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Power Season 6 Episode 7 Live Talk. Who Is Gonna Die?

November 30, 2019

put-put you down a little bit okay all
right here we go what’s happening you too as you can see I got the big homie
Larry right here we facetimed it let me give me turn that camera down a little
more so you can see him there he is and we talked about my buddy we talking
power my people we talking power oh yeah be sure to go subscribe to my
man Larry’s YouTube channel he does a great job of doing reviews and for those
of y’all that caught my Tesla review I am going to drive it to Larry’s crib and
let him do his thing with the Tesla so we’re gonna review the crap out of that
car hey man you can do it but today we talkin power we like an episode seven
like father like son Larry tell the people about your love of power and what
you think is going to happen on this coming episode and I have to say man
power is there off the chain with it this season they are gone they’re just
going in and I mean I love this show I love the fact that like I love how the
riders brought this whole thing back around with Tommy and ghost where they
were saved we name we may not be friends but we’re brothers
right they got together to actually work to get to reach back even though Therese
dumbass was the one that sit on up the first place man that little boy I need a
buck with he need a butt with when every time they have a scene where tarik is in
pain I smiled and I’m not a sadomasochistic I smile every time
somebody give him this right here where he was hitting him with those oranges oh I was over here geeked up very geeked up
and I want to see somebody give him a good butt whipping one that did he keep
trying to get away from but he can’t get away my people is commenting that they
want to see it happen too so I mean he’s got he’s got his sister killed he met
jack 50 up even though 50 was on the path of destruction but 50 man 50 had
done all kinds of dirt got and survive or Kanan you know and
then Tariq just killed that often then I mean he’s messing with Tommy business
I mean he’s up there still in pill trouble and just I mean dudes out of
control Tariq ain’t got no loyalty man no
loyalty bug to himself and let me shout out some of the people that tuned in to
us Shelly long my man Tim who here asked me no matter what I do good brother
miss Tracey Lee yeah I smile with you my dear boss man Goodson what’s up and
somebody else up here I miss my man John what’s good with you I’m glad you tuned
in to this channel true living number seven is up here as well we are happy to
have y’all talking power what we think is going to happen who gonna die this
week now Larry I don’t think I think this might be the first week nobody dies
you think Noah died asleep this might be the first week nobody dies on power yeah
I think I might I might agree with you on that I’m not sure who’s gonna die if
anybody would die I don’t think I mean I think all the main characters
I think if anybody’s gonna die it’s one of the main characters like like Tasha
or ghost or Tommy I think bill died hmm probably like the the episode before the
series finale right so they can do a wrap-up with all that there might be
someone who dies on the actual series finale but I think they’ll do most of
the diet on the you know the day the episodes before that but I think this
other I think they’re doing they’re doing Timken episodes this season right
well they’re going ten initialled in in January they’re coming back with five
more what five more okay right so and I mean I wouldn’t my people will say
Courtney Kemp said that in this season some of the big deaths are going to
happen in episode number eight and we all number seven so you know we might be
onto something that this might be the episode where nobody really dies I
do got some people saying that they think Kishore or Dre is gonna kick the
bucket this week now some of us gonna be mad Keisha died you want to know why
because people like dumbass people because people like seeing an ass that
has an area code all to itself ridiculous though I mean a man so you
mean to tell me you don’t like plastic booty nah man Tasha is the baddest one
on that show Tasha is a straight-up baddie right there man Tasha laser eyes blazer Tasha all right she’s okay
I mean that’s the best thing I could say I’ll tell you what I would not at all be
surprised to see Tasha get killed before the end of this show but I think it’ll
probably be Tommy that does it so I’m thinking I’m thinking Tommy gonna kill
off Keisha because you’re sorry Keisha not Todd – yeah I think he should get
killed off and I think Tommy’s gonna be the one to do it right right
mandis man they going nuts my man said she got a medicine ball inflatable booty
that you can bounce on and do hang glide and cliffs on oh my god y’all look nuts
y’all a mess you remember those those big inflatable balls you had when you
were little kids I had a handle on it damn it’s a riot bounce on them right
you want to get a ride and say that’s nice wait I mean her I mean you know
