm

    First of all, everyone is showing respect for Roman Reigns because he beat leukemia.

    And second, Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble match doesn’t have to be the main event at WrestleMania 36.

  • Reply Michael Hall January 11, 2020 at 1:55 pm

    The start of the video sounded like you were finishing yourself off! 😂 But seriously good video dude keep it up! ROMAN SUCKS!!! AEDUB!!

  • Reply LeeTravius Mckay January 11, 2020 at 2:14 pm

    I was watching the Lakers vs mavs game and smackdown live still put me to sleep 😴

  • Reply LeeTravius Mckay January 11, 2020 at 2:16 pm

    Smackdown live was awful this week and Roman didnt make it any

  • Reply Muhammad Alshammari January 11, 2020 at 6:14 pm

    I’m happy that Miz and Morrison beat down the stupid pancake holders

  • Reply Dan Brooks January 11, 2020 at 10:56 pm

    Brock beat kofi in 8seconds and it was a good show and I told y’all det tha Miz and John Morrison was gonna be a tag team

  • Reply KairosObjective January 12, 2020 at 4:37 am

    Roman was "threatenin'" folks regardin' a future wrestlemania match lol.

  • Reply Austin Dickerson January 13, 2020 at 2:57 am

    Speaking of Lacey Evans attacking Bayley, I want to see this happen at the Royal Rumble:

    Bayley (c) vs Lacey Evans in a steel cage match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship with the Bayley to Belly banned and Dana Brooke as special guest referee; if Bayley uses the Bayley to Belly, she will immediately be stripped of the title

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