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Revolution Z – Season 1 Episode 6 (English subs)

December 2, 2019

*In the previous episode* Why are you fooling around? You found out about the competition and came to apolgize I did not come to apologize to you They caught them with her French teacher…doing it We came home at your house and.. you’re lying I don’t know Nick.. You insisted to be at dark It made you horny I can’t… I want to go home It’s my first time I’m sorry if I forced you, it’ll happen whenever you want You and me. had sex? At your house after Raikova’s party It was very nice! Dimitrova. Now, I feel nice! And don’t you ever go away ever again! That’s exactly I don’t want to happen! Exactly this! Chaos! Chaos! No discipline! Savov! I want the inspector to find our school perfect! I don’t see anything funny about it Nothing funny about it… I’m sorry No, seriously it’s not funny Because we had so many incidents at the end of the year! Which just ruined our image! Colleagues! However..we.. will be ready! There we go, the exams… which you will give to the kids Alongside with the answers Cheat the inspector, is that so? We will cheat if we have to I don’t want them to talk that Cekov is… a bad principle Nobody can say that How much sweat… how much work..and how much blood! figuratively speaking I have spent to win those subsidies If somebody just come here and cut them away, due to some small inspection.. I’ll completely destroy you from…. from what? from… punishments. I will destroy you Kostova, Pesheva Please come with me, the rest.. You’re free to go This is for you A present? Yes. So you won’t drink your coffee in those plastic cups Very sweet of you and look! I got the same one! Oh..uh..they’re a pair Revolution Z – Sex, Lies, Music Where are the other two? Is that Kostova’s guitar? Yes. It’s pretty cool, got some nice sound It’s complete trash, but since I don’t have another There is a discount sale in the musical shop if you want.. I don’t have money to buy another guitar Can I see it for a little bit I can do it alone Guys! Guess what! What happened? Why are you late? I had an important business conversation, but whatever I…had to.. to clean the white board, Pesheva made me do it Listen now. A friend of my mom is doing an even in the mall and guess who’s playing! Who? The best school band Us! Are you serious?! Super! How so.. We going to play in front of people? Yes! and they’ll pay us Actually we can save half the money for the recording and when is that? Friday So we got three days for rehearsals Awesome! We are the best! Who do you think you are, you idiot! Physics teacher.. You screwed yourself big time I’ll tell all to Cekov and what exactly are you going to tell him? We had sex..Nikola… Yes, but only in your sick mind You were drunk and you don’t remember. So now you’re scared! Okay, which unit am I living in? Middle one, right one? bars on the door? no bars? I don’t remember..but this will not help you out I forgot to feed the cat.. I saw your cat too! and…the cat saw some stuff too… I don’t have a cat Now get out. And be careful how you going to act from now on Don’t you have classes? Dimitrova is not in the mood and let us go Mainova let us go Guys I got a verse for the song, do you want me to play it for you? Let’s hear it “To turn around and somehow the time to stop. and I’ll come back to make it better, without fussing about it to grab you by the hand and make my dream come true I won’t loose you again The sky is going to give me sign I’ll look for your hands, I love you! I won’t go away again The sky is going to give me sign I’ll look for your hands, I love you! Dude..I’ll build a monument for you. I promise Where did you get your inspiration for the song? Well…I had a dream and.. dream? Dimitrova, I’m sorry, but these things are getting out of control What’s going on? Well.. My great-grandma died I’m sorry.. Thank you I loved her so much! She was like my.. Unpleasant, but.. Stuff like that happen There are so many things to prepare! With that funeral I just… I don’t have the strength If I can help with anything… No, it’s not right to waste your time Are you sure? She really liked flowers.. white ones and she wanted them to be twelve Can you?.. Yes, of course I can Thank you! Don’t you like the candles? I like it a lot! That’s why I came here for I just didn’t know if I should keep it or light it up Light it up! I will give you so many more of these! Light it up! Thank you! Hello. Number ten for electric guitar please Please. Thank you You better get rid of those magazines and start working out Why? What do you mean why? Did you forget that you have a competition again? I don’t have any. I did the physics one and the chess one too What about Aikido? Well…there are no competitions at the Aikido Right..demonstration It’s the same thing. Same thing in real life too You always have to a winner Good thing that I passed through the Aikido gym to see the poster You went to the Aikido gym? It’s in two days Go and work out! Well..I won’t be able to make it’re not going to be able to make it? I invited some of my colleagues to watch you To see what a real sport looks like And especially that guy…Ivanov. Where he’s always bragging about his son that he was badminton champion.. I’ll get the recorder too To film you and play you to the rest of them Dad..this is only a private demonstration It’s not that important I’ve dreamt about this moment my