what it is you get all these women doing all this uh getting all these booty
injections and telling me wrong some of them do a nice job but some of them just
like go way too far I think sometimes they get plastic surgery and I kind of
looks good and they think oh maybe just a little bit more and a little bit more
and the next thing you know you have a la la boom you know
amen No all I can say is in defense of women who
do that if there wasn’t a market for and if men wasn’t paying the money that they
paid to see those butts they wouldn’t do it
oh I totally agree next thing I got like I did what they’re talking about what’s
gonna happen with the kid actors on the show you’ve got Keisha’s son cash is
anybody gonna kidnap him and when are we gonna see the return of ELISA Murray
Proctor now I do think Alyssa Marie gonna come back on this episode because
oh my god man you know how much stuff that girl got in her head
the lap before her daddy died her dad had a talk with cousin Benny and ELISA
Marie was laying next to the fireplace she wasn’t sleep she overheard the whole
conversation of how her daddy killed the mama and how the daddy had that
recording that he wasn’t going to give up to give up on ghost daddy she’s heard
all that he knows everything she knows everything
so I mean it’s gonna be interesting what they do and her but you know it was
really I thought was really great was with tarik dropped her off at Benny’s
house he I mean I don’t know if he knew what he was doing but that dude saved
his life and just I mean he saved all their lives in that moment many came out
was like I mean you know it’s sort of like it was like when all the other
stuff was said it was like yeah maybe you know he told ghost you know I may
owe you one or if you’d ever need anything and Coast goes like yeah I need
you right now but when they came down to squashing that with what’s-his-name
what’s up with other Italian dudes named bit um Vincent Vincent when it came to
squashing that stuff with Vincent Benny was like yo he delivered my knees to my
house safe and sound when you’re not going to touch him if you touch him you
have a problem with me what happened what’s happening tall jewel she wants to
know is trying to really dad yeah prot that’s done he gone he’s done
a lot you know if and she’s saying that he had on a bulletproof vest don’t only
issue with the bulletproof vest is it should have been
blurgh got through that best I think prop is done we’re not gonna see him God
knows I still miss that character but he’s done I think who we’re gonna see
going into the spin-offs definitely a Lisa Marie is gonna have to go into a
spinoff and you know they could do that and they
could have her go into a life of crime to take down to reap when the truth
comes out about everything that happens because everything I keep reading the
saying Tariq is gone into a spinoff and if he doing could be I need to see him
get some cuts on that ass slice up get you don’t think about this as a spinoff
imagine it because Tariq and Lisa Marie are not that far apart in age I mean
they’re probably about five years right something like that
so imagine imagine that chica she goes to she goes away to school and becomes
an attorney joins have joins the the u.s. uh you know becomes a deputy and uh
you know a deputy AG and she is up going after tarik and writing you know you
basically have the repeat with to with with ghost and Angela except it’s tariq
Ali flurry man see y’all go and the thing is fifty is doing for spin-offs
it’s going to be forum any really yeah man
now here’s some here’s somebody else that ain’t that you know power is very
sneaky for they’ll have a few characters then they’ll drop them off for like two
three episodes and bring them back we didn’t see happy cricket but this
episode either and a lot of us are still wondering is FB down with the drug game
or is she some kind of undercover informant what do you think about that
later what do you think about FB I think he
was working with the other dude that was dealing on campus to set him up okay
okay I think he I think I think that’s just what it was she was working with
the other dude to set up to reap the get so that so they can get his business off
the campus okay so somebody so some of my subscribers Elizabeth is saying she’s
an informant shell – yeah man says she’s an informant Matt
Jane FB still unknown with me mocha chills sky how is it going to find
out that he helped hmm that’s something not discussed in the video I’m gonna
drop tonight that’s not I’m not dropping a video tonight I’m talking about
something else go ahead go ahead let me let me mention is about Eppie right
quick if she is a UC and and people are sort
of like you know she she basically got him kicked out of school she must have
done that to protect him which means she must have some real feelings for him
which could be something that could come back to be an interesting storyline
later cuz if she is a UC she could have just kept playing them and found out
more about his business she followed him that night she would have she would have
already known where to send her people if she was really trying to get a big
