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Rebooking WWE WrestleMania 1 (1985)

December 9, 2019

This is Golden Wrestling. You’re
listening to the first episode of the Rebooking The History series and in this episode i’ll try to rebook the very first pay-per-view event in the history
of WWE. From March 1985, this is WrestleMania 1. WrestleMania 1 wasn’t a great show in
terms of wrestling, not at all. The booking itself could have
been better in my opinion. Like I mentioned on the WrestleMania 1 episode of Reviewing The History, there were too many guys in in that show
that would brand new, like one month to the debuting viewing at WrestleMania. I think that unless there are special circumstances newcomers need to wait a
little before making an appearance at WrestleMania. So here I’ll be trying to book
WrestleMania 1. I’m only going to use active wrestlers at
the time of the event, but again, I’m not going to use wrestlers that
they’ve just debuted. So with that in mind, let’s go to the ring. The event would
consist of 9 matches just like the original. It was really
hard to find wrestlers for this show. The roster the time was not good,
especially since many wrestlers, most to them heels, left or weren’t
available in the beginning of 1985 examples are Adrian Adonis, Dick Murdoch
and David Schultz. After removing Steamboat, Bundy, Borne and The Masked Executioner who were too new at the time, it was really hard to find wrestlers for this event. The first match would be a tag team match between the team of The Junkyard Dog and Jimmy Snuka and The Moondogs. JYD and snuka were two of the top five faces at the time. The Moondogs, Rex and Spot, were one of a very few branded tag teams in the beginning of 1985. It was usually just two guys who kind of
decided to wrestle together. I think they would appeal to the
mainstream audience because they were very different from most of the wrestlers in the show. Anyway the two top popular faces win
this match by pinfall. I’ll let Snuka get the victory with its splash from the top rope on poor Spotty. It would start the show with a good pace. The second match would be a singles match between Brutus Beefcake and Rocky Johnson in which Beefcake would continue his undefeated streak and pin Johnson. I preferred the father of The rock over
the son of The Living legend, so David Sammartino won’t be wrestling here tonight as you can understand. The third match would be for the WWF
Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship between the champion Greg The Hammer Valentine, and Tito Santana. The Intercontinental
match in the original show was between Valentine and The Junkyard Dog. I think that in The Greatest Wrestling
Event Of All Time, we need to see the best possible matches.
There was an ongoing great feud at the time between Santana and
Valentine, so that should have been the match. That was a booking decision I really
didn’t understand. So I pulled out Tito Santana from the opening match against
The Masked Executioner, and put him in the Intercontinental
title match. As for the outcome, Valentine would lose as a result of a
disqualification so he could keep the title little longer. I really like the cage
match in with Santana actually regained the title, and more
important, there would be two title changes later on. I think two is
enough for one night. I will also note that I didn’t like the
fact that in the original show they put the top five matches last, and the first matches felt like preliminary matches on MSG
house show. So I changed that and put the title up as early as the third match. The fourth match is maybe the only one
with some sort of real creativity. it would be a clash of future Hart
Foundation partners, Jim Neidhart and Bret Hart. Bret Hart was a face at
that point, actually undefeated in singles matches on television. Neidhart was pretty new here, about two and half months in. Now, three weeks after WrestleMania was the first televised match of Hart and Neidhart
together. that match was taped even before Wrestlemania. If I’m not mistaken, there wasn’t any
buildup to the heel turn of Bret and the creation of The Foundation, So why not create one? In WrestleMania
they would wrestle for a time limit draw, 10 minutes I guess. After the match Neidhart and his manager Jimmy Hart would seem impressed by the young wrestler, and after a quick talk between them,
Jimmy Hart would try to approach Bret and offer him to join them, but Bret would reject, for now. This would go on for a few weeks on television when Jimmy and The Anvil would come to see
Bret in matches, and then finally we would see the debut of
the Hart Foundation. I think it would have been a nice angle. The fifth match would be for the WWF Tag
Team Championship, between the champions, Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo and the
challengers, Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik. Even
though it was a shocker and I don’t wholly agree with the title
change in the original event, it was done beautifully and the match was very good. So with some hesitation I would keep
this match as it was in the original show, with the win and the championship for the
foreigners. The sixth match would be the fifteen thousand dollars slam versus
career match between Big John Studd and Andre the
Giant. The match, or to be exact, the final moments of the match and the aftermath, were a nice WrestleMania moment, so I’m not going to change the outcome. However, this was a very boring match and
it’s not like they couldn’t anticipate it. Therefore, I would add Ken Patera to the match. He wasn’t on the original show for some reason. He was the tag team partner at that time of Big John Studd and was also very active in the hair-cutting incident with Andre. So what I would do is have him come to
the match halfway through and try to interfere. Andre would block his attempts and send him to the floor and then slam Studd. It would be a nice small addition that would help make a boring a a little more interesting. The seventh
match would be Paul Orndorff and Don Muraco against Tony Atlas and Ivan
Putski. The last three werem’t in the original show and of course Orndorff was in the main event. This match would feature some of the
more well-known superstars over the last years, and would also serve as a
separation match between the Andre Studd match and the Rock’N’Wrestling Connection matches at the end of the show. Muraco was
climbing up the ladder again at this point, after a long vacation in Hawaii, and would
tombstone Atlas for the win. The eighth match would be
for the Women’s Championship between current champion Leilani Kai with her
manager The Fabulous Moolah, and challenger Wendi Richter with her manager Cindy Lauper. Basically it’s the same match from the
original card, when Richter pinned Kai for the title. Again, not a great match, but a nice
moment for Richter and Lauper. Just don’t botch the finish this time! The ninth and final match would be the
main event. It would be a WWF World Heavyweight Championship match
between current champion Hulk Hogan, with Mr. T in his corner, and Rowdy Roddy Piper with Bob Orton in his corner. Like I mentioned in the review, I don’t like non-wrestlers wrestling in any event not to mention in
the main event of WrestleMania. Also the main event should be a WWF
World Heavyweight Championship title match. So I would change the tag team match
from the original event, to a singles match between Hogan and Piper. Orndorff and Snuka would wrestle in other in the event. That leaves Mr. T and Orton in the corners of the champion and the challenger, respectively. The match would be full of interferences so
that Mr. T can have some action. Yes, I know that Hogan and Piper already
has a match at The War To Settle The Score, but they could have changed that.
Have Hogan wrestle Orton instead of Piper to set up this match. Anyway, in a similar finish to that on
the main event in the original card, Piper would put Hogan in a full nelson.
Orton would jump from the top rope but would hit Piper with his cast instead of the champion, and Hogan would pin Piper for the win and retain his championship. So that’s it for Wrestlemania 1. four
championship matches, two title changes, and birth on the Hart
Foundation. I would love to hear your opinions and
please share your booking suggestions at the comment section. You can also
subscribe to be notified of the next episodes.

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