entire life Please…make me proud Hey, can I use the computer? Come in and don’t get in the way What are you doing? You said that you’re not going to be in the way right? I can help you out I can’t find the rest of the records from dad This is because you never have your shelf in order Is that your help? Why have you gone through my stuff? I have not, I’m just organized “I’m just organized” Kid! Are you going to brag about them? No, I’ll sell them. Move aside I thought they were your favorite Just some old records, they’re not my favorite They are your dads memory You didn’t even let me go through them Do I have to give you an explanation right now? You are out of your mind when you’re in love In love?! Yes, for a funeral. Twelve white… flowers. Whatever type, just to be white I’ll get them tonight, yes Thank you Lavender.. Are you swapping class rooms with Dimitrova? The kids decided to decorate.. Flowers, candles.. It’s so faultless around here, it’s almost sexy It’s like having sex in a monastery Stop it I’m getting in class in a few Aren’t you ready for a quick work out after work? I’m ready But I have to go to the dentist Later? Later I’ll be with a medicine in my mouth I’m late for class Woman love to be lied to What’s wrong with being honest? It’s wrong! Because your fantasy is not hers! and exactly at that point a lot of dudes fail The trick is to show here that you’re thinking the same, you feel me? For example I told mine “This is our night” and.. and what? You played some “Kama sutra”? I passed Kama Sutra long time ago, Gencho Isn’t it hard by yourself? You have to be a world class gymnast He’s the woman made out of gum! Look at him! What have you smoked you loosers? Tell me how do you do that trick? You sleep with Ani, but she doesn’t know about it? She knows about it! And she’s going to remember it for a long time She’ll remember..when she hears that you’re lying around the school Because I heard that Ani is a virgin How does he knows? Touching yourself on the ears doesn’t count Is it true that you haven’t did her yet? None of your business So you haven’t! He’s not lying…he just calls his right hand, Ani. Do you want me to slap you with that right hand? Douchebag! Alright, tell me what are you going to demonstrate, when you don’t understand anything? Calm down, I watched some videos online and I figured the things out and even if they hit me… It’ll look like a part of the show Whatever you say and it’s way better than.. the colonel to figure out that I’m lying to him. At least in this case I’ll stay alive Alright. Tell me what to do You attack me..I apply the grab and I get you on the ground The weight center is important The speed, the momentum It’s like the tasks physics class Go ahead and attack me Not for real! I’m sorry Do it slower Let’s try again Bravo! You’re awesome! You did it! Great! I hope I can do the same at the demonstration Just don’t get cocky! It’s so cool! But it’s a bit chilly It looks like we can have fun without having sex There you go They’re left over from the sex-ed class These are not the same condoms and I don’t want you to explain yourself to me, you’re clear to me Clear with what? Weren’t you going to wait for me? Alright, give them to me Are you throwing your garbage away like that? Ani Tell me. When are you going to believe me that you’re the most special girl for me? And that I don’t care how much I have to wait When are you going to believe me? Hello, mom? How’s it going? Yeah, I had choir Alright, I’ll call you a bit later. I can’t talk right now Okay Got it Bye Bobby! It’s amazing! Where did you get it from? Why didn’t you say you’re looking for one? I was going to help you choose I haven’t bought it Then who bought it? C’mon. Who’s the smartass so I can crush him Well…that smartass is my dad What? He finally bought it for you huh? Bravo! It’s awesome! I like it too! Alright. Let’s hear how it plays Aikido is the martial art without fighting Fipo Did you…? Bought my guitar No, I thought your dad bought it? I lied I found it in the garage and there was a card “For Ani” So it’s a present from Bobby It was not from Bobby, didn’t you see he got mad? Well, then… The other option is Tino But it make sense What do you mean? He probably wants to be friends again Yes. Probably Just don’t tell them I asked you okay? I thought about you while I was playing. What are you doing? I’m stuck figuring out names for the band Let me see. No, they suck “The rebels” also suck But c’mon. We might figure something “Exploading Boilers” “Revolution” I liked the last one Which one? Revolution Z This is not a Z. This is scratched on Looks like you’re a genius Don’t you like it? Now that you say it… Yeah, it’s cool “Revolution Z” I like it! Z is like something… Unknown or something Ani? Ani did you touch the money from the welfare? Where is it? I don’t know. I haven’t touch it Tell me where it is. I left it here yesterday. You sure you haven’t touched it? Didn’t you drink all of it away? What did you say? What did you say?! What is that? Is that what you spent the money for? You steal from your dad, huh? Leave it alone! It’s not yours You little girl… You’ll bring all the money, every cent of it! You got me? We’ll tell Cekov..that there is a protest tomorrow That’s our civil right. He can’t detain us You listening? We got a gig tomorrow Just a second please Hello? Koce, what’s up? Please text me Petya’s number from 10th V Yes. It’s really important