bus and she didn’t she got him put up out of school and then that was that so
okay if she is you see that she really cares about him and that could be
another angle just you know with the whole Tariq story okay so my subscribers
is saying if we play this the way they wrote it my big homie troops TV my big
homie to bombshell they both are saying FP is underage and
if you’re underage you can’t be an informant which would lead us to believe
that FP is categorically in the drug game and maybe she got rid of Tariq
because she want to do her own thing and that’s her territory because don’t
forget she confronted to read when they first met and she made it sound like she
was coming off as and around away girl I’m down for my people blah blah blah
and she could have meant that but she could have meant it in the way I’m down
for I don’t want nobody coming on my territory right you know so yeah that’s
true I’m anxious to see when they’re gonna bring her back you know when are
they gonna bring Ft back so that we can finish that storyline
– there’s another thing with Tariq with his stupid self man he just got played
sideways by a chick like that he just was so I mean the dude just has so
blind spots I mean you know he’s up there I mean he’s got he’s got two of
the biggest drug dealers in the game and his family and he just had to learned
anything yeah all right and here’s another here’s another thing
the bombshell is mentioning FB Sayer her brother died in a senseless robbery so
you might want to keep that in mind too okay now the talk about a lot of people
said they didn’t like the very last episode they felt like that acting was
lackluster they felt like the episode was kind of out of place I didn’t see
anything wrong with episode and for me one person that I had been hyping up
from the summer trailers who I think has been doing a good job in the road
they’ve given him but I expect nothing less
two men been acting his ass off in his road however yeah he’s datin Kourtney
killed so should we expect anything else I didn’t know that yeah you ain’t know
he’s dating according to kill no see you ain’t following your boy love Mike Tyson
I’ll be dropping Jim me and a homie more dark be dropping jams and y’all not
following us you know we never had a good live next week and we got ahead to
let people call in to the show because it’s so many great theories coming
across my screen I can’t keep up with all of them and we’re just going to have
a show where we let everybody else host the damn show how do y’all feel about
that next week everybody that catches live you get to call in and give us your
theories right here live on YouTube I like that idea
yeah so now let’s talk about my man ghost you know he still want to get out
the game he does but you know this is what I think this is what I think should
happen right is that ghost and Tommy since they’re keep saying we’re not
friends were brothers they should just simply say look let’s call a straight-up
truce let’s work together we’ll just cap off Jason I mean if they
kill Jason who you know whoever’s Jason’s connected
Tommy and then just go to him and say look he’s done we’re your new connect
you know and that’s that Tommy can become Tommy can be do that that one in
his thing he can take what he can take he can take two-bit making the distro
and then go can go run the club like he wants to do it or he’ll you can make you
can you maybe you teach to leak the real game and make two legal freakin distro
oh hell no Tasha Tasha st. hat excuse me Tasha Green is not going for that I’m
streaming back of the drug game ourselves you don’t have to replay
before in a minute do not what that could happen but I don’t series woman
where every is willing to double-cross both his parents and his aqua Tommy and
you know he loves his uncle Tommy what makes you think he won’t double-cross
his mama but you know well I don’t know if he would because I think I think he
feels a different way about mama but I think one thing that’s interesting is is
I bet you because Tasha does seem like she’s emotional but she also seems very
very rational and just a very practical person mm-hmm and I feel like if to
reach gonna keep messing around with the drug game right he might just say look
if you’re gonna be in this game you’re not going to work for anybody else
you’re gonna come work for me and I’m gonna teach you how to do this right
okay I wouldn’t be surprised if if he ended up working in the drug game but
working for his mom okay I can see that now let’s talk about homeboy that’s
trying to date Tasha what you think about him you know he doesn’t roll up
out of nowhere my man say he do construction a lot of my subscribers
think he might be related to ray-ray what are y’all homeboy that was trying
to holla at Tasha so she should holler at anybody I talked to the Black Widow
man oh my god lord have mercy you sleep with Tasha your days are
limited you’re gonna be dead what the hell man I mean besides go sushi mess
with the happy ended up dead let me think let me let me let me go to the
