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Ring Of Honor Highlight January 31st 2019 – ROH 01 31 2019 Highlights

August 11, 2019

well to ring of honor dress honor is real [Music] well welcome everybody to Ring of Honor wrestling and one a night of action we have here tonight including our main event but first alright I’m here to cheer on my little buddy Debbie Chen man’s pin juice oh you’re always [Music] there must be a little nickname you guys are so successful right now in New Japan form such a bond maybe not unusual especially after the word the own interesting to note the fourth-generation pedigree of David Finley the juice you alluded to that back in Philadelphia after your match with PJ black that’s what you rooming technique of Devon shot their side headlock here from Finley and prevent him from locking in that key lock there get out from under the rock I’m living in is one of the hottest prospects here in Ring of Honor but some of the hot names of the big three agents Ring of Honor has scored of course but Williams take a little more than that well he can’t hear you right now he’s in the ring yeah cutting the wind off juice what do you think right now your took hot sauce lightly but thick blue chippers who we haven’t seen on a national stage yet cold we have you talked about his match in filling offices Finley’s first and yeah he’s gonna have to figure this out and it’s his debut and this is big yeah he’s had some years in Japan but like we said he the grip of Williams pant dojo yeah but he likes it it seems a bring it to Finley right here yeah Irish with now reversible the corner year it’s filly like a how much will resume don’t go anywhere bring him on her fence we are back here in Atlanta all 13th Caracalla jerk / all-star match the debut still the Congress bar casket vs. hung winner gets a world TV title shot [Applause] gosh 12600 Valley through the dojo system in New Japan I know for a fact that it’s gonna be a mistake that feelings gonna have to wake up with tomorrow ducks the clothesline and Finley blocks it both men this is been a an amazing just back and forth much well officer OC and to your point juice if he can’t eat if he could reach down Italy comes back Finley has his trash bandit Williams on to the next move it’s it’s Williams open the shoulders fire with Kara position I don’t know if you got odds on this match you know obviously Debbie was my back but for the rising star in the new who knew what was gonna be enough in that women coming to their feet and this is what it’s about right here and that is a beautiful thing lady [Music] the heat of our caskets of antietam reducing first hang the tape from chickaleta the world champion 33 minutes so is opponent [Applause] [Music] call it whatever you up rather he’s dressed to the nine Bonner and we’re not wasting any time with some of the three magic Bandido let’s take a look at the tale of the tape in his home country of England Bandito of course by Ultimo Guerrero cute I love it the important thing of Ring of Honor it’s they bring these people together that you think about I don’t know Chad Collier and flecked that much look at this bartowski’s had nearly capturing the Ring of Honor world championship positions in Mexico yeah but you talking about obscurity and a different place where he’s from you know he is tough into the Europe probably fifty five times and great positioning there of the arm past is grounding him well that’s what he does that’s where that fighters background come back letting Haskins half the wrist if you thought it would stop it doesn’t that’s indeed wrong indeed Oh I think I’ve fallen in love but they might and now can feel to keep me down if he keeps drop taking him in the kneecap like that bring him on our pants we’re back here in Atlanta Georgia historic center stage in Raghavan Ian’s international stars Copacabana news rumor has is it smart Oh points big boot from Benzino the top okay sets house gets out of the apron out every flop up and over America that looks like he is transitioning very well he’s his gas tank is reservoirs so deep Mandy no packet pops up these guys the will to wrestle the W away from the other guys Oh pump kick blocked Haskins catch isn’t wow man these guys are going all out yeah what an episode of professional wrestling it’s come see us live that’s a better wrestling match for seeing each other out and in center stage I am rip my shirt off and get in there wrestle we have a 10 standing 10 count well it’s a tenacity of basket and stash house kids off the ropes Wow [Applause] Technic out he ripped the feet out of the jaws of victory he’s getting them pumped up jerks bring him out of Davy that knee [Music] [Applause] what a match basket he’s still not bridging twisting the hips if he’s gonna create any distance routes rolls through Oh out of it off the ropes [Music] [Applause] try to Utah well these guys just came in here and said this is how Haskins is in Atlanta eats everything is advertised night in Atlanta juice that my friend is what ROH [Applause] welcome back pants to bring about a wrestling you beautiful beautiful profession or s 90-93 that historic title defended in this historic venue for Silas young in the Briscoes laid waste to some of the biggest these five guys with those despicable actions have no place the winner of our main event will get angry [Music] introducing [Music] we capture the world television anybody’s going to be able to bully Jeff calm dismissed Ryan Nova and cheeseburger don’t like it think about the mini [Applause] it really speaks maybe more so to the rapid rise of Isum [Music] I said no code of honor and you know me as I’m Silas young but you don’t like to tell it takes a set almost a B we’ll see it again got a pimp Oliver’s name tailors you see a hammerlock here since that I don’t think that grace wristlock I was such a great wrestler but also clothes line does Isum and as Silas has a front facelock here get your tickets now ROH Fred sling calm right guy I cast it right through to my talent coming right back [Music] course this is our main event the stakes are high winner gets a world television set breaking news we’ll see villain enterprises its six-man action Marty I gotta admire I see me playing a ring of honor but I think Eli some will be a champion one day cold hard to predict but it may be even world champion might not be today it might not be today is right as young just see the body scissors here we take a look at the sold-out crowd here 17th anniversary live for honor clip VIP gonna power out of it a few months ago we talked about Isum losing his mother at a young age some two here in Atlanta off the ropes enough to get through that Cole back to his feet fireman’s carry position swings him through Wow headaches come on this is you got a stem buddy so closer to the outside can’t be pinned out there are nobody home from Isum he lies have competing become the number one contender for the railroad world tell him German suplex no rolls through crate move I see AC I some Sun so much heart here cold he is he is she’s wrinkled he should be gathered and he’s taken control right be like he is not giving up and is unable to put I some away here we go [Applause] silence given him an opportunity it’s kind of done y’all y’all connect with a big chop Sarang and Ison’s giving it to and it’s Silas young battery [Applause] [Music] Sylas everything he asked to do this to get by atomic feet thank you thank you everyone knows Jeff Cobb is the Ring of Honor champion but Jeff Cobb also an Olympic athlete he’s a disappointment to his parents [Applause] we will see Silas young jab cop barring any results I’m coming in Florida he’s got eyes in the back of his head well he’s the Hawaiian juggernaut [Applause] freeze out here hello Taylor we’ll see you next week NWA world’s heavyweight championship that’s taking over Ring of Honor

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