Okay, thank you so much Why do you need that pop-folk singer? I’m planning some schemes.. Tell me It’s about Ani Actually.. We haven’t done it yet What happened with the sexually active life? What happened…I’m always trying, but she doesn’t want I can’t stand it anymore She’s very cool but these things are normal right? Well..yes. Although.. exactly those things.. Don’t do it with schemes It sucks Doesn’t it suck that the whole school thinks I’m a looser just because my girlfriend doesn’t wanna have sex with me? Hello? Gibson? Nikola Hello! They’re wonderful! They were her favorite! I was on the edge, I didn’t know what I was going to do without you Relax, you can count on me Thank you My great-grandma was going to like you a lot Hello? Nikola? Can we see each other before work? I want to give you something Well.. I’ll be a bit late. Maybe after classes? Why? Where are you? I’m heading to the dentist. I’m swelling up That’s awful, does it hurt? Yes A lot I’m in a hurry. I’ll call you later We have a deal right? You think I’m stupid? Everything is good I figured it out. We’ll wear T-shirts with the school logo I don’t want to advertise Cekov.. Mr.Cekov. Can we ask you something? No. You can’t I’m looking for you I don’t want you two in school tomorrow We were wondering if..huh? Huh what? There is no huh! An inspector from the ministry will be here tomorrow so you two are free for the day Without grades for missing classes? Just tomorrow! Just tomorrow without missing classes grades! Just tomorrow by excuse! Is that clear? Can you free Philip and Ani from 9A? What? You’re not a the market to make deals with me It’s not allowed Since it’s not allowed for them, we’ll come to school Who cares that the inspector will be here? Yes. We’ll bring the amplifier.. We’ll rock out a bit.. What are you going to do?? Rock out? I will rock you one… You two squids! You think you’re very smart?! No, we’re just talking. I thought you have nothing against playing for the inspector Very funny… Alright. Four of you guys. I don’t need you here tomorrow I’ll get some more chips Girls I have a question. Is that true that Bobby from 9D has a girlfriend? Yes He’s with that Ani. You know her? The looser Yeah right.. It’s true. I know it for sure I know something else too He’ll dump her really soon Really? Bobby is in my list for a long time She doesn’t let him have sex! Can you imagine? With Bobby? Is she crazy? He’s so sexy… She keeps him dry He’s probably gone crazy by now. He’ll dump her pretty soon Girls…When he dumps her, he’s mine I know what he needs Didn’t we cross the line? Relax. She’ll be alright Mine..he works out only for a year but he’s the best His sensei The most expensive in Sofia From the old school in Otawa Now my son is coming in Guys. This is a genius name! Do you really like it? Absolutely! I can even imagine it how it’s going to be on the poster! Now we just have to do the gig.. I suggest we play the Coldplay song. What do you think? Alright, but first we have to tell Fipo, because he’ll get mad I forgot we are “Philippines democracy” We can just call him.. Philippines! What’s up! So what? We play tomorrow? Bobby! Bobby what? Don’t tell me you don’t want to kiss now Yes. How did you know? I can come to your place after the gig.. Are you sure? Yes Guys, we got a problem Philippines is grounded I knew he’s going to screw us up We have to get him out of there, you got a rope? Colleagues… The inspector will be here any moment.. That’s why I remind you again Discipline…Discipline.. and discipline again and most importantly Denying any facts about issues or problems, correct? Honey, I see that you’re really in love, but he’s not for you Sorry? Nikola, likes easy women I know it, because I’m with him for a year now Have fun with the sex just a friendly advice don’t expect anything else I don’t understand why are you telling me such nasty things. I am not… I see very well what are you That’s why I think that you cannot offer him anything else other than…grammar Mr.Stoyanov! Please come in! Hello and welcome! The whole group is wishing you a nice stay in our school On the way here I heard the bell ring Yes, you’re right. The bell..colleagues! They were just about to get to class, the colleagues This is…Marinova! Well… Your whistle…you forgot it Marinova.. Forgot the…whistle That…Marinova.. Well… In random order. Let’s start with her class first Pesheva’s class She is teaching mathematics Please come in Hello, Ms.Pesheva Hello Good day kids! Good day, Mr.Principle Bravo! Please come in. I’m just starting the quiz Alright We’ll sit right there.. You guys continue. Like we’re not here We are just not here. We do not exist Alright. Please So… Who will remind us the Tales theorem? A forest made out of hands! Lilly, go ahead Base angles of an isosceles triangle are equal and that vertical angles are equal Great And what is the practical meaning of the theorem? Martin We pinpoint the center of a circle While applying a rectangle over the circle until it’s edge reach a certain point of that circle Thank you! So…Open the book at forty fifth page Exercise six So? What do you think? Very good, Cekov. I’m impressed! But this is probably our best class! Show me the rest Stoyanov…This is 197th High school There are no bad classes here! Let’s go Juliet! Oh, no no. Guys that is certainly not a good idea Bro..That’s a genius idea! Relax. It’s sturdy No no no no. I can’t Fipo…the future of the worldwide