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September 12, 2019

where you are just trying to get
Ultimates out of the Cynar I really don’t have anything to work
with Agility’s dragonblade is waiting for him to come in through the door stock to the server room the hell was
born on December 27th 1999 Brady agilities Girardi is a rising star in
the overwatch community that has gone from a young boy hailing from a small
town in Canada to become one of the most feared dps players in the overwatch
league at a young age Agility’s was introduced the world of competitive
gaming thanks to his older brother who often played games such as call of duty
modern warfare 2 with his friends after spending time with various PlayStation 3
titles Agility’s would eventually put down the controller and adopt a mouse
and keyboard as he made the move to PC gaming in 2014 agilities first laid eyes
on the game that would propel his name into eSports stardom while browsing the
internet a Jilly’s came across the original overwatch announcement trailer
and immediately knew that this was the game that he wanted to get into I think
as original original announcement trailer the gameplay let’s say like
Reaper and stuff like that just that the idea of the characters and class space
shooter like I really loved it in the game made by Blizzard is very good
companies so I just kind of figured that’d be a be a great game set I was
gonna get into it for sure they watched I love like the characters like I said
is really cool I mean it’s not just guns like in Call of Duty and there’s like
different characters different abilities which I found like really cool in a lot
like it’s more frustrating than call duty because you can’t just like I mean
yeah poor versatility I guess I think that is what appeal to everyone with
eSports on the rise and overwatch developing as a competitive title that
would rival industry Titans such as dota 2 and League of Legends the game was a
good fit for so like agilities self-described as a
naturally competitive person who would play sports such as badminton and soccer
Agility’s immediately saw the appeal of overwatch and began dedicating his time
to fine-tune his mechanics and skills following the game’s official release
while the competitive ladder was not initially available following the launch
of overwatch in May of 2016 Agility’s like many players devoted time
to playing as many games as possible in quick play he would try out the entire
cast of heroes but figured out his preferred play style early on as a DPS
player with a specialization as Genji as the 2-2 to semi dive meta began to
establish itself the cyborg ninja user had quickly begun to climb up the ranked
ladder and commonly appeared on streams of high ranking North American players
such as Seagal his skill with Genji and secondaries such as tracer and road hog
eventually led to an offer from an amateur team known as soda pop around
July 2016 this would become the catalyst in launching his eSports career at the
time few had heard of this roster outside of those have been keeping a
close eye on the competitive ladder but without a doubt it consisted of some of
the best talent North America had to offer including several names that have
joined Agility’s in the overwatch league such as san francisco shocks Nomi and
his teammate grim reality in their first online tournament so deepak managed to
place second at the 13th gosu gamers overwatch weekly taking home 213 dollars
after losing three to one to luminosity gaming who was at the time one of the
best teams in the nascent overwatch scene after enlisting Agility’s and
Athan in place of Zorro sandy Cop Saudi pop would go on to rack up achievements
such as a fourth place finish at the BTS overwatch Cup and third at the Alienware
monthly melee August recognizing while in high school that the goal becoming a
full-time professional overwatch player was realistically in his grasp Agilities
knew that this was the career path he wanted to follow and began to dedicate
even more refining his skills agilities first big
break is the world of esports was when he was presented the opportunity signed
with immortals towards the end of the summer of 2016
led by noah winston immortals at the time were looking to become one of the
leaders in the burgeoning overwatch scene they were looking to build on top
of their success in other titles with the philosophy of nurturing
up-and-coming talent into a dominant team as opposed to seeking immediate
victory by signing an overwhelming amount of star power they’re very
surprised obviously my mom was supportive my brother was supportive I
don’t know they liked the idea of it I didn’t have any ideas what I wanted to
do before watch so I feel like now that I knew what I wanted to do once I saw
the contract from immortals like they just kind of supported me from their
Agility’s and the rest of Sodapop officially signed with immortals on
september 12 2016 aside from helping out at his mother’s flower shop
this contract marked his first job where he made money off of anything the team
debuted under the IMT banner at the overwatch open where they placed 13th
through 16 and proceeded to compete in a series of online tournaments for the
rest of the year as the days passed under the watchful eye of the IMT
management a Jilly’s began to understand the responsibilities that came with the
lifestyle of a professional player I feel like my perception of being a pro
gamer was just kind of like they don’t really work that hard they just show up