brain she smells Shawn he’s dead she slept
with Teri silver he’s dead well she’s only slept with two people
mm-hmm that’s it isn’t that enough well if it is you met a woman in the
last two dudes she slept over dead would you wouldn’t but you dater well here’s
the thing you also got it you also got to put
ghosts in the equation to the person he slept with is dead well you know well
nothing well yeah I guess so yeah yeah yeah see they just need to get back
together exactly and if they do if they do screw
each other then one no I’m gonna have to die well they should just be back
together and just be done with be happy man forget that in the game together
forget it you know you see who by the roll-up on ghosts don’t you I’ve been
foretelling it up on ghost oh man you ain’t paying attention Ramona
Garrity panty drawers is getting wet for some ghosts oh yeah yeah yeah she’s been
thirsty she goes for a minute man she says you see the look in her eyes she
just looked like like if she had a second alone she would be honored man
she’d be looking that Ghost like he’s a well-cooked pork chop that just came off
the grill as Shane got putting no sauce on unless his husky sauce she the blades
are – man she is she is she is something to look at I tell you yeah and so so
let’s see her niggas saying he think ghost is gonna die I you know honestly I
thought ghost was gonna die to start the series but now that I see how it’s going
I’m thinking more and more for a specific reason that I ain’t gonna say
because I got a video dropping about it I think ghosts might live on you know
what I think they might do he I mean they might have live on just obviously
they just might say he’s alive at the end of the series but I think they might
do an ending would go similar or not dissimilar to what they did with Tony
Soprano believe it’s sort of hanging where you don’t know if he’s alive or
dead because then it gives them the option of doing a Power Move yet
like he may not want to be in a power spin-off because he’s been on this show
for a number of years he might be like well I have other projects I want to get
into but a power movie down the line maybe in a year too
you know if you’re not sure if he’s alive because I’ll tell you they could
easily write them into that well if they do keep ghosts I know one person that
ain’t going Lakeisha is not going nowhere her ass
just got a just signed a deal with the shot oh really yeah
yeah oh wow yeah so she’s up out of here bro she’s up I’ve done it right you know
I’ll tell you I’ll tell you what would be the biggest shocker of all of them
and this would be great TV but I’m sure they won’t do it
we’re good but the bigger shocker would be if somehow they killed off Tommy like
just on an episode where you weren’t expecting and it’s not even ghosts it’s
somebody else it was I mean that was just like if somebody came out I mean we
already know that bin he’s looking at it because Benny like I think the way he
looked at the way ghosts looked I mean Tommy looked at Benny and the way Benny
looked at him I think they both know what’s what but I I wouldn’t I would
forget about that killing I think if it was somebody entirely different that
surprised us all I think it’d be really great writing to have Tommy just capped
off and then all of a sudden it’s just like that whole drug business is in
isn’t luck because now if Jason is still alive Jason’s looking for a new distro
you have you know you have Tommy’s crew that sort of in disarray right I mean
that would really just that would be a mess okay let me get to some of the fans
man we have got to get that hot line going because I swear our need to hire
some of these people my man one is saying ghost can die because some of the
spin-offs is going to be pretense okay yeah I could see that and then Britney
JB says she’s gonna cry if they killed Tommy man Tommy going down Tommy
probably died at the hands of Benny and Benny might tell Tommy
you can cancel Christmas and shoot his ass up yeah yeah I can see that I didn’t
need can easily see that and yeah if you in
case some of y’all missed it – some of y’all are new to my channel this is my
big homie Larry he’s a tech reviewer make sure you check them out tell me
what your week is Larry yeah you can find me on youtube at today I feel like
so it is youtube-dot-com forward-slash today I feel like so check me out I do
tech reviews I do some cord cutting stuff you know all the legal stuff I
keep it above ground so but my my main thing is doing a product review so do
stuff like this you know like the Galaxy Note in the iPhone you know 11pro Macs
and other stuff I do some funny some fun stuff like these car mounts and Apple
watches and you name it I review it he’s planning to take over my Tesla – man and
oh yeah my Tesla is just like the Knight Rider car only is my generation and I
got a couple of bitches in there so he started getting a little too happy we
might eject them on up out of there but we’ll see what happens
okay man that’s art I saw a video that you can con this on YouTube where you
have a mold called come to me mode or something like that you can make the car
