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POSTMAN TO PRO WRESTLER | Pro Wrestling Training For Beginners | Week 4

August 13, 2019

it’s time, to go one, on one, with the postman I’m Ry, the guy Hey YouTube boy… Get in the ring! NOW GET OUT THE RING! Buzzsaw Bronson… what is not right is you putting your hands on me… so next time you fancy putting your hands on the guy I’ll be sending your ass signed sealed
and delivered in a jiffy bag and you will know what it’s like to go
one-on-one with a postman a champion so people have been asking me hey Roy
how do you feel about buzzsaw Bronson winning the Southwest wrestling title
now truth be told I have no problem with Bronson winning anything
despite our differences and what I think of his morals when he steps foot in that
ring Bronson is an absolute beast but the problem is first saw Bronson you
didn’t win anything any Roy was screwed at the total by a man I had nothing but
absolute respect for Commissioner Pete Bainbridge Pete you need to have a long
hard think about who you’re aligning yourself with Bronson has no remorse and
this could be your fate signed sealed and if you continue in this manner it
will be delivered so we’ve been put together started to
piece together the theme tune obviously Kristen wonders with his friend mops
mops and this is where we are so far let’s do this very very good it’s got the perfect
balance of like an eighties Reston theme you know it’s got that sort Bret Hart
and in a sort of fast-paced energetic feel that were
going for resources of coin as you mention a CD like that yes very happy
with her best so far how’s it never use this mom your nurse
know yeah I’ve got a big package the old man oh yeah all these risk and both teams in the
country Hank walk it sort of maybe I’ll destroy
we develop for Minister never know didn’t look too bad okay that a lot
worse if you want when he does a row but if you lose you’re staying but wristlock
and you wrote from corner to corner in the rank or I mean like yeah it’s like
this old school do a rope jump that lot the third one there break
just keep your wrist as long as he keeps up hold noose you should let’s do it
there’s good chenille Oh talk about the risk oh yeah yeah that’s
what yes to loosen it but as long and Emery applying its fitted as feel as if
you’re losing it but if one should still be back on yeah it’s just oh this is the
old school feel drag it out so you don’t rush him through a match but you seem to
enjoy it going too much have you got 20 flips have been in the first 10 seconds
no but you don’t have to try me quickness yeah
as a as a speaker the night I was the speaker this session as I just mentioned
five minutes wrist locks imagine much in 20 minutes 15 minutes of a solid match
this shows that although I’ve described as post mares elite athletes we’re
clearly not because this look like you have one shot instead which you got
to play to never drops four days till the people rage
am I not saying can you stop and explain why these raps so famous money buy a
book you know I’m killing it with this song you can sing above go back where
you belong there’s nothing wrong give it up Joe got a bronzy can’t help but sing
this so the lights go out
yes my mouth and I know grass I’m a big fish come talk to the night’s go route to
Monday to get out he’s shut my mouth to the smoke clears out and maja come back
fuckin s okay so let’s wrap things up it’s been a
productive week we’ve got a lot done and it’s all well and good doing the theme
tune the logo that sort of thing but this week has really made me realize
that I know I’m the only four weeks in that’s not a lot of time to learn how to
wrestle but when you’re preparing for a debut that is merely nine weeks away
pressure on cuz I’ve got so much work to do
seeing those wrestlers at training this past week people that are already in the
ring wrestling it does put things into perspective and makes you realize how
tough it is to become the pro wrestler but that said I know the way things are
going I just need to work at it I need to improve my fitness my training is
gonna change a little bit I’m going to be doing a little bit more exercises
that are geared towards in ring shape as opposed to just physical looking good
even though that is a part of professional wrestling so yes
number one changing my training I’m gonna get in the best shape physically
in ring shape I can be in for the 2004 July number two we are going to progress
with other things like the look the wrestling outfit I need to be getting my
knee pads my over pads on my boots etc etc so that’s all – come on postman –
pro wrestler and speaking of which I’m gonna be releasing some shirts for the
debut and I’m asking you right now for your opinion your ideas what would you
like to be on the shirts I’m gonna be putting a pole above my head about now
if that look at the eye icon wherever it is isn’t above my head right now
comment below what catchphrase slogan would you like to see on the t-shirt so
there’s gonna be options like one-on-one with the postman I’ve got a big package
for your mum not really child-friendly and things along those lines postman
related wrestling related I’m gonna stamp on your face I’m gonna stamp on
your ass I’m gonna hold you up put you in a jiffy bag and send you those sort
of things let me know what slogan you think would suit
my debut best got some prototypes at home different styles probably gonna go
with red it’s the color anyway this is quite a long video this week so I’m
gonna wrap things up right now I’m in a park just just off there walking past
they’ll be embarrassing likes watching I’ve been Roy the guy who’s just
finished week four of his wrestling training you’ve been awesome as always
if you’re interested in collaborating doing videos with me give me a shout I
will see you next Wednesday a week for you for postman pro wrestler you

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  • Reply WCWnWo 4 Life 🤘🏽 May 15, 2019 at 7:51 pm

    Coming along nicely brother 🤘🏽

  • Reply Dubbieshambles May 15, 2019 at 10:44 pm

    Stand and deliver

  • Reply Ron's Food Reviews! May 15, 2019 at 11:13 pm

    Still mid way watch, but the package for your mum, made me cry haha didn’t expect that out of no where! Haha

  • Reply Ron's Food Reviews! May 15, 2019 at 11:20 pm

    Love the theme development! Music was classic style, I like it! Things are coming along Ry! Your gonna kill it!

    Oh, and any time you wanna colab with a cheesy food review channel, just drop a message 😜

    T shirt.. You should do a play on Royal Mail.. Ry-al Mail hehe could be the name of a ‘signature’ move

    Cheers Ry!

  • Reply Ron's Food Reviews! May 15, 2019 at 11:48 pm

    Ohh brain storm for the old school wrestling vibe.. after you win a match be like ‘you just been sent Ry-al mail..” could play with it for shirt 😂 oh my! I’d have too much fun with this

  • Reply Nicolas T May 16, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    You are the guy !

  • Reply Har Har Mahadev May 16, 2019 at 9:58 pm

    Ry the Guy won't be my first subscriber and first person the heart my comment 🤔🤔

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