and play I didn’t know how much went into it before I like even played I mean
I didn’t know they had to scrimp it hours a day and you had to either come
to work every day and try hard as I didn’t had to compete for your spot to
be able to stay a pro gamer I thought you just kind of went in and played the
game so the tournaments happened but it’s just crazy how much actually goes
into it that people don’t know about with the support of the coaching staff
an increased amount of practice with grim reality both players continue to
improve to a point where they had become widely known as one of the best dps
duo’s in North America quote I think we kind of work off each other we are both
very young players and are considered very good in our roles also we are kind
of competitive in our own ways as well and I think that helps us get better at the dawn of 2017 agilities would win
his first major victory with a first place finish at the overwatch winter
premiere over ghost gaming who at the time featured the Coon garna roster with
this win Agility’s and his team took home a 40,000 US dollars
one of the largest hauls at the time in the competitive overwatch scene
following this victory immortals experienced a period of success where
they placed third and fourth in Alienware monthly melees before being
put to the test once again at the Carbon series where they were looking for
another win many fans had pegged LG evil which featured players such as Jake as
the heavy favorites to win the entire tournament
IMT qualified for the playoffs with a 6-4 record and made quick work of LG
evil three to zero in the playoffs the months that followed should it decline
their performance as they lost a team such as selfless gaming which at the
time featured likes of Sinatra and a fran in the overwatch rumble but they
rebounded by early June after qualifying for overwatch contenders season zero
joined by fate and kariv immortal cemented themselves as one of the
strongest teams in North America after emerging victorious 4 to 1 over Team
Liquid during the summer of 2017 Agility’s made his debut as a member of
Team Canada at the overwatch World Cup he put on a series of strong
performances at the cat OHA qualifier that translated into a 3-0 win over Team
Netherlands to secure a spot for his country at Blizzcon later that year dragon played tender brisket loose at
that point and a judy’s goes wild it’s 5 kills for the man and the Netherlands a
sing read and why shortly after immortals have failed to make it out of
a tough group stage at contenders season 1 but there was little doubt that
Agility’s would be competing in the overwatch league as IMT had reportedly
been acquiring a long list of impressive investors such as aeg who were more than
capable of footing the 20 dollar entry fee around this time
overwatch league team announcements and leaks filled the news feeds of the
community in the fall of 2017 our young Canadian player along with
grim reality was revealed as the DPS duo for the Los Angeles valiant as a part of
IMT entry into the overwatch league on October 31st Agility’s has been hailed
as a Genji God alongside shader 2k and shadowburn with much of his success
coming from his mastery of swift strike and dragon blade swift strike moves
Genji in a straight line for 15 meters dealing damage to all enemies he passes
through the key factor is that any elimination that Genji participates in
reset swift strikes cooldown Agility’s has shown great spatial judgment as he
always dashes through targets to be around one to three meters behind them
ready to clean up the kill with a melee or some shuriken x’ dragon blade is one
of the best cleanup alts in the game it can deal 120 cleave damage every point
eight five seconds and most importantly for our friend Agility’s it still resets
swift strike if you score an elimination allowing plays like this to be made sure
is the Sun rises and sets each day sweeping the course a very different
time an old favourite alt combo is the nano boost combined with the dragon
blade allowing the already terrifying ultimate to even cut through Zen Yanis
transcendence healing when combined this strategy is more effective since
agilities uses swift strike to cancel his dragon blade animation to get
maximum burst allowing him to cut down targets through transcendence provided
that he has a nano boost showing off the play making power of Genji and how nano
blade is one of the most feared combos in the game however Genji is not the
only hero we have seen the talented Canadian play he has also shown his hand
at both Roadhog and junk rat allowing Valiant to make mid game composition
swaps his proficiency in a variety of heroes honed from his time during the
tank meta affords valiant the ability to adapt to the meta and remain competitive
a trait that will prove to be invaluable for any team in the overwatch League
with the DPS role being with the most saturated positions in the overwatch
League agility skills will be put to the test heading into the later stages of
the season his abilities will be relied upon more than ever to control DPS
monsters including the likes of affect fled uh and pine if the valiant hope to
climb further up the rankings with a great start to stage one for the valiant
we can only expect great things from Agility’s in the rest of the overwatch
league and nog ural season he is ready to take the league by storm and cut open
a path to the top with his team thanks for watching the video if you enjoyed
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