drive itself and come to you series you’re not following your boy I just
dropped that video Monday did you really yeah with mom in front of my house I’m
after you know I’ve been I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier you know
this week so I’m gonna have to stay up late one night and just catch up on
olive oil on my watch list yeah man check this out my man Gang Gang said who
do you think is the final betrayal now that’s a good damn question who do y’all
think or what do y’all think what’s the situation that makes the
final betrayal that’s I’m still thinking my theory from the summertime was that
the final betrayal would be Tasha killing ghosts that was my theory from
the summertime Tasha are killing go what’s up my man Fred that was my fear
but what do you think Larry oh good one the bombshell said a child betraying his
parent that’s a good one that’s a good one
yeah but don’t I mean a child betraying his mother not not a son betraying his
father that’s sort of like the whole classic Oedipus thing okay you know okay
I mean I’m not saying that that’s not it still dramatic because it is anytime
that would happen but it’s not it’s not new it’s not what I would think is the
ultimate ultimate would be if I’m sorry uh it would probably be if Tori killed
Tasha okay that would probably be the ultimate betrayal or maybe if Tasha and
Kisha got into it Kisha drew down on Tasha to reek ended up killing Tasha
which sent Tommy after Tariq and Tariq dead and Tommy had to kill his own
godson whoo man that would be prey on me but I’m still I’m still going to stick
with my summer predictions Tasha going killed ghost and Tommy gonna kill Kisha
I’m sticking with it I’m sticking with yeah I agree with you on the Tommy’s
gonna kill Kisha chip I’m not I’m not sure I’m going with you on the Tosh is
gonna kill ghost okay I’m not sure that ghost is gonna
make it out alive I think you might but I think if it I think that if ghost is
gonna get taken out I kind of feel like it’s going to be either somebody else
it’s going to be a sort of a stranger that’s connected like maybe to do that
to were talking about what’s his name uh the dude that that showed up at the
daycare maybe he’s like connected to cane and somewhere that’s Quentin yeah
Quentin so maybe Witten would end up coming and getting ghosts or maybe Tory
takes out ghosts somehow but how big it’s going to be Tasha right right and
so so why because the writers have made a specific point to make sure that
through this entire series that we still like Tasha all the way through like when
there’s points where you’re like man up ghost he’s full of crap or you can feel
certain way towards Tommy or tarik or anybody else they’ve always made sure
that we still like Tasha so I mean they could flip it at the very end but I’m
not sure they I’m not sure they’re gonna do that
what’s good my homie albergue was good somebody just let me stars talk check
this out the Kings gambit if you see the thing to
read is hurting others around him destroying the family then gets caught
up in the power of the game takes his dad out or Tommy or hell why not both up
while I both oh yeah he can do them both and you know that would hurt my feelings
man you know if the writers done that now
you can legitimately say that’s the ultimate betrayal because nobody wants
to seek to wreak bad per cast killed everybody
Oh that’d be like that almost be like Cooper Saxe punk-ass killing everybody
nobody wanna see this nobody won’t see that no let’s see that but you never
know they might do it they really truly might do it we had to see you know
earlier we were talking about no one may get killed this next episode you know
who could get killed its next episode which wouldn’t it wouldn’t throw the
whole season off right it could end up where were you know what’s his name
councilman Tate and getting assassinated you know look I talked about that I did
a video of for four weeks ago where I said what if they let go survived and he
goes on to take councilman’s place and becomes governor of New York and somehow
another councilmen take get taken out like that does less video I did man
because you see how we ghosts get in front of the crowd the man hill how to
hold the crowd he know how to get him energized and Ramona Garrity has ties to
the DNC the National DNC and you are ready to
see she given ghost the Geico eye look that she given him that shit man so I
could see her easily being like let’s take out councilman take you my man I’m
riding you to the governor’s house in New York and he can use cousin Benny as
the street muscle right right it happen yeah that could I mean that would be fun
to see this if you do that if you let go survive like that and you become
governor then you have a real spin-off like a whole power with the political
edge to it oh my god yeah man that does it that would be like power meets house
of cards if it would be like power meets house of car meets Good Wife meets a
brother that will really tell you what that’d be something one thing about this
season right right there’s one thing about this season that I’ve missed okay