music scene depends on you right now I am afraid from heights Stop fooling around! Absolutely no! Phillip… You are ruining everybody’s dream! Also… that’s the first time I hear a drummer of a rock band who’s scared to run away from his house Yes with the most sturdy rope ever! But if I break my neck I won’t be able to play, right? What are we gonna do? Wait.. Phillip! Get down in the living room! I can’t. My father is in there Wait a minute Good day, Mr.Stoychev, is Phillip here? Good day. Phillip is grounded Weren’t you.. from his training? Yes, exactly! I want you to honestly tell me something Boy..honestly Did he participated regularly? He was there all the time I hate to be lied to so much… I hate it too, Mr.Stoychev, but I’m telling you that Phillip is the best. He had put me to the ground more than a hundred times! Yeah right..That’s why they kicked his ass there and that skinny kid Pratfall! Well, that’s why I’m coming here..I guess nobody told you Tell me what? Pancho…did some steroids Did what? He took steroids. Otherwise Fipo will splatter him! Yeah right… What was that? What? Didn’t you hear? No. Let me show you a lock which Fipo taught me! Calm down you smartass! A lock… I don’t think I can.. Phillip! Fipo is better than me. I still haven’t taught it yet Alright.. I’m heading to training. Just so you know, Phillip is the best Of course he is! Wow… What are you doing here? She came to play with her boyfriend, don’t laugh Isn’t it romantic? Is that supposed to be a joke, because I didn’t get it No..I just pity Bobkata (Bobby) I’m interested how long he’s going to take with that dry regime You shouldn’t pity Bobkata, because we love each other Do you know what is the saddest thing? That the only thing which makes you happy is the gossip Do you want one hundred percent true information? Your Bobby is so desperate that he paid me to talk all those things in front of you at the bar Excuse me? You better run and do the deed before he had done with some other girl Are you making this up? Happy playing… Eos, had been the daughter of the river god Hyperion and in Egypt she is called Isis But the truth is..that she was a unscrupulous manipulator, which became a lover to Zues Without even worrying that his wife the one and only Hera But Hera did not give up She realized That She has to fight for her Zues, do you understand?! She couldn’t just give up! Do you understand? At the end.. Turned the debauchery Eos to white cow and got her God back! Read the rest by yourself for homework! We’re starting in a minute By the way..make sure you’re good Do you see that guy there? If he likes you he can book a lot of gigs for you There they are Sorry that we’re late but we had to get Fipo You’ll explain later Ladies and Gentleman, we have a special surprise for everybody in the mall Actually four special surprises now you are going to hear all four of them, from Revolution Z! Don’t touch me! I can’t even look at you! What did you think? That I can’t find out about Petya? Looser! Excuse me, can we talk for a second? What’s the matter, I’m in class No, you’re not in class You have to understand he’s now in love with me and we are together and I have to ask you to not bother us anymore if that is possible You surprise me! Incredible discipline. Professionalism I told you I got my school under control Honey…Nick was so drunk that would’ve brought the first thing in front of him in his house Do you think he will notice you sober? People are saying that you’re stupid but I never believed it But now I also see that you are Basic! By the way, all of our sport achievements is due to Marinova Why don’t you calm down a bit? It’s not my fault you’re lonely and bitter You are a physical teacher! A cliché You don’t know what cliché means right? And this is Dimitrova She teaches them…poetry I am talking to you! Don’t push me! Is that the good example? Aggression between the teachers Bravo! I think we will lower down the score a bit.. Stop it! What?! Stop! Marinova..Dimitrova…Marinova! Guys.. you screwed up a lot The rock stars.. Go screw up somewhere else Dude, what’s going on? Didn’t you see? Is that part of the scheme? It has something to do with.. I was desperate and I paid Petya to talk crap to her What crap? To make her feel bad, that we hadn’t had sex yet The dumb chick screwed me over! Now you screw up! I don’t know bro.. Savov There are some rumors That I have something to do with the woman fight This is ridiculous, Cekov Right. They’re saying that something with Marinova… Cekov I have nothing more than professional relations with Marinova Right. Right. So they just got into a fight Just because…during the check How do I know? They’re grown people. They can fight, they can do whatever they want! What do I have in common? Yes, that is correct.. Because there are some rumors.. I don’t want them to pull up some evidences Where to? Nikola, I’m so sorry! Are you both happy now?! They almost fired me And I just want to say something. From now on, don’t bother me. That includes both of you What are you doing here? I came to apologize It was an incredible fail Don’t worry, there was a reason for it Thanks for the guitar What guitar? Don’t lie. I know that you bought it for me Why did you buy it? I saw how you are looking at it in the store So I decided to make you happy Why? Do you want a ride around? Is it yours? If you’re scared.. Don’t get in

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