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Premier League Classic: Liverpool 2-0 Man United | Redknapp’s fierce strike

March 25, 2020

Welcome for one of
English football’s classic fixtures, the meeting of those
two northern juggernauts, Liverpool and Manchester United. This is Brian McClair. Now Irwin, Ince again. Good run, Hughes has got a bit of space! And the shot came in
from McClair on the left foot, he didn’t really make
the kind of contact he would have wanted. Pitch just cutting up a little and the ball
taking one or two difficult bobbles. Hughes and McClair working that
very well indeed, and Keane! Roy Keane popping up in one or two
unusual positions, always too high though. Redknapp, to Barnes. Ince getting back to help his defence,
Barnes has got it again. Fowler retrieves possession, Redknapp,
can he get the shot in here? Oh, what a goal by Jamie Redknapp! That was terrific, and Manchester United
are 1-0 down here. 25 minutes gone, magnificent strike
by Jamie Redknapp. His fifth goal of the season,
and what a goal too. Redknapp, lovely ball to Fowler,
this is number two, is it? No, Schmeichel with a vital save, but what
a glorious ball from Jamie Redknapp. Pallister. Barnes, to Bjornebye. Fowler’s made a run to the far post –
Bjornebye went for the low shot. And it wasn’t quite what
he probably intended, he would have wanted to cut that
back across Schmeichel. McClair. Here’s Ian Rush, to Fowler,
McManaman up in support. Rush and Fowler wait in the middle,
it’s driven across the face of the goal there, Bjornebye couldn’t quite get a foot to it,
neither could Rush. Keane didn’t get hold of it, Rush is in here… And couldn’t get the touch. Well, that was a nervous moment as well
for Manchester United, it’s the kind of thing that Ian Rush
usually takes advantage of, as Kanchelskis pulls this one back, Hughes knocks it back in, and Giggs! Well… That was about the closest yet
from Manchester United. Things are hotting up here. They were pretty hot already. Barnes. This time Redknapp is dispossessed by Ince, Hughes here… Can he finish it? No, James with a crucial save. Manchester United have 23 minutes
to do something about this scoreline. Giggs. Gets his cross in, and then Kanchelskis… And driven wide by Paul Ince. He got hold of it well enough,
but the accuracy was lacking. Michael Thomas. Scales coming forward, Thomas again, and McManaman –
deflected, and an own goal! Off Pallister. Liverpool have the points now, surely. And that was a mortal blow
for Manchester United. Alex Ferguson and Brian Kidd
know it I’m sure. It just has not been their day. Thomas driving it in, McManaman, it took a deflection off Bruce in the end,
and it was his own goal. The Liverpool fans loving this,
a victory over the old enemy.

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