Proteus – IC 4510 + IC 4511 – Electronic Scoreboard Circuit

December 4, 2019

Hi Hobbyists !!! Welcome !!! This is a electronic scoreboard Circuit. The idea is to build an electronic scoreboard. The requirements are: two displays with 7 segments for each team able to score scores from 0 to 99 A decrement and a increment buttons to the score for each pair of display An on-off switch and preset button to score to 20 Let’s fight! The solution found in the link below credited We use the 4510 and 4511 chips The secret is in 4510 chip a pre-settable up and down counter We use 4 buttons to meet the above requirements: Go Button: delivering a low pulse to advance or delay the scoring going for the pin CI – Carry In Up / Down Button: used to set the counter ahead or behind a pulse going for the pin U/D pin – Up and Down Reset Button: Used to reset the timers going for the pin MR – Master Reset and Preset Button: used to set the pre-programmed into dip_switch values going for the pin PE – Preset To form the complete score simply duplicating the circuit As always questions and comments are most welcome and thanks for watching I hope you learned a lot. Join the fun!

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