Ramz-e-Ishq – Last Episode || English Subtitles || 10th Feb 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

February 15, 2020

Thank you Roshni, you are fine. I swear if something had happened to you, I would have died. Rayan, please, may you get my life too. Don’t say that, I seem to lose my life. What about how I lost my life? You getting unwell like this suddenly, I was really worried Roshni. Rayan, I didn’t know how
all this happened suddenly. You didn’t find out that,
that juice was not fine. I felt that way, but grandpa insisted so much
I couldn’t say no to him. Now you have to take care of yourself. I swear, I cannot imagine life without you. Me neither. You are fine now, right? Papa, you raised your hand at me? I wish I had raised this hand earlier, I wouldn’t have had to witness today. Forgive me papa. I had forgotten everything in
my daughter’s love, I made a mistake. If you want to apologize, go apologize to Rehmat, I said so much to her
being fooled by you. My mama won’t apologize to
that cheap servant grandpa. Why? Why won’t she apologize? Because my mama doesn’t have this low standard
that she apologizes to the servants of the home. If your mama doesn’t apologize to her, then she cannot live in this home either. You know I am strict when
it comes to my rules. Papa, I will do what you tell me to, I will apologize to Rehmat. Sir. Sir. Bua. Bua. What is the matter? Why are you shouting? Talk calmly. Sir, I went to call Bua, she was on the floor, she is not even breathing now. Mama. Mama, look, your son is here. Mama. Mama. Mama, open your eyes. Mama. Forgive me grandpa. Forgive me grandpa. For the sake of my mother’s
funeral forgive me. Papa, listen… The time to say and listen has passed, I don’t want to listen to
anything you have to say. I have called you here to say a few things, you will have to follow it after hearing it, because there is no chance of
change in those decisions. Safia, these are the papers and
keys for the defence home, you take Rania and shift today,
in fact right now But mama…Safia,
there is no room for questions. Yes, if you want to go somewhere else,
you have the right. Rayan. Yes grandpa. If you want to keep Rania as your wife, then its up to you but if you want something apart from this,
then also there is no restriction on you. How can you say that? How can he divorce me, I don’t want a divorce grandpa. Rayan will decide this and you will have to live
up to the decision. Rania is right grandpa, Rayan will not divorce Rania. This means you have no problem. Not at all. If Rania wants to live in peace, I have no problem. Okay, fine. Fine. In this situation you people
living in the same home, under the same roof wont be right.
What do you say Rayan? Yes grandpa, I want that. Fine Safia, you can go take Rania
and shift to the defence home. Papa, where will I go? I don’t have the habit
of living without you. You should have decided
this a long time ago. Nothing can be done. Papa. Papa… don’t be so emotional, this karma, the person gets what they sow. Then you too get ready Safia, because you too have a daughter. Roshni. Yeah? Why did you say that you don’t have a problem with Rania? Because I don’t have a problem with her. It was a good chance to get rid of her. Rayan, she is your wife. I only consider you my wife./ Rayan, look, she loves you. Whatever she did was in your love. You are saying this? Yes, I am saying this. A person cannot differentiate
between right or wrong in love, but still, after some time she might realize it. What are you made of? At times, I am really surprised. Rayan, no one gets small by forgiving, but yes, there should always be room
in the heart for relations. Are you not scared? What if I focus more on Rania, than you. No. I have full confidence in my love and more in you. I know you
wont let anything wrong happen to me. Hello. Papa. Hello? Papa. Papa. Did grandpa put the phone down again? Yes. Rayan doesn’t want to talk to me, he cuts my call just like that. How is this my fault? Who else has a fault in this? Your ruined me along with yourself. I am not married, nor do I have my husband,
nor do I have happiness. Then go her. Who has stopped you? Have you left me capable
of going there and living. What is my fault in this? Did I tell you to do all this? You didn’t slap me either. I made a mistake once, had you scolded me,
I wouldn’t have done it again. But no, you didn’t live in your home,
nor did you let me live in mine. You all blame me for everything. I am not holding you responsible. I am cursing myself being ruined. I have ruined it for myself and Roshni, she won everyone’s heart with patience. What do I have? Nothing. I am ruined. I am ruined mama. I am ruined. Where do I go mama? Women like you cannot make their home. Aqeel, now you are being unjust with my daughter. I am not being unjust, I am showing your daughter
her real picture. Rayan was not ready to marry her,
I forced him. Today I realize I did wrong. I will die, but I won’t leave Roshni.
Do you hear that? What does she have that I don’t? She is my love and now the mother of my future child. I can leave you, but never her. How can you say that? How can he divorce me? I don’t want a divorce. This is what Rayan will decide and you will accept his decision. Rania is right grandpa, Rayan won’t divorce Rania. This means you don’t have an objection. Not at all. If Rania wants to live together, I have no objection. Congrats, you are a father. Thank you. Oh my lovely child.
My lovely child. Grandpa, I want to say something. No, we cannot talk,
I am playing with my grandson. Play later, first talk to me, please. Disturbance. Here you go.
My lovely child. My lovely child. Come on go here,
lie down for a while, then we will talk. Ok? Ok, tell me,
what do you have to say? Grandpa, can you not forgive aunt Safia? Not at all, i can’t even think this. But till the time you don’t forgive aunt Safia, Rayan will forgive Rania
and not bring her here. Its good, what we got rid of with difficulty,
you want to start it again. Grandpa, those people are embarrassed. No, they are not like that, they can’t even think that. Look, we will only find out if we give
them another chance. I am sure they won’t
repeat their behavior. SO you want to take a risk again,
try them again? Grandpa, you need to keep the level of relations high, that is how to live with them
or else they break. Okay, fine. As you want, do it. But this is your call,
remember that. I love you grandpa. I love you.
You can now play. Hey there, they don’t let you
play with me. See this. Grandpa,
who does he look like? He is a mixture, he looks like a politician. Papa, forgive me. This will not happen again. Safia, I am not angry with you, just remember that you don’t hurt Roshni, because she is the only person because of whom
the doors of this home have been opened on you. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Roshni, you have a great heart. Please forgive me, I did wrong with you. Aunt, what are you doing? Look, what happened, happened. Lets start fresh, we will start together. I have forgotten what was in the past, it would be best that you
do the same. May you have a long married life. Rania. Wont you see your son? Both of you forgave me? No need for these tears now. You are really good Roshni, I am really thankful to you. We have not yet named our son and Roshni wants you
to name him. My son, my prince son. I will name him Mairaj. That’s a really pretty name. You two forgave me, now I will spend my life
bring up Mairaj.

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