I know people just say they’re gonna call me little freaky-deaky whatever oh
boy here we go you remember the first part the first
several season there was just a whole lot of sex scenes in there I remember at
one point watching the show and my wife was like okay as much you know she was
like yeah ghost has a bangin body but I’m like meet him I think I’m sweet
enough cuz they showed so many sex scenes with him and Angela and then they
showed somewhat Asha and what’s-his-name I think and Shawn I guess it was and but
they haven’t really had any they had like one sex scene this season with what
today with Councilman Kate true and and that was it and that was with his
campaign manager at the time yeah yeah she was she was dating some white dude
that that was his camp manager yeah yeah he was dating some white dude and she
went and kissed him on his list after she got dust on the Austin and look you
can cou believe that they’re gonna let that they’re gonna let that come out on
councilman tape you think oh god yeah they gonna use that man they’re gonna
definitely use that they’re gonna have you two games that you think that they
filled in for the new iPhone hey I doubt it but they showed up got
someone to act I don’t know how to I don’t know how the hell they filmed it
but they showed up got something today I’m action for sure yeah man yeah so let
me read you some of the fan theories Tracy leave the building they got four
sex scenes between Ramona and goats you know they’re gonna do that they gonna
definitely do that they’re gonna definitely do that
don’t boy and the premiere to retail that gun so he will have to choose
between ghost and Tommy that could happen let me see your Fred Thomas to
read Mike killed Tommy to save his father ghost get rid of Tate and become
governor to read becomes a kingpin and they’re going to run the spin-off like
that that’s a nice idea the only problem with that is is that is that ghost
couldn’t be that involved with with the organization and Tariq doesn’t have to
know how to run that to be distro yet what is not smart enough
okay well that’s where cousin Benny come in cousin Benny can be the link between
Tory and goats and he can be the street muscle for ghost when he needs things
done on streets kind of like the way councilman take hat out fine being his
street person if you could remember this is the thing right the way they always
presented Benny the way they did here where they always made it seem like he
was just muscle but the way that he rolled up on Vincent this last episode
right it really suggested that he may be muscle but he’s much much more than that
oh it looks like he this had had straight fear in his eyes like if I lose
it I’m going to war that that I can’t back out of and I’m not going to win I
mean I’m not sure that Benny would be destroyed muscle I think he would be
more probably something more and I’m not sure how that would play I’m not saying
that he wouldn’t be a part of it I’m just not sure his role would be well
that that’s going to lead to a video I was thinking about doing when we talk
about the three crime bosses that are left you’ve got
Vincent you got Jason and you got cousin Benny and if you had to rank them
Vincent is definitely on the bottom we know Jason has a big organization but we
don’t know just how big cousin Benny organization
but we can safely assume it’s pretty large so I’m thinking that one of these
days before this is over will it’s gonna come down to Jason versus Benny and if
Benny wins Benny’s probably gonna be on ghost side Jason when I don’t see them
letting Jason win but it’s gonna be busy versus Jason I don’t think I don’t think
Jason is that deep I think he’s I mean I think he’s strong right now because he
has the connect I don’t feel like he’s that strong I feel like if they I feel
like if he was taken out mm-hmm I his people would just be like cool well he’s
gone now so we work for somebody else or someone else is gonna be the one that’s
that you know we’re going to be someone else we do connect I feel like Jason is
just filling space and time Benny on the other hand I feel like Benny’s got deep
roots you know like I don’t feel like you can just touch Benny and not get
touched back right Fred Thomas and Sam Benny’s family’s the
biggest mob boss in New York there you go all right now now we got we got to
talk about somebody that we saw in the trailer that I haven’t mentioned the
whole time we’ve been going live and that’s mr. Drake if y’all watch my
trailer review you saw me freeze-frame Dre getting bopped on the head by
two-bit and Spanky and a lot of people are thinking Dre is in the trunk
I don’t think Dre is in the trunk because I think the trailer wanted us to
think that Dre is in the trunk and so what do we think the Dre is going to do
this episode I think Dre makes it to this whole series I think Dre might end
up running the clubs like whoever brought up that idea about about a ghost
becoming governor I like that idea in fact I think that that if that did
happen where ghost made it through became governor you Ray would end up one
