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Recap: Men’s Basketball vs. Texas A&M

November 30, 2019

Welcome to the Orlando Invitational as part
of ESPN’s Feast Week presented by Lowe’s, and this is a really really good tournament. This afternoon will feature Texas A&M against
the Harvard Crimson. Aiken knocked into his own player, Kirkwood
who held it. I have a theory that i’ll share at some point
this weekend why great players should go to Harvard. Lewis underneath, 4-0 Harvard. First time in his life. Aiken with a nice shot. Great thing for parents, Aiken with a nice
pass to the corner. Aiken against the taller man, nice pass inside,
and a nice cut. Nice job by Aiken diving to the floor, tapping
it to Bassey. Lewis goes back to Aiken, and Lewis is rewarded. 4-5 days ago. –Djuricic! They do a lot of things at Harvard, they’re
pretty smart, figure it out as Aiken. That was unbelievable body control by Rio
Haskett. And Harvard with another three. Kirkwood, Bassey left alone and Bassey knocks
down the three. Baker didn’t want to foul, Aiken was just
left wide open. Nice pass underneath and the nice fake by
Bassey, and Bassey did what happened earlier. Kirkwood and Djuricic left open. Looked at his feet and then knocked it down. OH! What a finish by Chris Lewis, Kirkwood did
what i said. Bassey did a nice job bailing everybody out. You’re going to get everything you want when
you’re driving, Bassey’s a good spot up shooter. Sets up a pretty good one tomorrow, Maryland
and Harvard.

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  • Reply earl adams November 29, 2019 at 1:34 am

    Nice win… '75

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