of those clubs I think Dre makes it through all of this
no somehow he somehow he finds a way to make it out and becomes just fine
so you think Dre is going to survive the whole series yeah Dre Dre is slippery
that dude is slippery damn where did you get I think he’s gonna be just okay Wow
Wow well we’ll have to see about that dress
I mean he might be he might be a snitch in some respects but I like Dre I think
Draya Draya is a pure survival the oil the only thing people can hold over Dre
head is his daughter and councilman Tate was supposed to call in a favor to get
Dre his door but they haven’t picked back up and showed us what’s happening
with his daughter so at this point in time we’ve got to see that punk-ass
Cooper Saxe start doing some investigation wanting to know who’s
calling in letting Dre’s door to get out of custody how is this happening and
it’s only a matter of time before Cooper satisfied put two together and he might
go and detained ray all over again now I think Zacks getting taken out in
another episode or two what yeah I think he’s gonna be out Wow
I think they’re going to transition I think we’re going to transition away
from Sachs and into those into the two detectives the Puerto Rican chick and
then the new black chick they brought in wrong I think those are going to be the
main investigators they’re probably and somehow maybe they start working with
the AG’s office but they’ve been sort of like they’ve been sort of now really
focusing on the feds so much except for sacks and sacks been sold or so much
dirty stuff I kind of feel like either Sachs is gonna get taken out or he’s
gonna get taken off the case or something’s gonna be up whatever I’ll
think you I don’t think you gonna walk away from this clean because because
usually what happens is good guys who are turn out to be bad guys don’t don’t
survive and he’s a good guy who’s really become a bad guy he’s just become
corrupted so even if he even if he does even if he gets a conviction or get
somebody he’s not gonna survive that he think they’re gonna get taken out or
they’re gonna they’re gonna just borrow more something we’ll see man but we’ll
see but I know we all want to see Cooper Saxe and some real pain cuz he has been
you Jaime as they come little dirtbag make me sick getting my father here get
him up out of here man damnit and we’re gonna cover one more
issue then I’m gonna get out of here I got some things I got to do but I wanted
to come up here and show the people some love cuz they have been showing me
tremendous love and we will come back and we will get some of y’all phone
calls live in this show so people can hear your voice and hear your thoughts
but we’re gonna make ya’ll keep two like two three minutes though so y’all check
us out next Wednesday we’ll go live again oh yeah it’s gonna be fun the last
video I just did you know we was talking about who was in the trunk when Tommy’s
crew was standing there and y’all know there’s some beef with in Tommy’s crew
so the question I want to ask you and the people out to America that’s
watching this and my folks in the UK I see you baby
who is gonna die in Tommy’s crew at the hands of someone in Tommy’s crew who do
you think it is I’m telling you 2-bit ain’t dying he’s dating point you Kim
he’s not dying I think big grim is going to be the one
to die because they just keep sawing it big Graham has a soft side too bit and
Spanky day is grimy as a rattlesnake in the desk and they ain’t gonna show no
soft side what’s up brother – yeah I tell you but I don’t know big grand no
man oh no I feel like they might if Tommy stays alive and they have Tommy
and it’s not big big grandma’s gonna there’s gonna be with them still I don’t
know I’m not sure they’re gonna take him out but I feel your goal with that right
and and I feel you on that because it’s very possible you mean he’s not such
he’s not such an integral character that they couldn’t take him out I guess maybe
I say that because a part of me is like I don’t want to see him go because he
does have a bit of his humanity left and I would like to see that that character
stay but I yeah so you got a career where they need more wishful thinking
see the McCullough is life she don’t want to see him go because he’s lawyer
did you’ve got other people down here saying they want to see big grin because
he’s been loyal to Tommy so I guess is kind of the same way
Proctor was loyal to ghost people seeing that same loyalty from big grim and big
grill don’t mind doing dirty work for Tommy it’s like big Grimm go hard for
Tommy that grill is carrying bags for Lakeisha right you know so people’s but
you know what man having said all that if they kill Proctor and they know we
was with them they probably gonna kill big Grimm it’s just a matter who’s gonna
do it right now I wanna I wanna I wanna backtrack on one quick thing right here
okay I didn’t you know we didn’t talk about it and unfortunately I didn’t get
a chance to watch your latest episode so excuse me I’m if you already mentioned
that I’m have to go back and catch up on my watch list okay what did you see when
Dre in the last episode told dude you’re now
built for this life when dude told him that he was just go away from the clear
out and he told dude you’re not built this like he just walked up to dude and
just yes just shake dude in the chest dude the heart oh my god man a lot of
people didn’t understand what the hell was the point you know
why does Dre had to go kill homeboy a lot of people was just like you know
there was no point him shaking my man what did that bring to the show it
brought to the show just how desperate Dre is right now Dre is a wounded duck
the only thing that’s keeping Dre going is the love for his daughter and he
don’t have his daughter he wants to do anything to get out of this corner that
he’s stuck in and maybe that was a vent of frustration or or it was a showing of
power to Alphonse to let Alphonse know hey I’m here I’m a grimy dude don’t you
f with me or this can happen to you right I think that it was I think it was
one of two oh I think it might have been one of
of those or could be both but I tell you one of the things I think it definitely
was was I think it was the writers telling us Dre could potentially be our
new Ghost coming moving forward like he may have he may have done some snitching
or whatever but he could be our new ghost because he is everything that
ghost is in a lot of ways here you know he says you know sort of Johnston
charismatic character that he’s nice-looking that people want they want
to like him but I’m the name tomm like he can fit into both worlds he can go
hang out that in the club with his suits and he can go hang out so you know at
those governor’s charity ball charitable you know balls and whatnot and at the
same time on the court he can walk up to a corner boy and just straight take his
life and not think anything about it right I mean that is if that is not the
epitome of what ghost is I mean that to me it was kind of like the writers
saying he’s gonna live and he’s gonna be the new Ghost Rider
oh man that to me was just so cold and just so I mean it wasn’t like he gave it
any real thought it was just sort of like this is what needs to happen
Schank walk away you know I mean it’s just let to know how calculated he is
like he ain’t playing no games and I thought you know shoot dude with the
walk up and stab and doing the heart right right right
he gets the brunt he gets it ya heard rain playing no games last comment
didn’t you ever go straight yeah it was a good reminder so many you know for so
long we start sick all dragwon saw he’s up there hanging with a fetch snitchin
he’s I’m there you know blues on about his daughter and then you see him just
shake a dude on the street you’re like oh yeah I forgot to speak just dudes the
real deal the you know all right and so to transition the last thing we
saw wit Dre was when there was at the fundraiser and that dumb ass Alphonse is
out there talking Drago’s back see Spain sees two-bit two-bit sees him two-bit
chases Dre out of it place and we didn’t see white
Dre wind now we all just seemed Raiders are killed so it ain’t like great on a
normal circumstance would run from too big could drag on stand out he gonna
fight but for whatever the reason Dre felt the need to get up out of that
building when he saw too bit in the crew and it could be because he knew
something was about to happen and he ain’t want to be a part of it could be
or it could be that he understood that what was going down was something that
that ghost man had set up and he might have felt like hey I needed to make sure
that that one I’m still an alibi if I need to be I don’t know I feel like
there’s something else like I feel like even if two bitten and go after I feel
like it might be ghost and Tommy that end up saving to you know saving Dre’s
life and saying no you can’t you can’t touch him yet you know we need them
alive for the moment let them be right right all right well folks that’s going
to do it for us Virgo was good fred was good I appreciate you sheena McCullar
thank you tune into us next week we’re going to go
live around the same time but we’re gonna take your phone calls get your
theories on the show and we want you all to join in the conversation
thank you brother Tim for helping get my crowd pumped up we need y’all Thank You
Kim I’m happy that y’all are following this channel and doing these TV show
reviews with me I will start doing a few more I’m going to get arm Godfather a
Harlem that is such a great show they’re riding in this show is even better than
that empower I encourage off you got efforts to take a look at it I will try
to drop one of those videos tomorrow or Thursday
Amil Friday yes started man and that shit is good bro that shit is I’ve been
looking forward to it is good you got silver rights air drug kingpin dealing
with all that bumpy Johnson played by Oscar award-winning forest with its raw
man it’s rough and having said that ladies and gentlemen we are out of here
we will catch you I will see for power the song recap this week y’all be easy
get that life game I’ll see Hey

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